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Best Tips for Kayaking Photography

Kayaking can be a great source of physical exercise as well as joy. We can enjoy the beautiful nature when we are kayaking in a river or a big canal. During this time, we can take some lovely shots of nature’s beauty. The aesthetic pictures of different lakes, forests, animals, etc. can be a good source of kayaking photography. Let me give you some necessary tips for amazing kayaking photography. 

Plotting | Kayaking Photography

Kayaking is the free movement of a kayak over water. Both canoeing and kayaking are almost the same, with a little difference in sitting and paddling. We do it as a source of joy, and here we can capture some great shots. 

When we do kayaking, there is a very good chance of looking closely at nature. We can deeply feel the green forest, crystal clear water, different types of animals in the water, the blue sky, birds, and most importantly, the calm nature.

kayaking photography for photographers

What Is The Best Time To Go Kayaking? 

If you plan to go kayaking in the early morning, that would be far better than going in the afternoon. Usually, in the late afternoon, there are more winds, and it will be hard for you to go against the wind. So the process is a little bit hard, right? 

There is a chance that the wind will make you tired and you will not enjoy paddling anymore. If you follow this best kayaking guide, things will be easy for you as a photographer. 

What Is The Best Lighting Setup For Kayaking?

Normally, you will need some bright white light to shoot while kayaking. Possibly, the bright white light will provide you with the best possible shots. Now we are suggesting some devices that will help you shoot properly even in uneven conditions. 

  • Action Camera Flashlight 
  • A headlamp will be a good choice
  • Sometimes the typical stern bow sidelights provide a smart shot
  • For a smart quality shot, you can take the aid of these devices. 
  • Electric torch.

Have A Look At Some Efficient Tips For Kayaking Photography!!

01. Camera and Other Equipments

Choosing the best camera for kayaking will help you to capture the perfect shot. Do not select a bad camera where you will struggle with the image quality. Let me give you the top names! 

  • GoPro HERO9 Black
  • Sony HDRAS300
  • Garmin VIRB Ultra 30
  • DJI Osmo Action
  • OLYMPUS Tough TG-6

GoPro HERO9 Black

Choose any of these cameras and go kayaking. Please make sure your camera is waterproof and sturdy. We are suggesting you use the kayak mount while shooting. Please set up this camera with your kayak body. 

Aperture, ISO & Filtering 

What will be the perfect aperture and ISO of your camera while you are preparing for kayaking photography? We are suggesting you use an aperture of f/8 to f/11. F/8 is used for capturing sharp photos. While you are capturing a beautiful mountain with a lake, select f/8 to f/10 depending on the distance between the objects.

  • If you use f/12 or higher, you will get a distorted image of the object. 
  • Keep the ISO at 100 at the lowest level, and it will be good to use a 3-step filter for capturing the best shot. 


Camera Aperture

02. Capturing The Sky While Kayaking 

While you are kayaking on a big river or a canal, you might wish to capture the blue sky. I can say it is the best time to capture the deep blue sky. Try to do it in the morning. We are suggesting you use an aperture f f/2.8 while shooting the sky shot.

blue sky for kayaking photography

03. Capturing The Wildlife Photography 

This one is hard, and you need high preparation to do it. While kayaking, make sure there is a forest or birds are flying over the canal. Use a long lens to capture the object at a distance. 

During that time the camera aperture will be f/2.8 to f/5.6. Wildlife photography can be captured in the early morning or evening.

Wildlife Photography

04. You Need To Analyze The Environment From A Different Perspective 

This one is highly important while you are preparing for kayaking photography. If you do kayaking regularly, you might see the different natural beauties around you and try to analyze them from different perspectives.

 Think for a second that you are capturing a cave and inside that, a small canal is floating. When you are kayaking on that lake try to pick up the ancient beauty and royalty of that picture. 

Aesthetic Photo

05. Take A Close Shot 

Sometimes you need to take a close shot of the object to portray it differently. For instance, when you are capturing an uncommon tree or a dolphin in the water, the closer you are to the object, the higher the chances are that you will get a large view.

take a close hot

06. Take Photos Early Or At Dusk 

It will be good to take the photo early in the morning. If you are facing bad weather like heavy storms, wind, or any kind of natural disaster, then try to do it at dusk.

kayaking at dusk

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Final Few Words | Kayaking Photography 

I hope these tips will help you take a smart shot while kayaking. Kayaking photography is challenging, and you need good preparation to do that. Always try to use a waterproof camera while you are shooting on the water. Otherwise, it will be a disaster. Be careful while you are shooting, and try to use a kayak mount for the camera. It will ensure the camera’s safety. 


What Type of Kayak is Best for The Ocean? 

While you are planning to kayak in the deep ocean, touring kayaks are the best. They provide top-quality service to the users. 

What Type of Kayak is The Best for Waves? 

When we are kayaking in the ocean with the waves, we call them playboats. “Surf Skies” is known as the best boat to play with the waves. Naturally, its size is too long and easy to control in the ocean. 

What is Most Important to Remember When Kayaking? 

There are quite a few things that you need to consider deeply while kayaking on a big lake or even in the ocean. Let me give you a list that you can follow for a good experience. 

  • Please wear a helmet while you are kayaking
  • Bring a bottle of water 
  • Keep some dry food with yourself 
  • Stay hydrated always and do not let yourself down 
  • Know the weather patterns where you are kayaking. 
  • Keep a compass with yourself. 
  • GPS is a necessary thing while you are kayaking in an unknown place. 
  • Be brave when you are kayaking with the wave. 

What is the Most Joyful Moment of Kayaking Photography? 

If you happen to capture a beautiful bird or animal that we don’t see very often while kayaking, please share it with us. It could be a matter of joy and excitement. Now, you have the responsibility to publish it in your society. Be responsible while you are kayaking and taking photos.