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20+ Cool Photoshop Textures To Boost Your Work

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Have you ever used any cool textures in your graphic design project? It will make your images more interactive and user-friendly than others. In a simple word, it will create a vibe among the users. 

We beautify our designs and work hard to convert them to the next level. Some excellent free and paid textures are available online, and you can implement them in your next project.

When we start working on the web development project, there will be a need for cool textures, which will undoubtedly enhance the beauty of the interface. 

We are using a texture not only for beautification but also to send some messages to the users. This article will discuss 20+ cool Photoshop textures to boost your work. 


Why are textures important? | Cool Photoshop Textures

We use textures to create different feelings among us. It will remind us of something relevant to our daily life. Some standard textures we frequently use, like rough and coarser, have a visual appeal that attracts viewers. 

We frequently use natural and wooden textures, which have an aesthetic impact on the audience. When we design an infographic, brochure, banner, etc., adding a beautiful texture can be a selling point for the designers. As a designer, your clients will be attracted quickly, eventually increasing your revenue. 

Photoshop textures are eye-soothing, user-friendly, dynamic, and meaningful. In a nutshell, it has a significant impact on your project.

Let me share some cool Photoshop textures ideas that will help boost your design. 



We know that black and white are the most common textures we use frequently. It has a significant impact on your image. While using this texture, try to use a bold print so that it will not merge with the background. You can use this texture on your banner or social media cover. 



Ice texture could be a great choice if you like to do something dramatic and want your audience to feel that you are doing something special for them. We will frequently use it for various types of social media posts. 

As a designer, you must implement various ideas and try to make different visualizations. Ice texture is becoming a good choice for designers.



Using the natural texture is always a blessing. You can easily connect with nature. The exciting thing is that it is eye-soothing and never gets bothered. 

We can use natural texture in various ways, like a background image of your social posts, and it can be a fantastic banner, in a magazine, in lifestyle photography, etc. Natural texture is one of the designers’ most common and popular texture ideas. 

For instance, it can be a leaf, the moon, the ocean, trees, the desert, etc. You can use almost anything relevant to your subject.



A fire texture Photoshop is used for creating different types of interesting content. YouTube content creators use this texture frequently for creating exciting content. We use it frequently for photo manipulation, creating interesting effects, etc. 

A fire texture can draw the user’s attention quickly, and the viewers will turn into your customers. It can be an excellent cinematic effect too.



It is an exciting concept to apply in your design career. When we are writing a book, different types of fashion blogs, the eCommerce industry, and news platforms use this texture frequently, which significantly impacts them. 

People of all ages love this texture, and it will create a beautiful outlook in various designs. Some people draw animal skin textures with names. 

That would be an exciting idea. Another fascinating animal craft is animal textures in Minecraft. Children love this texture. While designing a book for children, this one could be an intelligent choice. 



Children love this texture, undoubtedly. It has a soothing and eye-pleasing vibe and will carry a feeling of freshness and illusion among the users. Naturally, we see this texture in mobile wallpaper, desktop wallpaper, etc. 

It is a free texture that anyone can use in their professional work. You can create this wallpaper by using different types of colors and shapes.



Fabric textures can be in different colors and shapes. There are thousands of fabric textures present at this moment. You can create various illusions with them, like 3D fabric textures, which are popular among the younger generation. 

Like the previous textures, fabric textures can be in different colors and shapes. It is incredible to watch as a designer. This is a free texture also; as a designer, you can create it using your merit. 



Sometimes the old paper textures can be the most outstanding artistic design. Have a close look at the picture above! It looks gorgeous. 

There are thousands of grungy old paper textures available in recent times, and you can use any of them. Not all of them are free to use. If you need a high-quality old paper texture, you need to pay for it. 

It could be a wise choice if you are looking for an old-looking design.



Are you looking for some unique textures to make an exciting template? A leather texture is something that can be placed anywhere. On the online platform, you can find thousands of different leather textures. 

Most of them are dark, and the brightness is low. If you are looking for a dark background, use this texture to portray your cover photo in Adobe Photoshop. 

Leather textures are elegant in design; if you overlay something on this texture, the combination will be excellent. 

The exciting thing is that leather texture can be found in various designs. You can find thousands of free textures too.



Liquid textures are exotic and exciting. It can be a great magazine cover. Liquid surfaces can be implemented in different types of fashion blogs. It can be an illusion to the users. 

Liquid textures can be used as wallpaper, background covers, feature images, etc. We can experiment with various colors, shapes, and designs in Adobe Photoshop. 

We can use thousands of colors here, and according to your niche, you can modify them.



A metallic texture can be a wise choice if you like to use a unique texture in your design background. It is not a very popular texture like others. The design pattern is almost the same, and you can use it for various colors. 

Metallic textures are different and unique. It might be a good option if you like to experiment with something clumsy.



An organic texture could be a tree, leaf, animal, pond, etc. Anything related to nature is called an organic texture. This is a prevalent design texture used since ancient times. 

It looks fresh and authentic. If you are making a food blog or writing something close to food or nature, then we will use an organic texture there. 

Organic textures are the perfect choice for any food magazine or travel blog. 



Wall textures are one of the most common ones we use almost daily in different wallpapers, banners, and cover photo designs.  

The 7 popular wall textures are comb, popcorn, orange peel, knockdown, sand swirl, slap brush, and slap brush knockdown. We can also use similar wall textures in different design software. Wall textures are great for creative design.



The wool textures are exceptional, and in very few designs, we have used them. Wool textures are used in the garment and textile industries. 

This effect will help us make an intelligent design when we design the magazine’s front cover. Do you like to eliminate the monotonous texture and twist up your strategy? Use wool textures.



A broken glass texture is an aesthetic, heinous, attractive, and eye-soothing design. One of the most common types of broken glass textures is given below. 



It can be a 3D texture and be used on various gaming platforms. When searching for 3D textures, the first thing that comes to mind is broken glass textures. It will create an illusion among the users. 



It is a standard texture that we frequently use across different platforms. In simple words, cardboard textures are elegant and eye-pleasing.

In Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, we use it for creating some unique infographics, banners, cover designs, etc. Cardboard textures can be an excellent example of social media posts. Most of the cardboard textures are in a simple color. As a result, we can match any color with it.



You can download thousands of free golden textures on Unsplash. It is impressive to see and will fit with any content you use. Golden textures are one of the most iconic textures that we use frequently. Over this texture, we will use different Photoshop brushes and change them as we wish. 

Sometimes we use 2 or more golden textures and eventually blend them with the Photoshop blend mode. Do you like to add visual effects to the users? Golden textures will be a perfect example of how to do that.



Watercolor textures are different from the previous ones. It looks fantastic and quickly goes with any bold color. 

If you like, you can create an illusion for the users through the Watercolor texture design template. The design and the vibes are different from the others. In the end, it will take you to another world.  

The watercolor texture could be wise if you love optical illusions and 3D textures.



The wooden textures are almost similar to the cardboard textures, and the look is quite different from each other. 

In our design practice, we use wooden textures frequently, with an excellent, clean shape that will attract viewers. In the cartoon and printing industries, we need to experiment a lot, and that is why the use of a wooden texture is becoming popular day by day.


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Do you like to do some experiments with the user’s moods? You can use a colorful texture as the background of your artwork. It is a 3D texture, and you can feel every dimension. 

When thinking of a colorful banner or poster, we can easily use this texture to convince the audience. It can be composed of hundreds of colors, all of them combined to create a particular mood.



Do you like to work on an environmental-based project? A green leaf texture is specifically helpful for those working for nature. 

The interface and look of this texture are mesmerizing, and it is meaningful too. It will carry a plethora of information for the users. 


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Final few words | Cool Photoshop Textures 

There are thousands of free and paid textures available on an online platform. Now you need to pick the best one for your industry. It’s not always you will have a free texture to use. If you need any premium services to use, you have to buy them. 

This list of Photoshop textures will probably be helpful for your design purposes. If you need more information regarding Photoshop textures or other tricks, please email us at



It is one of the most ancient forms of texture we use in our design careers. 


A texture is associated with the sense of feeling, eventually drawing the viewer’s emotions. To attract users, we are using various types of textures.


Adding a texture overlay will help the image pop.

  1. Step 1: Firstly, we have to open it in Photoshop. Open both your targeted image and the texture image in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Step 2: Now, your task is to resize the texture layer. Please select the texture layer; go to the Edit drop-down menu.
  3. Step 3: Your next task is to change the blending mode. 
  4. Step 4: We will finish it by refining the texture overlay.


As it is a rater image, we frequently use Adobe Photoshop to create a texture. Sometimes, we use Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

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