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Jewelry, girl’s best friend. You may not find one single woman who does not like jewelry to wear or collect. Well, it is obvious that the perfect piece of jewelry creates a better presentable view. And, the use of jewelry can be for casual or formal purposes. Jewelry photo editing can make a perfect combination. There is one category that you may know as ugly jewelry.

You can find enough ugly jewelry photos But, that is not for regular use or presentation. You can say, they are good fits for Halloween or some thrilling program or occasion.

Ugly or grotesque jewelry is incredible to see when someone is wearing it. The purpose of this genre is different from traditional jewelry that one wears to enhance one’s appearance. And, in certain situations, to establish a sense of horror or thrill. So, these pieces virtually have the reverse effect.

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What Does An Ugly Jewelry Mean?

Original human tooth ornaments or pieces of ears as earrings are truly exceptional and ugly. And, you don’t want a piece like that to put on your body and walk around in town.

Aside from Halloween, there aren’t many instances when these pieces would be appropriate to wear. They would not be welcome at a wedding or a nice dinner party.

Still, some jewelry production companies make some jewelry in this category for specific purposes. And, that we call ‘Ugly Jewelry’ a common name. The pieces are of different materials, themes, looks, and impressions.

However, some of them you may find attractive but most of them not. The ugly jewelry pictures here are from the original ornaments that exist. And, you can choose them for a specific occasion, unlike daily grooming.

Most Ugliest Jewelry In the World

Coming up with the ugliest jewelry in the world, it is hard to define which one is the top listed. However, we have brought you 51 remarkably ugly pieces of jewelry that are present today.

We ensure that there is no connection between the paparazzi ugly jewelry game and the items. Also, some more of them are available that you may find appealing in your eyes as well.

01. Alien Ugly Earrings

Alien Ugly Earrings

The Alien Earrings came from a movie character. The creature arrived from a different planet with a horrifying look and is famous for the name Alien. The movie was released in 1979 for the first time and there were several series of that. The earrings have the exact same shape as the movie character, only smaller to match the shape of the top to fit in the ear.

02. Bacon Strip Ugly Earrings | Ugly Jewelry

Bacon Strip Ugly Earrings

Bacon is a popular food for Americans that is a part of a pig’s belly. The thin layer contains meat and fat that looks like stripes. Bacon Strip Earrings are similar to the food. You will have the view of the original Bacon in an ear-top form. Well, this may not look that ugly but as an ornament, the presentation is not like any polished or shaped earpiece.

03. Bobcat-Eye Rings of Ugly

Bobcat-Eye Rings of Ugly

Ugly earrings as the name represents, the jewel and the shape of the ring is a great resemblance to a Bobcat. A bobcat is a wild animal that lives in a jungle and can jump up to any tree easily. The eyes are similar to a domestic cat but more ferocious. The rings got the same look as the original animal. And, if you wear them in your fingers side by side, they look like something is watching through.

04. Caps and Corks Ugly Necklace 

Caps and Corks Ugly Necklace 

A necklace made of caps and corks, how does it sound? Obviously weird. Well, this is the actual thing you will see in this necklace. You will find a number of beer bottle caps and wine bottle corks organized in a decorative way. This is not for presentation purposes or the Halloween program but for the bar only. However, if you are interested in this, you can make one by yourself.

05. Cockroach Ugly Jewelry Set

Cockroach Ugly Jewelry Set

How about cockroaches in your jewelry? Well, not the original ones but made of plastic, rubber, or crystals. The Cockroach Jewelry Set is just that. You will find several cockroaches on the set and they look real. Also, the whole set contains a necklace and two earrings with an arrangement. Well, to keep the original look intact, the antennas of the cockroaches are different by direction.

06. Commode Shape Pendant

Commode Shape Pendant

The Commode Shape Pendant is a piece of jewelry you may never like to wear. The pendant is an iconic version of the original commode that we use in the toilet for motion. Well, this is not original so nobody used it. But, there is a technical issue, are you willing to wear jewelry that looks like the shape of a commode? I guess not.

07. Creepy Cat Ugly Ring | Best Ugly Jewelry

Creepy Cat Ugly Ring

The cat is a domestic animal and a lot of people like them for the activities they do. Well, sometimes they give creepy looks that look so weird. The Creepy Cat Ring is a piece of jewelry with a type of look. You will have a metallic finger-ring that looks like a cat is holding the finger. Well, if you can consider it to look like art, the ring is wearable.

08. Dog Poop Locket

Dog Poop Locket

Dog Poop Locket is the ugliest necklace in the world according to my assessment. I mean, how is it possible that someone put dog shit in a necklace? Though the poop is not real but, come on, this is truly disgusting. I personally never think of something like that as an ornament. Well, this is not up to me and it exists. Someone made that and represented that to the world.

09. Doll Locket Without Legs

Doll Locket Without Legs

Another weird ornament you will find contains a tiny doll body without any legs and misplaced arms. Also, there are two more lockets, one is heart-shaped and another one is a Cross. And, it seems like voodoo magic and the relief materials in one piece of necklace. Well, the piece is so creepy and you may not like to wear that around your neck.

10. Doll Shaped Ugly Earrings

Doll Shaped Ugly Earrings

Dolls in earrings? Seriously? Well, this is not as astonishing as I was saying. Doll Shaped Earrings are the ones you can find in ornament stores. Everyone does not like this shape on earrings but sometimes they make a good addition. They may look like newborns hanging on the ear. So, you can try them if you want to.

11. Eye In Jaws Ugly Ring

Eye In Jaws Ugly Ring

How about a ring looking at you with a single eye? Well, that should be horrifying. And, this is the concept of the Eye in Jaws ring. You will have a look as a jaw is looking at you. However, enough people like the way of the presentation. You will see a metal-made jaw with an artificial piece of an eye in a ring.

12. Featherless Chicken Necklace

Featherless Chicken Necklace

Featherless Chicken Necklace around your neck, can you believe that? Ew, impossible right? Well, no need to take that seriously. The necklace I am referring to does not contain a real chicken but a symbol of that. Also, you will see the head in the middle of the chain. However, the necklace can be a good addition to your Halloween party.

13. Ugly jewelry Earrings: Feet Earrings

Ugly jewelry Earrings: Feet Earrings

The jewelry I am explaining now is not that creepy or horrible but different in concept. The pendants of the earrings are similar to grown-up human feet, just smaller. Well, they are not a good fit for the ear. I mean, who would like to hang feet-shaped earrings for fashion? You can buy them from an ornament store. But, may not be so available everywhere.

14. Female Body Shape Ugly Earrings

Female Body Shape Ugly Earrings

Female Body Shape Earrings is a piece of jewelry that creates confusion. Boys like girl shapes and girls like boys. But, here the earrings are for ladies and the shape is the same as a naked female body. Well, the shape is beautiful by the way but does not represent natural attraction. Should girls wear them? Well, the choice is completely personal.

15. Funky Eyes Earrings

Funky Eyes Earrings

What do you think of the impression of eyes as jewelry? The eyes are similar to humans and look like they have just been taken out from the skull. Gross, right? No offense but this is the real scenario of Funky Eyes Earrings. Though, the eyes are not real, still gross as they look creepy and scary at the same time. Well, these are Halloween jewelry too you can buy them for the occasion. 

16. Hands From Grave Ring

Hands From Grave Ring

Hands From Grave Ring, is scary, right? You must have seen in a zombie movie that dead people are rising from their graves. You may have seen the video song ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. The undead people were rising from graves by the call of a werewolf. The ring shows a similar impression in a small piece of jewelry. But, the creation is a piece of art without any doubt.

17. Hen with Eggs Earring

Hen with Eggs Earring

A hen with three eggs hatching position is the theme of the Hen with Eggs Earrings. The piece is artistic but still does not feel OK. Well, it seems like the round stones are pearls and the metals are gold and platinum. I am not pretty sure but the view creates this perception. The earrings may not seem that ugly if you do not have a closer look.

18. Human Bone Pendant

Human Bone Pendant

The pendant has the shape of a human bone but is smaller and there is a jewel visible. An artificial object like a claw or tooth of an elephant may look beautiful and artistic. But, the bone, no, not appealing anyway. However, you can have the piece of pendant if you want to buy it for yourself. You can look for ugly jewelry on the internet and surely find one.

19. Human Dentures Gothic Earrings

Human Dentures Gothic Earrings

The Human Dentures Gothic Earrings are made of real human teeth. The manufacturer used original teeth for the purpose. Also, they gave it a gothic look by not arranging them in an alignment. Some people like to keep the teeth of babies or the ones they lost. But, this one is really gross and looks disgusting.

20. Human Teeth Engagement Ring

Human Teeth Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that people like to spend enough to get the best. The ring could be made of gold with a diamond over it. Or, there could be other metals with a pearl on them. But, an engagement ring with human teeth over it is never usual. Among other ugly jewelry in the world, the ring is in the front row. You do not like this kind of ring, do you?

21. Human Teeth Locket

Human Teeth Locket

Another gross piece of jewelry you can make that you may call the Teeth Pendant. The Human Teeth Locket is a pendant you can make with the teeth. The teeth look like the first ones that a baby got. When they fall according to nature, someone collects them and puts them in a locket. Well, the locket may have memories within. But, the pendant still looks ugly anyway.

22. Human Teeth Necklace

Human Teeth Necklace

Till now we have seen the Human Teeth Engagement Ring and Human Teeth Locket. So, why not a full necklace made of human teeth? The view shows that the teeth are artificial with the look of the original ones. Well, maybe it could be original as well. But, the question is, how would you get so many teeth to garland together for a necklace? Still, the necklace looks disgusting.

23. Human Toe Necklace

Human Toe Necklace, Ugly Jewelry

The toe is a part of the body and plays a great role in overall beauty. But, Human Toe Necklace, is truly ugly. The item is not made with a real human toe but is similar in view. Also, the color of the toe is silver black with red nail polishes made this more horrible. Well, this could be a nice presentation for the Halloween program but kindly look at it.

24. Human Tongue Earrings

Human Tongue Earrings

Human Tongue Earrings, how ugly could they be? Well, this happened already with the shape of the human tongue. Well, these are not real actually but seem original. And, it looks like two tongues cut off from two human beings and placed in the earrings. Also, this could be a heart attack if you do not see such ugly jewelry in your life.

25. Human Tooth Earrings

Human Tooth Ring, Ugly Jewelry

Meet the exception with Human Tooth Earrings with real teeth or artificial teeth. The view indicates the original tooth, one for each earring. Also, the metal part is available to attach the teeth hanging. One tooth for each ear is a little different than the previous one. However, the view is still ugly as the top is teeth.

26. Human Tooth Ring

Human Tooth Ring, Ugly Jewelry

Previously we have shown an engagement ring made of three pieces of the tooth as jewels. Well, this one is different and contains one tooth in the place of the stone. The shape is also different from the other one. The metal could be stainless steel, gold, or platinum. However, the view is ugly in how beautiful the setup is or will be.

27. Indisciplined Necklace

Indiscipline Necklace

Would you like to have a necklace that is unorganized without any discipline? If so, this is the right choice for you. The Undisciplined Necklace contains various shapes, objects, and feathers. And, it also contains a belt with a holder. You cannot use it for some decorative programs where people are suited and booted. But, for runway models or some strange parties, this could be a catchy one.

28. Joker Locket | Ugly Jewelry

Joker Locket, Ugly Jewelry

You must know the comic character ‘Joker’ from DC Entertainment. The villain with a completely psychopathic activity that is cruel and dangerous at the same time. The Joker Locket is a symbolic pendant similar to the character. The shape of the locket shows similar anger color and outlook. Though the character is fictional, the latest version of the Joker movie made people believe it is true.

29. Lisner Creepy Clown Pin

Lisner Creepy Clown Pin

The Lisner Creepy Clown Pin is a symbol of a thriller clown character from some movies. The origin of this face is hard to figure out as a large number of movies use this in similar but different forms. The pin is a small piece of jewelry that you can place on your blazer or hat. However, the look is horrific and not a good fit for a standard or smart appearance.

30. Maggot Earrings | Ugly Jewelry

Maggot Earrings, Ugly Jewelry

Google says, “Maggot is a soft-bodied legless larva of a fly or other insect, found in decaying matter”. The original Maggot moves so strangely because of the body structure. The color is creamy white but that does not qualify them to like cream.

Each of the earrings contains three Maggots hung up by gold chain loops. Though the larva shape is a copy and not real, the looks are not really above standard. Well, you can buy them online if you like to.

31. Meat Shape Necklace

Meat Shape Necklace

The meat is a part of a creature that stays over the skeleton. We, human beings, are carnivores and eat meat. So, we cut and sliced meat to process for the purpose. The Meat Shape Necklace has the look of sliced meat with the original color. Also, it has a fat-looking part just like the original one. Though the necklace is something that we eat in real life, still it is ugly as a piece of jewelry.

32. Monster Hand Ring

Monster Hand Ring, Ugly Jewelry

The Monster Hand Ring is jewelry that has the shape of a paw. Also, it has claws with fingers made of the same metal. The view seems like the hand of a monster is holding your finger when worn. However, this fragment of jewelry could be a piece of art if you do not consider it ugly. We have mentioned it as a horrible shape. You may like to wear it around your finger.

33. Monster Head Necklace

Monster Head Necklace

The Monster Head Necklace is a heavy piece of jewelry made of gold with the shape of a scary head. The mouth of the monster is open and a long tongue goes out and holds a shape bigger. The whole necklace looks heavy and huge in size. Also, you will see four golden chains are used to hang the pendant along with other parts.

34. Murder Collection Necklace

Murder Collection Necklace

Here comes another ugly piece of jewelry with the look of homicide in it. You will see several lockets and chains holding together. The lockets look like open flesh through skin wounds made by sharp knife cutting. Well, the ornament is a design called the Murder Collection Necklace. However, if you wear this you need to pierce your skin in several places or put it with glue. Both are ugly we believe.

35. Necklace or Neck Locker

Necklace or Neck Locker, Ugly Jewelry

Presenting a kind of ugly necklace that you can wear with a large metal blocking your chin from bowing down. Yes, this is truly disturbing to wear something that prevents your regular activity. You need to raise your chin all the time to go with the jewelry. Well, this one might be a training tool for runway models. So that they can grow the attitude of keeping their head up and straight.

36. Octopus Eyes Necklace

Octopus Eyes Necklace

Octopus is a sea creature that has a strange body with two eyes and eight-limbed mollusks. The Octopus Eyes Necklace represents the same creepy look in jewelry. You can find this horrifying or disgusting as well. But, as the designer created this of course the piece of art is different. However, you can buy this online if you like to wear it around your neck.

37. Octopus In A Bottle Earring

Octopus In A Bottle Earring, Ugly Jewelry

A symbolic form of octopus in a tiny bottle, how does it look? Well, this is the view of Octopus In A Bottle Earrings. This piece of art is truly a great concept but if you consider the creature, it is ugly.

However, you can buy this for yourself if it appeals to you. Also, this could be a different addition for a party look along with the Halloween party and more. And, if you do not look from a very short distance, you may find this amazing.

38. One-eyed Monster Clown Earrings

One-eyed Monster Clown Earrings

The One-eyed Monster Clown Earrings are tops for your ear with the view of little pieces of the monster’s face. Though we have mentioned it as ugly jewelry, the view is not that much worse. The clown face contains a differently shaped head, comparatively bigger lips, and one eye. The colors of the earrings are not fascinating and the look is not creepy enough anyway.

39. Penis Shaped Pendant

Penis Shaped Pendant, Ugly Jewelry

A metallic human penis is hanging as a locket in the Penis Shaped Pendant. Well, this could be fun for some people but most may find it shameless. The pendant is not ugly but the shape shows a human organ that people do not keep showing publicly. So, if you find this attractive to wear make sure to be shameless or use it in your friend circle only.

40. Pig Necklace

Pig Necklace

A pig is a dirty animal who likes to spend most of the time lying in mud or cool places. Some people in the world like to eat the meat of it. But, putting the shape in jewelry is quite unusual. And, this happened in Pig Necklace, a shape of the animal using gold. The jewelry looks as ugly as the animal. Still, some people like it as a different shape of the ornament.

41. Pink Mummy Hand Necklace

Pink Mummy Hand Necklace

The Pink Mummy Hand Necklace is at the front row in an ugly jewelry contest. Well, there is no presentation happening here. But, if we consider this among all the jewelry here, this one is really horrifying. The hand is so creepy and pink in color. Also, it seems like the hand is still working and can grab you anytime. However, this one is a truly great addition to the Halloween occasion.

42. Rat Paw Earring

Rat Paw Earring, Ugly Jewelry

The Rat Paw Earrings are too gross to look at. Just look at the view. Well, I am not sure whether the paws are real or fake but the concept is really disgusting. I mean, who would like to wear big rat paws earrings on their ears? Still, as the designer created something like that, obviously he/she got the concept that some people will like.

43. Safety Pin Earrings

Safety Pin Earrings

The Safety Pin Earrings are not that much ugly but this does not look good as well. The shape of the earrings is followed by the safety pin that we use on clothes to keep organized. Here, you will see them going through the ear piercing. Well, some may like it for its exceptional appearance and some may not. And, the look is not fascinating anyway.

44. Slipper Necklace

Slipper Necklace, Ugly Jewelry

At this level, we are describing the Slipper Necklace. Slippers are footwear that we use below our feet. But, this is not good to wear around your neck. Also, this is pretty insulting if you see someone doing so. People used to insult someone by hanging slippers and chaplets around the neck in front of the habitants. But, using this as a piece of jewelry is nothing but insulting thyself.

45. Toad Pendant

Toad Pendant, Ugly Jewelry

The Toad Pendant is an ugly piece of jewelry with the shape of a golden frog. Well, the original frog is not made with metal or gold but the necklace is. The pendant is as ugly as jewelry if you wear that on you. But, if you consider that a piece of art, this is truly amazing. However, the piece we are referring to is the shape of a toad and ugly as jewelry for sure.

46. Toilet Paper Earrings

Toilet Paper Earrings

Toilet paper is a daily necessity that we use in the washroom to hygiene ourselves. The item is so important that we cannot think even a day without the presence of toilet paper. However, a designer created the Toilet Paper Earrings as jewelry that is similar to the original shape but smaller.

The material is different for the symbolic shape and has chains to attach them with the hook. Anyway, the jewelry is still ugly as the item is resembling the one we use in the toilet.

47. Toilet Seat Pendant

Toilet Seat Pendant, Ugly Jewelry

The jewelry that we are talking about at the moment is grosser than the previous one. The other one was toilet tissue-shaped but looked less disgusting. But, this one is the seat portion of a commode where we sit to release our shit and urine.

The Toilet Seat Pendant is a completely smaller version of the O-van like the one at the commode. Also, you can open the seat cover like the original one. Considering other ugly jewelry images, available here, you may find it nasty for the theme.

48. Tooth Accessories Necklace

Tooth Accessories Necklace, Ugly Jewelry

The accessories that we use to take care of our teeth are the tooth accessories we can say. But, the Tooth Accessories Necklace is the one that contains all the necessities like floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, gum, etc. Well, this is really ugly to have one of them around your neck but, exists.

So, if you want to wear something like that, you can make one for yourself. Because you may not order something like that anywhere!!!

49. Ugly Fugly Locket

Ugly Fugly Locket, Ugly Jewelry

Fugly is a comic character with an ugly face. The original character came from the book ‘Captain Fugly’, written by Alexander Jay McAllister. The Ugly Fugly Locket is a more ugly version of the original comic character. However, this face is a very bad fit for a necklace and as a piece of jewelry.

People may find this difference in appearance but will not like to buy to wear. Well, some may like the look, and could be a good addition to the collection.

50. Ugly Jewelry Saunders

Ugly Jewelry Saunders

The ugly jewelry we are presenting at this point is the Ugly Saunders. You will see human shit with a couple of cockroaches all together in a rope with a strange view. The poop is not the only ugly part you can find it here. Total jewelry is completely disgusting and nasty by look. Well, you can use this jewelry to irritate your friends, family, or close ones. Otherwise, this looks totally yucky.

51. Zombie Snack Earrings

Ugly Jewelry, Zombie Snack Earrings

The last one on our ugly jewelry list is the Zombie Snack Earrings. The theme came from the zombie characters of movies. The ears of the earrings are cut or torn from a zombie but actually are not. The material is artificial and creates a shape like the original one. Well, zombies are not real. But, the existence of the character in movies is quite popular today.

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Who Wants To Wear the Ugliest Jewelry?

Jewelry is a popular accessory for women, but some pieces can be quite ugly. In fact, some people might even call them hideous! Who wants to wear something that makes them look bad? Well, some people might actually enjoy wearing these types of accessories!

If you’re thinking of buying or wearing something that’s truly hideous, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a recent study, almost a third of women admit to wanting jewelry that’s ugly or downright scary. Some of the most popular pieces are made from recycled materials, which makes them environmentally friendly as well as eye-catching.

Where We Can Buy Trends of Ugly Earrings? 

There’s something about ugly earrings that makes them incredibly popular. Whether you’re trying to stand out from the crowd or just want to make a statement, these earrings will have you looking like a fashionista in no time.

From classic dangly earrings to bold and bright hoops, there are plenty of trends to choose from when it comes to ugly earrings. So where can you find the best selection? Here are five places to start:

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Here are five earrings that are currently in trend:

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We have brought you here some of the ugly jewelry pics that we found disgusting. Well, this is not a promotion, not even a critic. The only purpose we used this, is to give a little idea about the ugly jewelry that exists today. However, some of them are pieces of art you may experience.

But, others are so ugly in view. You can purchase most of them online if you like. Also, some of them are handmade and you need to make them if you are interested in wearing them.