Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect

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Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect” has exceptional value in the apparel presentation. Generally, businesses related to garments use human models for presentation. For ages, fashion industries have used human models to make an appealing physical engagement.

The concept is quite reasonable as we wear garments or apparel over our bodies. But, presentation over a mannequin is also fascinating and cost-saving as well. And, in picture form, the mannequin is not necessary and can be removed. So, the ghost mannequin service to remove the mannequin comes forward to the rescue.

The “Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect” is an invaluable tool in the world of apparel presentation. While the use of human models has been a traditional approach, the fashion industry is increasingly turning to ghost mannequin services for a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

The technique involves capturing multiple images of a product and skillfully combining them in post-production, resulting in a seamless, ghost-like appearance where the mannequin is removed. This approach not only saves time and resources but also provides a compelling way to showcase clothing.

For photographers and post-production managers, the ghost mannequin technique streamlines the image editing process, reducing the need for extensive color calibration and allowing for increased content production. This not only boosts sales but also enhances customer satisfaction.

The convenience and speed of services like ClippingWorld have made it easier for professionals to optimize their workflows, offering impeccable image editing results while keeping costs low. This trend is resonating well with e-commerce store owners, who are increasingly realizing the advantages of adopting this invisible mannequin effect, which adds a sophisticated touch to their product presentation and marketing strategy.

The ghost mannequin service, provided by experts such as Clipping World, is a perfect solution for clothing products. By removing the mannequin in post-production, it allows the apparel to appear as if someone is wearing it.

The resulting 3D effect, achieved by meticulously combining various images, not only gives viewers a clear understanding of the garment’s shape but also adds an element of professionalism to fashion photography.

The availability of these services has made them accessible, affordable, and efficient for both large e-commerce studios and growing businesses. Ultimately, the invisible mannequin technique is revolutionizing the way apparel is presented in the digital marketplace, benefiting photographers, post-production managers, and e-commerce store owners alike. Listen Podcast

What Is the Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Garments or apparel over mannequins create a similar look that a real person can give. But, as the mannequin is a human-shaped doll, the impression will not be the same.

In photographs, the mannequins look like dummies. So, removing the dummies through graphic editing is necessary. But, there is a problem with the operation. When we remove the mannequin, we make the apparel incomplete. Because the back part behind the mannequin is not visible.

So, we need to add the back part to complete the view. For this, we need multiple images of the same garment. The front part, the back part, the back part of the sleeve, the neck part, etc.

Then we remove the mannequin and add the neck parts where they belong. The final image comes out with a ghostly hollow look. And, this is the invisible ghost mannequin effect.

Photoshop Tools And Techniques For The Operation

Adobe Photoshop is the most effective program for ghost mannequin editing or any kind of image manipulation. Well, there are other programs you may find. But, none of them can perform as Photoshop can. So, we will work with the program that works best.

You will find multiple tools for the operation. Also, you can use techniques to utilize the tools better. Photoshop common tools we need for ghost mannequin effects are;

  • The Pen Tool
  • The Quick Selection Tool
  • The Lasso Tool
  • Select & Mask Tool
  • Layer Mask
  • Transform Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Eraser Tool

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Work Procedure

To start working on the ghost mannequin photoshop operation, we need all the photographs. The photographs should have all the parts required to complete the apparel photo. Then we go for the isolation of the parts from the background.

After that, we go for adding back parts with the front part. So, let’s open Photoshop and add the apparel parts photos in that.

invisible ghost mannequin

Step 1: Align The Image

The first task is to align the image before doing any editing. Alignment is quite important for the ghost effect. Any photographs we take cannot be perfectly aligned with our eyes. If the photographs are for direct presentations, you can ignore them.

But, for the ghost mannequin effect, you must do it for a presentable view. So, we take the front part of the apparel and make the necessary changes with the help of the ‘Warp’ option.

To do so, first, we make a copy of the layer and create some temporary lines that we will follow. To create lines, simply click on the ruler and drag it to the point you need to set. Then we go for the transform tool by pressing Ctrl/Command+T for Win/MAC.

After that, we right-click on the image and select ‘Warp’. After making the necessary changes by click & drag we apply that.

 ghost mannequin effects
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 2: Clipping Path

Now it is time to create a path. So, we take the Pen Tool and start from a point on the edge. To know more about Clipping Path, please follow our blog, Understanding and Master the Pen Tool in Photoshop.

Here we have created the path for your convenience. We renamed the path to save it. To rename, just double-click on the path and input the name you want. We are leaving the name ‘Path 1’ which is by default.

How to create invisible ghost mannequin effect
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 3: Copy Pathed Area To A New Layer

As we are done creating the path, we need to copy the area to a new layer. Press and hold Ctrl/Command for Win/MAC and click on the path to make a selection. Press Ctrl/Command+J for Win/MAC to copy the selection to a new layer. Also, we added a solid color layer right below the copied path.

copy pathed area to a new layer
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 4: Liquify

We do Liquify to cover up spaces that may look incomplete. For the apparel, we need to apply this technique for a better output. To enter the option, go to ‘Filter’ and then ‘Liquify’. You will have the image in another window in Photoshop. We have made some changes that you can see in the below image. When done, press ‘OK’ to continue.

liquify the ghost mannequin
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 5: Ironing

Ironing makes the apparel look polished. You may have apparel with wrinkles and shade variations here and there. So, you need to do graphical ironing over the apparel. Here we will use the Clone Stamp Tool to correct the imperfections. Well, this is a retouching method.

So, you need to do the editing according to the areas nearby. To use the tool, you need to press and hold Alt/Option for Win/MAC and click for a sample. Then, release and move the pointer to the improper area and click & move. Remember, you need to take a sample multiple times from clean areas.

Otherwise, the process will not give satisfactory results.

ironing the cloths
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 6: Adding Back Part

Adding the back part is another important step for creating the Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect. You can select only the required part or add the whole directly. Here, we will add the whole and cut off unnecessary areas by the path. So, we add the back part over the front part and then place it below the front part.

The operation is easy. The addition of the back part takes the top layer automatically. We just need to click and drag the part below the front part layer.

creating ghost mannequin effect
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 7: Placing Back Part

Placing the back part according to the front part is a technical matter. We use the Transform tool to do it properly. So, we resize, rotate, and match the front part according to our image. When we are done placing, we press Enter/Return for Win/MAC to apply.

ghost mannequin effect in photoshop
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 8: Clipping the Back Part

To clip the back part, we use a copy of the path that we made for the front part. To make a copy of the existing path click and drag the path to the new path icon. Then rename the path as ‘Path 2’. Press & hold Alt/Option for Win/MAC and click on the path.

And, this will show the anchor points to work on. Press & hold Ctrl/Command for Win/MAC and click & drag to select the anchor points you need to remove.

clipping the back part for ghost mannequin
invisible ghost mannequin

Use the delete button to remove the anchor points. Then, click on the anchor point at the end to work with. After that, click on the other anchor point to complete the path according to the back part.

path on the back part
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 9: Editing The Back Part

As we are done making the path, we press and hold Ctrl/Command for Win/MAC to make a selection. But, this time we will invert the selection to remove unwanted areas. To invert the selection, use Ctrl/Command+Shift+I for Win/MAC. Now, press Delete to remove unwanted areas. Use Ctrl/Command+D for Win/MAC to deselect.

editing the back part in ghost mannequin
invisible ghost mannequin

Now, we use the ‘Warp’ option on this part and make a curve at the neck point. But, the area does not look good. So, we will liquefy after applying the warp.

invisible ghost mannequin in photoshop
invisible ghost mannequin

Now we use Liquify to make the back part resemble the front part. So, we hide the top layer select the back part layer, and go to Liquify. Does the liquification match with the texture? So, be very precise with the moves you make. However, if your image does not contain any labels, the operation will be easier. Press OK to continue.

liquify on back the part
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 10: Adding Shadow

Adding a shadow below the front panel makes the effect realistic. So, we will add a shadow. For the apparel, we will use a Drop Shadow. We double-click on the front part layer and select Drop Shadow. We make changes to the settings as below. Press OK to continue. You can stop at this point or go for removing the shadows outside of the apparel.

adding shadow
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 11: Removing Outer Shadow

To remove the outer shadow, first, you need to separate the Drop Shadow from the layer. Right-click on the Drop Shadow and select ‘Create Layer’. Select this layer press and hold Ctrl/Command for Win/MAC and click on the ‘Path 2’. And, this will make a selection.

Use Ctrl/Command+Shift+I for Win/MAC to make an invert selection. Press Delete to remove the outer shadow. Use Ctrl/Command+D for Win/MAC to deselect.

removing outer shadow
invisible ghost mannequin

Step 12: Save

When you are done with all the steps above, it’s time to save the image. Before saving, check the whole image one more time. If any impurities are found, correct them following the steps. Then, save the file in “PSD” format for further editing if required.

Also, you can select the TIFF format. And, this format also contains all the layers and paths. Let’s see the before and after images.

invisible ghost mannequin effect before after
invisible ghost mannequin

Why Do You Need Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect?

The Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect has great importance for the apparel business. Human models are expensive. So, business organizations use a mannequin to save a large amount of money. Also, for e-commerce websites, human models are not important. Instead, apparel with the Ghost Mannequin Effect is better for presentation.

Also, the editing gives the apparel a ghostly hollow look. So, the view becomes even more attractive. But, the main purpose is to represent apparel with a 3-D look. At the same time, saving money is also a focus matter.

How To Create Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect In Photoshop


Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect opens up the opportunity for an amazing apparel presentation. Well, this doesn’t mean that there is no other way to do so. But, doing it by the effect gives your apparel a smart look. Also, you can save enough money by not using live models.

But, still, live models are important for advertisements. And, it is good for business. So, if you have a business of garments or apparel, you will need both live models and Ghost Effects.


Question: How do you get the Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Ans: To get the Ghost Mannequin Effect, we remove the mannequin for a starter. Then, we add the back part of the apparel and create a shadow to give that an original look.

Question: How do you shoot Invisible Mannequin?

Ans: The invisible Mannequin operation needs images of the front and back parts. So, the photoshoot should be according to the requirements. We take photographs of all the parts needed for the operation with and without the mannequin.

Question: How do we create a Ghost Effect in Photoshop?

Ans: In Photoshop, we remove the mannequin with Clipping Path or any selection tool. Then we add the back part and any parts need to be made visible. Then, we correct impurities to complete the whole apparel.

Question: Why Ghost Mannequin effect is important?

Ans: The ghost Mannequin Effect is important for the apparel presentation. In fact, this operation is an alternative to real humans. The most important part is the cost. The ghost Mannequin Effect is quite cost-saving compared to human models.

Question: Where can I get the best Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect service?

Ans: For the best Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect service, join Clipping World. We provide 100% quality, affordable low price, and quick turnaround for all projects.