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Image manipulation is the art of transforming an image or a photograph using various methods and techniques. And, we use it to achieve the desired results regarding the subject. Photoshop experts manipulate two or more photos to turn them into a unique image. Image Manipulation services can take your business higher than the existing competitors. The E-commerce fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Online selling stores need Quality photo editing.

Today digital photo manipulation has become so much popular in the online shopping mall. A photographer can’t shoot a full view of an image at the first attempt. He can shoot part by part & then our expert designers join these parts using Photoshop to create a full view of the image.

You will find many types of image manipulation methods and the most popular one is the neck-joint service. I am giving you an example of where this sort of manipulation service needs to use. Say, a jacket is your product and you need to represent it online with a smart look, you need to create a 3D view. To do so, first, put the jacket on a human or a mannequin and take photographs from several angles. After that, it is our job to remove the model or mannequin to give the jacket a hollow look. This will definitely attract the buyer and increase the sellability.

Image Manipulation Service at CLIPPING WORLD can increase the beauty of your product showcase. Invest little, get returns in great.

Clipping World is dedicated using the technique for the garment products images look smart & stunning so that customers find them eye-catchy and get closer to purchase them.

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Service Categories

Photo manipulation combines photography and Graphic Design. Here, distinct staffs are assembled together into photo according to the need. Manipulate artists get some space in this particular job to show their creativity and craft. There are varieties in image manipulation service. Let’s have a look what CLIPPING WORLD offer you.

Image Manipulation sample image

Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service is the technique where the mannequins wear the product which is later clipped with clipping path with a pen tool and then it is deleted only the parts where the mannequin is visible. After some editing, only the product is seen as an invisible person is wearing the product. This creates an alluring effect that attracts customers. We offer a minimum price of $1.00 for Neck joint service with no compromise in quality. TRY US

Image Manipulation sample image

Ghost Mannequin Service

For any e-commerce product showcasing in 3D look to get the proper idea about the product is the most important thing for growing business. Here comes the ghost mannequin effect part. It gives the 3D effect but in the end, you need to remove the background along with the mannequin and give it a hollow or ghostly look. We offer a minimum price of $1.20 for this service without compromising the quality.

Image Manipulation sample image

Wrinkles Remove Service

Wrinkles are odd-looking whether it’s on the skin or on clothing photos. Wrinkles are natural to have in images but it needs to be removed also. Wrinkles can ruin your beautiful photo, so to prevent that impurity artists use photo manipulation in the photo and remove all the wrinkles. We work with some best editors who can do this skillfully. We offer a minimum price of $1.50 for this service without compromising the quality.


At present, there are lots of business companies using Photo Manipulation Service for business improvement. As we have been providing the service with years of experience, we assure you it will boost your business at an instance. Removing the impurities of the product image gives an appealing look done by manipulation service will definitely help to increase the profit as the common target of any business.

There are many online market places and you can see a product image with a mannequin and without a mannequin also known as a ghost mannequin. We provide both with efficiency. However, there are other fields such as Photographers, fashion houses, etc. ask for the service for their images to give the look as required.

The most popular option is the neck-joint. You do not need to find models just send your images to us we will work for you.


We have some unique expert hands for ghost mannequin effects and we follow the fastest way to deliver your product with minimal cost and zero tolerance for quality. Image Manipulation set up your business different than your existing competitors. The e-commerce fashion industries are the fastest-growing sector in the world of the internet where an optimized website or online selling store should be occupied with Quality photo editing.  Who is the best Image Manipulation, service provider? Well, we say, the Clipping World. The rest is up to your assessment.

We have a dedicated QA team who combines your requirements and our Photoshop expertise creativity together so that the flow of the work won’t get hampered and it goes smoothly like butter. We have over 150+ designers nonstop working only for you. We are capable of delivering over 5000+ images per day at the industry bottom price.

We are committed to giving each project the individual attention it deserves. Our customer-first attitude, coupled with the quick turnaround, low prices, and quality service. We provide 24/7 online customer help and unlimited revision to get the best possible result.


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