x-ray effect Photoshop online is a notorious Photoshop technique. As a matter of fact, it is an entertaining way to display hidden details in a picture. But, it does not work on any image you want. The X-ray procedure in the right photo allows you to remove layers of details that can pop your pictures. To get an X-ray effect on your photos you may need to take professional image editing services initially.

You can use the X-ray effect in Photoshop to unlock many creative options. Elevate your photography by using professional image editing services. They can create captivating X-ray transformations, revealing hidden details in flash photos. It’s not a quick fix, though. You can manipulate the layers, from clothing to clouds, to achieve stunning effects. This technique helps images stand out and get attention. It’s great for photographers, managers, and store owners.

Explore the world of X-ray effects in Photoshop. Get creative with technology. There are many possibilities. You can learn various versions of Photoshop. You can manipulate layers of clothing. Learn how to create X-ray effects. In Photoshop, you can use X-ray to reveal hidden details and make clothing transparent. It’s not for fun. It is a powerful tool for artists and photographers. Explore and learn about image editing.

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What Is An X-ray in Photoshop?

X-Ray Photoshop

x-ray effect in Photoshop online is not a single tool or a fast technique in Photoshop. In fact, it is a series of different movements that work together. It ensures the details behind are transparent in layering. Most of the moves you will use can be found in Photoshop.

The methods to make the technique work are multiple. And the effects are the most common. A layer of a picture, like clothing, is diluted and removed to expose what lies behind it. It doesn’t work all the time or in every photograph. In connection, those taken with a flash tend to get the best results. There are a lot of thin layers in photos. They are;

  • Clothing
  • Curtains
  • Drapes
  • Tablecloths
  • Clouds
  • Smoke
  • Fog

The pixels in the top layer need to dilute to show what is behind them. Also, whatever you want to expose must be visible at the level of the pixels. And, remove the pixels to shine up the cached image.

Why Use X-Ray Photoshop Online?

X-ray effect in Photoshop

The use of an X-ray effect in Photoshop is a fun technique for several Photoshop X-ray effect clothes. Also, it does a number of things and is perfect for;

  • Artists who use Photoshop to create unique and interesting effects
  • Creating a “Magic Eye” photo set to bring out hidden details. Also for those that were not visible earlier
  • Enhancing a section of a photo to see more accurately
  • Removing clothing to show off the body behind it
  • Removing some clothing to create a new look. Or replace it with a different set of clothing on the same model
  • Learning to use this technique can help you study for your X-ray effect Photoshop expert exam.

How To Create The X-ray Effect in Photoshop?

In all Photoshop versions, this particular X-ray effect does not work. The fact is true for images as well. Because not every image supports the X-ray effect in Photoshop.

However, it works fairly well in Photoshop versions between 6.01 and CS2. And, appears to be approximately 60% of photos in hidden details. This is a fairly simple version of the technique to use. Anyone who has spent some time working with Photoshop’s important tools can learn to figure it out.

How To Use The X-ray Effect in Photoshop?

Start Photoshop

Open your Photoshop copy and choose a photo that contains an area where you want to apply this effect. Also for a layer of something that you wish to remove like, a section of the clothing for revealing skin. And a rim to show the window.

Use of Pen tool

Use the pen or lasso tool to select the photo section you want to work on. Besides, you may have to play with the way you can select a small area of the photo for work. And, leave the rest alone according to the Photoshop version you are working with.

Contrasting Black-and-white Picture

Go to Channel Mixer and convert the section to Black and White. Also, please change the image. And, choose ‘Infrared’ when Photoshop asks you about the kind of enhancement you want. This turns the section into a powerful, contrasting black-and-white picture. Also, starts revealing the details.

Constant Bar

At the bottom of the infrared selection, go to the ‘Constant bar’ and set it to -55.5. This starts to contrast with disclosing more details.

Image Adjustments Exposure Setting

Go to the Image Adjustments exposure setting and move it to 5.88. Now, you want a high-contrast black-and-white picture. And some sharp details to look like the section of the image. Don’t worry. What you intend to delete now, looks bolder and more presentable.

Select “Other” in the filter section of the top bar.

High Pass

Set the High Pass to 80. Now, you will see some of the hidden details. They start shining across the area you are working on. Also, if you remove a layer of clothing, you’ll see the skin as it is transparent through the fabric.


Play the contrast more to smooth up the image. And more details from the background can start to appear. You may need to increase it a little bit. Besides, the blur feature not only blurs the part but also the picture behind it.

Change it back and forth, you can find the sweet spot where the top layer is boring enough for transparency. But, the bottom part is still sharp enough to be visible.

Go to the levels and start tweaking them up and down until the final details are clear. And the original layer is gone. You may want to adjust the section’s color at this point. If it seems too gray or if you want to adjust its contrast, the light, and shadow or its light direction until you start looking the right way.

Remember that it intends to look transparent in the top layer, as the clothing. And, do not vanish them all.

Dodge Tool

If the area appears to be too dark, select the ‘Dodge Tool’. Run the area to light it to remove the top layer. Once the layer is illuminated, move to the ‘Burn Tool’. And, concentrate on the details you want. This helps to create the effect that the top layer disappears as the hidden details start to come out.

X-Ray Photoshop Online

Photoshop versions

Photoshop’s X-ray technique is a fun way. It creates a number of photographic types with singular and artistic expressions. Using X-ray in Photoshop, you can remove see-through clothes in Photoshop, disclose the details hidden, and create a magical look.

And, that will certainly draw your attention with an impressive view. Also, this technique requires some patience. At the same time, you will learn to apply and play with different settings to achieve the result. Also, the final look is often worth the effort.

Benefits of X-ray Effect in Photoshop

X-Ray Photoshop Online

You may conclude that using this technique enables you to find information you never knew about. And, is also suspected of having been in a photograph. Start tweaking and playing with the different layers. And, you will learn to discover something hidden under the surface.

You can choose those photos that work well. Also, beginners will sharpen their artistic eye by using this technique in several photos. And open up a whole new world of work opportunities for Photoshop. Try it now and see what’s hidden in your photos.


Clipping World, an image editing company in the USA offers high-quality image post-processing solutions. Also, we have 8 years of successful professional image editing records worldwide. And worked for some of the biggest brands in today’s market. The technique I just discussed, is used to remove dust and other disturbing elements. We cannot see them with our bare eyes.

For professional model photos, this technique plays a savior role. Model images cannot have any kind of dust or impurities. And, if you want your photos to be distraction-free accurate color I would recommend this technique. Moreover, if you want professionals to work on your images, contact CWL.


Is X-ray imaging utilized in photography?

X-ray images can be captured using this technique. The use of X-rays in conjunction with a photographic process to expose details that would otherwise be obscured by the object being photographed (such as fossils). The non-destructive nature of the method is a major advantage.

What is the process of x-ray effect photoshop?

In Photoshop, X-ray is a technique for manipulating images. For a humorous effect, you will be able to see through your clothes with X-ray vision with this effect. Photoshop’s X-ray effect can be used to create X-ray images by uncovering previously concealed elements in the image’s layers. As you remove specifics from your photos, it can increase the popularity of your work.

What’s x-ray effect photoshop?

Photoshop’s X-ray effect lets you make clothing transparent so that you can see the background or a human body beneath it when editing photos. The X-ray technique can be utilized for creative and funny purposes, depending on what you choose to disclose behind the garment!