Refund Policy

Clipping World is dedicated to providing the best and the most satisfactory Photo Editing Services. We are ready to give the effort that you do not need to worry a bit about the overall performance. Still, we have kept a return policy for you in case any unwanted situations occur.

However, we are bound to give you further support even after the delivery of project work. And, you can have what you need through revision if you find any discrepancy. We give you a sixty-day money-back guarantee according to the terms mentioned here.

  1. Quality is all that matters for Clipping World. If you find our quality falls to 70%, we will refund your money within seven working days.
  2. Your satisfaction is our responsibility. We do our best to reach your satisfactory level. Still, if there is any mistake with our editing works, we are happy to re-work till your satisfaction. And, if re-work fails again and again, and the quality remains less than 30%, we will refund your payment.
  3. If you pay in advance and ask us not to work on a project before starting, we will adjust the amount on later projects. Well, if you are not willing to take our services anymore for some unexpected situation, we will refund your paid amount.
  4. And, last but not the least, if we do not comply with the agreed terms between you and Clipping World, let us know. But, if the situation comes again and you do not want to take services from us, we will not keep you on hold. You can ask for a refund if you paid already. But, this is only an option. We will never let it happen as we are serious about our service.