Adobe Photoshop CS6 Free Download and Installation
  • December 14, 2020
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Among all the photo editing software available in the world, Photoshop is the best without any doubt. Millions of people around the world rely on this program and deliver a superlative visual presentation. So, the download and installation of the program are quite important for users. We bring you to step by step Adobe Photoshop CS6 free download and installation process that will guide you. Go throughout our content to have the preparation of using the program.

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A Brief on Photoshop CS6

The journey began in 1987 by two brothers Thomas Knoll and John Knoll. Later they sold the distribution license to Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1988. Till today, the program contains all the most advanced technology to edit any kind of image. The latest version is Photoshop 2021 which is quite rich in artificial intelligence. Well, all the Photoshop Cs6 features are available in this version. But, still, the demand for Photoshop CS6 is unchanged to professional image editors. The program is lite, smooth, handy, and user-friendly at the same time. Though it is not furnished with much artificial intelligence, but good to use. Photoshop cs6 free download options are simple with proper instructions. And, you can have detailed instructions in downloading and installing the program for a lifetime. Read more for Photoshop History.

How can I download Photoshop CS6?

It’s simple, just go through the article and follow the instruction.

Download Adobe Photoshop For Free

Downloading Photoshop CS6

You can download Photoshop CS6 at directly without any difficulty. But, how to get Photoshop CS6? Just go to the website and search for the program with the full name. You will get multiple results. Click on the ‘Download and Install Photoshop and you can have the product for trial or purchase.

downloading photoshop cs6 (Photoshop CS6 download and installation)
photoshop cs6 free download and installation

A new window will open where you will see two options, ‘Try’ and ‘Buy’. You can choose the Try option if you want to check out the program whether you are good with that or not. Adobe will allow you 7 days free trial free of cost. If you are sure that you want to purchase the product, just click on the Buy option. But, Adobe Photoshop CS6 free download option is not available yet.

downloading photoshop cs6 2

For the Windows operation system, you will have the option to save the file. For MAC, you need to allow the download. Wait a while to download Adobe Photoshop CS6, then proceed with the installation. Also, you can search on Google to collect Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection  Zip files or buy the CD from the market.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Free Download 

Installing Photoshop CS6

Go to the downloaded location and double-click the setup file to install Photoshop CS6. Read and confirm through the process until it is complete. As soon as the installation is finished, you will have an option to launch the program. You will have a serial key if you buy the program. Put the key when asked to activate the software. As soon as the activation completes, you can use it right away.

Photoshop CS6 Installation Process

We will talk about the Photoshop CS6 Windows installation and activation here. You need to download the program from Adobe official site. Wait for a while until the download is complete. Photoshop free download for windows 10 installation is here for you. The Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection that we are showing here is the complete version of CS6. According to your need, contact Adobe corporation and ask for the package. Unzip the file to initialize the setup.

Step 1: Initializing Setup

Go to the extracted folder named “Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection”. Then go to the folder “Adobe CS6” and execute “SET-UP.EXE”. The process starts with the “Initializing Installer” message with a progress bar. Wait until the process ends.

Initializing CS6 Setup
Initializing CS6 Setup

Step 2: Install with a serial number

Now you will have options to choose from for Adobe Photoshop CS6 installation. Choose the option on top “Install with a serial number”. Other options are for different terms if you are already an Adobe member or like to try the software.

(Photoshop CS6 Crack Install with a serial number

Step 3: Adobe Software License Agreement

The selection of “Install with a serial number” will lead you to another window. You will see the Adobe Software License Agreement in the window. You can read the whole content till the end or skip, no problem. Press ‘Accept’ to continue.

adobe software license agreement

Step 4: Copy the Serial Number

Accepting license agreements you will reach another window where you need to add the serial number. The serial number you will get with the program’s unzipped folder (see the image below). Open the ‘serial.txt’ file and copy the serial number. Select the number and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C for Windows operating system. Or, you can right-click on the selection and use the copy option. Then go to the window and click on the first box and paste. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V or right-click and select the paste option. Press ‘Next’ to continue.

copy serial number (Photoshop CS6 download and installation)

Step 5: Skip Connect to the Internet Option

You will reach another window that says, “Please connect to the internet and retry. Click on the‘ Connect Later’ tab to proceed. If you keep the internet connection active, it will take a little more time than usual.

skip connect to the internet
photoshop cs6 download and installation


Step 6: Select Adobe Photoshop CS6 Products

Proceeding to this step you will find a bunch of Adobe CS6 products. Deselect all and select only Adobe Photoshop CS6 products only (see the below image). Click the ‘Install’ button to continue.

select adobe photoshop cs6 options
photoshop cs6 download and installation

Step 7: Go Throughout the Installation Process

The installation will begin and a progress bar will be visible. Wait till the installation reaches 100%.

go throughout the installation process
photoshop cs6 download and installation


Step 8: Installation Complete Window

Now you will see a window that says, “Installation Complete”. Close the window.

installation complete window (Photoshop CS6 download and installation)
photoshop cs6 download and installation

Step 9: Run Adobe Photoshop CS6

Now, it is time to launch the program. Instead of launching the program by double-clicking on the Photoshop CS6 icon, use ‘Run as administrator’. So, go to the ‘Start Menu’, right-click on ‘Adobe Photoshop CS6’, move the cursor to ‘More’, and click on ‘Run as administrator’. Trial Version of Photoshop CS6 works just fine as a genuine version for limited days.


run adobe photoshop cs6 (Photoshop CS6 download and installation)
photoshop cs6 download and installation

Step 12: Check Activation

The program installation is complete and you need to register the product to Adobe Corporation. Go to Photoshop menu Help>Product Registration. Connect to the internet and follow the instructions from Adobe. After registration, the view will be as below. Now the activation is complete. Enjoy the program and show your creativity.

check activition
photoshop cs6 download and installation

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Free Download 

Photoshop CS6 Cracked Version, Use or Not

You may find Photoshop CS6 cracked version on the internet. But, should you use that? The cracked version of the program does not require any registration or activation from Adobe Corporation. Well, that means, the version is completely free to use. Also, you will have updates from Adobe from time to time and no hassle of time limitation. But, the use of the program is not a good choice so far. The reasons are;

  1. The cracked version of Photoshop CS6 is the stolen version.
  2. Using the version is unethical.
  3. It is a high risk of getting hacked through installing.
  4. You may get a malware attack.
  5. You may lose your precious information and data to the hacking team.
  6. Sometimes cracked versions are short with important files. The program may not give you complete support.


The importance of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is undeniable. Beginners to advanced graphic editors rely on this amazing program version for convenience. The latest Photoshop programs are rich with a variety of tools and functions. So, they can reduce human effort. But, using Photoshop CS6, you can make yourself an expert and capable of doing editing works efficiently. So, download and install the program by yourself end enjoy.


How to download Adobe Photoshop CS6?

Ans: You can download Photoshop CS6 from the Adobe webpage for a registered version. Or, you can download the cracked version for free and use it without spending any money.

Is Photoshop CS6 free?

Ans: Photoshop CS6 is not free from Adobe Corporation. But, the cracked version of this program is free to use.

Is Photoshop CS6 better than CC?

Ans: The question is pretty technical. Photoshop CS6 is very good and appreciated by most professional graphic editors. But, Photoshop CC versions are advanced and rich with automation by artificial intelligence.

Does Windows 10 run CS6?

Ans: Of course. The content shows how to install and run Photoshop CS6 in Windows 10. And, it is compatible with this operating system.

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