Reduce Cost by Outsourcing Photo Editing

The outsourcing photo editing theme starts with the word “Outsourcing”. The agreement between two companies in exchange for products or services is outsourcing in short. Well, this depends on the requirements of the customer and the supplier. On the other hand, outsourcing’s meaning is a bit different than the last one.

One is to save money, time, and labor on some of the services or products the company or person requires. Two, placing the order to someone or a company outside the country. And three, receive within the deadline by quality-assuring.

The arrangement is increasing day by day in various sections. Such as garments manufacturing & supply, healthcare product import, e-commerce support, and even information technology.

We are about to go for an outsourcing e-commerce product photo editing services project. Clipping World is here to serve with quality and low cost to benefit your company more. Besides, product retouching services give more presentable value for online marketing.

Outsourcing reduces cost (Outsourcing photo editing)

Now, let’s discuss ‘how outsourcing photo editing projects can reduce the overall cost’. There are a lot of things concerning the matter. A person cannot be the best in multiple sections. One can have multiple talents personally. But when it comes to business, all the talents cannot be implemented by an individual. In addition, the labor cost is not the same around the world.

A company that runs in a first-world country makes a profit more than the company from a third-world country. The labor cost is also higher in first-world countries than the third-world ones. The difference is about 40 to 80 multiplied between them which is huge.

So basically, the economic benefits of outsourcing for both are really focusing. The third world country processes the order of products or services at a low cost due to the low labor cost.

At the same time, the first world country’s companies make a profit by selling the product at a high price. Need to mention, that product image cutting got the high heat in the flow of product photo editing.

Advantages Can Be Gained by Outsourcing (Outsourcing photo editing)

Without the benefit, no business can make a position in this struggling world. Outsourcing is renowned to all nowadays. We suppose it is not required to submit proof to make the belief. Most companies from developed countries outsource products or services from underdeveloped countries.

Outsourcing e-commerce product image editing services has some disadvantages. But, the advantages are far more beneficial. First, we will go for the benefits they are;

  1. Saves the Cost
  2. Saves the Time
  3. Communication with Professionals
  4. Reduces the Pressure
  5. Delivery by the Deadline
  6. Quality Controlled
  7. Free Up Time to Focus On Business
  8. Correction Facility for Perfect Output

*Saves the Cost (Outsourcing photo editing)

Product image editing service is highly expensive in developed countries. Undeveloped or developing countries’ same editing service is very cheap. Third-world countries companies make a profit from the quantity in a small amount per piece. But comparatively good in total.

In return, the first world country’s company saves the cost huge.  And, that is by not using local resources as they are expensive. Moreover, the whole setup for the product photo editing service costs a lot.

High-performance computer devices, expensive software, skilled graphic designers, workspace arrangement and most importantly monitoring committee engagement, all are costly for the job.

Outsourcing e-commerce product image editing can save all. You only need to pay for cheap photo retouching services. Also, a bulk discount of up to 50% is a bonus.

Saves the Time (Outsourcing photo editing)

Editing is a time-consuming job. , it requires perfection, concentration, expertise, hard work creativity. Most importantly, dedication to getting the job done with responsibility. Maintaining all the conditions mentioned is really hard for a person or company.

‘Time is money’. Spending enough time editing will hamper the business’s growing activities. And, this way it is better to get product photo editing services from someone who can serve you the best. We provide 24/7 customer support to receive orders and cooperate with customer follow-up.

Communication with Professionals

Outsourcing is not only useful for the job concerning time and money but also opens the way of communication with the professionals. There are a lot of professionals for photo editing who can do the job in the blink of an eye. If you are hiring someone to edit photos you should look for professionals.

This is the best choice for photo editing because of the inexperienced and incapable editors. They may ruin your project, kill your time, and more importantly, give headache on your project completion. Hence, communicate with the professionals for photo editing services for hassle-free performance.

Reduces the Pressure (Outsourcing photo editing)

Responsibility is a matter of pressure. Whatever job you do, you need to take responsibility for job completion. Photo editing is a time-consuming job and by outsourcing you can save your time and pressure. All you need to do is send the project to us and inform the editing services you require by note. Add instructions to follow and wait until the turnaround time we require for the job done.

We will do our best to deliver the project before the deadline. So that you can have enough time to check and re-check the quality and perfection.

Delivery by the Deadline

‘Time is money. This is the topmost concerning matter for a business to grow bigger. There is also a phrase we all know, “Time and tide wait for none”. Keeping the theme in head we Clipping World team always do the best. So that we never have to ask for an excuse from our customers. We work with the policy, “First come first served”. We always maintain the procedure to keep the flow running.

Besides, we try to deliver any project early so that our customers may have enough time for the evaluation. We also have an urgent job completion facility for our valuable customers in case of an emergency.

By outsourcing photo editing projects with us you can leave the pain of maintaining the deadline of the project from your head. It is our responsibility to deliver the completed project to you on time.

Quality Control

Any kind of service requires quality to survive and move forward with a business reputation. This is the age of competition where lots of service-providing companies are competing to prove themselves better than others. We Clipping World also participates in the competition in a systematic way with tree step quality control.

1st step: Each and every graphic designer is responsible for the editing. They have to answer the seniors for any sort of mistake. This is not the only reason they are active with their work. They are really doing their job perfectly in order to achieve the best graphic designer’s place.

2nd step: Quality Control Executives check every individual editing point to point by following customer instructions. We have a very dedicated quality control team for the level to detect even a small impurity concerning image editing.

3rd step: This is the final QC level where the Manager of the quality control level checks the edited images at random. The Manager is the key person for this level so he/she needs to be very precise with the checking procedure. If any impurity is found by the Manager, the whole project is re-checked by the below levels so that no defect is left.

Outsourcing your photo editing project will go through all the quality control steps for the best output. And, also beneficial for your business.

Free Up Time to Focus On Business

Outsourcing photo editing can give you the freedom of one less thing to worry about. As a matter of fact, this is not only one thing, this is one important thing to get rid of. As explained above, photo editing requires setup, designers, a quality control team, and a large amount of money.

This is not so efficient for the business of a different track. In addition, giving the job to us will free you up enough time to focus on the business for improvement. This concept is not an idea only. This is a fact. If you have not outsourced the service yet, try with us for free trials. Or you can consult a friend who has already taken our service.

Correction Facility for Perfect Output

Mistakes are a common thing by human beings concerning a large number of job responsibilities. As designers are human beings, it cannot be avoided as it is natural. We maintain an uncompromising team of quality control but still, mistakes can be made.

That is why we have kept an unlimited correction facility for any photo editing until perfection. If something is possible, we can do it. We do not think of getting rid of any responsibility in a sense. If you are not satisfied with the job we do, feel free to inform us of the comment for correction.

We only hope you make sure the correction matches the requirements given to the project. Otherwise, we will not take the blame for our service.

Disadvantages and Precautions of Outsourcing

There are a few risks of outsourcing which you can call disadvantages. Though they are not major issues that cannot be handled better if you are aware of them. There are laws and orders to control any illegal activity. However, it is better to outsource the project to a trustworthy service provider to avoid the risk.

  1. Company Data Exposure
  2. Exceeding Timeline
  3. Hidden Costs
  4. Negligence of Client Schedule

Company Data Exposure

By outsourcing a photo editing service you need to share images with the service provider company. This is the exposure of your confidential photos belonging to the company. Generally, no service provider misuses customer projects though. It is safe to make a deal in written documents with the conditions you need to maintain.

Exceeding Timeline

It is not really a good thing for a company to give services exceeding time. This represents a lack of calculating the capability of the company that can ruin its reputation. This may not harm much at the supplier end but from the customer end, it matters a lot.

A good company serves with proper time calculation and never takes more time than informed while project receiving.

Hidden Costs

The hidden cost of outsourcing is a mentionable negative point. The deal is made between two different countries. It is necessary to discuss all the costs relevant to the service and the transaction. Clipping World strictly maintains all the cost-related information sharing with the customers. They never need to worry a bit about hidden costs.

Negligence of Client Schedule

Some photo editing service providers are not as serious as they should be like a responsible company. There arose an allegation that outsourcing service providers do not maintain the time frame of the job completion.

One negligence is enough to blame all the companies related to the service. CW always stays focused on the time frame of the job so that our clients never have to suffer from the schedule.

End Credit

Photo editing of a product or model is a part & parcel today concerning the e-commerce business. Outsourcing product image development is quite established. The service creates the best impression of the image subject. Now, here is a question.

What if all the photo editing service providers give the best service for e-commerce photos, How can one be sure of the better one among them? Well, it’s a pretty tactical question that requires a clear-cut answer. The difference is made by the creativity and expertise in the editing capability.

Get comparable better service from Clipping World at a low cost and this is how outsourcing saves money. Try us for free and evaluate our service before placing the order.


Why does one need to outsource photo editing projects?

Ans: The person or company requires better quality image editing service within a short period of time, and needs outsourcing. This is only a basic requirement. There are other issues with outsourcing the service.

How does outsourcing reduce costs?

Ans: Outsourcing reduces costs in many ways. Check the ‘*’ marked paragraph named ‘Saves the Cost’ and you will have a better idea.

Is outsourcing safe for business privacy?

Ans: Outsourcing photo projects is safe of course with the right hand and by legal agreement. For more safety, verify the company details before placing a bulk order.

Is there any free trial option to get an idea of the editing quality?

Ans: Except for one service ‘Vector Illustration’ all other services have two free trial options for editing quality evaluation.