Case Study for Vector Market Place Seller

Vector Market Place is the best platform for all. Several customers were handled by us before actually 5 in number. Currently, we are handling two clients. Among the clients in the USA, this client sells vector illustrations or files in popular marketplaces.

The client sold vector illustrations to a wide range of clients related to the same business with social and financial backgrounds. The client gave an order concerning;

  1. Raster to vector
  2. Vector line drawing
  3. Nature to vector
  4. Photo to vector

What the Client Required | Vector Market Place

As the client sells vector illustration products to the buyers, he required illustrations on vector design which were needed on a regular basis. Handling enough illustrations from the customer end was a time-consuming job and the in-house vector team was not always sufficient to prepare new illustrations accordingly.

To fulfill requirements on vector quantity continuously, the client required outsourcing. Requirements are as follows;

  1. 50 to 100 images or artwork needed to be vector & finished per month.
  2. Editing should be perfect in every way so that every illustration containing vectors, should attract customers with its appealing view.
  3. The first batch of 20 files was required the soon as possible by the client so that the outsourcing editing company (us) gets the priority to take the orders from the competition.

Challenges We Faced

As the company stood in the front row of the business and the site was the most important communication face with the business phase, the client asked for exceptional quality vector editing with size and a view to increasing the business of all projects.

The challenges we faced initially are as follows;

  1. The client asked for a number of images or artwork edited and vector in a short period of time so, we had to hire more capable hands to meet the delivery schedule.
  2. The client’s in-house staff was not sufficient to meet the goal of reaching the Raster to Vector services deadline or quality.
  3. We had to use 24X7 vector editing to meet faster delivery asked by the client whereas our team did not need to work more than 6 days a week and 8 hours per day.

How We Met the Challenges

As the client required in vector marketplace, we had to provide exceptional & uncompromising quality, affordable price, and delivery beyond schedule, we used the following strategy by planning;

  1. After several discussions with the client, we decided to drive the project in a tactical manner so that we could increase the number of outputs.
  2. On a continuous basis, we became more familiar with the editing nature without losing the quality expected. For complex Vector Line Drawing, we took extra time from the client.
  3. We shortened the turnaround time according to the illustration editing required such as Photo to Vector, Nature to Vector, etc.
  4. And delivered most of them beyond schedule with our ongoing and updated plan with progress. For some files, they gave us feedback, “Not ok”. After several attempts, we perfected those.
  5. We hired an additional 5 new vector design experts to work with the team so that the client never needs to worry about the illustration delivery.
  6. We also improved the infrastructure with capabilities.

The Outcome of the Project | Vector Market Place

According to the efficient capabilities, our experts use their artistic hand to deliver the highest quality Vector Illustration Service with Raster to Vector, Vector Line Drawing, Nature to Vector, and Photo to Vector maintaining turnaround time. We improved ourselves on this and also increased our quality and capacity. We achieved as following;

  1. Most of the time we achieved the quality as expected without asking for more time as scheduled.
  2. The client was highly satisfied with our work.
  3. They gave compliments for handling extensive natured projects with expertise.
  4. Being satisfied with our project execution, the client began continuously ordering with us.

Vector works contain different characteristics from one to another and we have found them amusing as well as educational. The client gave the job in a manner and from time to time the corrections moved forward to more illustrating.

Conclusion | Vector Market Place

The Clipping World team is very pleased with the work done along with the customer. It takes our confidence to another level.