Best Cameras For Still Photography

In photography,  the most complex forms of photography are still photography. A lot of knowledge and skill is required to take still photography. Also, you need to have the best cameras for still photography. Moreover, for taking still photography, it’s best to have all the greatest, latest, and most expensive cameras. For this reason, it can cost a lot of money to buy them all. However, it’s not necessary to have all the expensive gear. But, if it’s there, it will definitely give you some advantage.

If anyone wants to take still photography, it’s necessary to use a tripod. And, it’s required not to move the camera a little bit to take the best shot. Otherwise, everything can be ruined. As in still photography subjects are usually big surprises and moving all the time.

For still photography, it’s necessary to have all the bells and whistles in the camera which the latest models of cameras provide.

But keep in mind, advanced focusing system, ability to shoot at high frame rates, good ISO noise capabilities, excellent dynamic range are not needed for still photography. Very few little things are needed from cameras to take still photography.

canon eos 80d camera body for showing one of the best cameras still photography
canon 80D camera body; source: canon

What Makes A Camera Good For Still Photography?

Now, you’re having some questions in your mind. Like, what camera do you need for taking still photos? What makes a camera good for still photography?

In that case, I must say, you can use any kind of camera that you have and still can take excellent photos. Because the major of working in still photography comes away from the camera and lens.

In still photography, you need scrims, a good selection of modifiers, light stands, decent strobes, tables, white and black cards, golds, props, and most importantly creativity.

But, when it comes to the camera there are very few requirements. First, you need to have a camera with a decent number of megapixels. Your camera at least has 24 megapixels. But, the more megapixel it is, the better the camera is.

However, you must keep in mind that, still photography is all about quality. And, therefore a good number of megapixels are needed to allow us to capture a high-quality base image. Then, that image needs to be worked in Photoshop to one degree or another. In case, you have little megapixels, it’ll become hard for you when zooming in close to your product to do things like cleaning. But, lots of megapixels bring challenges in computing power which is necessary to manage images.

Without megapixels, other things are nice to have, but they are not necessary. Like, it would be great to have a decent dynamic range in your camera. As it will pull details from shadows. Also, it will be nice to have a camera with a full-frame. Because it will produce 16-bit files which will have a large viewfinder coverage.

nikon D3200 camera body for showing
Nikon D3200; source: Nikon

Budget Recommendations For Cameras

These cameras are cheap. And, it’s pretty much on your range. They all are coming in at a range of $399 for the Nikon and $549 for the Canon.

In case, if you think that these cameras are expensive for you, don’t worry.  There are even cheaper cameras. Just pick up a used or refurbished camera body. Now, you must be asking, Can these cameras take good still photos? Are they are the best cameras for still photography?

The answer is, Yes. Always remember, the most important thing about still photography is your skill. Beyond that, your camera’s lights, modifiers, megapixels are important.

Now you must be asking, is there any recommendation?

For that, I’ll recommend Canon EOS Rebel SL2 or Nikon D3200.

However, if you want recommendations for product photography cameras, read the best cameras for product photography

Best Cameras For Still Photography: Mid-Level Cameras

Going up to the price range, it’s better to see some cameras with nice features. There are their cameras that are best for a mid-level. Because they offer much better high ISO noise handling. Also, they are all full-frame and have a better focusing system. These cameras are Nikon D610, Canon EOS 6D, Sony Alpha a7.

But, remember by getting these cameras, your photo will not automatically become good. For that, you need to use your skill.

canon eos 1dx camera body for still photography
Canon Eos 1D X Mark 3; source: Canon

Professional Cameras

It’s time to talk about the most serious issue. Because here we are going to talk about some expensive stuff. Like, 1-3 k. Here, we are strictly talking still photography. Also here we are ignoring the camera features that are not needed for still photography. Compared to mid-level camera bodies, here we are going to see an increase in megapixels.

For professional still photography  Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, and Nikon D6 are the best.

sony a7r2 camera body to show
sony a7r2; source: Sony

Medium Cameras

Very few of us will ever reach this realm. This is the most important category for photographers as the quality is of the utmost importance. Although, there is a popular comparison between  Sony a7RII and Phase One(forgotten the model name). But, in this comparison, Sony is a winner. As it is easily comparable in terms of quality. But, strangely, shooting with a Phase One camera offers prestige. Like, it gives one the ability to show off and run a big mouth.

However, I’m not here to roast Phase One. Phase One is also a good camera company. They also provide a lot of good cameras. These cameras are good for any kind of photography. But, not every camera is better than the others. So, before buying a medium camera focus on quality. Also, see Is the camera is good for you? In case you are confused about which camera you should buy, read Buying A DSLR.

Nikon D6 camera body
Nikon D6; source: Nikon

Last Thoughts

After reading this so far, you already understand that cameras mean very little in still photography. In case you’re an amateur reading this for the first time, don’t worry about your device. Your camera will not hold you back in terms of still photography. Always keep in mind that your camera will do almost everything like an expensive camera. As you start your journey towards still photography, you’ll understand many things. In your journey, you’ll understand there are very few differences between expensive and mid-range cameras. But also you’ll understand how small differences between cameras can make a big difference in the picture. And, that will make you realize why you should convert into a little bit expensive camera.

But, always remember how expensive the camera is, it can’t make any differences until you can click good photos. For that reason, you need to gain skills. And, for photography skill is the most important thing. So, don’t obsess with your gear, instead of obsessing with your idea.


Q: What is a still frame?

Ans: Still frame is a film frame taken from a motion picture.

Q: What is a still life image?

Ans: Still life photography is the photography that is used for the depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects.

Q: What are the 2 types of still life photography?

Ans: There are two types of still life photography, found and created.

Q: What does a still photographer do?

Ans: A still photographer, is a person who creates film stills, still photographic images.