Best 40 Free Photo Frames For Photoshop

Are you having the same curiosity as me? Is using free photo frames for Photoshop a great way to display your captions? Then, perhaps you are in the right place to learn how photo frames are going to make your photography post-production process easier.

Adding frames to pictures makes an image meant for a certain circumstance. Humans are commonly drowned toward beautiful pitches and a good-looking frame is a reason for an alluring look of photographs. 

Today, in this article, you will discover several engaging photo frames suitable to use in Photoshop. Moreover, a source will be shared to download and use free frames for Photoshop.

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What is a Photo Frame in Photoshop?

A photo frame carries an outstanding impact on any sort of image. Using a free picture frame for Photoshop can be a worthwhile task to be done. Even this process is very famous for transforming an image layout within a short time.

Also, the photo frame is a way to give your image a visual look depending on the occasion. It helps a designer visualize the proper theme of the situation and expose every possible emotion in the images. The category of photo frames for Photoshop relies on the types of photographic genres. Such as a family photo, requires a different Photoshop frame and a wedding requires another one. 

Don’t be confused with the distinction usage of a photo frame, an informative procedure will be shown below.          

A-List of the Best Free Photo Frames for Photoshop

Diversity is a common trend of humans, they love to play with various options. Adding different shapes, styles, and features can upgrade your picture with a gorgeous look. That’s why looking for a distinction in choosing a free photo frame can be a better decision for you.

You may find online violins of picture frames for Photoshop use, but grabbing out best would take a huge time. So, here you will discover a list of the best quality free photo frames and also a source to download.        

01. Grunge Picture Edge Frames for Photoshop

Do you intend to give your image a view of the ‘90s? Grunge Edge photo frame effects take your photo back to the ‘90s look. Grunge edge borders and frames are commonly used in urban landscape pictures but utilizing this photo frame on personal images is a common trend of photographers. Don’t forget to apply this frame with dark and gritty portraits.

Grung photo frame


Grunge Picture Edge Frames Free Download

02. Sketchy Leaf Frames for Photoshop

The cute sketchy leaf photo frame is made of a circle shape and the border consists of a leaf sketch. This leaf doodle sketchy frame and the border is very famous for the Instagram story. People often share their images on Instagram with this frame. Also, the cute sketchy leaf frame is widely used for family photos and kid portraits.   

cute sketchy leaf frame

Sketchy Leaf Frame Free Download 

03. Hand-Drawn Doodle Frame 

The shape of a hand-drawn doodle frame is always the same as a sketchy leaf frame. But here you will discover a bit of difference in the border size and design. The hand-drawn frame is available with a large quantity of distinctive designs. Nonetheless, getting confused about which one to choose is very normal, try various designs, and make yourself fixed on your desired one. 

Hand-Drawn Doodle Frame

Hand-Drawn Doodle Frame Free Download

04. Fairy Woman Frame

Adding a fairy woman frame in Photoshop is a dream task for every teenager. Particularly, teenage boys and girls play with this frame to put their image into an imaginary world.

family woman frame

Fairy Woman Frame Free Download

05. Square Frame Set

A simple explanation about this frame is it’s a square photo frame for Photoshop use along with various alluring layouts. This category of the frame is also known as the traditional frame. For people who want to set up a classic effect, a square frame is the best option to go for.

Square Frame Set

Square Frame Set Free Download

06. Square Elegant Frames for Photoshop

The square elegant frame is specially invented for personal or couple portrait images. Mosaic design at the border of the frame will have a pleasant impact on a personal portrait. Besides, people who have the passion to capture personal or family portraits by mobile, need a desperately square elegant frame for the suitable adjustment. 

Square Elegant Frames

 Square Elegant Frames Set Free Download

07. Wedding Photo Frame

The wedding photo frame is a great way to represent the couple’s pre-preparation. Adding a frame on the Bride and groom image with a costume will let people know about the marriage. Moreover, they can keep those images as a sweet memory of their marriage life.  Adding these types of frames in Photoshop will make the wedding images astonished.

Wedding Photo Frame

 Wedding Photo Frame Free Download

08. Album Photo Frame

People who are very serious with their memories and also want to follow the tradition of photo frames, go for Album photo frames.

album photo frame for photoshop


  Album Photo Frame Free Download

09. Banner Photoshop Frames for Photoshop

Banner Photoshop frames are a smart choice for personal celebrations on social media. Because, the size of this frame is perfectly compatible with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn banner images.

banner frame

   Banner Photoshop Frame Free Download

10. Beach Frame Background

Taking captions at the sea beach is a dream of each beach lover. Using a Beach background frame will present your image with a seaside look. 

beach photo frame

Beach Frame Background Free Download

11. Birthday Frames for Photoshop

The birthday photo frame is vastly famous among people from the day that it was invented. Are you thinking to wish someone a happy birthday? Placing his image on this birthday frame in Photoshop will be a great way to show his emotions.

birth day frame

    Birthday Frame Free Download

12. Black & White Frame

Often people want to see themself in a black & white era “1960 to 1966 ”when people were dependent on only two colors or grey scales. That’s why a Black & white picture frame is discovered to meet people’s interests. Adding an image to this frame will give you a vibe of the 1960s.

black and white frame

Black & White Frame Free Download

13. Border Edge Frame

Using the Border Edge frame is comparatively easy to use in Photoshop. Also very simple and common in the market for the occasion.

border edge frame

Border Edge Frame Free Download

14. Cat & Bird Frame

The Cate & Bird frame is particularly made for kids’ presentations. Adding these animals to a child’s picture, makes them feel extraordinary. 

 Cat and bird frame

 Cat & Bird Frame Free Download

15. Canvas Prints Frames for Photoshop

Canva prints frame is for people who are very conscious about which printed image will perfectly suit their wall. This frame is a special category for this type of purpose. 

canvas print

Canvas Prints Free Download

16. Classic Ornamental Frame

Human has a common weakness in ornament frames. Because it makes their photographs so adorable.

 cassic ornaments frame

Classic Ornamental Frame Free Download

17. Decorative Square Frames for Photoshop

By hearing the name you may already realize it is a square shape frame. A decorative square frame is commonly available in brown color and attractive border design. It is a highly accepted photo frame for Photoshop use. With the help of Photoshop, anyone can add this alluring frame to images.

However, the color combination system of this frame is not stubborn. You can change the color by using the color adjustment feature of Photoshop, just be careful when selecting the frame layer.  

decorative Square frame

 Decorative Square Frames Free Download

18. Celebration Frame

A celebration can occur for various reasons. So, you should be ready for any preparation with your images. Here comes the requirement for the Celebration photo frame.    

 celebration frame

 Celebration Frame Free Download

19. Decorative Frames for Photoshop

The decorative frame has a perfect view of borders that embellish a picture subtly. The border look of this frame is created by symbols of flowers and as a consequence, it is more suitable for romantic couple images. 

 Decorative border

Decorative Frames Free Download

20. Christmas Photo Frames for Photoshop

Christmas is a festive day when every person shares their image online with several effects. This type of frame is a pleasant selection for celebrating Xmas on social media. Look around for more Christmas frame collections to apply to yourself. 

Christmas photo frame

Christmas Photo Frame Free Download

21. Cluster Frame

When there is a requirement to add more than one image together, Buying a Cluster frame would be a perfect choice. Cluster frames for Photoshop use are not expensive frames for family or group portraits. 

cluster frame

  Cluster Frame Free Download

22. Snowflake Shape Border | Snowflake Photo Frame

A snowflake border can be black and white or transparent. It looks beautiful when we implement it in a couple of images. The transparent snowflakes look great when used as a background for a photo or as part of a pattern. You can also create exciting borders with black and white flakes, which can add some depth to your designs. 

It is an exciting option if you like to experiment with the design pattern for an attractive border. Look at the different types of snowflake borders we use almost every day!

  • Snowflake border in black and white 
  • snowflake border png
  • A colorful snowflake border 
  • Snowflake border with vector and art
snowflake shape border in photoshop, snowflake frame
Every snowflake is unique and each one beautiful

Check Out the Our Latest Tutorial:

How To Create Snowflake Shape Border In Photoshop

23. Couple Frame

A couple of frames means a love bird’s picture is together in one frame. Also, it shows the emotion between a couple to the seer.

couple frame

    Couple Frame Free Download

24. Deep-Set Frames

Add depth to your wall with the Deep-Set Frame and show a deep demonstration of your image. Deep-set frame size is commonly 8×10″, 10×8″, and 9×9″. 

deep set border

   Deep-Set Frame Free Download

25. Floating Frame

Are you thinking of providing a floating view to your favorite caption? Then download and try this Floating effect frame to get an exact floating look.

floating frame for photoshop use

Floating Frame Free Download

26. Family Frame 

This frame is only created for a family portrait and landscape. The family frame has an elegant design and smooth finish that make it a unique photo frame.

family frames for photoshop

 Family Frame  Free Download

27. Flower Frame  

People often want a very easy and fluent method to illustrate their feelings to friends and family. The flower border frame is a smart selection for that. 

flower free frames

  Flower Frame  Free Download

28. Gallery Frame

Picture presentation is everything when talking about visiting a gallery. So, here a gallery frame is discovered “designed by Adobe Photoshop” for a hundred percent satisfying presentation.

gallery frames for photoshop

 Gallery Frame Free Download

29. Love Symbol Frames For Photoshop

It’s not a crazy thing to share pictures with your lover but it’s better to send an image with a love sign. Now, the Love symbol frame has several emotional indicators that can amaze your lover.

Love Symbol Frame

 Love Symbol Frame Free Download

30. Modern Frames For Photoshop

This is the era of modernization and the time to be innovative. The modern frame is an example of modern technology. This frame will give your image a touch of modernization. 


modern frame for photoshop

 Modern Frame Free Download

31. New Year Border Frames For Photoshop

Do you think exceptionally for New Year’s Eve? Don’t worry, that’s great to think about something differently. In this new year, we stand beside you with a favelas New Year border frame. Make your image perfect with a suitable effect to share online this year.  

new year photo border

   New Year Border Frame Free Download

32. Photo Frame Under Shadow

This type of photo frame has an empty border. The photo under shadow frame size is 10 x 15 cm, frame’s outer dimensions are 20 x 24.5 cm.

Photo Frame Under Shadow

 Photo Frame Under Shadow Free Download

33. Romantic Photoshop Border Frame

The romantic frame is very popular among teenagers and adults. They frequently use this frame to impress their loved ones. Finding a huge number of romantic frame collections will not be a problem if you go to Freepik “a big photo frame platform”. Plus, the PNG format of this frame “for Photoshop use” is perfect.

Romantic Border and Frames for photoshop

 Romantic Photoshop Border Frame Free Download

34. Rope Fun Frames For Photoshop

The rope photo frame is to give your image a funny effect. The common size of the rope fun frame is 4×6″ and the Photo Block is 6 x 4″.

rope fun frame for photoshop

  Rope Fun Frame Frame Free Download

35. Ship Background Frames For Photoshop

People who want to get the pleasure of a ship, boat, or voyage scenario into the picture, should try this frame in Photoshop.

ship background photo frame

 Ship Background Frame Free Download

36. Simple Border Design Frame

You may already realize these are ordinary frames for Photoshop use and are mostly recognized by old age people. And the reason for that is it requires light labor to use in Photoshop.

Simple Border Design Frame

 Simple Border Design Frame Free Download

37. Spring Frames For Photoshop

The Spring frame demonstrates an environment of spring and autumn. Making borders on Photoshop for the spring frame is quite difficult. 

Spring photo frame for photoshop

   Spring Frame Free Download

38. Teapot & Cup Frame

Teapot and cup frames should be praised for their unique design and look. Often people use it as a way to show customs and traditions.

Teapot and cap frames for phjotoshop

  Teapot & Cup Frame Free Download

39. Transparent Background Frame For Photoshop

If you want to put an effect that will keep the consistency of your image background, use the Transparent Background frame.

transparent photoshop border

 Transparent Background Frame Free Download

40. Valentine Frames For Photoshop

Every year on 14 February humans celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing messages and photos to express their love. Adding a Valentine’s frame to your image can be an easy and proper method to share your love and feelings.

Valentine Frames for photoshop

  Download Valentine Frames for Photoshop

41. Vintage Frame For Photoshop

We count Vintage as a well-decorated frame for Photoshop use and it got famous for its flawless design of butterfly.

vintage frames for photoshop

 Download Free Vintage Frames for Photoshop

42. Pack Drawn Ornamental Frames for Photoshop

Pack drawn ornamental is a proper set of fame and the size varies for each frame. Customize these free framesets for your caption and get a unique look.

Pack Drawn Ornamental Frames for photoshop

  Pack Drawn Ornamental Frame Free Download

How to Use Your Free Frames for Photoshop

Utilizing free frames for Photoshop is not a difficult task anymore, because technology makes it very easy. Each of the frames shared here is a PNG file; So, so the action of using these frames is quite simple to implement. 

“Looking for a guideline to use these frames in your image”? The first step of the procedure is to open the background image that you want to experiment with. After that drag a frame from your favorite one. Next, a notification might come up with a question of whether you are ready to convert the as a smart object or not, now just click ok. 

Remember, here you will get multiple frames for Photoshop use and each of the categories has a different style frame. So, there is nothing to worry about portrait or landscape image frames.


Billions of free photo frames are available online with a variety of border designs. So, never stick with just one particular frame, keep experimenting to find the most suitable one. However, these forty photo frames for Photoshop will give you strong support for transforming images to a better atmosphere view. 


What is a Photo Frame?

A photo frame is a protective brink and decorative fringe for a picture. Both virtual and physical frames are available for a picture.  

Why is a Photo Frame Required?

A picture frame makes the image demonstration very easy and safe. Apart from that, the strong material surrounding protects an image. 

What is the Virtual Photoshop Frame?  

When we can play with a frame by changing its color, border shape, and size in Photoshop, that frame is known as a virtual Photoshop frame.  

What is the Physical Photo Frame?

Psychical photo frames are what we can see and touch. Also, this frame can be used to show off an image by hanging on the wall.