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How to Posterize A Photo in Photoshop

How to Posterize a Photo
In our daily life, we have noticed different posters here and there. Back in our mind, we think that it would be great if we made a picture like that for ours. This tutorial will discuss “How to Posterize a Photo in Photoshop?” Let’s go for a detailed guideline so that you can do it at home. 


What do you mean by posterizing? 

The popular way to print or display an image with a limited number of color tones will be suggested as a poster. When we rasterize a vector layer, Adobe Photoshop will convert it into pixels. 
Initially, you will not notice the changes. If we zoom into a newly rasterized layer, we will notice that the edges have turned into a tiny square-shaped box. We call them a pixel. 


This is a step-by-step procedure to posterize a photo in Photoshop 

First step: We will add an adjustment layer for posterization | A Posterize Photoshop tutorial 



In this tutorial, we have selected Mr. Elon Musk’s image to be posterized. We took his photo from Google and will make a poster of it. Firstly, open up this image in Adobe Photoshop. It will automatically create a background layer.



From the layer window, you will enjoy several options. Press the “create a new fill or adjustment layer” icon. You will see several options and choose to posterize from there. 



After clicking the posterization option, the image will look like this one!



Let’s work on the levels | How does the posterization image work?




Selecting edit adjustment from “create a new fill or adjustment layer option”.   When you click it, the window will look like this one.



This number, “2”, is the lowest number used on the labels. When we select 2, there is a great change in the image we have noticed so far. Now we will change it to the highest level, 255. Let’s see how it looks.



It looks different from the opposite one. It just looks normal: it looks like no filter is applied here. So, we will not choose this value. Rather, we will choose a medium value that will meet our demand. Let’s choose 5 as the level number and see how it looks.



Second step: change the blending mode to luminosity for posterize a photo



Have a look at the above image; the blending mood is normal. Now we will click the combo box and change it to the luminosity. When we click the combo box, there are several options available. Choose luminosity from there. 



Step 3: Add a level to the adjustment layer 

Again, we will click the “create a new fill or adjustment layer option” button and choose levels from there.



Just follow this guideline; I hope you can easily do that. After implementing the levels, it will look like this one. 



Above the background layer, we noticed a new layer, and it was named level. Additionally, we have noticed a new window as well. 
Step 4: Now, we will drag the slider from left to right and see the changes



If we move the mouse cursor from left to right, the value will increase, and if we do the opposite, it will decrease. In this way, we can fix the skin tone and set the necessary value. 

Step 5: Group the two adjustment layers 

Our next task is to combine both of these layers. To do that, click the adjustment layer button, press shift, and select these two layers. The menu selects to create a new layer from the combo box of the layer.



It is called the combo box. When you click here, you will notice different options.



Initially, it will look like the above window. After that, you have to name it and press the okay button.



We have given it a name as “posterize clipping world.” You can save as many different names as you wish. 


Step 6: Now, we will turn off the group and select a new layer for the image 

Besides the layer button, there is a button, and we need to make it off to deselect it and click the other layer, our image layer. 

Step 7: Now, we will choose the subject


Step 8: (The Final One)In this stage, we will turn the layer option off and add a layer mask. 

Just make the additional layer off, like “posterize clipping world”, off, and click “create a layer mask” from the mask window. That’s all the journey. If you need more refurbishment of this image, you can use the paint tool to remove an unwanted spot from the image. The final image will look like this one.




Final few words | How to posterize a photo in Photoshop? 

I hope you can do it at home by following this tutorial. If you face any more problems while doing so, feel free to comment below. It is possible to create your poster now. If it benefits you, feel free to share it with your friends. Have a great day! 


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What happens when you posterize an image in Photoshop? 

Posterization is a common process of a continuous gradation of different tones. Eventually, it will cause abrupt changes and tone down to a different shape. The entire process is done with a photographic process. 

How does posterize work in Adobe Photoshop? 

In short, the posterize element is designed to analyze different colors of the pixel in a selected area and will eventually reduce that color. Somehow, they will maintain the original shape of the image. It is visually appealing and looks like artwork

What is the posterize tool? 

This tool is designed to intelligently slow down the pixel color. However, it will maintain the original semblance of the image. 

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