How to Create the Perfect White Photography Background

Hello, photographers! How is your time going? Are you interested in white background photography? It is a common term among photographers all over the world. One of the most common practices of white background photography is known as post-processing.

You can do it through a camera or Photoshop. Here I will discuss both of them. Stay with us and enjoy the tutorial. Hopefully, you will enjoy our tutorial. 

What Is The Backdrop In Photography? 

White Backdrop Photoshop

Well, this is a very common term among photographers all over the world. Very often they have used backdrops to create different views of the object and eventually, they will showcase it to the customers. Normally, the backdrop is a screen that is used behind the original subject and it is presented in the best possible way. 

In our day-to-day photography life. One of the most popular photography backdrops is Fantasy cloth, vinyl, velvet, velour, etc. 

Step-By-Step Procedure For Making A Perfect White Photography Background

You Need To Use A Pretty Solid Background To Avoid Distractions 

white background

Have a close look at the above picture! Here, we have used a completely white background. It looks great and you can easily use this image in an eCommerce platform. If we use another backdrop with a different color that might create a distraction. A white backdrop is highly appreciated among photographers all over the world. 

While making this setup keep a thing in your mind that the backdrop and product should maintain a fair distance for portraying the best possible scenarios. 

If you are not maintaining the proper gap it will be tough to portray the good quality product as we wish to do. 

Sunlight As Your Background 

Sun Behind The Subject

It will be a great idea to do a photoshoot behind the sun. It will give you a crystal clear image. Sometimes sunlight will create a better view than a professional white backdrop. It depends on the intensity of the light, timing, and environment. While you are thinking about a white background for modeling or magazine it will work great. 

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Don’t Overexpose The Background

natural exposure image 

It is unpleasant to create an overexposed background for any commercial purposes. Overexposed will cut the image intensity and reduce the intensity of the image. While going for this kind of work, please recheck whether your camera is overexposed or not. 

Overexposing is a highly sensitive issue and it needs to be solved correctly. If you make any serious mistake here, it might ruin your entire career. If you have found that there is too much light it can be the opposite like bad light. The outcome will be overexposing or underexposing of the desired object. 

If you like to get a perfectly white background image without washing your picture, you can start the journey with the lowest power and then continuously increase it until it reaches the maximum level. You need to stop it when it starts overexposing.

Preparation For White Background Photography Outdoors 

white background photography outdoors

When we are planning white background photography outdoors, a setup is highly needed. In that case, we do not need any artificial light as there is ample sunlight available. However, you need to check the weather and make a confirmation that there is no chance of rain. 

Most photographers like to go with black-and-white backgrounds while shooting outdoors.

It will be a great idea to use a white stretch fabric with the background. Now, if you attach these fabric stretch to the background stand there will be no wrinkles or creases. We just need that type of background for having a smooth picture.

The studio should be set up in a way that the sun is coming from behind. It ensures maximum photo and video quality. When there is full sunshine, it will be three times brighter than the normal daylight. 

Another important thing is that you need to move the subject close to the object as much as you need to ensure the maximum image quality. 

Front Light Setup While Shooting Outdoor 

Front light setup while shooting outdoor

When we are thinking about the front light setup, please ensure a clean white light. It will be a great idea to use one or two fold-out reflectors so that the light will bounce back to the subject’s face. 

In that case, we are suggesting you use the white card, polystyrene board, or any kind of original light surface as a reflector. You will be glad to know that backlighting the board is the same as the studio. The output is almost the same. Though there are several differences available, they will provide you with the same equality output as you wish.

One of the major advantages of using sunlight is it will cover up a large area. 

Create An Infinite Background 

infinite background

When we are thinking about headshots and close-up images the small background is always in the frame. In the case of full-body shots, you must extend your backdrops across the floor. As a result, the subject is being highlighted. 

On the other hand, for full-body shots, we need to extend the background. Professionals use clamps and stands to keep it tight and fit. Plexiglass can help you in these special cases. Floor shadows will help us to protect ourselves from appearing in the middle of the air. It almost looks like an infinite background.  

Infinite background is pretty much helpful for photographers. 

It Will Be A Great Idea To Have Your Lightbox 


We have already discussed different tips and tricks that might help you to capture the perfect white photography background. Now, let me tell you the important thing that you must consider is the appropriate lightbox. 

The lightbox will help you to capture the image perfectly. It will beautify the image quality and make the images crystal clear. 

Without a good-quality lightbox, it is pretty tough to capture a smart photograph. While shooting a product, we need to ensure that it needs to be beautified perfectly. Try to use the best quality lightbox so that you can enhance the image quality. 

For a smart view, the user can use plexiglass to create a smart floor shadow.  

Shoot On A White Background In The Outdoor 


It will be a great thing to shoot on a foggy morning. You can get an amazing white background easily. Have a close look at the above picture! It looks fascinating to me. It is not possible all the time and you might have this chance very few times a year. 

However, you can take it as a special method for creating the perfect white photography background. In my opinion, it looks aesthetic and interesting too. If you are planning to use a perfect white background for commercial purposes then you might ignore it. It can be a great cover picture, magazine photo, a great choice for an online news portal, etc. 

Post-processing White Background Photos 

When you have completed all these steps post-processing is needed. It is highly essential for commercial purposes. We need to publish these images on a large platform and thousands of visitors will see it. There is no chance of compromise at all. We must maintain the highest quality to serve our audience. 

Let me tell you the different steps of post-processing a white background 

A. Dark Spot Removal 

Dark spot removal

It is one of the most essential parts of post-processing. Your image should maintain the highest quality and the result is a happy client. To do that you need to remove all the dark spots from the targeted image and make it crystal clear. To do that we are suggesting you use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. 

Mostly, you need to use the spot healing brush tool to remove the imperfections from the image. For selecting the image you can use the quick selection tool. Sometimes you might need the help of masking for the hard images. If you cannot do all these things by yourself take the help of a professional photo editing agency

B. Photo Color Correction

Color Correction

Besides dark spot removal, we need color correction services too. It is highly important for commercial purposes. Photo color correction means balancing the colors. If the product color is dull and gloomy, it will not attract the audience at all. 

Besides that, there is a chance that you might lose some potential clients. In this specific case, we can use eyedropper tools to fix all these issues. 

C. Enlarging The Image 

enlargement services

Sometimes we need to enlarge the images to match up with a given frame. It depends on the frame like sometimes we need to make it big or small. Enlarging the object is a highly sensitive task and you need to do that perfectly. To do that you must maintain the proper image ratio. 

The width and height must need to be properly balanced. Otherwise, it might look odd and you will lose the targeted clients.

For magazines, cover pictures, display marketing, and different types of online platforms need that enlargement services. 

Final Few Words | Creating A Perfect White Photography Background 

I firmly believe that all these essential tips will help you to grow and make a perfect white photography background for commercial purposes. As a professional photographer, you can follow all these steps and try to improve your skills. If you follow all the key skills you can make a great photography background. 

Always try to make the background choppy and it will attract the audience. Try to find out if there is any distraction element or not. If you have found something then remove it immediately. 

Now, if you face any kind of problem during making the perfect white photography background. Do not forget to write us at

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