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Stunning Wild Fox Photography for Professionals

Fox Photography can be challenging if you don’t know the best time to shoot and the camera angle while clicking the photo. As a result, to obtain a stunning photo, you must adhere to certain criteria, which will assist you in getting a stunning wild fox photo.

Moreover, timing plays a crucial role here since foxes are active in the morning and evening, thus why you need to be ready at dawn or late afternoon to get the best shot. So if you are new to wildlife photography, keep reading this article to learn more.

Is Wildlife Photography a Profession?

Wildlife photography is the right career if you are an adventure lover or want to dedicate your life to spotting rare species. You can earn a decent amount of money through wildlife photography. 

Fox photography is one of them now. If you are hesitating about pursuing wildlife photography, is it wise? Then you are overthinking yourself. Yearly you could earn between $25000 to $62000 per year. However, you can set your prices to research the local price and your competitors.

Consequently, if you want to pursue a career in wildlife photography, it will be a good decision when you make a life-changing amount of money with your passion.

Wildlife Photography

Stunning Wild Fox Photography for Professionals 

To get a stunning photo, you need some best camera accessories and shooting timing sense and follow some tactics to get hot shot photography. Wildlife photographers always need to make sure of small details. Later, this small initiative gives a big outcome.

Firstly consider the best camera for fox photography, then the equipment and other additional things to get the most stunning wild fox photos professional standard.

Wild Fox Photography for Professionals

Best Camera for Fox photography 

You will find two types of cameras in the market, the Bushnell Nature view HD camera and the LTL Acorn 6310. These two are the best cameras for fox photography and idle for ash fox photography, Ashley fox photography, orange fox photography, blue fox photography, and cute fox photography.

Cameras like Canon will be a better choice for wildlife photography, but adding a telephoto lens will also help get a good range of pictures. Here are some recommendations you can consider for fox photography.

Panasonic 9

The Panasonic Nine camera is versatile for taking photos and simultaneously capable of creating fascinating videos. It comes with a four-third size sensor with a crop factor of 2.0x. It provides 20.3 image resolution, which is excellent in dynamic range. It’s a great action camera as it has a five-axis and body and image stabilizer.

You will also get  6.5 stops of correction which will help you perfect the shot in the morning, like the dawn. 

Panasonic 9, Panasonic 9 Amazon


Nikon d500 

Nikon d500 is one of the best-cropped sensor cameras on the market. This grip is solid, and the materials used are superb. You will get a lot of buns, a joystick, and a touch screen which allow for quick and easy operation.

The autofocus system is highly effective. Ninety-nine cross-type points offer excellent tracking and snappy focusing throughout most of the frame. ISO performance is the best among all AP C cameras reaching 1,6.38,400.

Nikon d500, Nikon D500 Wildlife Photography


Canon Eos 90D

Canon Eos 90D offers a 32-megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor with a capable digit eight image processor and an iso range of 100 to 25000, expandable to 50 1200 through the Canon Eos 90D. This camera is known to be very versatile as it can perform well.

Thus it is apt for wildlife photography. With a super fast shutter, the electronic can achieve over 16000 seconds plus a speedy auto focus and exposure system. You will take advantage of every moment, plus very detailed and sharp images. This high-speed continuous shooting will allow you to take ten frames per second. 


Canon Eos 90D, Canon USA


Tripod For Fox Photographs

Tripods assist us in creativity to work in different ways by maintaining the static position of the camera to allow the variable shutter speed to explore image-making in different ways. You can create images with nice blurry motion with a static subject.

Let’s look at some best tripods for fox photographs which will give your image a tremendous effect.

Feisol Tournament CT-3442 Tripod

The Feisol tournament CT-3442 tripod provided an excellent option with the CT-344. Its weight is more than two and a half pounds. It achieved that lighter weight with high-quality carbon fiber legs and an aluminum alloy body frame.

 As a result, it’s much easier to handle. You have four solid leg sections with easy twist lock release and a gauge for each of those sections. Your maximum height without the center column is 54 inches, and you can go as low as 7 inches with the additional leg lock points at 25, 50, and 75 degrees. It also maintains excellent portability.

Furthermore, it’s the best tripod for fox photographs. You can consider one of these to use in your wildlife photography.


FEISOL Tripod, Fox Photography

Gitzo Lightweight Traveler Series 1 Tripod

The built quality of one tripod is blown away by the build quality. That is by far one of the nicest tripods. This particular tripod is made of three different materials; the first material they’ll come across is carbon fiber legs.

Now, this carbon fiber isn’t just normal carbon fiber. This carbon fiber is incredibly thin because the weave that has created this particular weave makes it much stiffer, and the legs can be thinner than other tripods.

Overall this Gitzo Lightweight Traveler Series 1 tripod will comfort you while taking fox photos with a 360-degree angle.


Gitzo Tripod, Gitzo Tripod For Fox Photography


Beautiful Fox Photography

Benro Mach3 3 Series Tripod

This thing is huge. It is gigantic but yields many benefits that a regular travel tripod doesn’t have. So if you wanted to get a large lens with a gimbal mount, it would handle it.

Sometimes you will find yourself on a hill, incline, or slope where you would benefit from a tripod’s height advantage. This tripod can take care of anything that you need in any scenario.

It can assist in a great way to get the best fox photography shot hot. In these deep creeks, you have plenty of space where your camera will be safe, and you can still plant a leg deep in that water.


Benro Mach3 3 Series Tripod, Benro Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod


Fox Photography with Benro Mach3 3 Series Tripod

When to Photograph Foxes | Fox Photography Near Me

According to studies, red foxes are more active at dawn and dusk. However, the easiest way to photograph a red fox is in their den, where they raise their baby.

Let me tell you one thing, finding a fox den is not easy, but once you find one, you can easily photograph them anytime during the day. But if you cannot find dense foxes, you can try your luck at dawn and dusk.

Fox Photography Timing


Best time to photograph foxes

Choosing Angle While Photographs | Fox Photography Ideas

Taking images of foxes requires extreme caution because the animals are frequently scared by direct eye contact. Looking down the lens or using the appropriate viewfinder can help you compose your photograph without disturbing the fox while you snap the photo.

Taking pictures of foxes is a good learning opportunity using a seagull 1-2 x angle finder. It has an attachment that is usually used with various cameras. At the same time, you will need a lens of 300mm or longer. The best shot you will get is by a low shooting angle. For more unique shots, a wide lens will be effective.

Photography angles and techniques, Fox Photograph

Tips and Tricks | Photography Fox 

Taking a fox snap is difficult, but following simple rules can make your task much easier. Below are some tips. Following these simple tips and tricks can achieve some great shots of foxes.

  • Firstly get close to the fox to approach.
  • Then wait for long enough. 
  • Timing plays a crucial role here in getting the snap of the fox. The right timing is morning and evening because, at that time, foxes are most active.
  • As mentioned, you must avoid eye contact while taking fox pictures.

World’s Top Fox Photographer

A popular World’s Top Fox Photographer has been doing their job passionately for many years. So I have mentioned a few names of the world’s top wildlife photographers here.

Franz Lanting | Wildlife Photographer

Franz was praised for his excellent work on photographs. His influential work appears in books, magazines, and worldwide exhibitions. When he started his career as a photographer, he never turned back.

Lanting also did pioneering work in Madagascar, documenting wildlife and tribal traditions. Overall, Lanting has received many honors for his work.

Frans Lanting, Frans Lanting Photography

Marina Cano | Wildlife Photography

Marion Cano, a Spanish wildlife photographer, has 25 years of photographic experience and international prestige. Her work has been covered by National Geographic several times. She has won awards as BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. She collaborated with different associations that protect and preserve threatened species. 

Marina Cano, Wildlife Photographer

Joel Sartore | Fox Photography Studio

Joel Sartore is an award-winning photographer. In 2018, where he was National Geographic Explorer of the Year. His work has been discussed by many national broadcasts, including National Geographic Explorer, NBC Nightly News, the CBS Sunday Morning Show, ABC’s Nightline, 60 Minutes, and Today’s Show.

 He has a popular quote: “When we save species we are saving ourselves.”

Joel Sartore, American Photographer

The Importance of Fox Photography

Photography is an essential tool. Through this tool, we can share awareness and messages to inspire everyone to protect wildlife and spark real change. Thus why fox photography is important. Its images will promote wildlife conservation, raise environmental awareness, and document the natural world’s beauty. 

In the social-media era, photos can go viral in a minute, and that platform can play a crucial role in bringing much attention to wildlife like foxes in the throes of crisis. 

Conclusion | Stunning Wild Fox Photography for Professional

Wildlife photography it’s essential because it reminds us to take care of species that are vulnerable day by day and losing their numbers. Wildlife photography has the power to turn people on to wonder about nature. It also sends a message to people not to harm the creature.

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