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Giving consumers the best product viewing experiences online is a significant challenge for every business in this digital business era. The Photoshop ghost mannequin effect simplifies that difficult task, business owners and retailers are fully utilizing this feature. But the question is where you can get the best possible services that meet your requirements and give your products a real chance. 

There are numerous service companies available to do this job. We are the company that has been doing this job for about 12 years. We offer this type of service by utilizing cutting-edge software, and a team of enthusiastic experts. Whether you own an e-commerce store or a photography studio, ghost mannequin effects or joint neck services will always come in handy. They will significantly boost the growth of your company. As we all know, ghost mannequin effects in Photoshop create an appealing look for apparel products.

The invisible ghost mannequin effect makes the product appear to be worn by an invisible model. Customers can see every detail in the image during this process. As a result, this low-cost method of displaying products online is now desirable. Photoshop picture editing and image manipulation experts make the Ghost Mannequin Effect with great care. Not only that, but we also have skilled graphic editors who can get great results in this field so that we can help you. 

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service

Clipping World has a team of people who specialize in editing clothing photos so that they can become experts in this field. The goal is to give customers the best ghost mannequin service.


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Neck Joint Service is the best way to present smart clothing.


We’ve set up a team of people who work together to get the job done as quickly as possible for our ghost mannequin effect service.


It doesn’t cost us as much as other businesses to make each picture with extra care and attention to its service, but we still charge less than most.

The best support you can get from us.

Ask us for help, and we will always be there for you with a team that works around the clock.

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Ghost Mannequin Service Pricing Package

Ghost Mannequin Services is an incredibly skilled hand process. Then, the user faces difficulty with the procedure. This service is divided by Clipping World so you can pick and choose what you need. When placing a purchase, you may save money by selecting the desired type of editing. A basic subject may require additional methods. Occasionally, difficult issues become simpler to navigate. 


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Service Include


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Service Include


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if a company is good at showing off its product, it can make or break its whole business.
Ghost mannequin Service effect for E-commerce Business is such a Service can make that whole thing.

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Types of Ghost Mannequin SERVICE: We Offer

There are some categories for Ghost Mannequin Effects. And it’s self-evident that different types of garments or apparel necessarily require modifications. As a result, we bring you a variety of editing options for ghost effects, including a 360° rotating presentation.

3D360° Ghost Mannequin

3D/360° Ghost Mannequin Service

In this type of ghost mannequin effect, the images are shown in 3D/360°. It gives the image a more realistic look and is more tempting to the customers.

Almost every e-commerce sites want their product to be looked tempting and natural. It is done by editing an image with the mannequin by removing it. It can be implemented on shirts, cardigans, jackets, swimsuits, etc.

Clipping World has built the best team for the 3D/360-degree ghost mannequin effect. We provide you with the topmost 3D effect image editing service with industry bottom prices.

Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service

For neck joint service, we need 2/3 photographs of the garment. One photo is the front side image after putting the garment on a mannequin.

And the other picture will be the inner side of the neck part. If the client needs the garment image's backside, then the third picture of the backside of the garment on a mannequin is required.

Using the latest Photoshop technology, Clipping World provides you with the top-notch neck joint service in Asia. We have achieved our target of image editing service in Germany, and we are spreading our services worldwide.

Bottom Joint Service

Bottom Joint Service

The bottom part of the apparel has the same importance as the neck part. Removing the mannequin from an image looks like something is missing.

Leaving the product image like that is incomplete and unprofessional. The bottom back part of the apparel should be visible to maintain a complete view. And, the addition of the part should be seamless and realistic.

Clipping World adds interest and creates a full view of the apparel. You will see no trace of editing on the final image but with a complete hollow look.

Sleeves Joint Service

Sleeves Joint Service

The hands of the mannequin are captured with the sleeves of apparel during photography. Removing the hands makes the sleeves incomplete because the back parts are missing.

So, we add the details with the sleeves to give them a complete view. Shirts, t-shirts, jackets, cardigans, etc., require sleeve joint service. This is how the product will appear clear and natural to customers.

Clipping World, the best clipping path service provider, always looks for improvement, especially in this futuristic marketing content making through ghost mannequin service.

Symmetrical Ghost Mannequin

Symmetrical Ghost mannequin

Symmetrical Ghost Effect is an intelligent way to cut out and joint apparel parts. Well, this is a category that is entirely dependent on customer requirements.

The types of this category are Full Symmetrical and Semi Symmetrical Ghost Effects. Full Symmetrical Ghost Effect is like a mirror operation. We copy half of the apparel and paste mirrored for the other part.

Then we combine the parts, including the back parts for the neck, bottom, and sleeves. Finally, we create shadows and cut out unnecessary parts to give a complete look.

Wrinkle Removal Service

Wrinkle Removal Service

Wrinkles on any photograph are pretty disturbing. And, here at Ghost Mannequin Effect, the issue is more focused.

A garment or apparel with a ghost effect should be well finished all the way. Any kind of impurity or mismatch is enough to ruin the whole impression. So, wrinkles from apparel should be appropriately removed.

We take care of all the wrinkles like there was nothing like that before. At the same time, we maintain design, texture, and shadows. And, this way we give the most attractive look to your product image with a ghostly look.

Clipping World has a dedicated team to edit apparel pictures so that they become experts in this particular field. The purpose is to provide clients with the best ghost mannequin services.

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Ghost Mannequin Service Required For

From small businesses to large businesses, especially those who run e-commerce businesses, need a Photoshop ghost mannequin effect. Because this is the only way, e-traders can reduce their costs by displaying a product online.


Apparel products need to be impressive and eye-catching to generate decent sales. In this case, the ghost mannequin or neck joint technique of Adobe Photoshop is used to make the product photo for fashion retailers realistic, believable, and stylish all at the same time. Modern apparel mannequin product photography images primarily use stunning models, but they are not cost-effective if you are on a tight budget.


There are a lot of businesses that use ghost mannequins. They use them for e-commerce businesses like clothing stores and malls, advertising firms, photography agencies, and ghost mannequin photography agencies. If you want your clothing or apparel image to look good, we can help you get the best quality service of photoshop ghost mannequins.

Ghost Mannequin Photo EditingGhost Mannequin Photo Editing
Male and Female Ghost MannequinMale and Female Ghost Photo Editing

Why Clipping World For Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Service?

“We have been doing this job for almost 12 years now,” I said at the beginning of this article. We are a group of professionals who are well-versed in cutting-edge technology and business.

As a result, businesses on the internet, particularly e-commerce businesses, are meeting their challenges with the assistance of photo editing services such as ours.

Our high level of ghost mannequin service and modern e-business knowledge assist our clients in increasing their revenue. That is something we are very proud of. The other factor is fulfillment.

The majority of our clients worldwide receive the best service possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We believe with all of our hearts that customer satisfaction is the key to surviving in today’s competitive business environment. We are always committed to doing so. As a result, we provide all services, including the ghost mannequin effect, and are always available to you. Your happiness is our happiness. That’s what we think.

The other issue is data security. Clipping World considers clients’ data to be treasures, and it should be kept safe and secure at all costs. To address this issue, we employ cutting-edge technology and data protection strategies. As a result, the company gained trust from people all over the world. These are the factors that have helped Clipping World become a world-class photo editing service provider. As a result, you should use the clipping world for your Photoshop ghost mannequin effect and other services. Check The PowerPoint

How Do We Do Ghost Mannequin Service?

The process of Ghost Mannequin Effects has a number of steps to get to a good level. We use simple editing methods like Clipping Path, Background Removal, Retouching, and so on to make our photos look better.

In addition, the addition of missing parts gives the clothes a full view. Another thing that makes things look 3D is shadows. And Clipping World can support you for the total thing with an amazing Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect which is really effective and lucrative for learning more about it simply check our blog about “How To Create Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect“.

We follow these steps for Ghost Mannequin Effects :

How Do We Do Ghost Mannequin EffectsHow Do We Do Ghost Mannequin Effects


Neck Joint Service Provider

Clipping World is the greatest neck joint Service Provider. We also provide an excellent clothing neck joint, bottom joint & Sleeve joint service that may assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of your apparel presentations.

Clipping world Photoshop expertise are competent and experienced, and we are constantly eager for a challenge. If you’re interested in enhancing your ghost mannequin photography career, you should certainly trust our Ghost Mannequin services.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How Clothing Business Can be Benefited From Ghost Mannequin Service

The evaluation of online clothing businesses is changing on a daily basis. Customer preferences and priorities are rapidly changing. As a result, online clothing retailers are benefiting from this situation. Photos of clothing or apparel are the game-changer in this case. The more appealing the image, the higher the possibility of a sale.

So the Photoshop ghost mannequin effect or neck joint service on demand technique to accomplish the online clothing business goal. This kind of service can make a photo the most appealing 3D look. So the invisible mannequin service leads the viewer of the apparel to get the feel of wearing it. We have a bunch of experts for this job and they are really good at making clothing more beautiful in one word. Download Article

How much does it cost to have the Ghost Mannequin Effect?

The ghost mannequin effect service is kind of cost effective than others clipping path services. Because this effect needs extra time and expertise to do the job. We are the clipping world providing this service within a very reasonable price yet maintaining classy quality.

Ghost mannequin service price starts from $0.50 to $1.00 per image. To know more about our pricing check out our pricing table. 

How long does it take to create the ghost mannequin effect?

In the clipping world, we work quickly (within ten minutes for each photo), which is far sooner than others, while maintaining the highest quality. However, the ghost mannequin effect is more or less dependent on the photography and photographer.

You can blindly trust product photography agencies for some of the greatest ghost mannequins or product photography. After the photoshoot, we boost your business and attract new consumers.


Ghost Mannequin Service Provider

The best Ghost Mannequin Service Provider is Clipping world. We have a great clipping service that can help you get the most out of your eCommerce stores. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, and We are always up for a challenge. If you are looking to improve your online presence, then you should definitely consider using our services.