7 Underwater Photography Tricks You Must Try


Photography is a part of our lives nowadays. Capturing memories with a snap of our fingers is easy. Capturing adventurous events can be a lifetime memory that can share with friends or family later.

In our vacationing process, capturing pictures with a mobile phone or a camera is easy but, never wonder what it feels like to capture underwater. Well, do not miss the activity of a professional photo editor who can serve with amazing enhancements of those photos.

I have gathered up few tricks to become a better underwater photographer or tricks you must try while capturing underwater photographs.

Keep in mind that performing underwater photography requires mastery skills. They also have specialty courses.

As post-production of the underwater photography Photo Editing Services role the most important part in the presentation.

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Here are the seven underwater photography tricks you must try once in your life.

Choose Underwater Camera Carefully


Step one, select a camera that will suit your underwater photography need or skills. For beginners, I suggest underwater photography with a compact camera.

Today shoot camera’s come with a variety of underwater photography settings. There are many affordable options that you can compare with your budget. Remember, underwater housing is another thing you will need, which could cost you the same as the camera itself.

Get yourself a waterproof plastic housing for your digital compact. You’ll be able to zoom and change settings and have better functions than disposable cameras that don’t have.

Compare the camera with the appropriate housing availability.

Land Comfortability

A lot of practice is necessary to shoot underwater professionally and especially with plastic housing. Cause, It feels clumsy and awkward at first. Also, you may require to do a lot of work using your camera on dry land. So, first, try to make that you’re comfortable on the dry land. After that, you can take it to the next level that is underwater shooting.

Master your Buoyancy Skills

Buoyancy helps in boosting your confidence and steady hands to become a better underwater photographer. How to master your buoyancy skills.?

Suppose you want more tips about this skill.

Positioning your Shots

One of the tricks is that position your shot. Capturing underwater is very tough and opposite in many aspects to land photography.

During scuba diving, we usually look down, and because that position of our body changes, we shoot in the same direction. Break this habit.

First shot from the above, then from the eye level or in an upward direction. You will get desirable results.

Respect your Wildlife

Remember, as a professional underwater photographer, you should never touch any marine animal or subject to get a good shot.

Do your research about marine animals and ask yourself questions: Is it accessible for me to capture? Can I touch or damage any subject? Is the animal prone to a flashlight?

Aware of your surroundings to make sure that you don’t harm yourself or animals.

If you find any of the answers in a positive response, then move on and adjust your settings accordingly because nothing is worth destroying our ocean planet.

Artificial light Source

Artificial lights like strobes or flashlights will serve as enough light to get the desired result. It will take a lot of practice but, with time, it will help you. The sharp and colorful images will give a pleasant look.

So, upgrading your camera rig with external light can help your journey but, it also comes with an extra price tag.

Natural light

Suppose you’re shooting any subject underwater with the natural light shoot, in 20ft of water or less. The position of the sun should be behind your lenses. You can capture or position the focus against the sun.


Like any other profession, photography is also not easy, especially if we talk about underwater photography. But, with time, patience and practice, you can skillfully take your passion to another level. Practice makes the men perfect, so keep practicing until you find the desired result of your work.


What are some tips for underwater photography?
Ans: Choosing a relevant environment and arranging all the necessities are basics for underwater photography. Then, comes the planning and the need to accessorize your shooting gears. Well, you can have some more info from the content above.
What skills do underwater photographers need?
Ans: The photographer should have all the arrangements including shooting gear and work experience. Also, technical terms such as macro shots, white balance, color depth, exposure, etc. need to maintain strictly.
What do you need to be an underwater photographer?
Ans: The first thing is the interest where any other necessities come live automatically. Furthermore, you need to have proper learning and experience in this for the most accurate results.

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