Top 10 Photography Studios In The World
  • September 16, 2021
  • MD Ashraf Uddin Noyon
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Nowadays, whether or not there’s a significant life event, people prefer to have beautiful pictures. In order to document their special occasions. For both indoor and outdoor settings, this has led to increasing demand for photography. A studio owner takes a photography post-production service after a photo shoot to make a catch look of an image.

Often, It might be difficult to select a suitable location for photography. Fortunately, there are wonderful photography studios for rent. So, when it comes to photography, the location has a huge influence on what you get out of it. And, in order to solve that problem, we have selected the top photo studios around the world. Aside from fantastic photo opportunities. Listen Podcast

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The locations are also perfect for receptions, product launches, fashion shows, and other events. So, whether you need a commercial photo studio. A modeling photography studio, or a wedding photography studio, we have you covered!

Top 10 Photography Studios In The World

1. Quixote Studios (

photography studio

Quixote, which began in 1992 as a small transportation business, is now a prominent supplier of everything related to image creation. Including equipment, supplies, and setting up a photo studio.

When it comes to Los Angeles picture studios, Quixote doesn’t have just one. Quixote has been staged in West Hollywood, Griffith Park, and the North Valley. As well as a branch in New Orleans.

The studio has very passionate staff members to support all of its production facilities. They also maintain a foundation of must-needed perks. For example, designated parking coffee bars and on-site production offices.

Quixote, on the other hand, takes pleasure in offering exceptional professional experiences. But also, extraordinary personal ones that you & your team will remember for many projects to come.

Finally, Quixote is the only Los Angeles photo studio with the largest and most diverse crew of all of the studios in the city. And the most trustworthy providers of image-production equipment in the business.

2. Smashbox Studios (

Smashbox Studios

Smashbox Studios is a picture studio in Los Angeles and New York that caters specifically to high-class professionals. Great-grandsons of Hollywood makeup artist Max Factor launched it in 1991.

Smashbox’s two locations in Downtown L.A. and Culver City each provide nine studio rooms. As well as plenty of outside filming options. The majority of the various areas include new and enhanced versions of conventional amenities for a Los Angeles picture studio.

The goal of each of them is to go above and beyond. Private patios, private kitchenettes, private bathrooms, private hair, makeup, and wardrobe areas. As well as top-of-the-line internet and digital integration, are all standard features of Smashbox’s locations. This is a go-to place for a modeling photography studio.

Smashbox even includes valet service with most of its levels, a drool-worthy bonus. Smashbox Studios offers a wide range of in-house services. Including camera, grip, and lighting rentals, post-production management, and even motion capture solutions.

They have a futuristic and very appealing feature that’s still uncommon for a conventional picture studio in Los Angeles. If you’re searching for a Los Angeles photography studio that values your comfort above all else, consider renting from Smashbox.

3. Bellamy Loft (

photography studio

When it comes to event venues, Bellamy Loft is one of the best. Beyond its convenient area, you’ll like its stunning, minimalist, and elegant interior design. Wide windows give in lots of natural light, which complements the white walls and grey white-washed flooring.

In addition to the great location, the sister company VintageBASH is located just next door. So you’ll have quick access to gorgeous props & furniture rentals. Bellamy Loft lets you hire any decoration at a steep discount.

In addition to weddings, corporate gatherings, and workshops, Bellamy Loft may be rented out for other special events. They even have a newborn photography studio.

Moreover, they have a huge space of 3000 sq. feet with 80 people sitting capacity and a large dance space. To run your events smoothly they also have some addons to serve you better.

The company has an indoor floral and decor service, an event management team, an in-house photography studio, and professional photographers. 

4. Mint Room Studios (

Mint Room Studios

In the Mint Room Studios, you’ll find over 5,000 square feet of shooting area and six studio rooms. Including the Ballroom on the 3rd level, the Conservatory, the Library, and the Lounge on the 2nd floor. All the spaces have a beautiful environment that complements whatever theme or style you choose.

Besides Minto Room Studios, they introduced Preto Loft, a new addition to their studios. This features concrete accented walls with stunning furnishings and is located in the same building. Located at 213 Sterling Road, Preto Loft is a 5-minute drive away from Mint Room Studio.

A cement wall with three light pink standing arches is the major feature of their West Side Studio, making it an ideal background for any photo shoot. With dark-stained floors and greyish ceilings, the rest of the studio looks drab and dreary.

The studio features two 13-foot-high windows, huge double doors, and folding doors that connect the space to the East Side. The south-facing studio area provides 900 square feet of filming space.

5. N1 Studios (

N1 photography Studio

A studio space created by photographers for photographers and filmmakers. This is a London-based studio. A serene setting with a nice feel in which to stage your show or event. They have created a genuinely unique modern atmosphere via intelligent design and imaginative use of space. 

N1 Studios is perfect for a wide range of photographic projects since it has a big clean shooting area, plenty of natural light, and a fully-equipped kitchen and eating room. This place is a great option for studio family photography.

Moreover, their price is very reasonable. Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, ASOS, and M&S have all utilized the studio for photography. ‘The Apprentice’ for television, and ‘Aldi’ for advertising.

6. Alta Production (

Alta Production

Alta Productions is well-known for a number of sources aside from its capacity to perform both photography and videography projects. You can do anything in their 400-foot-long area since it’s so large.

Moreover, Alta Productions is also well-known for its awards, both locally and globally. Since its inception, the studio has proved that it is unrivaled in terms of both quality and speed.

Their experience dates back to 1998 and they have already managed over 2000 projects. Because of their years of experience, you’ll be in good hands.

7. ABC Photography (

ABC Photography studio

ABC Photography was founded in 2006. They are regarded as one of the top photo studios in Singapore due to their high-quality services and professional photographers. It caters to a wide range of occasions, including graduations, maternity, newborns, and even business celebrations.

ABC Photography has also expanded into commercial photography, shooting photographs for advertising and marketing firms. Its photographers have extensive expertise in all types of studio photography, so you can be certain that you’re in good hands. They are mostly popular for studio pregnancy photoshoots and studio maternity photoshoots. 

So, if you want a picture studio that goes above and beyond the call of duty, this is unquestionably the best option for you!

8. Lightdrop Studios (

Lightdrop Studios

This is a Melbourne photography studio located about 4 kilometers from the city center. So, photographers can rent a 130-square-meter area at the studio. In the Young Husband Woolstore Complex, an essential element of the city’s history, you’ll find it. 

Open-plan studio with a retro-industrial appearance that can accommodate a variety of photography demands. New York Style loft building allows you to construct a variety of different interior designs.

Natural daylight and its lovely blank canvas create a fantastic atmosphere. Many customers can afford the prices, and the studio is open seven days a week. Parking for your clients is also available at no additional charge.

9. The White Space Photographic Studio (

The White Space Photographic Studio

White Space Photographic Studio is one of the most well-known and well-respected professional photo studios in Melbourne. The studio is on the top floor of Fitzroy’s famous Moran and Cato building.

The White Space is a fully heated and air-conditioned daylight photography studio. People that work at this studio know what they’re doing. They also care about their customers and strive to provide them with exceptional service.

Open-plan architecture accommodates a variety of photography requirements. And, this is such technique is used in the fashion business to promote products or to create appealing interiors for rooms.

On the premises, there is a cyclorama measuring over three meters high, six feet deep, and seven feet wide. Well, the rental area is around 174 square meters in size. South-facing windows let in a lot of natural light, which is great for portraiture.

Furthermore, the blackout blinds and the windows are fitted with dimmer switches to regulate the studio illumination. In the rental package, they offer secure parking, a loading dock, elevator changing rooms, WiFi, and a boardroom table and chairs.

10. The Studio Harcourt (

The Studio Harcourt

This exceptional portrait artist offers premium photo shoots for you and your loved ones to have a really memorable experience and create timeless photographs with the help of Studio Harcourt. 

Black and white studio portraits and colors are available from Studio Harcourt. In addition to Prestige Portraits, Studio Harcourt also offers Professional Portraits and Wedding Photos, as well as Advertising Photos.

Studio Harcourt, located in the center of Paris, provides a unique and adaptable environment for your private parties or corporate seminars. And, unusual location and outstanding photographic solutions for unique and lasting occasions. And, Paris’s Studio Harcourt welcomes you into its Parisian environment, where you’ll learn about its rich history and cultural legacy.

11. Dorothy’s Shutter Artistry (

Dorothy's Shutter Artistry

Dorothy’s Shutter Artistry is a testament to the art of photography. Our mission is to freeze time and encapsulate the essence of life’s most precious moments. We believe that every picture tells a story, and our team of talented photographers is committed to narrating your unique story through the lens.

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12. Kevin Day Visuals (

Kevinday Photography

Kevin Day Visuals is where passion and professionalism meet artistry. We understand the significance of your moments, and we work tirelessly to ensure they are immortalized in photographs that evoke genuine emotions. Our approach is to blend creativity with authenticity, resulting in images that speak volumes.

13. Ravisual Creations (


Ravisual Creations is your gateway to a world of visual wonder. We’re passionate about creating stunning visuals that narrate stories and evoke emotions. Our team of photographers is committed to capturing the essence of every moment, turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary art.

14. Tal’s Studio Excellence (


At Tal’s Studio Excellence, we’re more than just photographers; we’re memory-makers. We offer a wide range of photography services designed to capture the uniqueness of your moments. Our approach is rooted in professionalism and creativity, ensuring that your cherished memories are preserved with precision and passion.

15. Studio 308 Photography (


Studio 308 Photography is where your ideas meet magic. Our aim is to turn your unique vision into visual masterpieces. We create images that resonate with the individuality of your story, ensuring that every photograph is a reflection of your style and personality.

16. ShareIt Moments (


ShareIt Moments is all about celebrating the beauty of life. Our photography is a celebration of moments, capturing the joy, love, and shared experiences that define your story. With us, your special occasions become timeless memories that can be cherished and shared for generations to come.

17. SA Studios Media (

Sa Studios

SA Studios Media is dedicated to the art of visual storytelling. We use our lens to bring your stories to life, capturing moments in a way that resonates with your audience. Our photography is not just about taking pictures; it’s about creating narratives that engage and captivate.

18. Live Wonderful Photography (

Live Wonderful, Photography Studio, ClippingWorld

Live Wonderful Photography celebrates the beauty of everyday life. We believe that the extraordinary can be found in the ordinary. Our images reflect the wonder and magic in simple moments, turning everyday occurrences into extraordinary memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

19. Dynamite Studio Inc. (

Dynamite Studio

At Dynamite Studio Inc., we’re all about making a lasting impact. Our photography is dynamic and explosive, capturing the energy, vibrancy, and passion of your moments in every shot. We strive to create images that leave a lasting impression and tell a powerful story about your unique experiences.

20. Vikram Pathak Captures (

Vikram Pathak, Photography Studio

Vikram Pathak Captures is more than just a photography service; it’s an experience. We are dedicated to the craft of visual storytelling. Our photography transcends the ordinary and explores the extraordinary in every image. Each photograph is a symphony of emotions, capturing the raw, unfiltered beauty of your special moments.

Tip After Photography

You may have gone far enough with the best photography studio but wait. But, do you believe that is all and no need for further enhancements? Wrong, you need to perform those photos with the best professional photo editing studio before engaging. Well, there are hundreds of service providers offering the same.

Don’t be fooled. Basically, you must choose the one that can serve you with every requirement especially stunning quality, swift task completion, and reasonable pricing. So, why don’t you have a peek at the highly dedicated service provider at hand? You won’t need to seek any other at all.

Photo Editing Studio Clipping World

Clipping World is such photo editing company that is heavily loaded with various image enhancement operations such as subject isolation or advanced photo manipulation. And, to be more specific, a number of photo editing services are in the queue and you can choose any or a couple of them from there.

Well, the very thing that is mentionable is, that you will have the best quality, low cost, and quick turnaround for any of your projects.  Furthermore, you can have urgent services on a tight schedule if that is unavoidable. And, we are here to assist you with the pack of photo editing solutions.

The services that Clipping World provides are;

  1. Clipping Path Services
  2. Background Removal Services
  3. Multi-Clipping Path Service
  4. Clipping With Shadow Service
  5. Image Masking Services
  6. Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect
  7. Photo Retouching Services
  8. Photo Color Correction
  9. Image Restoration Services
  10. Photo Cut Out Service
  11. Image Manipulation Service
  12. Photography Post Production Services
  13. Jewellery Photo Editing Service
  14. eCommerce Photo Editing Services
  15. Product Photo Editing Service
  16. Graphics Design Services
  17. Web Development Services


Photography is all about creativity and an eye for detail. But, a well-equipped photography studio can make the work easy and get the best outputs. While considering a professional photography studio one should always keep in mind that it is important to be sure about your photography niche.

So, when you are sure about the niche then compare the ideas with different studios and see their features select in which studio you will get the well-deserved output for your photography.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

Ans. Yes, without an appointment it is impossible for a studio to do your work as all their bookings are kept scheduled prior to convenient times and dates.

Can you bring your pet to photography?

Ans. Most of the studios allow that and you should inform them in advance about your furry friend while booking.

Do they alter the pictures?

Ans. Yes, all the reputed studios provide their customers with photo retouching and photo editing services. And, they use the software named adobe photoshop and use different methods like shadow creation, image masking, etc to fix your photo.

How long does a studio or location shoot take?

Ans. A studio session might take anything from 60 minutes to an hour. This allows us plenty of opportunities to change our outfits and experiment with different backdrops.

Should I go to a stylist before the shoot?

Ans. You are welcome to consult with a professional stylist before the appointment, but please ensure that you are happy with the outcomes. There will be no retakes due to terrible hair days.