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12 Must-Try Sparkle Overlays & Photoshop Actions

Best Sparkle Overlay with Glitter and Shimmer Effects (PSD, Overlays, PNG, Actions) (PSD, Overlays, PNG, Actions) A sparkle overlay PNG or glitter overlay may bring incredible aesthetic impact to your work. In this post, we’ll take a look at a variety of beautiful, sparkly visual effects.

Whether you’re seeking  Photoshop actions, overlays, or text effects, there’s something for everyone. Ready to add some glitter to your work? Create your glitter overlays or add Sparkle Visual Effects.

When it comes to tinkering with particle, sparkle, and glitter effects, the options are endless. In many circumstances, you may choose to experiment with Photoshop action.

This enables the application of sophisticated effects with a single click. You may, however, experiment with brushes, textures, and more! We’ll demonstrate a variety of incredible, inspirational effects that you may try right now.

Best Sparkle Overlay Photoshop Ideas for Photo Editors

Whether you’re searching for a glitter overlay for Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, or another piece of software. Additionally, there are other methods to play with texture. For instance, have a look at this amazing gold glitter overlay lettering effect. Transform any word into a realistic glitter overlay effect in a matter of seconds.

sparkling overlay

Alternatively, you may take your images and use the proper glitter visual effects to make them into something spectacular. Take, for example, this stunning artwork. Something of this size would ordinarily need a significant amount of time and effort, but pre-made effects make it a piece of cake. To help you take your creative work to the next level.

dust sparkling overlay

However, if you’re looking for even more control, you may want to go manual. All kinds of fantastic textures, brushes, and more may be found in this content. These glitter brushes are so lifelike, that you’ll want to try them out. Because they’re based on genuine glitter samples, you may use them to create stunning visual effects.

Regarding the creation of any desired special effects, the only constraint is your creativity. Even better, your subscription grants you access to a vast assortment of typefaces, stock pictures, drawings, and other resources. This is an excellent resource for anyone in the creative sector.

You may get everything you need for your artistic endeavors in one easy area. It’s time to go to work on something extraordinary! 

A Few Incredible Sparkle Overlay and Glitter Effects 

phantasy star glitting

Now, have a look at these incredible visual effects that are now available, Sparkle Overlay in Photoshop Action. Take a look at this incredible blue sparkly overlay. You are not, however, restricted to the color blue. Just one of the amazing glitter overlay effects that can be created with this action. There are many more to come.

01. Photoshop Action for Animated Sparkles

animation sparkle action

Interested in creating an animated piece? This entertaining Photoshop action adds sparkle and glitter to your photos. Exporting your work as an animated GIF, on the other hand, is also possible. 

02. Glitter Dust Overlay Photoshop Action

glitter dust overlay

With the help of this wonderful glitter overlay Photoshop add-on, you can create some very stunning work. Make a mental note of how simple it may be to increase the motion in these photographs.

03. Photoshop Action: Galaxy Sparkle Overlay

sparkling galaxy

With this fantastic visual effect, you can take your sparkles to the stars. You’re also not limited to using a blue sparkle overlay on top of your makeup.

You could use it as a purple sparkle overlay transparent background, or you could mix it with some greens. Try it out with any photo and you’ll be amazed at the brilliantly dazzling results it can produce for you in no time.

04. Photoshop Magic Dust Glitter Overlay

magic dust glitter

Consider this lovely gold glitter effect. Experiment with it in your photographs to add a touch of enchantment. Alternatively, you may use this incredible freebie to produce the ideal glitter overlay PNG for your project.

05. Photoshop Action: Bokeh Sparkle Star Overlay

bokeh sparkling overlay

Here’s a shimmer effect with a bit of soft bokeh for your viewing pleasure. With a few clicks, you can add these glitter overlay effects to Adobe Photoshop. Choose from a range of forms, such as circles, hearts, snowflakes, and more variations on the theme.

06. A Photoshop Action For Adding Sparkly Dust To Lenses

sparkly dust lense

Overlays with sparkling crystals have the potential to be incredibly stylish. You can get a similar effect with this approach without using actual sparklers. Photoshop actions make this process a snap.

07. Overlay Love Sparkler Photoshop Action

love sparkling overlay

Sparkler overlays have the potential to be quite fashionable. You may now play around with the look of the sparklers without needing to use actual sparkles. Photoshop actions make the procedure more efficient.

08. Sparkle Glitterstorm Photoshop Action

glitterstorm sparkling overlay

Isn’t that a lot of glitter? To be sure, Photoshop eliminates the need for cleaning. Introduce your images to the program and play with adding a lot of glitz.

09. The Arcanum Sparkle Photoshop Action

sparling arcanum sparkle overlay

If you like your shimmer effects to be milder, check out this dreamy style. It’s got the same dazzling charm, but a different texture. Give this effect a try.

10. Adobe Photoshop Glitter Brushes

glitter brusher effect

Do you adore texture? While working with glitter might be somewhat dirty, it is not so while working digitally! Create a bespoke glitter overlay PNG for your projects with these astonishingly realistic brushes.

11. Overlay Sparkler Trace Photoshop Action

sparkling trace

Alternatively, how about some stunning sparkling overlays? This amazing collection of 29 photo overlays includes the perfect glitter dust overlay for any project. There’s a lot to experiment with.

12. Photoshop Action For Glitter Stars

glitter star overlay

Take a look at this lovely star overlay with sparkling details. Are you a regular user of Instagram? You may add a whimsical aspect to your images and Instagram feed by using glittery or sparkly effects. Put to good use this amusing effect on your next set of images.

Would You Like To Try A Sparkle Overlay?

There is a multitude of fantastic glittery visual effects to play around with, so be creative! How can you know which one is the best for your project? Will you try a glitter overlay on top of your favorite dress? Is it a gleaming overlay? Instead, you may use glitter brushes to create your shimmering look in the background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Create A Sparkle Effect in Photoshop?

The first step is to open the image in Photoshop.

  • The second step is to create a new layer.
  • Object selection is the third step.
  • Set the background color to white instep 
  • Then click on the Sparkle Brush Tool in the step
  • Add a Gaussian Blur to the duplicated layer.
  • A glistening outer glow effect (optional) is the final step of this process.

Is There A Sparkle Filter in Photoshop?

Select Merge Group from the context menu, then right-click the Layer Mask and select Apply Layer Mask. Adjust the Radius under Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to get a lovely glow around the sparkling.

How Can I Add Glitter To My Photographs?

Start by capturing a photo with the camera or by uploading your image using Photo Edit. Tap Effects then Filter at the bottom of the screen. Find Sparkle and Kira Kira by scrolling through the selections.