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Guys who are bald are not the only ones who can benefit from this tutorial. It’s suitable for anyone. Our goal is to teach you how to use some basic functions in Photoshop and how to use your imagination to make photos look unique. In this tutorial, we will look at how to transplant a man’s hair onto another man. Additionally, you will learn how to make effective use of the Magnetic Lasso Tool. Let’s get started!

Here is a tutorial using photos (I hope we won’t upset them by doing so).

Step-by-Step Hair Transplant in Photoshop Tutorial

Step 01

Choose an image of a bald individual and make a note of the light direction in this image. Then choose an image of a hairy head of your choice in the same light direction. 

Hair transplant

Step 02

Go to adobe photoshop and select those images. First, select the bald head person’s image. Then add that person’s image, who has hair, and whose hair you want to select.

hair transplant in photoshop

Step 3

After that use, the lasso tool from adobe photoshop’s left sidebar. And cut the hair out from the hairy person’s image, just draw a cut over the head, and after that press, Press Ctrl + T to modify the hair’s location on your head (see image below). You can press Enter when you’re satisfied with the position.

Use the little squares in each corner of the glued hair to gradually modify its size for suitable scaling. CTRL+C to copy the hair area from that image.

transplant hair

Step 04

When you’re done with the clipboard hair, switch to the photo of a bald man and paste it onto the canvas (Ctrl + V). Press Ctrl + T to modify the hair’s location on your head (see image below). You can press Enter when you’re satisfied with the position.

how to do hair transplant

Step 05

Then, using the right mouse button, navigate to the free transform option, where you may alter the location of the hair that you cut from the other photographs to your liking. Just be sure to look at the color direction of both photographs.

hair placement i bald head

Step 06

Now you have to work with the layer mask, Just go to the mask option and add a layer mask.

photoshop layer

Step 07

Adjust foreground color, Take white and black, the upper one is white, and the down one must be black. Just like the image.

photoshop tool

Step 08

Then take the brush tool to remove the background perfectly and take a soft round of brush tools as if you could adjust the hair properly.

successful hair replacement


Step 09

Now work with the background remove from layer 2 to layer one, and after removing the background perfectly.

Photoshop Tutorial

You will be able to create a realistic hairy image of any bald head individual. And, once you’ve obtained this image, you can continue to work with the brush tool to achieve even more precise hair altering.

FAQ About Hair Transplant

Question: How to Do Hair Transplant in Photoshop?


  • Copy & Paste
  • Remove the Edges
  • Hair Tuck-ins!
  • Matching
  • Refine the Mask
  • Using a Hair Brush
  • Conclusion & Summary

Question: Is photoshop hair transplant can make a perfect look?

Answer: Without a doubt, it can help in the achievement of more faultless hair. It will assist you in designing a hairstyle that is distinctively yours and that suits your individuality and appearance.

Question: How long does hair transplantation take in Photoshop?

Answer: It should take no more than 9 to 10 minutes to complete a flawless hair transplant in Photoshop.