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Among the clipping path service image masking is one of the most popular names. It is an expectable and useful technique to designers in photo editing service. Usually, the service is applied for removing the background from images as does the clipping path service. But there are some mentionable differences between clipping path and image masking service.

Where clipping path fails to clip image in a simple way or where clipping path is not working anymore, designers need to apply Photoshop masking. Images that have many curves, soft edge, turn like hair, wool etc. ask for masking service. Or, the image of transparent things like glasses, flames, smoke, lighting etc. demand for the service too. In the one-word image which is complex in nature requires masking most. Photoshop pen tool is the tool largely used for the job to gain effective result.

There is another option of modifying the background with different shade or color or scenario.  It will be foolish considering the job as simple or easy to accomplish the project. Expert professionals can only touch the level of success.

Alpha Mask before image Alpha Mask after image

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Our experts have the knowledge about the complications of masking, so they check every detail of it even though the work is completed. We like to finish every project within the time limit.

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Service Categories

Photoshop masking is the method of erasing the current background of an image containing fuzzy edge or hair or transparency. With the help of Photoshop masking features, one can select those parts of the photo which seem impossible to select. It ensures each removal without any harm.

Layer Mask before after image

Layer Masking Service

This is a manual service applied to refine soft edges. Omitting objects from the background is the main mission of this service. There is a specialty in layer masking service, one can undo all changes and get back image as the same before by following some simple steps if wanted. Designers get opportunities here to apply personal style and techniques.

Alpha Mask editing image

Alpha Masking Service

Alpha masking is used to edit color or brightness of the photo. We can say, in this particular job masks are created with the collaboration of color. Sometimes, it gets difficult to verify the exact color of an image. In that situation, designers apply alpha masking to repair the image. Masking a smoke image could be an example of it.

Transparent Mask editing image

Transparent Masking Service

The method is applied for removing the background from a transparent image. Things, where light can pass through, are called as transparent. Glass, water, spectacles etc. are some regular example of it. Picture of such things requires transparent masking. This is really very hard task and required a qualified artist to achieve the optimal outcome. In this service, complexity varies the price.


In this modern era, people like to see perfection in their photos. Appealing photo grows social value and status and these thought drag people towards image masking service. Photographers, wedding photographers, event organizations, magazines, modeling houses are the daily receiver of it.

Business owners are also attaching to the service as they understand the effect of a good photo and want to promote their products in the best way. But Photographers need the service mostly.

People demand their best look in the picture which is only obtainable by the masking service.

[caption id="attachment_1485" align="alignnone" width="580"] Image Masking[/caption]


CLPPINGWORLD have talented designers who are devoted to fulfilling the customer's demand. We do have the skill to complete any complex or super complex project with optimal outcome.

We conduct the job very carefully as we know one single mistake can destroy every past effort. Before the delivery, the project has to go through many quality control processors.

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