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Content aware fill Photoshop has made photographers’ lives easier. The photo editors are pulling off amazing performance with this fantastic Photoshop tool. But how can you use content aware fill in Photoshop professionally? 

The professionals use content-aware tools to eliminate unwanted objects in the image. You can get a tidy photo with less effort than any other image editing method in Photoshop. So, you can use this tool to remove unwanted objects, fill in missing areas, and fix imperfections.

Here, you will learn everything about the Photoshop content-aware fill method. You will get step-by-step guidance to use this tool for your photos. You will get different ways to use content-aware tools to remove unnecessary objects from the photos, just like magic! Listen Podcast

Core Elements and Solutions in a Table

SectionCore Elements and Solutions
Introduction to Content-Aware ToolsIntroduction to content-aware tools in Photoshop.
What Is Content-Aware FillExplanation of Content-Aware Fill, its analysis, and benefits for photo retouching.
Applications of Content-Aware FillUses of the tool, such as object removal and background extension.
Natural-Looking Results with AIAchieving high-quality results using AI-powered Content-Aware Fill.
Introduction to Content-Aware Fill Photoshop AppHistory, updates, and improvements of Content-Aware Fill.
Locating Content Aware Tool in PhotoshopHow to find Content-Aware Fill in different Photoshop versions.
Content Awareness ScaleIntroduction to Content-Aware Scale for resizing backgrounds.
How to Remove an Object Using Photoshop Content-Aware FillSteps for object removal using Object Selection and Patch Tools.
Changing Background ColorChanging background color with Content-Aware Fill.
Expanding Image BackgroundExpanding photo backgrounds using Content-Aware Fill.
Filling Text with an ImageFill text with images using Content-Aware Fill.
Bonus Tutorial: Putting an Image on Another ImageOverlaying one image on another.
Final Thoughts and Call to ActionSummary of Content-Aware Fill’s capabilities and the importance of practice.
FAQ SectionAddressing frequently asked questions.

What Is Content Aware Fill in Photoshop?

Content aware fill photoshop saves time and effort of image editors. The tool allows you to remove any object or fill a missing part by simply selecting it. 

Photoshop’s powerful AI creates a natural and consistent look while you remove an object or fill a part in the image. It analyzes the patterns, color, and textures of the surrounding pixels of the images. 

Thus, it replaces the missing area with precisions. This robust algorithm helps retouch photos, remove distractions, and fix imperfections. So, “remove an object from a photo in Photoshop” is now more effortless than ever. 

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Application of Content-Aware Fill

You can use the Photoshop content-aware tool for different purposes. It is a versatile tool that allows you to remove every inconsistency from the photo. The tool makes advanced photo editing easier than ever. You can create amazing photos by applying this technique. 

Here are some sectors where professionals apply the Content-Aware tool: 

  • Removing unwanted objects
  • Removing blemishes, and stains 
  • Extending the backgrounds
  • Filling in gaps
  • Replacing weird sky or water
  • Fixing the damaged areas

Does AI Fill Images in Photoshop Look Natural? 

Photoshop AI has a powerful algorithm. You can generate high-quality, natural-looking images using the content-aware AI fill tool. The powerful AI model incorporates a vast dataset to replicate the surrounding pixels’ pattern, texture, and structure. 

So you can generate high-quality photos using the content-aware tool in Photoshop. However, the effectiveness of AI fill Image depends on the quality of the original image and the user’s skill. Here are a few tips to get natural-looking images using this tool: 

A better-quality original image allows the AI to work with more data. As a result, you will get more realistic results.

Now, be careful while making a selection. Precisely select the object or area you want to remove or fill. 

Experimenting with different variations for your images will help you find the best match. ‘

Refining the image is always a crucial step in image editing. You should use blending and adjustment tools to fine-tune the generated content. It will allow you to ensure a seamless transition with the existing image.

So, you must consider these factors while generating an AI-fill picture in Photoshop. Let’s dive into the advanced uses of content-aware fill-in Photoshop. 

Things to Know About Content-Aware Fill Photoshop App

Adobe Photoshop introduced the Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5 (released in 2010). It had been a staple feature in all later versions of Photoshop. Over the years, Photoshop developers have made this tool more powerful, versatile, and user-friendly.

Here are some of the notable changes to content aware tool in recent updates:

  • AI-Powered Improvement
  • Adaptive Sampling Areas
  • Refine Edge Brush
  • Interactive Previews

Locating Content Aware Tool in Photoshop

The location of this tool has changed slightly over the years. You may access it through the Edit menu or a dedicated workspace. Here is how to find content aware in Photoshop

Photoshop CS5 to Photoshop CC 2018:

  1. Make a selection around the area you want to fill.
  2. Go to Edit > Fill.
  3. In the Fill dialog box, select Content-Aware from the Contents drop-down menu.
  4. Click OK to apply the Content-Aware Fill.

Content Aware Fill Selection, ClippingWorld, Content Aware Fill in Photoshop, ClippingWorld, Content Aware Fill Photoshop

Photoshop CC 2019 and later:

  1. Make a selection around the area you want to fill.
  2. Go to Edit > Fill
  3. The Content-Aware Fill workspace will open. It allows you to preview and refine the fill.

Object Selection and Fill, Content Aware Fill in Photoshop, ClippingWorld

You can also access Content-Aware Fill by right-clicking on the selection and choosing Content-Aware Fill from the context menu. Another way to access the Photoshop smart fill is through the patch tool. The icon of the patch tool is rectangular, with the lines bisecting each other. Ensure the Content Aware is selected from the top bar of the patch tool options. 

Patch Tool, Photoshop Content-Aware Fill

What Is The Content Awareness Scale in Photoshop

Content Aware Scale Image, ClippingWorld, AI Fill Image

Before we move on to the uses of the Photoshop content ware tool, we must have knowledge of the content awareness scale

Content awareness scaling aims to resize the background without impacting the subject. The traditional Photoshop scaling compromises with the pixels, but the content awareness scaling smartly analyzes the image. Thus, it allows exiting the background non-destructively. 

Moreover, the aware scale allows for a change in the aspect ratio. So, you can convert a vertical image to a horizontal while the subject remains unaffected. Using this tool, you can effectively adjust the composition and perform creative image manipulation

However, if you want to choose between content-aware fill and content-aware scale, it depends on the task. You can use the content-aware scale to resize the background, but you need to use the fill tool to remove the unwanted elements from the photo. 

How to Remove An Object from A Picture Using Photoshop Content-Aware Fill?

The content aware fill photoshop allows you to remove an object or person from the image conveniently. Removing unwanted objects from the photos is just a matter of a few clicks.  You can do it using the Object Selection and Patch tools. I am going to describe both of them in the easiest ways. 

Using Object Selection Tool

Using the object selection tool incorporating the content aware fill is the easiest way for object removal. You need less effort using this tool than other Photoshop techniques. Here is a step-by-step guide to removing a person from an image: 

Step 1: Selection

Select the person using the Object Selection tool. Hold the Shift key and click on the other person or object to select them at a time. 

Using Object Selection Tool, ClippingWorld, Content Aware Fill Photoshop

Step 2: Choose Content-Aware Fill

Go to Edit>Fill>Content Aware Fill. After that set output to Duplicate Layer from the Content Aware Fill dialog box. 

Content Aware Fill Dialog Box

Step 3: Deselect

Right-click the mouse and select Deselect.

Select Deselect Option

Step 4: Spot Healing Brush Tool

Click the spot healing brush tool and carefully remove the edges of the person or the object. 

Spot Healing Brush Tool

Step 5: Save

Save the image and see the result. 

Final Result of Content Aware Fill, ClippingWorld

Using Patch Tool

Step 1: Duplicate Layer Create 

Create a duplicate layer of the original picture. Then, select the patch tool from the toolbar. And make sure the content ware is selected from the topbar drop-down menu. 

Final Result of Content Aware Fill


Step 2: Use of Lasso Tool

Draw a lasso around the object you want to remove. 

Draw a lasso around the object, Photoshop, ClippingWorld

Step 3: Drag The Area

Grab and drag the selected area to the sampling area.

Grab and drag the selected area, ClippingWorld

Step 4: Color and Structure Combination

Play with the color and structure combination in the option bar to get the right result for your photo. 

The patch tool works best for the low-detailed areas. Yet, you can use this tool to remove objects from pictures with the help of content-aware fill. 

How To Change the Background Color Using Content-Aware Fill Photoshop? 

To change the background color using the content-aware fill, we will use the following image:

Object For Content Aware Fill

Step 1: Select The Background

Select the object using the object selection tool. After that, inverse the selection by the right click of the image and making an Inverse selection. Thus, you can select the background easily. 

Object Selection vs. Inverse Object Selection

Step 2: Adjust Setting and Preview

Go to Edit > Content-Aware Fill to access the content-aware fill. Adjust settings and preview.

Adjust Setting and Preview

Step 3: Content-Aware Fill

Apply Content-Aware Fill by clicking the Apply button. 

Content Aware Fill Apply Object, Content Aware Fill Photoshop

The background is looking pretty now. What do you think? Let’s change the background color. 

Step 4: New Layer

Create a new layer above the original image layer. Fill this new layer with your desired background color. 

Create a new layer above the original image layer

Step 5: Final Task

Refine the edges using the spot healing or refine edge tool. Finally, save your image.

Expand Background of Image Using Content-Aware Fill

The photo editors expand photo backgrounds professionally using the content-aware fill tool. It’s easy and gives a natural-looking background. Here is the step-by-step guideline: 

Step 1: Open and Create the Desired Area

Open your image in Photoshop. Determine the area you want to extend. Go to Image>Canvas to add a canvas. Adjust the width and/or height to create the desired space for the expanded background.

Canvas Size Setting

Step 2: Selection Tool

Using the selection tool, select the expanded area. 

Select the expanded area, ClippingWorld

Step 3: Apply Content-Aware Fill

Go to Edit > Content-Aware Fill to access the content-aware fill. Then, Adjust settings and preview.

Adjust Setting

Apply the content aware fill, then hit OK if satisfied with the result. 

AI Fill Image, ClippingWorld

Fill Text With An Image

Now, we will fill the text with images using Content-Aware Fill Photoshop. These are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Open The Document and Create a Selection

Open the image you want to use. Create a duplicate layer of the original image. Create a selection of the text using any of the Photoshop selection tools. I prefer lasso and polygonal tools for this purpose.

Create a selection of the text, Content Aware Fill Photoshop

Step 2: Content Aware Fill Option and Save the Image

With the text selection still active, go to Edit > Content-Aware Fill. In the Content-Aware Fill workspace, adjust settings like Sampling Area and Adaptation to fine-tune the fill.  If necessary, use tools like the Spot Healing Brush Tool or the Clone Stamp Tool to refine the edges of the filled text. Check The Content

How do I use Content Aware Fill in Photoshop

Finally, Save your image. 

Bonus tutorial:  How to put an image on another image in Photoshop?

Sometimes, it becomes vital to put one photo on top of another. But the question is how can we do that? Here is the step-by-step guidance to use this technique easily: 

Base image vs. Overlay image, ClippingWorld

Step 1: Open the Image

Open the base image and the overlay image in separate windows. Pressing Ctrl+A to select the overlay image and then press Ctrl+C to copy the image.

Select the overlay image, ClippingWorld, AI Fill Picture

Step 2: Resize the Base Image

Go to the base image window. Now, paste the copied overlay image by pressing Ctrl+V. The new photo will appear as a new layer on top of the base image. Position and resize the overlay image by pressing Ctrl+t.

Position and resize the overlay image, ClippingWorld

Step 3: Blending and Save

Then you can adjust the blending, opacity, and refine edges according to your requirements. 

Adjust the blending, ClippingWorld, Content Aware Fill Photoshop

Final Thoughts 

The content aware fill Photoshop is a helpful tool for professionals. You can use this versatile tool for different purposes, not just removing unwanted objects. Yet, practice can make you perfect in using this tool. Practice the above-mentioned techniques to get top-quality photos. 

Moreover, you can hire a professional editor like the Clipping World to edit photos of a large quantity. They offer high-quality services at affordable piercings. Check them out now. 

How To Use Content Aware Fill in Photoshop, ClippingWorld
How To Use Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop


What is content aware delete in Photoshop?

The content-aware delete means you can delete an object from the photo where the background automatically replaces the space. The Photoshop AI can do that magic for you with the content-aware fill tool. 

Does Photoshop CS3 have content awareness fill?

No, the content-aware tool is not available for CS3. You can get this tool for the Photoshop versions above the CS5. 

Which tools have content-aware mode?

The Photoshop Patch tool has the content-aware mode. You can use this tool to remove an object or extend the background quite convincingly.