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Clipping path with shadow service is an essential service for e-commerce sites, brochures, print media & magazine ads, product e-catalogs, digital media ads, various media including websites, etc. Generally, shadow exposed in the rear or nearby of the picture depends on the sun or else light. By using this service you can avoid inconsistent and abhorrent raw, stripped & wild format.

When you adding shadow or apply 3D effects then your product image looks so much attractive. It also increases your image quality. This service provides different photo shades effect as well as natural shadow, drop shadow or mirror/reflection shadow. Usually, these shadows applied various kind of product like clothing items, accessories items, many other goods etc. Shadow can be useful for group photos, natural photos, exterior & interior photos and model photography which helps you to separate from product images. When you want to create a shadow on your product images for the eye-catching view, this service gives your demandable shadow frame by using clipping path and finally you get the natural look & shape product image which you desired.

Shadow creation generates a picture intensity by making shade which done by our graphics experts. Clipping World can provide best quality shadow service for clients. Like natural shadow, drop shadow, remove shadow from picture, reflection shadow etc.

Some of the product picture formed by studio lighting for natural looks and some of the client want to keep or provide the best shadow for 3D looks on their product images.

Clipping World produce this service to make sure your image genuine and attractive natural looks.

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Service Categories

Clipping Path with shadow Service is providing different type of world most excellent image editing services. The service offers dissimilar clipping path service such as photo editing and retouching, Color Correction, shadows, multi clipping path and masking services. Clipping path services accessible to our clients are of high quality looks with shadow, and it will focus all types of shadow by using its tools.

Clipping Path With Shadow sample image

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow will be shown below the image with white or transparent background and gives a more attractive look. It contains visual impression comprises a picture component that looks similar to shadow of an object. We provide drop shadow service and amend the direction of the shadow, the dullness of the shadow, the stability of the shadow, the shadow size and the shadow distance by using our developed combination techniques.

Clipping Path With Shadow sample image

Natural Shadow

Natural shadow will be shown through the effect of light. It is created by the effect of light. This shadow object placed on the source of light simulates the sun or a single lamp in a room. The shadow bringing the objects mainly belongings generates from the particular light resource. The shadow is constantly shed on the surface the object is positioned. In the other hand, the object keeps the shadow is standing to the position on the surface and visible to the surface.

Clipping Path With Shadow sample image

Reflection Shadow/Mirror Effects

Reflection shadow is the reflection of a figure or image in the mirror. When you stand in front of a mirror after that you will find your reflected image in the mirror this is the actual reflection. Mirror effect comes on tools and functionality like clipping path relate to techniques where adding mirror image of an object about axis creation a mirror edition of the original object. We can create highly reflective product image surface on a high shiny desk.


Most of the companies or persons who are engaged or involved in the e-commerce business, professional photography, photographic studios, e-magazine companies, e-advertising agencies, print press, web development companies and graphic design companies etc.

Our experts are so much experienced and they have knowledge about customers’ requirements. Moreover, on the best way we give you advice for properly utilize various shadow option on your image. Shadow creation generates a picture intensity by making shade which done by our graphics experts.


Mostly a business and entrepreneurs choose clipping path with shadow services for more attractive their product looks and creating product reflection shadow with a professional appearance. Even the most of clients would mainly expect this service for their businesses and the consumer marketplace doesn’t prevent there.

Anyone choose this service, those think that they would be benefited by adding reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow or product shadow on their items and who prospectively attracted in this services.

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