Automobile photography

Automobile photography tips are one of the most searched topics online. For photographers who are recently starting automobile photography, no one is there to help them with ideal tips. You will find tons of tips online. Some talk about how to background remove from car photos. Whereas some others will tell you about image manipulation to improve image quality.

However, these will merely satisfy you with enough information. I have personally gone through many articles and blogs and found many limitations there. So, I thought why not write on this topic myself?

Are you also looking for some practical and effective tips for automobile photography? Then this blog can be a reference article for you. Here I have accumulated all the necessary information, some do’s and don’ts, and other car photography-related issues.

Automobile Photography Tips and Tricks:

Go for the Light

Automobile photography - Automobile photography tips
Automobile photography

Photographers around the world have researched many things related to light. Finally, they come to the conclusion that the rule of the golden hour is extremely crucial. If you don’t know what the golden hour is, then let me tell you. An hour before and after the sunset is known as the golden hour.

Most photographers consider this time best for photography. Because at this time the sun remains in the right position that allows taking great photos. Your photos will have a perfect amount of warmth.

Control the Depth of Field

Car - Automobile photography tips
Automobile photography

As a professional photographer, you cannot lose control of the depth of the field. To keep control of the depth you have to use a specific technique. De-focus the background to highlight the subject. In the field of photography, we call it the bokeh effect. You have to increase the shutter speed as well. You can have the advantage of an artistic flair too.

Follow Your Vision

Running car - Automobile photography tips
Automobile photography

Sometimes we feel like taking our car photos in unique or fun ways. For example, you are driving down the road beside an airport. Every now and then a new airplane is crossing your car. You can use the site as an asset. Find out an area with low traffic. Park your car at the corner of the road and wait for the flying plane. Take some shots keeping the car and the plane in the same frame.

Get inside

Car inside - Automobile photography tips
Automobile photography

Insides are a significant aspect of the driving experience, yet catching them can be a test. I like to shoot with something to find in the window. Coar inside offers a completely different environment than the outside. So, you can try to click some shots inside the car.


Be Careful of Reflections

You should be extremely vigilant about what reflects in the car. Have a glance at your car up close and find out what reflects its surface. A car usually looks like a mirror. Try to have broad space behind you like a field. Try to abstain from shooting with structures or buildings behind you. One of the most significant things you need to display in your car photo is the design of the car.

Stay alert of your own reflection as well. If you can’t stay away from your car, it’s best to put the camera on a tripod set the clock and move out of the shot.

If you find any kind of reflection on the car body after shooting, then you can take a frequency separation service to remove that shadow.

Color Your Car (Automobile photography tips)

Car color
Automobile photography

A wide range of colors responds distinctively at different times. With various light most hues scorn direct daylight, however, some shading works truly well in direct daylight. Simply see this infant blue scarab shot in the day.


Shoot While Driving (Automobile photography tips)

One exceptionally simple approach to get a cool picture is to shoot the vehicle out of another moving vehicle. (Kindly be excessively cautious while doing this!) Shoot the vehicle out of your window while driving at 60 km/h (40 miles/h) with a screen speed of 1/100th of a second.

By doing this you will get some decent development out and about and on the wheels. You can even diminish the screen speed some more, yet this will build your odds to sit with unsharp photographs thereafter. This Audi S3 was shot before dusk, driving at 70 km/h with a shade speed of 1/80th of a second.


Select a Suitable Background

Car with background - Automobile photography tips
Automobile photography

You cannot just go and shoot in any place. Before you shoot an automobile in any place visit that place beforehand. Examine and find out the best background. Ensure that the car background suits the vehicle and the subject. Abstain from having things out of sight that will occupy the eye. Things like dustbins, electrical cables, and different vehicles can execute an image. However, take background removal service, if you see that you cannot find a good place nearby, Adobe Photoshop is always there to help you.


Let the Car Speak to Nature

Another approach to cause the photograph to address you is to cause the vehicle to connect with its environmental factors. Instances of this could be the vehicle making dust, a 4×4 moving over a deterrent. Take a gander at this Chevrolet Trailblazer moving over a stone or this G-Class AMG floating on free sand!

Night-time Shooting:

Car in the night
Automobile photography

This may sound overwhelming yet you will be astonished how simple and amazing this is! The greatest mystery here is to discover a spot where it’s totally dim, any streetlights or even a full moon could make life dubious.

At the point when you have discovered this spot, set the camera up on a tripod. Set your ISO to 100, the screen speed on 30 seconds, and the gap to f/9.


Beware of Dark Side:

You should always be selective about the shooting areas. By that I mean you have to be a little cautious while shooting into the sun. It makes the color look murky. Observe where the sun is and where the shadows are. A white vehicle in the shade gets dark. Stellar paintwork glances preferable in full daylight over it does in the shade. While shooting a vehicle, it’s ideal to hold the sun to your back.

On the other side, there are times when shooting with the sun before you are actually what you need. Shooting with the sun before you can make some intriguing light impacts. Check it out.

Next time you escape your vehicle, stroll around your vehicle and note how the shade of your vehicle changes relying upon where the sun is. Snap a picture of the shadow side of your vehicle, at that point snap a picture of the bright side of your vehicle.


Final Touch on Automobile Photography Tips

Shooting a classy photo is like a victory. However, this does not come overnight. You have to work hard on practising as much as you can. Taking a good car photo largely depends on your ability to choose a good location, understanding daylight, and the camera. You have to understand how to use your camera in a way so that your photos become up to the mark.