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Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect Services is quite popular today for apparel presentations. This one is a special operation by which you can save cost and get catchy looks of your product simultaneously. Clipping World serves you as a professional service online. We value your business and do our job responsibly. Things that we need from you are photographs of apparel to work with. Our experienced graphic editors combine the parts as it was created in 3D not edited. And, you have the eye-catchy view of your product that grows more customers.

E-commerce product showcasing requires the proper idea about the product. And, it is the most important thing for growing business. Start-up or small companies need to save cost but make a good presentation for advertising. So, Ghost Mannequin Effect is the savior, and you can have a smart hollow look with a three-dimensional view. Like shirts, trousers, jackets, cardigans, swimsuits, lingerie, etc., garment items, and often jewelry, are good with this editing method. Besides online marketing, catalogs, billboards, and even LCD screen visualization are full throttle.

Photoshop photo editing process with the image manipulation experts make Ghost Mannequin Effect with perfection. Need to mention, we have efficient graphic editors who deliver the perfect results concerning this service.

Ghost Mannequin EffectGhost Mannequin Effect

In today’s information age of marketing, a company’s presentation of the product is the key to their entire business. Neck Joint service is the best way to present smart clothing.

Ghost Mannequin services are mostly used for eCommerce business, clothing stores, shopping malls, ad firms, photography agencies, ghost mannequin photography agency. We provide you with the best quality to make your clothing image or apparel image gorgeous.

Clipping World helps you to present your product with our flawless Ghost Mannequin photo editing service.


For ghost mannequin effect service, we have built a special team to maintain the quickest turnaround time.


While we craft all photos with extra personal attention and giving attention to its details, we do not charge as much as others do for the service we offer.


Ask our help and we will be always there for you with 24/7 working support team.

Clipping world

Ghost Mannequin Service Categories

Ghost Mannequin Effects has some categorizations. And, it’s pretty obvious as garments or apparel are of different types that need modifications accordingly. So, we bring you all kinds of editing types concerning ghost effects including a 360° rotating presentation.

Ghost Mannequin-360 Product Effect
3D/360° Ghost Mannequin Effects

In this type of ghost mannequin effect, the images are shown in 3D/360°. It gives the image a more realistic look and more tempting to the customers. Almost every e-commerce sites want their product to be looked tempting and realistic. It is done by editing an image with the mannequin by removing it. It can be implemented on shirts, cardigans, jackets, swimsuits, etc. Clipping World has built the best team for the 3D/360-degree ghost mannequin effect. We provide you the topmost 3D effect image editing service with industry bottom prices .

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin
Neck Joint Service

For neck joint service we need 2/3 photographs of the garment. One photo is the front side image after putting the garment on a mannequin. And the other picture will be the inner side of the neck part. If the client needs the garment image's backside, then the third picture of the backside of the garment on a mannequin is required. Using the latest Photoshop technology, Clipping World provides you the top-notch neck joint service in Asia. We have achieved our target of image editing service in Germany and we are spreading our services worldwide.

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin
Bottom Joint Service

The bottom part of the apparel has the same importance as the neck part. Removing the mannequin from an image looks like something is missing. Leaving the product image like that is incomplete and unprofessional. The bottom back part of the apparel should be visible to maintain the whole view. And, the addition of the part should be seamless and realistic. Clipping World adds the part and creates a full view of the apparel. You will see no trace of editing on the final image but with a complete hollow look.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin Before After sample
Sleeves Joint Service

The hands of the mannequin are captured with the sleeves of apparel during photography. Removing the hands makes the sleeves incomplete because the back parts are missing. So, we add the parts with the sleeves to give them a full view. Shirts, t-shirts, jackets, cardigans, etc., require sleeve joint service. This is how the product will appear clear and natural to customers. Clipping World, the best clipping path service provider, always look for improvement, especially in this futuristic marketing content making through ghost mannequin service.

Symmetrical Ghost mannequin Effect Before After sample
Symmetrical Ghost mannequin Effect

Symmetrical Ghost Effect is a smart way to cut out and joint apparel parts. Well, this is a category that is completely dependent on customer requirements. The types of this category are Full Symmetrical and Semi Symmetrical Ghost Effects. Full Symmetrical Ghost Effect is like a mirror operation. We copy half of the apparel and paste mirrored for the other part. Then we combine the parts, including the back parts for the neck, bottom, and sleeves. Finally, we create shadows and cut out unnecessary parts to give a complete look.

Wrinkles Remove
Wrinkle Removal Service

Wrinkles on any photograph are quite disturbing. And, here at Ghost Mannequin Effect, the issue is more focused. A garment or apparel with a ghost effect should be well finished all the way. Any kind of impurity or mismatch is enough to ruin the whole impression. So, wrinkles from apparel should be removed properly. We take care of all the wrinkles like there was nothing like that before. At the same time, we maintain design, texture, and shadows. And, this way we give the most attractive look to your product image with a ghostly look.

Clipping World has a dedicated team to edit cloth pictures so that they become experts in this particular side. The purpose is to provide clients with the best ghost manniquin services.

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Ghost Mannequin Effect

How We Do Ghost Mannequin Effect?

The operation of Ghost Mannequin Effects has some steps to reach the quality level. Basic editing methods like Clipping Path, Background Removal, Retouching, etc., are the methods we use. Furthermore, the addition of missing parts gives the apparel a full view. Finally, the addition of shadow gives the apparel a 3D look. And, the whole operation needs experts hands that Clipping World has. Steps we follow are;

  • Isolate the apparel from the background
  • Create Clipping Paths according to the apparel
  • Use Symmetrical operation if asked.
  • Back part addition for neck, sleeves, and bottom.
  • Shadow addition for a 3D look
  • Liquify areas to make the apparel look aligned
  • Retouch for correcting spots or impurities
Ghost Mannequin EffectGhost Mannequin Effect
Clipping world

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Ghost Mannequin EffectGhost Mannequin Effect

All sorts of businesses need this as it is the only way to pay less and get the premium effect on your product without spending on models. For various catalogs and e-commerce sitesghost mannequin services are used instead of the human figure to create the 3D effect of various garments items, like shirts, trousers, jacket, cardigan, swimsuits, lingerie, etc., and often jewelry Photoshopetc. Agencies, Firms, E-commerce Business holders use this service for their product to look futuristic. Invisible ghost mannequins effect come up with a lot of benefits. You should know when to use it so that you can make your business improve. When your product images improve, you will reap the benefits of increased sales.

The market for both online and offline is becoming more and more competitive. Using ancient marketing policies are useless in this information age. Customers become more choosy while looking for the product they need to buy. Ghost Mannequin Effects gives your garments trendy looks.

Clipping world

Why Clipping World For Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect?

We have some unique expert hands for ghost mannequin effects, and we follow the fastest way to deliver your product with minimal cost and zero tolerance for quality. We have a QA team who combines your requirements and our Photoshop expertise work so that the workflow won’t get hampered and it goes smoothly like butter.

We are committed to giving each project the individual attention it deserves—our customer-first attitude, coupled with the quick turnaround, low prices, and quality service. We provide 24/7 online customer help and unlimited revision to get the best possible result.

Clipping World is a professional image manipulation company with more than 8+ years of combined experience in providing high-end, high-quality digital prepress services, image manipulation, and clipping path service. With our facilities in the United States, we are strategically located to fulfill your image manipulation needs with a dedicated group of expert employees ready to serve you while minimizing your cost.

Ghost Mannequin EffectGhost Mannequin Effect
Clipping world

Clipping World brings you a dedicated team to edit clothing photos removing mannequins properly. Also, we make sure to create a catchy look that can give you an appealing apparel presentation. You will get quality performance, low-cost editing, and fast output here.