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Do you need photo cutout service for product photography? Well, the purpose of a  photo cutout service is to create a high-quality photo with our expert team. Being a product photographer, I always use cutout techniques to improve my photos. Yet, business and product photographers are unsure about the impact of this image editing service. 

ClippingWorld is your one-stop solution for eCommerce image editing. In the world of online retail, the importance of presenting your products in the best light cannot be overstated. eCommerce image editing is the process of transforming ordinary product photos into eye-catching, professional-quality visuals that captivate your audience.

This involves tasks like background removal, color correction, retouching, and resizing. We use popular photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom can be used to enhance your product images.

However, ClippingWorld offers a specialized service to streamline the process, ensuring your eCommerce photos are optimized for your website. Check out our ecommerce photo cutout and resizing service. Trust ClippingWorld to make your product images shine, attracting potential customers and boosting your online sales.

You have to use the photo cutout techniques to make your raw photos compatible with the E-commerce sites. Moreover, cutout services allow you to remove background, maintain consistency, highlight the product image manipulation, and save time, effort, and money. 

The bottom line is you can use a cutout photo editing service to get professional product photos.  But, as a photographer or business owner, you must thoroughly understand how, when, and where to use this service. 

Unlock the Potential of Photo Cutout Service for Product Photography

Photo Cutout Service to Edit Product Photos, Photo Cutout Service for Product Photography

A high-quality photo cutout service helps product photography achieve its goal. However, the goal is to create a clean and flawless photo. So, you can upload your product images on the e-commerce website following their rules. 

Also, it allows for the creation of a data-driven marketing plan. You can attract potential customers and make them buy the product. 

Another thing that has made cutout services crucial is the customers’ product-choosing mindset. People nowadays need more time to read the item’s specifications. So, your product photos have to be eye-catching to generate sales. Thus, you can attract the customers at their first glimpse of the product photo. Otherwise, your potential customers will scroll down, looking for alternatives. 

Here, cutout photos are the primary steps to creating professional product photos. These are the aspects where product photography uses this service: 

Background Removal 

Product photographers and e-commerce businesses mostly hire an image cutout service to remove the subject from the background. Background removal is necessary to upload your product images on the eCommerce website. 

A cutout image editor separates the product from the original background. So, you will get a transparent background photo. You can place it on a new, more suitable background. You can also use a fine background photo on your product listing or create a new design for marketing purposes. 

However, background removal is a challenging task. Expert photo editors apply different techniques for different photos. It mainly depends on the complexity of the subject. I will discuss the categories of cutout photo editing so you can decide which is best for your project. 

Highlighting The Product

Removing a noisy background from the RAW product photos highlights the product in the image. Thus, the customers can thoroughly focus on the details of the product. It allows them to experience the quality of the product. Hence, it influences the purchasing decision. Product photographers are using this service to highlight the products. 

Improving The Product Outlook

The primary purpose of any image editing service is to improve the outlook of the image. Image cutouts are the building blocks to achieve a top-notch look. You can retouch every product on an image by applying this service. Then, you can place them in the right position, making a perfect composition. 

However, this whole process needs an expert touch-up to achieve. Thus, you will get high-quality photos to run an ad campaign. 

Photo Cutout Service For Product Photography
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Maintaining Consistency

Cutout images are also helpful for maintaining brand consistency. That means that all the product listings will be in a consistent order. It is important to create a customer base. 

If you have a range of products with different background styles, using photo cutout services can provide consistency across your product catalog. This creates a professional and cohesive look for your brand.

Image Manipulation

Cutout photos allow you to create exclusive designs. For example, the ghost mannequin effect is an image manipulation technique. It will enable the creation of a 3D look of the apparel products.  You must cut out the parts of the appeal products in the photo to create this effect. 

So, image manipulation also requires photo cutout images. Thus, you can add a new dimension to the marketing of your products. 

Saving Time, Effort, and Money

The cutout photos also save time, effort, and money. You can capture multiple products in a single shot. Then, you can cut the products from the image using the cutout services. So you can avoid the expenses and hassle of capturing each product. 

Also, you can use the image cutouts on different backgrounds. It allows you to customize the same product photo for other platforms. 

Building Brand Credibility

Building brand credibility requires high-quality photos. Image cutout services allow you to get high-resolution photos. You can gain the trust of your brand by using these photos for marketing. 

Brand credibility will help you create a potential customer base. Consequently, sales of the products will increase. 

Categories of Cutout Services for Product Photography

Photo Cutout Service, Product Photography

Different image editing agencies offer different categories of image cutout services. However, the leading product photo editing agency, Clipping World, provides the following services: 

FeaturesBasic Photo CutoutSimple Photo CutoutMedium Photo CutoutComplex Photo Cutout
ComplexityThis category is for simple shaped images. Images having less or no holes are suitable for this service.Products having simple curves and holes are ideal for this category. These images require more anchor points than basic cutout service.Product images having multiple holes and curves require more anchor points to make a selection.Images with complex shapes, multiple holes, curves, and embedded transparencies need complex cutout service.
Types of images:Balls, mobiles, eggs, mice, watches, etc.Mug, t-shirt, shoes, camera, cap, etc.A group of clothes, shoes, people, etc.A bicycle, a Christmas tree, chains, a bucket of flowers, etc.
TurnaroundRequires less time to complete.Require more time than basic cutout serviceRequires more time than a basic and simple method to select the subject precisely.Complex cutout services need the maximum time to choose the area of the image.

How to Edit A Product Photo Using Photo Cutout Techniques

Cutting out a product photo requires expertise in this field. Here, I will be using Photoshop tools to select the subject. Then, I will take the subject to a transparent background. 

Object Selection Method in Photoshop

The Subject Selection Method is the easiest way to cut out your product photos. Here is a step-by-step guide for changing the background of a product photo using the Subject Selection Method in Photoshop. 

Step 1 – Open Adobe Photoshop

Go to Adobe Photoshop. Now open your raw file by navigating File > Open and select the product photo you want to edit.

Step 2 – Duplicate Background Layers

Duplicate Layer, Photoshop, Photo Cutout for Product Photography

Now duplicate the background layer. So, the original photo will remain safe. To duplicate the background layer,  right-click on the background layer from the layers panel. Then, select Duplicate Layer.

Step 3 – Object Selection Tool

Object Selection Tool

You will get an Object Selection Tool in the toolbar on the left. Also, it may nested under the Magic Wand tool.

Now click and drag around your product. Photoshop will automatically make a selection of the subject. Then, take a close look at the product. Ensure that the selection covers the entire product.

Step 4 – Ensure A Clean Selection

Select and Mask option, ClippingWorld, Photo Editing

Now, refine the selection if it is necessary. Use the Select and Mask option in the options bar at the top of the screen to refine the edges. This tool allows you to adjust the selection’s smoothness, feathering, contrast, and shift edge to ensure a clean selection. Hit OK if the selection is satisfactory.

Step 5 – New Transparent Background Layer

Change Background, Background Removal, Photo Background Removal

Click ctrl+j to take the subject to a new transparent background layer. So, you have got your product photo cutout. You can save this as a PNG file. Or change the background.

Step 6 – Change The Background

To change the background, take a new layer. Then navigate Adjustment Layer>Solid Color. Choose the color and click OK. Make sure the new layer is placed above the cutout photo layer.

Step 7 – Save The Image

Save the image by going to File>Save As.

Using Quick Selection Tool

Quick Selection Tool

The Quick Selection tool allows you to select the product in the photo easily. In the toolbar on the left, you choose the Quick Selection Tool. It looks like a brush with a dotted circle around it. Now, there are some options in the option bar. You can adjust the size of the brush according to your requirements.

Then, you have to click and drag the Quick Selection Tool. Thus, you can make a selection with the help of Photoshop AI. If the selection is unsatisfactory, refine it again using the Select and Mask option.  

Using the Pen Tool

The first two tools of the Photoshop image cutout are for the basic images. The pen tools are practical for more complex shapes.  However, using the Photoshop pen tool is a challenging task. You have to be patient while using this tool. Here is how to use this tool: 

Step 1: Use The Pen Tool

Pen Tool, Photo Cutout for Product Photography

In the toolbar on the left, select the Pen Tool. It looks like a pen nib. Ensure the “Path” option is selected in the tool options bar at the top of the screen. 

Step 2: Zoom Tool in Image

Zoom into the image to get a precise view of the edges. Use ‘Ctrl +’ [‘Cmd +’ on Mac] to zoom in and ‘Ctrl -’ [‘Cmd -’ on Mac] to zoom out.

Step 3: Click On The Edge of The Product

Now, click on the edge of the product you want to select to create an anchor point. Click and drag to create curved lines. And place additional anchor points along the edges of the product. 

Step 4: Now Repeat The Process 

Covering the edges

Repeat this process and reach the initial point covering the edges of the products. Thus, the path will be completed. 

Step 5: Make Selection

Make Selection, Photoshop Tutorial, ClippingWorld

Now right-click on the image and select Make Selection. Click ‘ctrl +j’ to take the selected product to a transparent background. 

Step 6: Save The Cutout Photo

Delete the background layer and save the cutout photo in PNG format. 

How to Outsource Photo Cutout Services for Product Photography?

Outsource Photo Cutout Services ClippingWorld

You can use a photo cutout service for your product photography. But you must require a professional to cut out images for you. You have to outsource photo cutout services to get your required images. But how can you find an expert editor? Here are the things that you should consider before hiring a photo editing agency: 

Determine Your Requirements

Determine the volume of cutout images you need. Then, determine the specific requirements for each image, such as background removal, retouching, or additional editing services. Also, clearly define your quality standards to the editor.

Ask for Recommendations from Colleagues and Local Network

Your colleagues and local network who have worked with an image editing agency can give a review about the cutout service providers. Then research yourself and make a shortlist. You should consider factors like experience, client reviews, and portfolio quality.

Review Portfolios and Samples

Then, you have to evaluate and review the work samples of shortlisted service providers. Take a precise look at the portfolio. So you can understand if the quality of cutout editing is perfect for your project. 

Negotiate Terms and Pricing

This part is crucial for you. If you think the company can provide the required images, clearly outline the following terms of service: 

  • Deadlines
  • Revisions
  • Confidentiality
  • Payment terms 

Moreover, negotiate the pricing based on the work volume and complexity of the image. Make sure that there are no hidden charges. You should ask for a written agreement about these terms.

Final Thoughts

A photo cutout service is vital to level up your product photography career. If you are a business owner, a high-quality product photo cut-out service is a must to generate sales. 

You can use this service to remove the background and highlight the product to improve the overall outlook of the image. You can edit your images by using simple, medium, or complex image cut-out services. 

However, you can edit your images using the three-image cut-out method. Yet you need to hire an expert for professional photos. Clipping is the leading product photo editing service provider. You can contact this agency for required image editing services. 

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What is product photography called?

Product photography is a particular genre of photography. Here, the editors capture high-resolution photos of the product. The product can be from the medicine industry, cosmetic industry, or a real estate agency. The purpose is to create eye-catching images. 

How do you make product photos look professional?

Photo cutout techniques allow us to make product photos professional. You must remove the background, retouch the image, and create a perfect composition for high-quality product photos. 

What is cutout style?

The expert editors use different photo cutout techniques for professional photographs. In this regard, the experts use different image selection tools like object selection tools, clipping paths, and image masking.