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50+ Best Logo Fonts for Graphic Designers

best logo fonts for designer

The Best Logo Fonts for Graphic Designer

Are you looking for the best logo fonts for your institution? Choosing an appropriate logo font will be challenging as there are hundreds of fonts available. In this case, you need to follow some strategies.  Every font tells us a story. In the beginning, serifs dominated the world.

When we look at them today, we can’t shake the sentiments of tradition and grandeur. Then, we shifted to sans-serifs, which are practical and very readable. These fonts will magnify your message.

Today, we utilize different kinds of fonts. Here, serifs are used for delicate materials and sans-serifs to ensure our words resonate. On the other hand, script fonts are for that special aesthetic touch. 

And while the stakes are always high regarding fonts, they are never as high as when it comes to logo design.

To create a fabulous logo, you need a stunning typeface. This article will provide you with many logo fonts to show your clients how well you understand their brands with best fonts for graphic designer.

Let one of these awesome logo fonts become a go-to resource in your branding kit, from logos to web display.

Sans serif fonts are contemporary, legible, and go well with various forms and styles. Use this typeface for logos that are more simple and uncomplicated in design.

Sans serif fonts are a popular choice for online businesses since they are easily read on a computer screen.

Here are some examples of sans serif fonts for logos: They’re a potent force in their simplicity. 

This logo font is widely used to improve the brand identities of different companies.

Download Sans Serif Typeface Font Now

Houstander is an excellent example of how good things come in pairs. 

It is a gorgeous handwritten script font with sans-serif roots that works wonders when it comes to boosting your logos. 

Download Houstander Font Duo

Both all-caps and regular versions are available in this format. Eventually, we will enjoy many multilingual characters and stylistic variants.

We need these kinds of fonts for hand-written logos. It looks mesmerizing.

It is one of the most awesome fonts this year. In addition to countless swirls and details, Modiaro is a vintage logo typeface that your clients will enjoy.

We will have it in various languages, with capital and lowercase variants. You can also have it as numbers and punctuation.

When we design a famous logo, expert writers suggest this one.

Download Modiaro Vintage Branding Logo Font

By using this logo, you can give your brand a playful personality. We use it for web graphics and packaging. You’ll receive four different font styles to experiment with and impress your audience.

For instance, I believe Twig will be the smart choice if you need an exciting logo that looks different from others and can attract an audience.

Download Twig Display Logo Typeface Fonts

Innovative and distinctive brands require distinctive fonts, and Artis is the ideal choice! Logos, displays, and other marketing materials benefit from this logo font. 

It is a powerful tool for developing a clever logo.

Download Artis Logo Typeface

Hipster is a strong logo typeface that will draw attention to your company’s unique style. 80s-era typefaces and materials inspire its design.

During that time, Hipster was the ideal font for companies. If you want to create an atmosphere of vintage, it will be the best font.

Download Hipster Bold Typeface for Logos

Natasya is a logo font that is designed to look like handwriting. Additionally, it will add a personal touch. To make your logo stand out, you can use a variety of glyphs and stylistic variants. 

It will range from ligatures to swashes in combination.

You can also use Natasya for marketing and branding products.

Download Natasya Hand Lettering Logotype Fonts

CAOS is a monogram logo font like no other because of its complexity and uniqueness. We can use it for decorative alphabet letters as symbols.

 Add this one-of-a-kind decorative logo font to your toolbox! We can use this font on a wedding photography site. I hope it will look stunning.

Download CAOS Monogram Logo Typeface Font

Flix is incredible for the designers. It was made for the exhibition! It can be a good font for making banners or posters for a movie or game.

Regular and outline styles are included in this package.  

Download Flix Display Logo Typeface Font

Squiborn is the best way to get your brand’s message out there. 

Thanks to this one-of-a-kind hand-drawn logo font, your logo will have a classic and modern feel. It’s ideal for packaging and posters, as well as logos.

This new logo font will increase the brand’s personality. We have seen this type of logo font on a T-shirt. In my opinion, the bold look is more interesting than the traditional one.

Download Squiborn Hand-Drawn Logo Font

Origami is a brilliantly designed decorative alphabet font for logos that are perfect for your business. The style looks like a wave, and it will create a new dimension in design.

 It provides a contemporary and welcoming vibe for new brands; you can mix and combine them to fit your style.

If you are involved in any creative work, this logo font will be helpful. We suggest you use this logo font in an enterprise edition, a gaming font, or any online dictionary.

Download Decorative Origami Alphabets Fonts

Jaquel is an amazingly colorful logo typeface that is both modern and clean! It is a geometric sans-serif typeface that’s easy to read. 

If you like to make a simple logo, that could be a great choice. 

You’ll get four weights and a web font with your purchase. We suggest you use this logo font on a mug, travel bag, etc.

Download Jaquel Minimal Display Logo Typeface

When you use the trendy typeface Inzomniac, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into a bustling city street. 

Every letter will have a different shape and will look like a wave.

It is probably the best logo design for a commercial site that wants to attract buyers at first glance.

Download Inzomniac Logotype Font

The Rossa script is an ideal choice for logos and large-scale displays. For every piece of branding material, Rossa imitates a handwriting style that is both natural and sophisticated. 

Blogging, fashion, and beauty firms that wish to stand out from the crowd with their logos can benefit from using this type of design. It could be the perfect logo for fashion design.

Download Rossa Script Logo Font

This logo font family, which includes all the letters of the English alphabet, is ideal for firms that wish to project a sense of sophistication. 

It could be the perfect choice if you like to go for a sophisticated project. For example, a sophisticated game, a series, etc. This logo design is not similar to others.

 Download Elegant Font Set

Bismark is a gorgeous, all-caps logo typeface that combines well with a wide range of aesthetics. There are three weights of Bismark to choose from, allowing you to tailor it to your clients’ needs. 

Product packaging is suitable for letter spacing. You can use it for the logo of a biscuit brand, a confectionary shop, etc. It can be a good choice if you like straightforward logos.

 Download Bismark All Caps Logo Typeface Fonts

Use Rich Ganbatte, a graffiti-inspired logo typeface, to add some personal flair to your logos. All-caps versions of this unusual and bold script font are available in regular and italic all-caps versions. 

This font style looks fantastic. It can be an excellent choice for a book cover or a magazine.

 Download Rich Ganbatte Graffiti Logotype Font

Maqin Larisa is a script logo typeface that will look great on your products because of its sharp lines and powerful swash font.

 She combined Gothic-inspired ligatures with contemporary imagery in her work. It’s a whole package, including both uppercase and lowercase letters!

Download Maqin Larisa Script Logo Font

Cyber is the king of retrofuturism. With a sci-fi-inspired sans-serif alphabet depiction, it sticks out. It’s possible to utilize the entire alphabet as a logo typeface. 

You can pick and choose whatever letters you want to use as symbols. It can be an excellent choice for a gaming cover design.

Download Cyber Futuristic Bold Typeface Font

The handwritten logo font Southwave is a perfect choice for The Southwavery and laid-back firms. You’ll appreciate working with Southwave’s calligraphy style for your next design job. 

It is an excellent choice to make customers instantly identify with the brand. We can call it an excellent logo font for a cooking recipe. 

Download The Southwave Handwritten Logo Font

If your clients say, “We want to make a statement,” and you haven’t downloaded Toothless yet, now is the time. This urban logo font includes capital and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation. 

Sometimes we notice a logo with a comma or a unique character. In this situation, the Toothless brush font could be a great idea.

Download Toothless Brush Font

This modern sans-serif logo font offers a futurist aesthetic for innovative brands. From fintech to SaaS and even a more forward-thinking fashion brand, every business will enjoy what this unique logo font has to offer.

 In all, the case version is unique and suits logos perfectly.

Download Lequire Modern Sans Logo Typeface

Predict the future by creating it with this stunning, futuristic double-line monogram font. This font is perfect for subtle branding or large-scale symbolism in the logo. 

It will give your clients the fanfare every brand deserves. Leverage the orange-golden color palette to create striking and impactful brand visuals. 

This logo font will be a good choice if you want something unique that will reflect your personality or the company’s brand.

Download Double Line Monogram Font

When it comes to the most widely used and best logo font typefaces of the 20th century, the one font name that holds its ground firmly is Futura. 

It is known for its near-perfect circle, square, and triangle letterforms. 

Due to its unique geometric shape and large display, we can use it as a book cover. The look of this font is both artistic and straightforward.

Download Futura Fonts

It is the best example of sans serif. You can see the use of this modern font in the logos of FedEx and Swissair, which enriches their brand identities.

Please check it out if you want to give your logo a quirky personality.

What’s typical between the logos of Calvin Klein and Vogue? Well, they both have the same font — Bodoni. The logo font has flat and unbracketed serifs and has a narrow underlying structure. There are thick and thin strokes in this font, and there is a contrast between the two.

The font looks aesthetic due to its geometric construction. Make sure that you mention such fonts for logos, especially in your design brief. As a viewer, its beauty will amaze you.

You can use this font for the logo if your brand is related to the fashion industry.

Download Bodoni Font

Jeremie Dupuis, a Canadian designer, created Zorus Serif. The font’s antique glyphs lend it a distinctly Gallic feel and style. The crisp look of this font style lends a unique touch to your logo. 

Download Zorus Serif Fonts

When searching for cool fonts for logos, pick this typeface for businesses belonging to the fashion industry. It’ll also look suitable for construction company logos. You can access this font in italic and standard versions.

If your design has an arcade theme, you can safely try the Sabo Retro font. Simply use this font for a trendy style. 

This font is the creation of graphic designer Philippe Moesch. It has a pixel-style font system that never fails to impress with its remarkable old-fashioned style. 

The font is available in two styles—filled and inline. The retro feel makes it one of the most famous logo fonts.

Download Sabo Font

Are you looking for a special logo font that will attract the audience? We can mix this logo with uppercase and lowercase letters. 

By mixing them up, you can create a great setup that will mesmerize the users. We prefer Brolink for mixing the letters up and creating a different look for the audience.

Download Brolink Fonts

Do you like to mix history, elegance, and style in your logo? You might be wondering how this is possible. Yes, it is possible by using Fenway Retro Logo Fonts.

 You will be happy to know that this font is compatible with the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Word, and Keynote. 

Download Fenway Retro Logo Design Fonts

It is a simple and minimalistic logo, but the attire is elegant. The look is different from some other logo fonts, and it will create a vibe in the brain. 

We can use it for beautiful headlines and for daily purposes. The exciting thing is that you can download it for free.

Download Crux Fonts

This logo font works amazing under the sunlight. If you try to place this logo where too much light is present, it reflects a different mood.

Download Exodus Free Serif Logo Font

This logo font looks like a sans serif font but is much more beautiful than serif. The shape of this font is almost like a square, but it has a roundish shape besides that. It can be a perfect choice. 

For different users, they will provide you with a variety of services, like extra-bold, heavy, bold, etc. As a result, you can use this font in several ways.

Download Mike Sans Fonts

Quentin Pro is like Mike Sans, but it has a different appeal. I think it is more soothing to the eyes than Mike Sans.

In this font, you will have something extra that is uppercase and lowercase support and is suitable for multilingualism. It can be a good choice for a travel blog. This logo font is a mixture of classical and modern attire. 

Download Quentin Pro Fonts

Are you looking for an aesthetic handwritten font? Several handwritten logos are present in the market. Among them, the southern script logo is in the top position. 

People who like original work, such as handwritten logos and those in good shape, could choose this item.

Download Southern Script Fonts

Are you looking for a stylish rounded design logo? If you like to develop a creative brand, this font will be an excellent choice. The user will enjoy three brands here; they are bold, regular, and light-faced.

Using three different formats simultaneously is the best part of using this font.

Download Moon Fonts

Noir is a unique font that is used for commercial purposes. It is used for headlines, different types of logos, on book covers, etc. Noir will increase your brand value, and eventually, your company will benefit.

If you like to build a great brand value, this logo font will be helpful.

Download Noir Fonts

Do you like a font that is full of mystery? This logo font is used for headlines, posters, and monograms. You can use this font in italic and Latin character sets. 

The design of this font is rare, and you will not find a similar font like that. It can be a good cartoon font. The kids will love this kind of font.

Download Dope Fonts

Do you enjoy mixed feelings about handwritten and traditional logos? You might be thinking about how it could be possible. Yes. Cloudy Aurora will provide you with both. 

The combination of handwritten and contemporary makes it inconvincible. As a result, we cannot compare cloudy Aurora with others.

Download Cloudy Aurora Fonts

In my opinion, it is a classy, stylish, and elegant font. Its roundish shape and iconic design make it different from others.

The user can use this font in a book cover design and as a symbol in a fairy tale story. The Saudagar font is used for magazines, lifestyle blogs, real estate offices, etc.

Download Saudagar Fonts

This logo font will offer you a unique set of characters that will enrich your logo style. It has an iconic shape, and the logo is roundish. As a result, you will get different feelings here.

 If you are working in the food niche, for nutrition, or any other review blog for various food cultures, this font will be the perfect example of that project.

Download Mango Fonts

It is an excellent gaming font used to create gaming logos, banners, and several types of posters. YouTubers like this logo font for the channels. 

The players will love it for its tasty design. If you’d like to see a live example, visit the eSports team. These logos are created by the Herona font and are fantastic. 

Have a look at another example of the Herona logo! 

Download Herona Logo Font

This font is for you if you are involved in artificial intelligence or high-level research. It will tend you towards the future. Modern logo brands are using it. 

Now you might be thinking, what is the difference between this logo font and others? In some cases, this logo font is different from others, and you can feel the vibe here.

For instance, you can check the letter “p” from here. It is slightly absent, which means it will take us from the past to the future.

Download Blackpast Fonts

Do you love to work with the environment? It could be a blog, a review of the current scenario, or a thesis. 

In this current market, you will have very few logos that will fulfill that requirement. 

By using this font, you can easily make a powerful logo. It will increase the brand identities of different companies.

Download Leafy Fonts

This font serves us with a beautiful classical design. It could be a great choice if you are searching for a modern font for a restaurant, bar, or drinking brand.

Some people love geometric shapes in logos in the drinking industry, but it is not a good idea. Hand-lettered logos are the ideal solution for any beverage or food brand.

Download Benford Fonts

It is a beautiful brand for making logos of fresh fruit and vegetables. We call it a benchmark design technique in the history of font design.

Fresh guava is known for its unique design and good shape. Graphic designers from all over the world love it for its unparalleled design.

Download Fresh Guava Fonts

It is specially made for crafting logos. If you like to use a wide range of characters, sometimes special characters, we can use them for various personalized brands.

We can use this font for artistic design.

Download Cloudsters Fonts

If you are thinking of a logo for some particular company and that logo will show some unique characteristics, Lexus would be a wise choice. 

This logo font is primarily used in creative brands.

We can use this font for the big enterprise edition for its aesthetic look.  

Download Lexlos Fonts

It could be the perfect choice if you search for an elegant but straightforward font style. Gamour is specially made for various fashion brands.

If you are working in the fashion and lifestyle niche, it could be a perfect example.

Download Gamour Fonts

Permit me to recommend some of the best script fonts

The Alex brush is known as a fantastic brush script. In Adobe Photoshop, we frequently use this scripting font, which is currently one of the most popular fonts for designers. 

We can continue advanced photo editing work with the Alex brush font. 

Download Alex Brush Fonts

You can get this font by visiting Here you can directly search for it and later on download Waltograph. 

Unzip the file and use it like any other. Waltograph has been downloaded a million times, and it is becoming more and more popular day by day. It is almost like a hand-lettered logo.

Download Waltograph Fonts

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Now let’s go for some special fonts:

Adrian Frutiger is a massive name in this industry. At the same time, he was a typographer, photographer, and top-rated designer who worked amazingly in this graphic design sector.

He got a SOTA typography award in 2006. We have found more than 81 font families by Adrian Frutiger. 

Download Adrian Frutiger Fonts

Proxima Nova is recognized as one of the most potent Adobe Fonts. It has been downloaded over a thousand times, and professional fonts for graphic designers worldwide love this font for its simplicity.

We can use this logo font in any creative work.

Download Proxima Nova Fonts

It is a serif type of logo font. Its heavy blocks and thick lines will attract the attention of the users. This eye-catching design is perfect for making headlines. We have seen different clothing and fashion brands using this logo font.

This logo font will increase the beauty of your brand and will make it stunning.

Download Slab Serif Fonts

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Wrapping Up: Logo Fonts 

Here you will have a list of logo fonts for your institution. I firmly believe that choosing the perfect  font for your company will make your life a lot easier. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to email us at We’d like to know our readers’ feedback. Feel free to comment below and let us know how you chose your font.

Frequently Asked Questions: Logo Fonts

You might be thinking that logos are simple icons, and here we can use any font, but this is false. In a nutshell, we can say that logos represent your prestige, brand, and attitude. 

Anyone can comment on your company. Later on, it will reflect your personality. 

We have seen five standard logo levels in a company logo. They are letter marks, combination marks, emblems, brand marks, and word marks. 

These signs are implemented within a logo to make it great. 

In our observations, we have seen seven significant categories of logos. They are abstract logos, muscat logos, pictorial marks, emblems, letter marks, logotypes, and combination logos. We use them in different situations in our lives.

We use a logomark to increase the brand identity of the company. It is not necessary to put the company name here every time. 

A company’s Logomark will enhance its brand identity. 

We can describe it as the final version of the logo. It ensures us that all its elements are locked up in every position.

It is done to maintain consistency in all mediums. Like, wherever you place this logo, the output will be the same. 

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