Image Masking Service is for complex images that contain huge stray hair or any fur. The purpose is similar to the clipping path in one sense. But, the difference is, the clipping path removes only the background of an image. On the other hand, the Image masking system removes the background and the exact shape and details of an image. The clipping path fails to separate the image subject. Where the clipping path is not capable anymore, designers need to apply Photoshop masking.

Why Masking pictures? Images with many curves, soft edges, turns like hair, wool, etc., require image masking services. Also, the images of transparent things like glasses, flames, smoke, lighting, etc., need the service too. Usually, we use it for removing the background from images as the clipping path service. But, there are some significant differences between the Clipping Path and Image Masking Service.

Image Masking is a trendy tool among photographers who want to set their images on various backgrounds. It won’t be a genius considering the job as simple or easy to accomplish the project. Professionals can only touch the level of success. Our experts have a firm knowledge of masking. They check every detail of it and revise even after completing the task. We finish every project within the time limit.

Alpha MaskAlpha Mask

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Masking Picture Samples

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Best Image Masking Service Categories, We served

Masking in Photoshop is the process of erasing an image’s current background to reveal a fuzzy edge, hair, or transparency. Using Photoshop’s masking features, one can select parts of a photograph that appear to be impossible to select. It ensures that each removal is safe.

Layer Masking Service, Image Masking Service

Layer Masking Service

Here masks are directly applied to the layer with soft and define edges with the help of Pen Tool.

It permits you to buy a selection, and modify the opacity (transparency) of the layer they belong to. It is the first choice of expert designers because using the layer mask in Photoshop service, the masked task is never destroyed, and getting back every pixel in that layer is possible.

When vector path alone cannot remove the background of complex images with a fine edge, Photoshop Layer masking is applied to get a smooth edge of the cut-out image. price starts from $1.

Alpha Masking, Photoshop Masking Service

Alpha Masking Service

Alpha Masking is pixel-based masking that displays images, actually the shape of images rather than a color.

Most likely to layer masking, but it is superior to that of regarding the file size. After removing the image from the background, we save it in the alpha channel to edit brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. Here Clipping Path Services play a good role in perfection.

Alpha Channel Masking service makes file size small which is suitable for uploading or downloading. In some cases, the channels are used to select objects or mask the background. This technique is used to select single-colored or non-zigzag background objects. Price starts from $1.20

Tranparent Translusecnt Mask

Transparent Masking

Removing the background of a transparent image is quite difficult with a Vector path or Clipping mask. We use Transparent Masking for the Background removal of these images having gradient transparencies.

Transparent masking in Photoshop is for the images having glass, lightning, glass jewelry, etc., and an end number of product images used for promotional purposes in the catalog and e-commerce shops. And, these have 0% to 5% opacity so making them transparent is a challenge itself.

Our talented designers use their experiences and make this accurate only for you. The price starts from $1.45 along with 3500+ imager delivery capability. 

Layer MaskPhotography Post Production, Photography Post Production Services

Clipping World Cares About Hair Masking Service.

When the clipping path method is insufficient to edit a picture with hair, the image masking technique is applied. Because hair is silky and has soft edges, we use masking to separate it from the image’s background. To add a natural look to the image, we also fix exposure concerns including color, contrast, and brightness in order to sharpen it. And our expert pays great attention to picture hair masking, therefore it is obvious that clipping world offers the best image hair masking.

Silky and curly hair could be a barrier for a model and also the cause of her poor photographs, but clipping world experts work on it perfectly so that the model can get the great look. Clipping world image hair masking service always give priority most to the client satisfaction thats why they get the perfct image hair masking service.

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Image masking is quite popular and wanted by many categorized people, including the photographer and general peoples. But, the majority of them are photographers. Photographers need to create their portfolio, and for this reason, they use a different background with an image to give it a different look for catching the audience’s concentration.

Sometimes photographers face a common problem like the client wants an image background that is not available near them. Outsourcing the images with the Image Masking Service is the best option for fulfilling the client’s requirement.

Photographers and graphics designers mostly use image masking. But, common people also can use this service. Like, someone had a break up with his/her girlfriend or boyfriend or having a divorce. Then, he can easily use our service to cut out to separate the other person from his or her images. To decorate their house, they can use these images to provide them in any size or format.

Layer MaskLayer Mask
Image Masking Service
How much do image masking services cost?

Because images can be masked in a variety of ways, the prices for each project will vary. To determine the cost, you must first specify how many sections must be masked, the size of the difference between an object and its background, and how similar the background color is to the object. Whether you work with one designer or several, we always adhere to the same pricing guidelines to ensure that your rate is always clear and fair, despite who you work with. We are offering image masking service at the lowest the industry bottom price. Check out our pricing table to get an idea.

Layer Masking Service

$ 1.00 Per Image
  • 2500 Image Daily
  • 50% Bulk Discount
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Revision

Alpha Masking Service

$ 1.10 Per Image
  • 2500 Image Daily
  • 50% Bulk Discount
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Revision

Transparent Masking Service

$ 1.50 Per Image
  • 2000 Image Daily
  • 50% Bulk Discount
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Revision

Why Clipping World for Photoshop Image Masking Service?

Portrait Retouching Services, Photo Retouching

Sometimes the only talent isn’t enough for a job. And it needs extra effort. Clipping World will give you that until we make your job perfect.

Image masking service is mostly used in model photography. As it works with critical edges, fur, etc., it always needs some extra effort and enough dedication to doing it.

Our fully focused, goal-oriented designers work day and night continuously only for you. Our QA team is also active in the process of quality assurance.

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Why you should pick clipping world for image masking service?

Clipping World properly does image masking. Our photo editing crew is dedicated. They’re known for submitting flawless work on time.The editors are experts in Photoshop picture masking. Several sectors employ advanced picture editing skills. Expert editors always do their best.
Photoshop masking aims for photo quality and realism. Editors capture photos for specific uses. Advanced image masking shows picture details. Clipping world makes photos eligible.
Clipping world’s Photoshop services impress clients. First, every image conceals the client’s message to visitors. Then, retouch subjects’ masks.This approach is divided by our editors. Each is multifaceted. Instead, editors disguise photographs to serve several consumers. Photoshop is used to enhance some photos.

Difference between Image Masking and Clipping Path

Let's know the issues before comparing them. You know the method, but not enough. It's preferable to understand our issues. This helps our procedure and professional learning.

What does it mean by image masking ?

Image masks usually include layering. Masking in photo editing implies picking a part of a photo with photoshop or another program.
Photoshop image masking isolates subjects without loosing a pixel. Photo masking is necessary for hair, dolls, and textiles. Editing complicated and soft-edged topics requires masking.
This is the best way to improve images nowadays. Because it doesn’t interfere with raw picture modification. This selects just required sections

Clipping Path:

Clipping Path is a closed vector line or shape used to separate picture parts. Clipping path basics. Draw the subject’s clipping path. Photoshop, Gimp, or other applications with a Pen Tool are needed. This only works with 2D graphics. 3D photos aren’t supported. The path’s closed segment can be used without the background. We may erase the backdrop, adjust the color, and anything similar. Photoshop includes several clipping paths.

Image Masking:

Online Image Masking is non-destructive. Photoshop masking is the original performance. This lets you conceal and display picture parts. Layer mask photoshop CC works well. Non-destructive since it reveals hidden places. Like hiding obvious regions. If the procedure is damaging, you must start over.

Clipping Path vs. Masking

Clipping Path is a closed vector line or shape used to separate picture parts. Clipping path basics. Draw the subject’s clipping path. Photoshop, Gimp, or other applications with a Pen Tool are needed. This only works with 2D graphics. 3D photos aren’t supported. The path’s closed segment can be used without the background. We may erase the backdrop, adjust the color, and anything similar. Photoshop includes several clipping paths.

Photo Masking Service

Check out our blog to learn more about the differences between clipping paths vs image masking, and definitely take advantage of our free trials.

This service has a few categories based on how hard, complicated, or important the images are. But our experts say that this service is mostly made up of seven different kinds, which are explained below.
Photoshop Layer Masking
Companies that edit photos today use Photoshop Layer masking a lot. This method can be used for almost anything. This process is also often used to make an image fit for business, fashion, or personal use. The main idea is to change the ratio of how much one or more parts of an image are clear or blurry.

Through this service, the opacity of subjects can stay the same or change depending on the background. With layer masking, you can also add, change, or replace things that are transparent.

Alpha Masking
Image masking and clipping path are both parts of the method. This method works well when most of the background in a photo is a single color. In this kind of masking, the background of a photo is taken away to make the subject stand out. Also, the group of separate subjects is called the alpha channel. Alpha channels are saved separately so they can be changed at any time and used for anything.

Raw files are darker than alpha channels. They are easy to upload, download, and change. With alpha channel masking, it is easy to do image retouching services.

Hair and Flesh Masking
Soft edges are occasionally missed by the clipping path. As a result, a hair and skin mask is required to isolate the subject from the backdrop for additional editing. In such circumstances, the superior masking approach captures every subject’s delicate edge. After that, Photoshop may be used to modify the contrast, background, and exposure.

Hair masking allows you to modify images of dolls, models, garments, animals, and birds. Even human body postures contain intricate curves with thin linings of muscles. So, by combining hair and flesh masking, they may get a decent post-edit effect.

Object Masking
Background removal services frequently make use of masking techniques like the one described here. Using this method, anything that is not desired will be eliminated. However, whether you’re photographing animals or anything else, you can’t expect every shot to turn out beautifully. In addition, topics cannot always be the primary focus of attention. As a consequence of this, pictures may be made better by removing unwanted subjects and backdrops from them.
Subjects become the major emphasis and are nicely polished using this strategy. Image modification is required by real estate firms, e-commerce business owners, and other related groups.

Refine Edges Image Masking
When an image requires a more realistic look than before, this approach becomes necessary. A photo topic, for example, might benefit from soft edges by using sophisticated edge masking. As a result, the picture will appear natural and exact. Subjects’ edges will soften as a result of this, color correction, and other procedures. Edges will also be perfectly aligned with the backdrop. This style of Photoshop manipulation is commonly employed on topics such as dolls, trees, grasses, human bodies, and so on.

The fundamental goal of going through this procedure is to make images more appealing and to convey the cause behind the click.

Color Masking
The color masking technique is used to ensure that no empty lines appear in the image. This service is also utilized for post-color correcting activities. The fundamental component of such editing is the pixelation of photos. The approach use pixels to colorize a specific portion of a photograph in Photoshop. After that, the contrast and exposure may be tweaked or modified to bring the clicks to perfection.

Color masking is required by businesses such as fashion firms, small business agencies, and presses. It aids in avoiding mistakes in photographs.

Image Masking for Collage

Collage masking creates new visuals by combining previous raw photographs. Subjects from various photographs are acquired using this way. Furthermore, use a separate backdrop for various reasons. When necessary, editors can choose alternative subjects from many pictures to substitute subjects in an image. After duplicating the subjects, highlighting and other image modification tools might assist in focusing on new subjects.

Color density, size, contrast, and other factors must also be considered by editors. It creates fresh realistic graphics that may be used everywhere.

Transparent Object Masking
Some photographs have subjects that are either transparent or translucent, allowing the viewer to see the backdrop either in part or in its whole. In these kinds of situations, subjects are required to maintain their previous opacity while in the new background so that they can look realistic. The usage of image masking that is transparent ensures that the background may be seen through the subject of the photograph. When this occurs, editors make sure that there is sufficient light passing through the subjects so that they may alter the background. Nevertheless, the contrast of the topic remains unchanged. This masking in Photoshop is necessary for the elimination of the backdrop in all cases involving thin fabric, glass, water, and optics.

Why is it that someone or a company wants us to perform this Photoshop service? The preparation of the photos for business or personal use isn’t the only reason. Most people, however, use photo masking techniques to create things – We use this photo editing method to get subjects with a lot of complicated edges. Furthermore, it is preferable to separate important items such as trees, nets, animals, and so on.

Many photographs feature subjects that are nearly the same color as the background. To use this method, you must do the opposite of what it instructs. As a result, it is also necessary to change the new subject or background in the photograph. Subjects with simple structures but clear structures are common. As a result, the process has been completed in tandem with the cutting path. Masking is ideal in this situation because it keeps the opacity ratio within a reasonable range. Landscape photographs may need to be cleaned up. People should use this editing method to improve the color, lighting, and knockouts in any of these photos.

Even when photo masking isn’t necessary, we use this method to keep the parts we want to keep separate in separate files. We’ll be able to use them for other projects this way. It is critical that we please our clients by making some of our images transparent. In these cases, editors use specific techniques on specific layers to make things more clear. Having shadows of subjects that are the right shape and size may aid in making an image appear to have been taken by someone else. The layer mask can also assist you in creating shadows with the proper opacity and angle.

Selection begins and stops image masking. If you’re confused, read the blog. When done, you’ll understand. We’ll soon discover masking tools and procedures. It’s easy if you follow basic steps.

Working Procedure
Most editing services require a selection for safe and seamless functioning. Some editing requires no choice. These photographs don’t need selection. We modify the full image or any smooth-edged part. Selection makes editing more accurate and less error-prone. The selection should come first. Without selection, you can’t mask any layer in Image Masking. So, mask.

Selection Methods
To make a selection easily, utilize the right way. Photoshop has various selecting mechanisms. All aren’t for selection. Each has specialties. You may use one approach to choose different subjects. But not all are perfect. With the rapid selection tool, hard-edged subjects are straightforward to pick. These subjects can also be clipped. Select & Mask soft-edged topics. You can select first and smooth later. That’s a lengthy task.

We’ll study Photoshop’s selection methods for Image Masking. Because discussing them all is time-consuming, we’ll stay brief. We’ll soon choose a technique. Photoshop’s selection tools are:

  1. Geometric Marquee Tool: Rectangular Marquee Tool, Elliptical Marquee Tool, Single Row Marquee Tool, Single Column Marquee Tool
  2. Lasso Tool: Regular Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool

  3. Quick Selection Tool: Quick Selection Tool, Magic Wand Tool
  4. Pen Tool: Basic Pen Tool, Freeform Pen Tool, Curvature Pen Tool
  5. Select & Mask Option

Image masking service Provider: Clipping world

Clipping World introduces smart Image Masking Services for your need. The basic work expertise is destruction-free image editing along with channel masking. Enjoy professional-quality masking performance for an effective and fruitful result.