Best Outsourced Jewelry Photo Retouching Services, Outsourced Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services enhance jewelry’s image quality and give it a perfect look. Outsourcing jewelry photos can be profitable for your business. Getting a retouching service for these pictures will give you eye-catching images. Download PDF

Images are the first impression of any consumer. If your images are attractive, you have a chance to convert your consumer to actual buyers. When any jewelry lover comes to your eCommerce store or website and sees that your images aren’t good, they will not order.

There are a lot of jewelry products available online. Imagine that your competitors are focusing on how can they expand their brand. At the same time, you are retouching your jewelry. Will you be able to cope with them? Never. So outsource your jewelry photos and get Clipping World’s Jewelry Retouching Service. We together will expand your business. 

Top 15 Jewelry Photo Retouching Service Providers

Do you know where to outsource your jewelry photos for retouching? This is a confusing matter because there are a lot of retouching services. You don’t know which one is perfect for your jewelry. But don’t worry, We will explore the industry-leading top 15 jewelry retouching service providers right now.

01. Clipping World

ClippingWorld, Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

The Clipping World’s Jewelry Photo Retouching Service can enhance your business. The team will boost your brand value, attract customers, and ultimately grow your profit margin

They offer a wide range of jewelry photo editing services to meet all your needs. Such as background removal, shadow creation, color correction, cleaning services, etc. 

Clipping World offers three pricing packages to suit your affordable needs. They are basic ($0.35) per image, standard ($2.30) per image, and premium ($3.50) per image.

With less than 24 hours turnaround time, they are always on time. They never break the deadline to deliver your images. Ready to shine? Get a quote from Clipping World and transform your jewelry images today!

02. Fix the Photo


“FixThePhoto” is a reputed brand in the photo editing industry. They had started their journey in 2003. That means they have 20 years of experience. Their expert editing team handles each piece of image’s dust, reflection, and background.

They also provide color correction services, metal smoothing, and shine enhancement. The process of their services is easy. Simply you have to upload jewelry photos, then they will edit and deliver them to you. If you can find any errors in their service, they will provide unlimited revisions.

The easy projects start at $6 and complex images are charged $12 per image. The price might be costly. If you ask them to edit 30-100 images, You will get a 15% discount. To get a 30% discount, you have to order 100-1000 jewelry images. If you order more than 1000 images then you will get a 50% discount.

03.  PathEdits

PathEdits, Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

PathEdits is a great jewelry image retouching service provider company. They charge only $0.69 per image for retouching. They can fix your jewelry image all little scratches, dust, and spots. If your products are a little bit damaged or there are issues with photography, they will fix it.

The PathEdits team can deliver your jewelry product’s images within only 6 hours. Their price is also affordable. From basic to complex tasks of your jewelry, everything they can handle. They have already completed more than lacs projects of 40,000 happy customers. 

04. Perfect Retouching 

Perfect Retouching, Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

“Perfect Retouching” focuses on the quality of retouching service for jewelry products. They have 50+ graphic designers and 500+ clients overall the world. They have completed more than 3000 projects of retouching.

Their Jewelry Retouching Services include Dust, Spot, and reflection Removal, Metal Smoothing, Focus Stacking, Background Removal/Editing, Color Adjustment and Fine Tuning of Light, Shadow Making, and mirror Effect, Creative Jewelry Photo Retouching, and Jewelry Polishing.

Their starting price for jewelry retouching service is $3.99. However, it can be increased depending on the complexity of the project.

05. EphotoVN


EphotoVN offers various services for your jewelry products. They have a reputation for doing their job very fast. If you need your jewelry products retouching service immediately, ask them. They are committed to delivering your projects within 24 hours. But sometimes they deliver their projects within 2/3 hours.

If you need jewelry retouching services for your online store, amazon store, or eBay, try the trial. They have not published anything about their pricing on their website. They are from Vietnam but they provide their services worldwide. Some reputed jewelry brands also worked with this service provider. 

06. OffshoreClipping

Offshore Clipping

The “OffshoreClipping” started their journey in 2010. Within these 13 years, they have completed 750+ projects on various services. They do not provide specific jewelry retouching services. But retouching service is available on their service page.

High-end photo editing, e-commerce photo editing, skin retouching, and so on are their services. According to Trustpilot, they have a 4.8% rating. They charge $0.60 for simple image retouching service, 1.99$ for medium retouching, and $3.99 for complex image retouching.

07. FixiPixi


The specialty of the FixiPixi jewelry service provider is they have a dedicated team, only for jewelry photo retouching. As the team is dedicated to this industry, they achieved advanced experience in it. They provide services to enhance jewelry photos, boost elegance, and appeal to your jewelry images.

FixiPixi also provides – Background removal services, Focus Stacking of jewelry images, combined pictures of jewelry images, Photograph Merging, etc. They demand that their jewelry retouching service is a combination of affordable and quality. But they haven’t published their pricing anywhere on the website. To check their pricing, you have to contact them. 

08. RetouchUp

RetouchUp, Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

If you want to remove any blemishes or spots on your jewelry, you can get RetouchUp’s retouching service. They also isolate your e-commerce products from the background. 

They have 3 types of categories of retouch service. The starting price of their service is $2.50 per image. The other one is ‘Complete Plus Retouch’ which is available at $5.00. And the most expensive package is “Special Services Retouch”, which is available at $10 per image.

 According to comparison with other jewelry retouching services, The RetouchUp is costly. You can get better service at the same price from Clipping World’s jewelry retouching service.

09. WeEdit.Photos


WeEdit.Photos is a photo editing and graphic designing company. They have been providing photo editing services for 20 years. Beginners to advance everything they can edit of your photos.

They have fixed almost all categories of photos including eCommerce photos, wedding photos, and portrait photos. You can outsource your jewelry RAW photos to‘s team to retouch your photos. They will deliver your photos according to your instructions.

They have 5 packages of photo retouching services. Start with the Culling service to save your time. The “Color Correction” service can adjust your jewelry color, and light balance, enhance your photos, etc.

The next package is “Basic Level” which involves light beauty retouching of multiple products. “Pro level” provides almost everything for a photo without Image Masking and Background. “Extra Level” includes everything for a photo. You will get everything modified for a photo.

10. The Photo Retouching

The Photo Retouching

The brand “The Photo Retouching” is a product photo retouching company. The brand has 7 years experience of in retouching photos. Most of the customers are selling their products online. So as a jewelry business owner, you can work with them to retouch your images.

They Provide services like Exposure and Color Correction, Remove unwanted elements from images, Shadow Creation, resizing and Image Sharpening, etc.



Fiverr is a freelancing and outsourcing marketplace. If you are a small business owner in the jewelry industry, then you can check out their services.

You can outsource your jewelry product photos to them to get them retouched. There are a lot of freelancers, so you can compare their services and pricing. Fiverr also provides service reviews, so that you can get transparency. 

Fiverr’s affordability is a significant advantage for small businesses. Fiverr offers a budget-friendly option for jewelry retouching. It’s recommended to check reviews of freelancers and portfolios to ensure their service quality.

12. RetouchingZone

Retouching Zone

Retouching Zone is a Bangladeshi photo retouching company. They have been providing their service since 2013. In these 10 years, they have retouched nearby millions of images for 1600 clients. They have 350+ in-house designers and retouchers to provide their services.

Retouching Zone sells their service to jewelry business owners and e-commerce store owners. They transform simple images into high-end product photos.

The starting price of their jewelry photo retouching services is $0.69. They have a total of 3 packages for jewelry retouching services. Simple jewelry retouch at $0.69 – $0.99 per image, Medium jewelry retouch at $1.00 – $4.99 per image, and Complex jewelry retouch at $5.00 + per image.

13. Pixel by Hand 

Pixel by Hand, Top outsourced jewelry photo retouching services

Pixel by Hand is a top outsourced jewelry photo retouching services provider. They are experts in retouching and editing your product pictures for online stores. They make your RAW images look great. Fast delivery and affordable prices are attention-grabbing for their customers.

The brand is trusted by 500 clients worldwide, including small and big companies. They provide services like E-commerce photo Retouching, Removing Backgrounds, Color Correction, Removing dust from pictures, etc.

You will make your products look awesome. They understand what works for online stores. You can try their service for free! Just send them your jewelry photos, and they’ll make them look better in 24 hours. Pixel by Hand is all about making your product images top-notch for your online shop.

14. Photorelive 


Photorelive provides its photo editing service from the beginning to high-end photo editing. The service provider maintains the quality as much as possible. Their team edits images so that look appealing.

The PhotoRelive providing their service for more than 15 years. You can outsource your jewelry product images if you need these services: Color Correction, Photo Retouching, Enhance Saturation, Sharpen Images, Image Restoration, and so on.

The uniqueness of their pricing plan is attractive. If you can order more than within a month you will get a discount. How much you will get a discount, It will depend on how much you are ordering within a month. After one month if you want to order more, You have to pay 100% again.

The Starting price of the photo editing service is $0.25 and the highest price is $24.00 for a single picture. So I think you don’t need to purchase their expensive service. This is too costly. 

15. PixelZ

PixelZ, Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

PixelZ has a fantastic service for jewelry image editing. The team of “PixelZ” is an expert in making jewelry photos look great. Pixelz uses its special techniques to retouch the jewelry photos to make them impressive. They pay a lot of attention to pictures, in-depth, and ensure the pictures are perfect.

Their Jewelry Retouching Services include: Isolate background from images, Enhance jewelry images., Fixing destruction., Color Correction, Making Shiny, Shadow Creation, etc.

PixelZ knows how to retouch jewelry photos that grab attention. Using Pixelz is easy because their website is simple to use. The pricing of PixelZ starts from $0.95 per image. They have also monthly and yearly subscription plans on their website.

Final Thoughts |  Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Outsourcing jewelry photo retouching services is a crucial part of your business. There is no alternative to enhance your online presence and attract customers. The high-quality images make a positive vibe on first impression.

The retouched photos are such visuals that convert visitors into buyers. We have explored the top 15 jewelry retouching service providers in this post. You can choose any service provider according to your business. Some of them are special to the jewelry industry. Such as FixThePhoto, Perfect Retouching, EphotoVN, and Clipping World.

If you are still confused about which is the best one of these 15 jewelry retouching service providers. Clipping World is the best for pricing and quality.