different types of photography

Considering only one category of photography exists in this modern world; is it the right concept? Nop, the modern invention of several photographic instruments, gives you the convenience to practice with different types of photography.

Most photographers push themselves toward the multiple photography categories. while a few of them stick with a particular photography genre. However, achieving expertise in different styles of photography can be a strong support to obtaining greatness. Never keep yourself to limited skills or in a bounded place; otherwise, the world will forget you.

Today, you will discover about 50 different types of photography styles with a brief explanation. Along with that, you will receive various tricks and tips that can take you to the expertise level of the most common niches in the photographic industry.  However, read our blog on how to get into photography for proper instruction.

A-List of Different Types of Photography

“Jack of all trades,” did you ever hear this ambiguous statement? This statement interprets a person who has the broad knowledge to fix things. Being an all-rounder in various photography categories is quite tricky but possible.

So, choose one or multiple types of photography genres from below. And expand your efficiency level in the photography industry to the next level.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography is a genre of photography; where products or individual images are involved in selling a product or a company’s service. And Commercial photographers are commonly recruited for promoting a product or service on behalf of a Company or Brand.

Here you will encounter a couple of photography styles that are included in the commercial photography categorization.

Advertising Photography

What does a business foundation mean to you? There are plenty of affairs that need to be counted when it’s a question of business promotion. In this situation, advertising is the first concern for a business owner. Here, you come to the requirement of Advertising photography.

Advertising Photography is a process of capturing products, services, or any other objects that help spread a company’s identities in detail. This photograph intends to represent items with an alluring look on various brochures, billboards, and price lists.

 advertising photography

Still Life Photography

Still, Life photography is a unique category of photography. One notable characteristic of Still Life photography is that it provides a vivid look at the inanimate subject. And that attribute makes this particular photography so distinctive from other photography styles.

Still, Life photography mostly covers flowers, rocks, food, and plants. Moreover, Tabletop Photography is included in Still Life photography. Still, photography needs specific camera types to capture great still-life photographs.

still life photography

E-commerce Photography

Having a question like “Is e-commerce photography worth the time and money” is very common now. E-commerce photography is a combination of product and commercial photography. It’s currently the most popular type of photography to gain customers’ interest in the first place.

The primary purpose of this style of photography is to represent a product online with an enticing view. Moreover, 360-degree product photography is also categorized under e-commerce photography.

Are you standing on the brink of a product photography career? Don’t think twice to move forward, gathering expertise in E-commerce photography. Learning such types of photoshoots will give you a push for a better career. So, for proper guidance read our blog “beginner guide of product photography “.

photography style for products

Stock Photography 

Stock photography term is a source of commercial pictures that are mainly used as a licensed photographs supplier. Such photography was invented in the 1920s, but it got acclaimed by maximum online business owners in the last decade.

Currently, Digital marketing and Stock photography are the head and tail of the coin. Stock photography is considered a significant resource for digital marketing. Each of the digital platforms for promoting services or products requires images.

stock photography

Food Photography

In “Food photography,” you may already visualize a photograph of a Burger or pizza in front of you. Yes, your notion is correct. This kind of photography was discovered in 1827 for the first time in history. Nicephore Niepce fixed the earliest table to photograph a meal considering Food photography.

Nowadays, Food photography is in high demand to put out your food images to the world. Also, it helps to make a brand to represent your restaurant.

food photography


Photojournalism took place in history in 1925 for the first time. The invention credit was taken by a German photographer “Dorothea Lange” with the Leica camera.

In this modern world, you will discover different types of photography, but Photojournalism is still unique. News photography is a procedure for conveying real stories to people. While journalists write news, they add images to their concepts for better comprehension.

photography for journalism

Sports Photography

Sports Photography introduces the type of photography that captures each of the sports categories. In short, such photography is included under Photojournalism. Between 1835-1860 Sports photography became famous among people, and the trend in the field yet.

As a novice photographer, if you think of stepping ahead to sports photography, be ambitious, and keep persistent.

 Sports photographs

Modeling Photography

Grabbing different types of photography skills is not a bad practice, but focusing on Model photography may bring you immediate success. Model photography intends to demonstrate a product or service on the cover of magazines.

Besides, for the perfect and eye-catchy illustration of items on social media, such photography is needed. Get an idea of model photography through these model poses.

model photography

Architecture Photography

“Architectural photography” may have a preliminary notion that such type of photography involves capturing various Architectural designs. This genre of photography is commonly based on urban areas and pleasing building structures.

This kind of photography’s apparent goal is to promote any building structure with a professional look. Now to be precise, Architectural photographers are mainly recruited by Real Estate business owners.

Builders use these architectural photographs commonly for commercial purposes. A brief description of such categories of photography has been given below.

Architecture capture

Skyscraper Photography

Skyscraper Photography is a very renowned photography style. It covers the building, which is super tall and fashionable. Skyscraper photographs represent a full cityscape.

 Skyscraper Photography

Real Estate Photography

What does Real Estate photography mean to you? Real Estate photography is immensely important to give a complete view of a building on the table. Indoor, outdoor decoration, garden and garden cart wheels and swimming pool are included under this photography type.

Real Estate photography is prominent to make your property eye-catchy on the selling book. An alluring look at Real Estate photographs worth millions of dollars also helps to change the client’s perceptions. In today’s world, Real Estate photographers are in high demand. So, don’t be afraid to involve such types of photography.

Estate photography

Metropolitan Photography

Metropolitan Photography is all about photographs that provide a proper explanation of a city view. Under Metropolitan Photography, there are two different types of photography. For instance Cityscape Photography and Vehicle Photography.

Metropolitan photography style

Cityscape Photography

Often photographers consider Cityscape Photography as all about clicking high-rise buildings. But the verdict has been proved wrong; capturing the whole city from the skyline is Cityscape photography. Such photographs demonstrate the real beauties of a city.

Around 68% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. The perfect technique for moving forward to evaluate a full view of a city is Cityscape Photography. This category of photography stands with a detailed illustration. Also, it makes the town much more attractive.

cityscape photography

Urban Photography

The term Urban mentions a town or city. Urban Photography is a kind of photoshoot that captures scenes inside the town or city. This genre of photographs is responsible for representing urban areas with a splendid look. Don’t forget, Urban photographers can grab a better career faster than other photographers.

urban area photographs

Vehicle Photography

Now it’s time to introduce Vehicle photography demanding skills to achieve. It’s a subsection of Urban Photography. This photography categorization intends to capture vehicles with subtle details.

If I talk about career growth in vehicle photography, the automobile industry comes in a row. So, if you are trying to utilize your expertise level in Vehicle or automobile Photography, go for it.

taking photo for vehicle

Weather Photography

Weather Photography is a kind of outdoor photography. It is commonly adopted for showing supreme weather conditions. For instance, earthquakes, Thunderstorms, Sandstrom, and Hurricanes. In that situation, photographers allow their cameras to cover the beauty of extreme weather that usually we avoid. Weather Photography has many subcategories; try to focus on a particular genre.

When you get the chance, grab it because the nice will make your time worthwhile.

weather photography

Sunrise/Sunset Photography

Sunrise/Sunset Photography brings mesmerizing pictures of sunset and sunrise. Usually, photographers select a place like hills or high-rise buildings to click these types of photographs. Standing in an apex position gives the photographer comfort to cover the charm of the phenomena.

different photography for sunrise and sunset

Rainbow Photography

You may already be excited by hearing the name Rainbow Photography. The only intention of such photography is to represent the rainbow within a frame. The common concern of Rainbow Photography is to provide the rainbow with a fascinating view.

rainbow images

Creative Photography

Conventional photography is an alternative name for Creative Photography. It’s a type of photography where the combination of creative arts has applied. Creative photography is an action to stimulate creative arts and thoughts into the pictures. It encourages photographers to go beyond their ideas and to use something different than others.

A photographer can achieve fame faster with creative photography skills. Creative photography has various expertise styles that are demonstrated below.

 creative picture style

Crystal Ball Photography

Now it’s time to make you familiar with Crystal Ball Photography. Such photography focuses on covering the scenario in Crystal Ball. Situating the crystal near to the camera or keeping it at the edge of the camera will give you a fabulous look.

Pictures with crystal ball

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography is a process where a photographer acts as an artist. This photography is a combination of a line that photographers put creative demonstration of their creativity. Most photographer stands for Fine Art Photography to express feeling and emotion through images.

 fine art photography

Multiple Exposure Photography

Multiple Exposures photography is a procedure to integrate two different types of photographs on a single layer. Many times it is regarded as Double Exposure to the photographers.

Combining two distinct pictures creates a unique view of a particular situation. Gathering efficiency in Multiple Exposure Photography may carry a fortune for your photography career.

multiple exposure types of pictures

Black & White Photography

Black & White Photography is an integration of grayscale photographs. Greyscale photography is a spare name for this photography, which consists of two classic colors, black and white.

In 1825 for the first time, black and white photographs were taken successfully. If you want to bring yourself back to the 19s, you should apply this photography. In general, Black & White Photography portrays a view of old age lives.

If you are conscious enough read our blog on how to shoot black-and-white photos with proficiency.

black and white images

Conceptual Photography

Concept photography is the most common way to present a proper thought into a picture. This photoshoot tells people a complete story and makes people very clear about a specific topic. Conceptual photography is for an advertisement, where images explain a service or product.

Conceptual Photography

Forced Perspective Photography

Forced Perspective Photography is an excellent subsection of creative photography. Also, the special perspective photoshoot allows people to see the objects by using optical illusion. And that’s the technique photographers follow to make their images enjoyable. Along with that, they make the items smaller, bigger, and closer.

force perspective view into an image


Event Photography

Event Photography is everything about taking pictures of Guests or relatives that came to any occasion or event. A photographer gets a significant opportunity to enhance expertise for event shoots. Even more, get the pleasure to practice portrait and landscape photographs with all the guests around you.

 event photography

Family Photography

When a photographer is hired for capturing a family in a specific occupation, we call it family photography. This genre of photography usually happens with a small group of members. Such as parents, kids, and grandparents’ photographs are part of this type of photography style. Newborn photography is also a subcategory of Family Photography.

family photography

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is another subsection of Event photography. In general, a business corporation made a step ahead to create fashion photographs for their cloth promotion. Such photography is compatible with advertisements or fashion magazines. Nowadays, learning fashion photography is not a difficult task with updated accessories.

fashion photography

Holiday Photography

Responding to a tradition like covering pictures on holidays is a common trend among humans. On Xmas, New Year, or any festival, people hire a photographer to save their activities with images. In short, Holiday Photography refers to the photographs that are clicked on various festivals.

Holiday photography

Portrait Photography

In today’s world, Portrait photography is a famous photography style and is well-known to photographers. Even, Portraiture is a category of photography that intends to take a caption of a person’s personality. Such photographs demand a robust setup of lighting, poses, and backdrop.

Experts are beside you for sharing tips and tricks through various Portrait Photography Learning platform.

portrait photoshoot

Wedding Photography

A Highly appreciated subcategory of Event photography is Wedding Photography. This type of photography involves taking images of events or occasions relating to weddings. The photographs can be a portrait, landscape, or any other kind but taken at a wedding function.

As a novice wedding photographer, you should know a raw image can’t bring fame to you. However, applying a few editing effects to your wedding photographs will make you reasonable for tribute.

Wedding photography genre

Adventure Photography

The classification of Adventure Photography concentrates on covering images in the outdoors like seascapes, mountains, travel, and underwater.

Adventure photography

Seascape Photography

Landscape photography that commonly represents objects mainly related to the sea or ocean is Seascape Photography. The exceptional beauty of Seascape Photography is the waves that covered a picture. As a novice photographer, you may fail to click a great shoot in such photography but remember, persistence makes a man perfect.

types of seascape photoshoot

Mountain Photography

Mountain Photography is an entirely different categorization of the photography industry. It’s a unique genre photograph that has a focal point of showing the apex and bumpy space of a mountain.

Different types of photography with mountant

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography needs a super-efficient hand for a unique caption. Such photography covers images underwater. The requirements of modern and updated technological cameras and lenses are necessary for Underwater Photography. The common intention of these photographs is to portray the life of different species of fish.

underwater photography

Travel Photography

In 1855 for the first time, people make them familiar with travel photography. Travel Photography is a subclass of documentary photography. It is integrated with making documentation of an area or division of a country.

travel photography

Panorama Photography

Panoramic photography is a modern procedure that demonstrates a prolonged horizontal view of a specific place. Another name for such photography is Wide-angle Photography for the accessibility to cover a vast area in a caption.

panorama photography

Landscape Photography

You may have proper knowledge of different types of photography, but avoiding Landscape Photography as your expertise category will be a big mistake. Such photography can afford to show nature and outdoor scenes.

 landscape photography type


Astrophotography is a unique style to demonstrate astronomical objects, the night sky, and Celestial events. It is also familiar as astronomical photography to many photographers.


Street Photography

Street Photography is a reflection of human regular life activity. This kind of photography blends people with the real world and other humans as well.   To be more precise, Street Photography covers ordinary human images that take on the way.

Street photography

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography strongly demands a caption of various creatures or animals with their natural characteristic. Such photography refers to a kind of documentation of wildlife—for instance, wildlife’s traits when they are in their natural habitat.

Wildlife photogray

Final Thought About Different Types of Photography

In this modern era, people desire to have a variety of options on each platform. As the trend also exists in photographers when it comes to their professional life. They prefer to play with different types of photography to settle down with the desired and comfortable genre.

In this sense, every photograph we capture from any of these types of photography needs post-production services to make them more appealing and stunning.

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You will discover 100 types of photography out there, but it’s nearly impossible to achieve efficiency in each of them. Trying to learn different types of photography can be a way of improving your skills but not professional. Walk on every genre of photography until you realize the compatible one for yourself.

However, attempt the photography styles explained above. Finally, think about a specific one to gather mastery.


What is photography style?

Photography style is an effective way beyond image editing technique. basically, photographers integrate the poses of pictures called photography style. The most productive approach to inventing a photography style is to follow your basic instinct, for instance, your interest in traveling and food.

What is the purpose of photography?

In general, there are two common reasons behind a photoshoot. A large portion of the photographs takes place for commercial purposes. In contrast, few people capture images intentionally to keep their personal recreational activities as memory.

What defines a photographer?

Anyone who captures images and practices professionally, they have the purpose of earning money. A photographer is entirely responsible for composing your personal or professional image alluring.