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  • August 28, 2022
  • MD Ashraf Uddin Noyon
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Are you looking for an awesome free photoshop plugin to edit your photo? There are several free paid photoshop filters available in the market. However, not all of them are up to the mark. So, we have made a list containing all the necessary features to help you sort out which one is efficient for you. Let’s discuss “Free Photoshop plugins and filters.”


Why are photoshop plugins important? 

Photoshop plugins will unlock useful features necessary for photo editing services. In this way, you will upgrade your productivity and save valuable working time. We are always trying to improve our photo editing qualities; the main hurdle is the features. Sometimes we think of designing extra-ordinary; however, we didn’t do it for some limitations. There are some plugins that are free of cost and will help you to fulfill that desire. 

Photoshop plugins are extremely necessary for high-end photo retouching services. They will open up several options for making your images beautiful. 


Free Photoshop plugins and filters that will help you to beautify your images 


  • Dramatic Sepia 

It is a widely used free photoshop plugin, and as a user, you will enjoy hundreds of options to glorify your images. Mostly it is used for different old architectural photos. Its old architecture is mind-boggling. Let me tell you some of its best features. 


  1. The aesthetic background of this plugin will simply mesmerize you. 
  2. You can use it for old mesmerizing building poses. 
  3. If you like adding some soft light to the images, this photoshop filter works extremely well. 
  4. Use it for multiple purposes. 


sepia color, free photoshop tool



Download Dramatic Sepia 


  • Blue Evening 

Another popular Photoshop filter is Blue Evening. Again, the purpose of using this filter app is to create a soft light around the object. Sometimes it is used for creating a horrible effect on the users. It is a popular plugin to edit your photos and you will have it completely free. The full set intrigues a list of 10 different actions and eventually, you can implement them in the photos. Blue evening plugins are used for various types of travel photos. You will mix up the feelings and create a different look there. 


  1. You can experiment with it for a different look 
  2. It will help you to create a horrific environment. 
  3. Amazingly popular among the designers
  4. Blue evening photoshop plugins will help you to create some awesome poses.


blue evening filters, blue evening photoshop


Blue evening plugin , free photoshop plugin


blue evening plugin filter, blue evening after


Download the Blue Evening Plugin 


  • Pexels Free photoshop plugins 

It is an awesome free photoshop plugin that will help you to enrich your photo editing capacity. You can download 2k+ photos for free and use them to modify your image backgrounds. Let me tell you the reasons that you should use it! 


  1. You will enjoy a wide range of options for choosing your favorite plugins 
  2. It is possible to use them in different types of photos and videos. 
  3. The designs are eye-catching 
  4. You can use them for different niches, as they look different it is easily compatible with various objects.


Pexels free Photoshop plugins, free plugin action


free pexels plugin, pexels photoshop filter


Downloads pexels plugin for Photoshop 


  • Long shadow generator 

By using this app, you can customize the length of the shadow. You can make it bigger as you wish. When we are dealing with garment products, it is a mandatory task to create a shadow and make them realistic. We need to hire a professional graphic designer, or a photo editing agency to do that. However, a simple plugin can make this task super easy. Have a look at the best characteristics! 



long shadow, free photoshop plugins


long shadow, long shadow generator online


  1. It is a Photoshop action with a .atn file
  2. After installing this feature in your Photoshop, you can create a long shadow by a simple click. 
  3. It will be a blessing if you have worked with eCommerce products. 
  4. Super-easy to install


Download the long shadow generator 


Chroma Palette for Photoshop 

Chroma palette is specially used for colors. It will help the users to create, restore, and recall colors when using this device Numpad. When we use this plugin, just recall it and the rest of the task will be done by the Chroma palette. One of the most interesting facts about chroma palettes as they will highlight the hotkeys. The best features are! 


  1. You can easily change the pages by num+ and num -. 
  2. There is a chance that you can store up to 20 colors across 9 pages. 
  3. The user can toggle the foreground and background color with multiple actions. 
  4. Adobe Photoshop hot key lighting for you. 
  5. There is a learn button that will help you to capture color from any other sources. 
  6. The user can use an extra button across (1-9) for additional plates. 


chroma palette generator for mac


chroma color palette, chroma color plugin


Download Chrome Palette for Photoshop 


Skeuomorphism | free filters for Photoshop 

It is known as a derivative object that will retain ornaments and designs from different types of structures. Skeuomorphs are used to make something innovative feel familiar in an effort to speed up understanding and know the details. By using this technology you will have a rich flat design. Skeuomorphism is used in


  1. Used in web design 
  2. Ceramic design 
  3. Interior architecture.


Skeuomorphism design


Skeuomorphism icon, Skeuomorphism logo


Skeuomorphism model


Download skeuomorphism template for design 


CSS3Ps Photoshop Plugin

It is a cloud-based Photoshop plugin that will help you to make an awesome design. If you are using Mac or Windows you can easily use this plugin. Let me tell you an interesting thing regarding this plugin, it can be used in any version of Photoshop. By using this plugin, you will enjoy 

  1. Working in multiple layers 
  2. You will enjoy blending modes 
  3. Add border radius for different images
  4. The user can use stroke from the image and later on use it for various purposes. 
  5. Inner shadow and glow for different images. 
  6. Outer glow and drop shadow services are also available. 

CSS3Ps Photoshop filter, CSS3Ps plugin


CSS3 photoshop plugin, CSS3 filter


Download the CSS3 Photoshop Plugin 


  • EasyMockups Photoshop Plugin

This is an awesome Photoshop plugin for iOS design. Easy Mockups plugin will offer you various options to work with clients. The best features are 


  1. It is specially built for mobile designers 
  2. Automated iOS design presentation 
  3. It can be a good choice for artwork.


easy mocup photoshop plugin


Download the easy mockup Photoshop plugin 


  • Texture Anarchy 

Texture anarchy is widely used for creating different textures and borders for images. By using this plugin, you can create an organic design as you wish. The best features of text anarchy filters are 


  1. They will help you to create both 2D and 3D textures
  2. Texture anarchy will help you to create different types of smoke, anarchy, clouds, marble line, etc. 
  3. You can use it for lighting, and smoky design


texture anarchy 3d, Texture Anarchy 3D Invigorator


Download text anarchy 


Kinema Photo-Lights 

Nowadays it is one of the most popular free Photoshop plugins among the designers. They will help you to create awesome cinema graphics, gifs, animation, etc. 

  1. The file size is very short only 1MB 
  2. They will help you to create video loops 
  3. You can export different types of videos and later on edit them. 
  4. You can find it in the Window menu. Go to the Window menu then choose extensions and later on choose kinema photos. 
  5. It is available for both Windows and Mac.


kinema photo lite, kinema photo plugin


Kinema extension tools, free photoshop action


Download Kinema Photo-lights extension 


CineStock Photoshop free plugins

It will help you to create a stimulating look and different cinematic effects for images. Mostly it is used in the movie industry. By using this plugin, you can do almost all the necessary editing for creating different effects on the images. For instance, you can control saturation and color adjustment and again desaturate them to create a cinematic look. 


  1. It is a non-destructive procedure. As a result, you can go back to your previous position. 
  2. Cine Stock is compatible with Photoshop CS4 and its upgraded version. 
  3. Cine Stock is amazingly popular in the Hollywood industry.


cine photo effect photoshop, cine photo effect filter


cine photo effect plugin, cine photo effect filter


Download CineStock Photoshop free plugins

Free Photo Fx | An awesome Photoshop plugin 

The minimum requirement to run this plugin is at least to use Photoshop CC-2014 or a newer version of it. After installing this awesome photoshop plugin, you will enjoy 18 different cool effects to edit your images. All of them are non-destructive, as a result, you do not have to be worried about it. It is also used in the movie industry. Let me share with you some important characteristics! 


  1. Hipster Photo Effect 
  2. It can be easily combined with other Fx tools
  3. Different types of lighting effects for the images. 
  4. A free photoshop plugin with a lot of effects. 


free fx-box photoshop filter, free fx-box filter

Free Photo Fx plugin, Free Photo filter

Free Photo Fx plugin, Free Photo filters



After implementing free photo fx the images will look like them. 

Download free Photo fx from here 

Ink Photoshop Plugin

This awesome plugin is made for web developers. As a designer, you will enjoy a plethora of design facilities. When you design something for a lack of design knowledge, you might make some mistakes. Later on, that will ruin all your hard attempts. The ink Photoshop plugin will help you to get rid of all these problems. Best features are 


  1. You can change font style, name, color, tracking, and so many things. 
  2. Ink Photoshop plugin will automatically help you to adjust with layers’ width and height. 
  3. Shadows, gradients, and text effects are awesome. 


ink tool plugin


Ink Photoshop plugin, free plugin photoshop


Download Ink Photoshop Plugin 

Composer Plugin for Photoshop

Composer plugin will update multiple layers in a simple click and it will work like magic for the users. Seriously, they will reduce a lot of effort for the users. It is widely popular among designers for its low maintenance features. 


  1. You can update your layer style with a click. 
  2. It is possible to update the position and visibility
  3. Update all the layer filters in a single click. 


Composer Plugin , Composer filters


Download the composer plugin for Photoshop 

Parametric Curves Plugin for Photoshop

By using this app, you can add a 3D text effect easily. It is specially made for graphic designers. If you are using Photoshop CS6 or above, you can easily use this platform. It is widely used for modifying patterns, layers, and gradients of images. 


  1. You can write custom functions in JavaScript. It means it is easily accessible. 
  2. There is a chance to apply different curves to the source of displacement. 
  3. You can use bump maps in order to create a beautiful 3D effect. 


parametric curves surface


Download the parametric curves plugin for Photoshop 


 FX Box Plugin for Photoshop | Free photoshop plugin 

It is made for graphic designers. Are you using Photoshop CC 2014 or the upgraded version of it, you can easily use this plugin. FX box plugin will help you to adjust with the photo fx, polar projection generator, Isometricon generator, etc.  


  1. It is used for texture generation 
  2. You can convert pixels into vectors easily. 
  3. The user can switch between different tools and they do not need to restart Photoshop. 


free fx-box photoshop filter, free fx-box filter


Download FX Box Plugin for Photoshop


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Final few words | Free Photoshop plugins and Filters 

All of these Photoshop plugins are fully free and you do not have to pay for it. If you like to go with a big design project, all of them will be helpful. I am pretty sure that you will love them for their variation and different functionalities. 




What should you keep in mind when you are searching for a Photoshop plugin? 

Photoshop plugins will make your work a lot easier and they will help you to go on an advanced photo editing journey. When you will choose a Photoshop plugin, it must have to be user-friendly. 

If the user is feeling uncomfortable then all your attempts will end up in the smoke. Again, check the compatibility of this plugin, is it okay with the version that you are using or not? 

How do Photoshop plugins work? 

In short, we can tell you that a plugin is a computer program that is designed to make your work editing journey easier. Adobe let you install photoshop plugins and enhance your design work. 

Photoshop plugins are combined with its functionalities and provide smart output to the users. By using these plugins you can create different textures and borders. Eventually, we will receive a seamless design. 

What is the main purpose of using a Photoshop plugin? 

Adding more functionality to your editor. It is a mandatory task for the designers to make their work super easy. Without the help of a plugin, you need to spend a lot of time and things will be harder for you.