Delivery Policy

Overall performance of Clipping World’s Photo Editing Services focuses on the delivery of project works. We make sure to maintain the quickest delivery according to the project complexity. 

We are arranging some points as Delivery Policy for your convenience. Maintaining the best turnaround time is always our intention. Still, the policies we are mentioning here can relieve any complexity. However, nothing is impossible to modify or change here. We care about your need and try to co-operate at your convenience.

  1. Clipping World offers up to 5 free trials if you are newly taking our services. Well, this free trial is not applicable for Graphic Design Service or Vector works. Except for that, the turnaround time for free trials will be according to the images we receive. And, we make sure to do it fast within 24 hours.
  2. After you confirm the free trials OK, we go for bulk production according to your submission. We will evaluate the images and let you know the price, delivery time, and seamless communication. We do our best to deliver the project works within or before the mentioned time.
  3. In case any unwanted situation arises, we will let you know that and wait for your reply. The turnaround time may be hampered due to the situation but we will try our best to maintain that.
  4. You can continue project submission and let us know your requirements attached. We will deliver each project maintaining the turnaround time or you can ask for weekly or monthly delivery. We can follow your demand.
  5. If there is an urgent task and needs to have done soon, please let us know so that we can gather our special team for that. Well, this option is only open if our photo editors are available besides doing the regular running projects. Still, we try to arrange for our regular and honorable clients.
  6. You can access delivered images from our server for the next 60 days starting from the date of uploading. Only you can access your files and none others. So, your images are safe.