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Are you in the apparel business? When showcasing your products, you face challenges. Achieving the perfect product image is essential to attract customers. The “invisible ghost mannequin effect” is the solution. It helps customers visualize your product’s shape, and it’s cost-effective. Models are expensive, but ghost mannequins can be easily removed in post-production. To create eye-catching, colorful product images, consider the ghost mannequin effect.

Customers are willing to see the shape of your product. If the product is folded or somehow curved along the chest area, it will create a hindrance to the users. This is not good practice at all. 

Your product images have to be colorful and eye-soothing so that they will attract the audience at very first glance. We call it the “invisible ghost mannequin effect.” When you are shooting for the product, keep one thing in mind: models are always expensive, whether ghost mannequins are less expensive and can be separated from the body. 

How Do You Shoot Ghost Mannequin Photography

For photographers, the “invisible ghost mannequin effect” is a game-changer in apparel photography. By combining multiple images in post-production, you can bring apparel to life without the need for live models, saving time and costs. Clipping World Technology streamlines the process, allowing you to optimize your workflow. Achieving perfect color matching between model and mannequin images is simplified, enhancing efficiency in your studio.

E-commerce store owners benefit from the ghost mannequin effect by increasing content production, diversifying product detail pages, and ultimately boosting sales. The result is high-quality, eye-catching clothing images that engage and satisfy customers. With the right service provider, you can achieve the “invisible ghost mannequin” effect professionally, making your apparel products stand out and drive sales.

While doing photography in the studio, we have to choose either a mannequin or a model. However, both of them are important for post-production. 

In this article, we will discuss “How do you shoot ghost mannequin photography?” Let’s go for a detailed discussion. 

The significance of ghost mannequin product photography 

The Ghost mannequin effect, an invisible mannequin photography, or 3D mannequin, has a great impact on the production technique, and it will solve a plethora of problems for the owner. 

Sometimes mannequins can be destructive, and in this case, you might use a ghost mannequin service. By implementing this technique for your product image, you can easily reduce some costs. This is great news for entrepreneurs. 

Using the ghost mannequin service and mannequin removing, you can edit multiple photos of a single product at a time and then combine them for the final output. This process will enhance the beauty of the product, and it will help you increase the business as well. 

The intention is pretty clear. The aim of your customer should be to stick to the product, and it needs to be done by a high-level photo editing service. Listen Podcast

The process of shooting a product for a ghost mannequin photography service 

First step 

In the initial stage, we noticed the ghost mannequin images were a combination of multiple images. Sometimes we call them composite images. The reason is that they are combined with two or more parts. 

process of ghost mannequin


Traditionally, we use two or more images and join them together. However, according to demand, we can add more. Sometimes we are shooting with a fashion brand, or not. Although, most of the clients are asking for a brand name for the garment products.  

Firstly, we need to take pictures of this product from the front and back sides. We are suggesting you use the Nikon D3500 for the photoshoot. In my opinion, they are providing you with the best quality output. 

Second step 

ghost mannequin process, ghost mannequin tips


Lighting plays a major role while you are shooting a product. If the light is not okay, that means there is bad light or uneven light. It might ruin your entire effort. We are suggesting some tips and tricks that will help you to get the proper lighting for the products.

Ghost mannequin products Photography is becoming easier when you have the proper setup in the photo studio. Most of the time, we have to deal with apparel products. 

  • You can use a white or gray background to remove the color distractions. 
  • If there are any wrinkles within the garment products, please make sure you remove them first. 
  • The model should be directly pointing at the camera. 
  • We always prefer natural light streaming. Sometimes we use artificial light, but depending on the product’s color sometimes it might be harmful. 

Third Step 

Please make sure that your targeted product or model is placed at the center of the camera lens. In this case, the camera should cover up the majority of the desired canvas area. 

To do that, we suggest you use a tripod or the optical zoom of your camera to capture the best possible picture. 


ghost mannequin effect, ghost mannequin studio


From the research, we have seen that if we apply the proper mannequin to the eCommerce items, that will increase the sales by 10 to 35%. I believe it will give you a huge boost in profit. 

Keep one thing in your mind, the distance between the tripod and the mannequin should not be too long. It will have a direct impact on photography. The distance has to be marginal. 

Though you are a world famous photographers, your camera settings must be perfect. Here I am providing you with the manual settings mode. 


invisible ghost mannequin, ghost mannequin effect


Manual mode setting 

shutter speed: 1/125

ISO: 100

Flash power: 3.0

Aperture settings: f/8

When you are shooting for a ghost mannequin, keep the ISO as low as possible. It will help you capture a smart photo. Those pictures that have a high ISO will not give you a detailed result. Our aim is to capture it clearly and very sharply.


ghost mannequin photography studio

Fourth step 

If you use a telephoto zoom lens, it will certainly help us to remove distortion from the images. Later on, it will help us capture more precise images, like a small object that is moving towards a big object. Through this process, you can capture every detail of the image. 

Please make sure that your shooting space is large enough. It must be needed to cover up the best camera brands, tripods, two studio lights, and all other accessories that are necessary for shooting. 

A backdrop is important for capturing the scenic image of the product. It can be white, blue, or anything relevant to the product’s color. To ensure the high-quality studio lights, we will ensure them.


ghost mannequin photo final step


Do you like to create a 3D image with our ghost mannequin service? Then capture the front and back parts of your product properly and hang your product over a piece of foam board. After that, you need to continue the photoshoot again. 

This process will allow the inner process and garments to blend. Again, the shots will be different for every product, and the outlook will be different. 

Now, the sensitive part is that we need to make sure that every part of your product has the same lighting. Otherwise, there will be an imbalance of color and the outcome of your project will be terrible. Creating a ghost mannequin can become challenging if you do not follow the proper guidelines. 

Download Ghost Mannequin Photography PowerPoint

Post-production of the invisible mannequin photography 

Open Your Files in Adobe Photoshop and Create Layers

This time you need to open up this image in Adobe Photoshop. You can do that by simply dragging and dropping it over Photoshop. 

After that, you will notice that in the right corner of your Photoshop window there is a layer panel. Select your neck joint image and create the background layer from there. 

Our next task is to use a selection tool to select the product in the mannequin image

Now our next goal is to select the image. Zoom in and make it comfortable for you. At this moment, you need to select your favorite selection tool, and it could be the lasso tool, magic wand, or the most popular quick selection tool. 

We need to refine and place the mask appropriately 

From the Photoshop menu bar, you need to select the refine edge button. Now press the “ok” button to the right of the dialogue box to place the mask into the shirt layer. 

During this time, you can move freely with your product and refine it as much as you need. 

Rinse and repeat prior steps(1-3) with the foam board image 

Now it is high time to repeat some of the previous work. In this way, we need to complete the front and back parts of that product. Make sure you have completed the mannequin illusion part very well. 

Combine all the parts 

This is the most important task while you are providing it to the clients. Make sure all the images are clean, tight, and beautiful. You need to organize it from the foam layers and adjust them one after another so that it will look awesome. 

Remove the unwanted parts from the image 

We need to make the product images beautiful so that the clients will be attracted at first glance. While you are editing those images, there is something irrelevant, and eventually, that will bring the quality down. As a service provider, you need to confirm the highest quality of your product. Keep these things in your mind while you are editing those images. 

Make a shadow of your product and eventually compare it to the others | Ghost mannequin editing 

The final part is creating a shadow of your product. Without a shadow, your image will look fake and it will not attract clients. However, if someone asks you without a shadow, then you need to omit that part. 

Most of the time, clients are asking for images with white backgrounds or transparent backgrounds. While doing image editing, we need to consider all these facts. Now save the image and send it to the clients. 

Check out the relevant tutorial: 

How  to Create Invisible Ghost Mannequin Effect In Photoshop

Final few words | Ghost mannequin Photography 

Ghost mannequin product photography is not a very hard task. You need to practice it several times before shooting. Make sure your camera lens is good enough to capture a beautiful picture. Otherwise, all your attempts will end up in smoke. 

If you want to know more about mannequin photography tips or studio lights, feel free to send us an email at 


What is the impact of the ghost mannequin service on the online store?

The ghost mannequin service will help you to make your product images stunning. It will also help you to make a realistic image. 

The interesting thing is that the ghost mannequin service will visualize the 3D effect within your clothes. 

How much do ghost mannequin services cost? 

It will depend on the type of image, angle, quantity, and so many other things. On average, the cost will vary between $20- $30. 

What is an invisible mannequin? 

Invisible mannequins can be described as different types of removable pieces. Eventually, it will showcase the clothing without any distractions. Sometimes we call it the “ghost mannequin service.” The entire process of photography is being done under the studio lights.  

What is flatlay photography? 

The flatlay image is taken from above, and it looks like a bird’s eye view. It is not the most popular flatlay photography method that we use frequently. This form of photography is popular for food and fashion products. We do not recommend you use flatlay unless it is necessary. 

What is the material of the mannequin? 

In recent times, mannequins have been made from a variety of materials. They can be made either of plastic or fiberglass. However, fiberglass is pretty expensive, so most entrepreneurs will choose the plastic mannequin for the shopping mall.