Bulk Photo Editing: How Can It Save Your Money

Bulk Photo Editing Service is a common term for photo editing service providers. Customers order for Bulk photo editing services from the providers. The procedure is like give & take. When the service provider delivers the done project, customers pay for the work. The procedure is like give and take. But, the inner meaning is a little more than that. Bulk quantity and continuous order are different by performance. Clients like to order when the editing quality along with other performances are satisfactory. Also, price is an important issue comparing with the performance. So, performance and price are concerning matters of bulk photo editing.

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What Is Bulk Photo Editing

According to Google, ‘Bulk’ means, “The mass or magnitude of something large”. And, ‘Photo Editing’ is as it sounds to be. So, Bulk Photo Editing means the mass amount of photos for editing. Customers place an order at a very low quantity in the beginning. Later, if they find the service provider satisfactory, they go for bulk. And, if the quality and performance is as before, clients keep ordering whenever they need. So, bulk photo editing comes after a short evaluation process. The outcome is more useful with the Clipping World considering others.

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Why Should You Opt to Bulk Photo Editing

Photo editing gives you perfection with the view. Bulk quantity needs multiple things except for editing. For example, when you need the services for one image, the price will be a little high. The reason is, the image might be the only job to do by the company. But, when it comes to quantity, the price will be less. Also, the turnaround time is an issue to focus on. The service provider should deliver the done job within the client’s required time. Otherwise, customers will not place bulk orders to edit. So, Professional Bulk photo editing is important for the scenario.

How Bulk Photo Editing Can Save Your Money?

Bulk photo editing is a production process with many advantages. Saving money is one of them. You can save money in various ways. First of all, with the bulk order, you will have discounts per photograph. Well, the quantity is a fact to define the discount. Secondly, if the quantity is up to a level, you will have more discount in gross. And, that is up to 50% with the Clipping World. Thirdly, if the quantity meets company policy for monthly targets, you will get additional discounts. And, the common one is, you can have the best bulk photo editing at low costs.

Bulk Photo Editing Types

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The subject has very limited types considering the image quantity and project length. So, the more project you send for editing, the more facilities you will get. However, the scheme is an internal matter of the Bulk photo editing service providers. If we mention Clipping World, we try to give the best facilities possible. The schemes we have for the operation are;

  • Bulk By Project
  • Weekly quantity
  • Monthly quantity
  • Yearly Contract
  • Bulk By Term
  • Urgent Bulk Editing

Bulk By Project (Bulk Photo Editing)

Bulk Photo Editing by the project is the first option for the process. You can place your project files for editing. And, this is what we call, “Bulk By Project”. The file quantity and the editing methods are matter to calculate for discounts. If the file quantity is 1000 and the images are of a simple category, the discount will be high. If the quantity is less or the image category is complex, the discount will be less. Here, the Bulk photo editing provider will ask for the payment right after completing the project.

Weekly quantity (Bulk Photo Editing)

Project files for weekly editing come with similar criteria as a single project. But, the evaluation is a little different regarding quantity and editing methods required. Depending on the weekly quantity, bulk photo editing professionals fix the discounts. Well, if the quantity is very low per week, the client may not be eligible for the discount. The payment term is the end of the week after completing the job.

Monthly quantity (Bulk Photo Editing)

Monthly bulk photo editing is quite profitable for clients and suppliers. Clients get more discounts in total on the quantity. And, the supplier gets more photos to edit and earn more. But, still, the quantity and editing conditions apply to fulfill discount eligibility. Well, for the new clients, companies often disagree to take monthly order in a huge quantity. But, for old ones, this is truly a great opportunity to save enough money per month.

Yearly Contract (Bulk Photo Editing)

Clients make yearly contracts when they become pleased with the performance by the service provider. All the discounts mentioned above are applicable here. Also, Clipping World gives a yearly discount depending on all the projects done in twelve months. Only permanent customers can receive this discount. However, the clients who are not always connected to us may also have this. And, they have to order photo editing with a large quantity in a year.

Bulk By Term (Bulk Photo Editing)

When clients order bulk quantity with conditions, they also can save money. For example, you have a project following another and more. So, we try to calculate the whole quantity to give an attractive discount. The percentage is still variable according to the above conditions. Well, the discount is quite attractive if the quantity is up to a level. However, we have kept an option of negotiation with the price. You can save the price per image. Or, you can have a large discount in the end. The choice is entirely up to you.

Urgent Bulk Editing (Bulk Photo Editing)

Our clients can save money with urgent bulk editing as well. Generally, photo editing companies do not give any discount for urgent job completion. But, we, Clipping World offer discounts considering the job complexity. The discount percentage might be low, but still, you can save enough for big projects. Also, if you have a plan for more projects afterward, we will try to give a better discount then.

Who Provides the Best Bulk Photo Editing Service at the Cheapest Rate

The persons or companies that provide the bulk photo editing service are a lot. But, maintaining the cheapest rate is not applicable to all. Some service providers are reputed for quality and never lower the price. Well, that does not mean others cannot give such kind of services. The cheapest rate for photo editing needs market analysis. Clipping World does the survey every single week to provide the best price. And, the price we fix for editing comes after maintaining the quality and turnaround time. So, if you need the best cost-effective bulk photo editing, we are here at your service.

Pros and Cons of Bulk Photo Editing

Bulk photo editing has no disadvantages so far. If you place an order, you will have discounts according to the files. And, the discount could be up to 50% and the cost per photo editing will be reasonable. But, it has enough advantages. We have already mentioned them above with the types. Still, there is something more to mention. When you are a regular client and suggest to your friends about our services, we will honor you. We will keep editing charge per file even lower than usual. And, this is our secret scheme for our honorable clients.

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bulk photo editing


Bulk photo editing is beneficial in many ways if you calculate from the very beginning. Clipping is among the top bulk photo editing providers today and trying to reach the topmost. With our uncompromising quality and commitments, we are complemented by many. Still, we did not stop giving facilities. And, we will continue these options in the future. So, if you believe in quality photo editing along with low-cost service, we are here. And, do not forget to have your discounts.


faq (bulk photo editing)
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What is a batch photo?

Ans: Batch is a synonym of bulk or gross. A batch photo means a couple of images together as a group.

How do I bulk edit photos?

Ans: To do bulk edit of photos, you will need enough time for the job. Or you can do it within a short time by more graphic designers.

How do you edit multiple pictures at once?

Ans: Editing multiple pictures at once is a conditional fact. If all the photos need the same quality editing with layers, you can use an action. But, if the batch needs retouching, you need to do this individually.

How do you edit multiple RAW images in Photoshop?

Ans: RAW images editing at a time in Photoshop need camera raw option. You need to select the images then go to Adobe Bridge for Win. For Mac, right-click on the images and choose “Open in Camera RAW”.

What makes bulk photo editing profitable?

Ans: To make bulk photo editing profitable, you will need enough images to reach the discount policy. The more photo in bulk, the more discounts you may make.