Product Photography Backdrop

The Product Photography industry is all about demonstrating a product with an exclusive look. Obtaining comparable product captions demands a vast number of technical equipment. Product Photography Backdrop has supreme importance in making a product alluring with a flawless background.

Professional photo backdrops come up with several colors, styles, materials, patterns, and shapes. These attributes stand to quench the appetency of a photographer. A question arises at this moment, how to determine a Product Photography Backdrop for a photo shoot as your best concern?

Selecting high-quality photography backdrops for the product is not an easy task. A professional product photographer with extreme ideas on product background can pick an appropriate one.

Often the background relates to the manner and style of a picture, therefore take a decision meticulously. Moreover, only a professional understands the importance of a backdrop for product photography in the marketing strategy.

However, a couple of things you must consider to choose a compatible backdrop board for product photography.

Top 10 Product Photography Backdrop

A vast number of trendy photo backdrops are available online. Remember, the prices, size, and materials vary depending on the backdrop’s categories—very few backdrops for product photography conquer the best-selling position online. Today I made a slight attempt to demonstrate those most attractive backdrops here.

This article will also stand beside you with a complete review of the top 10 Product Photography Backdrops. If you are a novice in this niche, learn first a comprehensive guide to product photography.

A-List of The Best Product Photography Backdrop

Muslin Backdrop

Muslin a compatible product photography backdrop

Muslin is fabric indeed used for various purposes. From the late 17th century to the current, the existence of muslin fabric in history is alive. In the long history, muslin was the standard requirement of people for dressmaking.

In recent, It’s a medium-weight and inexpensive woven cotton cloth familiar as the product photography backdrop. The special attributes of this high-quality studio backdrop are the power of paints and colors.


The Muslin photography backdrop’s average size is 5 feet X 7 feet with a pocket at the peak. If we convert the measurement into inches, then it will be 60’x84′. Customizing opportunities according to the client’s expectations is the most attractive characteristic of Muslin’s background.


A combination of microfiber soft cloth and a set of PVC tubes make great photography backdrops called Muslin.


The price range for the Muslin backdrop varies depending on the quality, quantity, and type. But to give an approximate idea, the price is between $15 to $150.

Pros of Muslin

  • The Muslin backdrop is exceptionally tolerable in a rough and challenging situation.
  • It undergoes the negligence of being put away in the corner of the studio but still looks smooth.
  • Folding won’t affect the Muslin backdrop for a better photo shoot.
  • Muslin is a solid fabric with long durability and never gets torn.
  • Stretching it will present an unwrinkled and smooth background for product photography.
  • The Muslin backdrop is comparatively more reasonable than different backdrops in the price range.
  • Another advantage of this backdrop is washable, also with boiled water.
  • In a specific condition, it can be ironed if requires.

Cons of Muslin

  • When the demand for an ultra-smooth product image background comes up, the Muslin backdrop fails to bring it.
  • This kind of high-quality studio backdrop needs a sophisticated light system.
  • A few Muslin backdrops cost a bit higher when there is a question to choose the best one.
  • Hand-printed Muslin patterned photography backdrops are not cleanable.

Vinyl Backdrops

Vinyl backdrop for product photography

A vinyl Backdrop is the most unique and sustainable background in the current market for product photography. It is made with premium quality and water defiance ingredients. Nowadays, numerous professional photographers prefer to set up the studio with Vinyl backdrops for better output.


Vinyl backdrops are designed for multiple supporting stands but are highly popular for their specific support system. When the requirement for a large background comes up, we advise a long durable aluminum core. Available in various dimensions, 5×7, 5×12, 8×10, 9×10, 9×20, 10×10, and 10×20 [ Measurements in Square Feet ]


A complete composition of a Vinyl backdrop consists of PVC materials and blaze-free matte. Besides, the manufacturing procedure highly intends for the durability of this type of image backdrop.


The usual price of a Vinyl Product photography backdrop is $15 to $30. Meanwhile, the cost can exceed this range when a client has special requirements.


  • The sustainability of the Vinyl backdrop is a bit longer in comparison with others.
  • Compatible to resist the devastation that water causes.
  • The vinyl backdrop can easily be rolled up on cardboard so that the backdrop remains protected and hangs on the wall.
  • The Vinyl backdrop can be used as an alternative for Floor Drops.
  • The most convenient part for a photographer is that’s a fast cleanable patterned photography backdrop.
  • The Vinyl photography backdrops are available in various sizes online.


  • The matte is very smooth; however, a sheen reflection can sometimes interrupt the white/black background while shooting.
  • Another major problem of Vinyl backdrops is the white border which causes distraction.

Collapsible Backdrops

Collapsible backdrop for easy use

A Collapsible Backdrop is considered a lightweight image background. The quick setup option of such a type of backdrop can convert a studio to an actual outdoor location. Collapsible Backdrop has the operating system of Multifunction. Fixing Horizontally and vertically as the photographer’s demand is a good example.

Even more, two distinct colors are painted separately on each part of the backdrop. Along with that, photographers have the flexibility to paint the backdrops with desired colors. So, photographers get the convenience to cover a product image with diverse backgrounds at a time.

A Collapsible backdrop is an ideal option for novice photographers who can not afford a comprehensive studio. It helps to convert a baby space or room into a photography studio. However, these are the standard facilities of such a category backdrop, making a photographer crazy to stand for it.


The ordinary sizes of Collapsible Backdrop that are available in the market are 5′ x 6′  and 5′ x 7′. Nevertheless, the measurement can vary depending on the requirement. Most often, the photographers inquire about the backdrop size of about 6′ x 7′.


Microfiber is the primary ingredient that is most frequently used in Collapsible Backgrounds. Also, Nylon blend and Cotton fiber are other options for such backdrop.


The Common price range for Collapsible Backdrops strat $40, But the price can go up and down based on the marketplace.


  • The collapsible Backdrop is well comfortable for portrait and body shots.
  • Both of the backdrop sides are painted as the convenience you have the opportunity to utilize both parts.
  • The collapsible is a crinkle and folds-free backdrop.
  • The possibility of taking images with zero distraction and post-processing is ten out of ten.
  • Due to the lightweight and movable facility, It’s an ideal choice for a product photographer.
  • Conducting a Collapsible Backdrop demands only one person, no associate need.
  • Such Backdrop Provides an explicit shoot without any reflections of lighting.
  • High durability is the prime characteristic of a Collapsible backdrop.
  • The price of this backdrop is in the mid-range and easy to effort for a beginner.
  • Easily washable; You can wipe it up with a moist fabric.


  • You may fail to fold up the backdrop properly or think it’s a difficult task for the first time. But once you understand the deep strategy, you will consider your initial effort as hilarious.
  • Size restriction; compatible with a single person’s portrait photography setup. But capturing a family or group photo with this backdrop is quite difficult.

Seamless Paper Backdrops

Seamless Paper backdrop suitable for product photography

Seamless Paper Backdrop is a precious solution for quick product photography. Photographers can make an arrangement shortly with this genre of backdrops. Using fabric as backdrop photography may be a delightful decision, but Seamless Paper is a smart alternative for quick photography.

Highly experienced professional product photographer utilizes Seamless backdrops for seasonal photography. Because the outcome of this backdrop is extremely alluring.


Seamless photo backdrop size doesn’t have variation. The usual length of a Seamless backdrop is around 2.72m or 3.6m.


A big roll of paper and a PVC frame.


The current price of a Seamless paper backdrop is approximately $40.


  • The Seamless Backdrop is a combination of full fine-tooth and reflection-free.
  • Easy to make a configuration properly.
  • This backdrop assists a photographer in getting an appropriate light into the product images.
  • For product photography, it has special care to provide white background.
  • The price is quite reasonable to others.
  • Such backdrops are recyclable if it’s collected with calmness after each shoot.
  • The color variety of Seamless backdrops is huge in the market collection.


  • Fragile: The Seamless Paper Backdrop can be torn easily.
  • The durability of this backdrop is less because of its thin paper.
  • Time-consuming: it requires a bit extra time to set up.
  • Huge Size: carrying seamless backdrops is almost impossible for its giant size.

Velvet Backdrops

Velvet Backdrops best for photography background

Velvet is a kind of tufty fabric similar to Velour. Such types of clothes are highly soft and smooth due to the procedure of distributing their threads. The surface of this fabric is totally wrinkle-free. However, these special attributes bring the photographer to the door of Velvet Backdrop.

But there is a common complication; it’s a DIY backdrop for product photography. Such backdrops are not available to the retailers. As a consequence, photographers take the initiative to make it by themself. Nevertheless, In giant platforms, like Amazon, Alibaba, and Savage Universal, you will find Velvet product photography.


Basically, the Velvet backdrop size depends on the photographer’s requirements. Most usable sizes are 70x100cm, 100x140cm, 140x150cm, 140x200cm, and 140x250cm.


Such a backdrop is made with a composition of velvet fabric and PVC stand.


The regular price of a Velvet backdrop is around $100. However, the cost can vary for the sizes.


  • Exceptional performance in portrait captions.
  • Excellent in providing High-quality educational video, broadcasting, and filmmaking.
  • It’s featherweight and very comfortable.
  • With good care, it can last long.
  • The perfect distance of a product from the backdrop can provide an alluring look to the subject.


  • About 5% of the light reflects if there is a tiny mistake.
  • It’s not washable
  • Without proper attention and maintenance, it can be destroyed.

Canvas Backdrop

Canvas Backdrop for fashion and product photograph

If there is a discussion about canvas, the first word we spell out is painting. The color of a Painted Canvas backdrop can be anything but most commonly used off-white, white and ecru paints. These paints are easily fastenable with a canvas background without wasting a single drop of ingredients.

Howsoever, photographers care for Canvas backdrop for its specialty of indoor and outdoor photoshoots.


If it’s your first time considering buying a Canvas backdrop, keep in mind, it comes in various sizes. It has variations for food photographers as well as for tabletop and product photographers. Regular Sizes are 50″X70.8″ and the large one is .66.9″X110.2″.


The ingredients are smooth cotton fabric, various colors of the painting, and other necessary equipment as the rigid material, PVC pipe is the prime requirement for the backdrop stand.


It’s hard to provide a number, but the regular price starts from $50. Even the cost can be $100.


  • It’s an ideal choice for product photography but can be utilized for different types of photography. For instance, Weddings, Newborns, Holidays, Birthdays, Parties, Events, and Family photography.
  • Available in various sizes and also can customize the size according to the project requirement.
  • It’s a strong composition of three distinct layers, so you get a soft, smooth, and crease-free surface.
  • The canvas backdrop is strongly protected from water and easily cleanable.
  • The price is in the moderate range.
  • It’s a long sustainable backdrop in the photography industry.


  • In most cases, the Canvas backdrop does not have a third layer, made of vinyl. So the transparency goes down.
  • The Canvas background with two layers has less durability.
  • The primary issue of such a type of backdrop is the heavyweight.
  • It‘s hard to carry the Canvas Background from place to place.
  • The ordinary cost of a Canvas backdrop is much higher than other backdrops.
  • Setting up such backdrops is really a tough and time-consuming task to accomplish.
  • After a completed project, when it’s time to roll up, it needs special care.

Chroma Key Backdrop

Chroma Key Backdrop for product photography

In general, Chroma Key Backdrop is made to film and cover great pictures. These backdrops are highly comfortable in making the background transparent. The common creation of the Chroma Key backdrop is with an extensive blue background. At an early age, such backdrops were the first to be utilized for filmmaking.

Even the photographer and filmmakers focus on frequent uses of these backdrops in the current days. It has a human skin tone-resistant color, and for that, it got famous among photographers.


Size varies depending on the requirements but making an idea; the size is 80.5 x 60″.


Chroma Key product photography backdrop background material is a standard mixture of digital green and blue fabric. These fabrics are invented by using nylon-spandex ingredients. So, it doesn’t get any wrinkles and folding marks on the surface.


The specialty of Chroma Key backdrop, it’s not limited in size. As a consequence, the price can be huge depending on size. However, the regular price starts from $150.


  • Chroma Key makes the work procedure easier and contributes to time-saving.
  • Such backdrops never demand any additional types of equipment to make the background transparent.
  • Eliminate the primary cost of photographers.
  • It combines green & blue backgrounds, silver & gold lighting Reflections.
  • These backdrops are easy to carry for their lightweight facility.
  • It can be hung in the background frame by a hook without putting in extra labor. Even more, you can attach it to a wall to set up the background.
  • It’s a long-lasting backdrop with premium facilities.
  • Flexible background convenience.
  • Wrinkle and folding-free background.
  • Chroma backdrop can be used in multiple photographs.


  • Chroma key background will make your workflow a bit harder.  
  • It required a more straightforward but technical setup system, which is difficult to learn.
  • As a novice photographer, you have to spend a long time away from your valuable life.

Wrinkle-Resistant Polyester Backdrops

Wrinkle Resistant Polyester a product photography backdrops

Wrinkle-Resistant is a professional backdrop for photographers. Such backdrops are commonly compatible with students, novices, and part-time. Wrinkle-Resistant Polyester Backdrops are available in several colors, but two standard distinctive colors are prevalent.

Photographers who are in the regular niche of portrait photography, tremendously interested in Wrinkle-Resistant backdrops.


A Wrinkle-Resistant Polyester Background is available in two sizes, 5×9’ and 6×9’. Nevertheless, photographers can order in various sizes.


A 5×6 or 5×9 polyester fabric background has been used with a smooth, seamless matt, along with that made with a composition of water-resistant ingredients.


The regular price range is $40 to $150 varies on the product quality.


  • Perfectly suitable for indoor products, parties, weddings, and Christmas photography.
  • Work as the best alternative in the hot season.
  • Strong; the durability is high with an extreme concentration.
  • Flexible; it is flexible to use and also can utilize both surfaces.
  • Extended power to dry quicker than others.
  • The Chroma Key backdrops are totally wrinkled and folding-free.
  • Inexpensive, the cost is relatively minor in comparison with other backdrops.
  • Another great advantage is that it’s ironable and washable.


  • Sticky trendy.
  • Not compatible with every seasonal condition.
  • Not breathable like others.

Floor Backdrops

Floor Backdrops for professional photography

Floor backdrop is another name for a photographer’s affection for photography backdrop. It’s a presentation of non-skid polyester ingredients resembling home, office, and car matt. Floor backdrops are a notch-free slender material that bestows a hassle-free space to walk through. The great benefit of this background is that it entirely views the authentic one.


When there is a question about the size of a Floor Backdrop, it always refers to two different sizes, such as 5’x7’ & 8’x8’.


Creating a Floor backdrop requires a vital non-slip ingredient on the top and rubber backing and backdrop stand.


It’s tough to give you an exact price for a Floor Backdrop for versatile sizes. However, the cost can start from only $6 and can end up with $150+.


  • It’s available in 24 interesting backdrop photography styles.
  • The background looks so realistic.
  • It is a creative design in the backdrops category.
  • Floor backdrops help in detail demonstrating.
  • It‘s a painted background, so get a highly smooth surface.
  • Sustainability is a bit longer than ordinary backdrops.
  • Polyester material gives ultra comfort in taking shots.
  • It has a great thickness, which makes it a heavy-duty backdrop.


  • Its large size is a big problem.
  • Heavy Weight
  • Not easy to carry

Backdrop Travel Kits

Backdrop Travel Kits best for adventure photography

Capturing images from place to place is typical for an event, birthday, wedding, or any functional photographer. Traveling to various locations needs a quick and easy setup operation for photography. Here comes the necessity of Travel Kits Backdrop for a flawless photo shoot.

The fabric is also wrinkle-free like others’ backgrounds, so you can avoid wasting time to make it smooth. Further, the star-figure structure stretches the cloth from up to down for professional portrait photography. Travel Kits is a small photography backdrop for professional photos.


Travel Kit’s backdrop size is not much more significant, and the regular size is 5′ x 12′.


Backdrop Travel Kits can cost a photographer around $120.


  • Travel Kits are considerably better for portrait photography.
  • The prominent reason for getting attracted to the photographer is its small size.
  • Excellent in full-body portrait.
  • Present photographs without any reflections.
  • Provide images with zero blemishes.
  • Nothing to feel when carrying from place to place.
  • The stand is made of aluminum, so its durability is considerably high.
  • We need a short time to finish the operation.
  • The weight is very light with an alluring design.
  •  It can be taken for a trip as well.


  • It cannot cover a vast area.
  • It’s not compatible with a product photography backdrop.
  • Easily destroyable.

Where Can I Get Product Photography Backdrops?

Finding a comprehensive idea about the price, quality, size, and color of photography backdrops is not puzzling. If you want to get a feeling of physical observation, visit your nearest camera store. In contrast, considering the time is valuable, visit online for an overall idea.

An online marketplace list has given below. You can also check Best Cameras for Product Photography to find out what camera is best for product photography and best suit you. 

  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • Savage Universal
  • Backdrop Outlet
  • Kate Backdrop

Precious Assets to Choose a Product Photography Backdrop

Except for colors, several assets are considered precious at this stage of finding suitable backdrops. So, highly sustainable, comfortable, and wrinkles-free backdrops demand such attributes are mentioned below.

  • The quality of material
  • The backdrop’s dimension
  • The embellishment level of backdrops
  • The final cost of backdrops

Determining the Best Product Photography Backdrops Colors

The mode of lighting, direction, story, and focal distance all play their best with an intact color background. So, to collect compliments from clients as a product photographer requires a background with a standard color combination. Remember, the color of backdrops is endless in number.

In a nutshell, watch your step for color variation through a product photo editing service that can provide extreme color composition. However, to the best of your knowledge, few of the multitasker backdrop’s color has been demonstrated.

  • Grey-  it’s a monochromatic color that helps the viewer to focus on the subject.
  • White- White is a common color sign of the human mind, so never distract people from the subject.
  • Black- provides zero reflection as the background.
  • Texture- Texture is a creative color that convinces clients to receive a story from a set of pictures.
  • Bold colors- Bold colors are acceptable as professional with an alluring look.

Final Thought

Thinking about landscape, cityscape, or any type of photography that takes place outdoors, you may continue without backdrops. While product photography can’t emerge avoiding backdrops. So, product photography backdrops are the obligations of a professional photographer.

As we know the diversion of photography backdrops, we tried our best to place the most compatible and top-rated backdrops here. Moreover, the mentioned backdrops are maximum budget-friendly in the marketplace.

Finally, we can’t pledge your anticipated output look on a raw product image captured with a backdrop. But adding a few editing effects to product images may bring you the desired result. Finally, the serial we maintained to demonstrate these backdrops has nothing to do with quality assurance.