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Web design and Web Development Service are two different yet closely related terms. Many of us often mix up these two considering them the same, forgetting the difference. Web Design is actually referred to the aesthetic portion of the website. The task of web designers includes creating a layout and other visual elements of a website by using design programs such as Adobe Photoshop. On the contrary, Web Development is actually making a functioning website from website design. Web Developers use various programming languages as in HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, etc. to bring life to these design files.

Web design is a process that requires different skills and disciplines in the creation and maintenance of a website. The different sectors of web design include web graphic design, user experience design, interface design, authoring as in standardized code and proprietary software and lastly, search engine optimization. The term web design normally indicates the design process or more specifically, the front-end or the client-side design of a website including writing mark up. It is expected of the web designers to be aware of the usability and also be up to date with web accessibility guidelines if their role includes creating mark u

In recent years, maximum numbers of businesses are taking their positions online. A website is a good way for dispersing any business or thoughts by reaching a number of potential audiences.



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Web Design Service Categories

Website Design service

Website designing has become a very important task in this era of digitalization. This task requires a variety of skills and principles. The demand for website designers has increased recently because you can easily target the audience by promoting your own business website.

e-commerce carts

E-commerce Shopping Carts

What we basically understand by a cart is a basket where we place the items in a departmental store that we need to buy. An e-commerce shopping cart is somewhat similar. By this cart, we place items that we are buying online and the cart remembers the items for a period of time.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or shortly SEO is the process by which we can rank our website in the search engines. It is done to enhance the visibility of a website and to attract more quality traffic. On-page optimization and Off-page optimization are two of the tasks of search engine optimization.

Internet Marketing Service

Internet Marketing Service

Internet marketing service or online marketing is just the opposite of traditional marketing. Here a product or a service of any business is promoted to the consumers through online pages. Internet marketing encompasses different strategies such as SEO, SMM, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, etc.

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Who Needs Web Design and Development Service?

Web Design and Development services are required by almost all sectors of people. But mainly those who want to flourish their business online need this service most importantly.

Web development
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Why Clipping World for Web Design and Development Service?

Responsive Web Design And Development

Clipping World has a group of dedicated and quality uncompromising designers & developers who are determined to see customer satisfaction as a priority. Besides, the personnel is highly skilled and creative to follow instructions and apply with expertise for the best.

Clipping World

Clipping World performs with Web Development Service that gives an effective and useful setup. Whether your website is new or existing, we improve the design along with pop-up menus and many more. Demand your desire, let us fulfill that for you.