product photo editing methods

What are the product photo editing methods for Amazon? A question that pops up in the mind of every seller on Amazon. Because a good quality image with perfect editing is a must here; otherwise, no one will buy their product.

In Amazon, it is a must to have the best quality of images. Here, people don’t think about the product. First, they see the image. If they like your image, then they will check the product. So, images play a vital role in Amazon.

Why You Need Product Photo Editing For Amazon?

Photo editing is not only needed for attracting customers but also needed because of amazon’s policy. Recently, Amazon published its new requirement for product photos. If you don’t follow these criteria, your product image will be removed from Amazon. In case your image is published on Amazon, it will not get ranked. And your product will not get the attention that it needs. For this reason, you need to maintain these requirements strongly.

To maintain Amazon requirements, you must have to edit your product photos. Otherwise, your product image will not be able to maintain its product requirements. This is why you need photo editing for Amazon.

Amazon product photo guidelines

After capturing, making the product photo right for amazon is the main task. But don’t worry about it. Here, we are going to give you some tips for making your image perfect for Amazon listing.

  • Always use a white background.
  • Your image should only contain the product image, not anything else.
  • Don’t put a link, text, or additional information in your image.
  • Use multiple images to view different looks and shapes of your image.
  • Your image size should be 2,560 pixels.
  • Image format should be png, jpeg, gif, or tif.

What Are The Product Photo Editing Methods For Amazon?

Let’s face the truth. Your product image is way more important than your product on Amazon. So, you need to give extra care to your image. And, for that, you need to edit your photo perfectly. But, which methods you should use for editing your product photo? Here, we are going to describe every method that you need for your product photo editing.


headphone background remove to show product photo editing methods for amazon
background remove; source: photo retouching


Background Removing

Background removing is a must for Amazon photo editing. You can’t have anything without the product in your image. Besides, you have to change your background, which is impossible to do without removing the background.

But it’s not as easy as you think. You’ve to do it with your expertise. In case you don’t have that kind of skill, then you should use Background Removing Service. Because then experts in removing background will do your work perfectly.


a speaker with white background
changing the background; source: Amazon


Changing Background

Changing the background is an essential part of Amazon photo editing. Whatever the background is, you have to change it and make it white. Without a white background, Amazon will not accept your product image.

Making your background white is a hard thing. You can’t just change your background and make it white because it will make your image unattractive and unrealistic. And, having an unattractive and unrealistic photo will reduce your sales. Besides, it will drive away your targeted audience. So, it would help if you used experts for this job.

Many companies give changing background service, which will help you to give your image a perfect look. If you don’t have this expertise, you should definitely use them. But, if you need my suggestion about this, I’ll recommend you Clipping World because they are the best for the service and its low cost.


a pot of water with some pieces of lemonades
photo retouching; source: pixels

Photo Retouching And Enhancement

Let’s face the truth. You can’t take a perfect image of your product every time. Sometimes, they will miss the product details. And, many times, you’ll find unwanted elements in your images.

Missing details or having unwanted elements on a product image reduce the attraction. Images lost their ability to make someone buy the product because of that. But don’t worry.

Photo retouching and enhancement will help you to gain everything that your product image lost.

Image Resizing And Cropping

Your image needs to be resized and perfectly cropped to give your user a perfect view. If you don’t resize and crop your image perfectly, your image will lose its perfect look. To avoid this problem, you need to use an image that will fill 85% of your image frame. Besides, your image should be 1000 x 1000 pixels for both width and height.


3 nail polish with white background to show the best product photo editing methods
color correction; source: pixels

Color Correction

Color is the most important thing in an image. But it can be lost because of many things. Especially, lighting matters most. Sometimes lack of lighting changes the image color. And, it’s strictly prohibited from Amazon’s product image policy. Amazon wants every image of the product should look like the real product. So, in this case, what will you do?

Color correction is the only solution for this. Adjusting white balance, exposure, contrast, and brightness will make your product color perfect. But it’s not an easy task. It would help if you had an expert to do this works. If you’re not an expert in this field, then you should use Color Correction Service. Having experts to do your work will definitely make your image perfect and raise your business.


Amazon is strict about its product photo policy. Any photo that doesn’t follow Amazon’s policy will not get rank in their product listing. And, this will do great damage to your eCommerce business. To avoid this circumstance, one must edit their photo to get on Amazon listing. But, without having expert skill in editing, it’s cannot be done. In this situation, you must take expert help to grow your business.

Product photo editing is highly responsible for growing your business on Amazon. So, everyone should give proper attention to it.


Q: What is autosave on Amazon photos?

Ans: Autosave feature automatically saves photos and videos. Then, it deletes them from the device to free storage.

Q: How do I backup my photos to Amazon?

Ans: To backup photos to Amazon follow this. Amazon Photos > Backup > Add a folder > Select that folder > Set preferences > Save.

Q: How much is Amazon photo storage?

Ans: Amazon photo storage costs $1.99 per month.

Q: Can you store raw files on Amazon photos?

Ans: Yes, Amazon allows you to store raw files.