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Professional product Photo Editing Services are the most used and effective service for e-commerce product images. We use the service to give perfection to the product images. The editing methods are similar to other image editings but here the subject is the product. Our discussion matter today is, “Why You Should Have Product Photo Editing Services” Well, there was a time when photo editing was not well-known. Also, e-commerce websites had simpler rules to upload an image.

But, today e-commerce websites are the biggest marketplaces. And, the rules of the websites are strict as well. So, you need to go through the conditions to place your product image online. And, that is why product photo editing services are mandatory today. For this reason, an online photo editor for e-commerce has taken the place to provide the service.

All kinds of image editing are applicable for the product photos. From Basic Clipping Path to Advanced Retouching, all of them have purposes. So, product images are not so different than other images in sense of Image Editing Service. Some editing services that are common for product photos are;

  • Clipping Paths/Deep Etch
  • Background Removal or Change
  • Image Masking
  • Photo Retouching
  • Invisible Mannequin
  • Shadow Creation
  • Creative Image Manipulation
  • Photo Blending

Why You Should Have Product Photo Editing Services


Before we start discussing the matter, we should think of why we should not have product photo editing services? Look over the e-commerce sites. All the images of the products are so good-looking. The question is, “Is it possible to capture an image with amazing perfection?” Well, the answer is no. however you try, you cannot capture a product image without any impurity. Nothing to worry about, this is natural. And, that is the prime reason for e-commerce product images editing. Also, we are about to discuss some more things that can clarify to you.

1. Meet the Terms

Meet the terms (Product Photo Editing)

The first and foremost reason for Product Photo Editing Services is meeting the terms of e-commerce websites. An E-commerce image editing company is the right choice for you. You cannot just capture a product image and upload it for online marketing. You need to follow the terms to do that. The terms are also variable for different websites. So, when you need to have the editing service, make sure to mention the conditions. Major e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba have strict rules you need to follow. And, if you do not maintain all of them, you cannot use their website for marketing. Some of the common conditions are; photo retouching images

Background Removal

Background Removal (Product Photo Editing)

The most common term for the product image is background removal. Also known as product cut out service for convenience. you have to learn about the basics of product photo editing. On e-commerce websites, the product image should be without the background or on white background. The term is quite effective for your product image to get the attention of clients. Besides, Background Removal is the preliminary step of Product Photo Editing. Clipping path price for Background Removal is quite reasonable. Photo retouching of the images is the next one. And, any other editing you do over that will look better with accuracy. Today, all the e-commerce websites ask for the product image without the background or on white.

By the way, for your kind information, you may find free background removal services online. But, for the sake of quality, you should not use them for professional works.

Image Frame Size

Photo farm

Image Frame Size varies with different websites. You cannot upload an image with a huge frame size or any frame size you want. So, make sure to edit the image frame according to website requirements. For example, Amazon recommends image frame width of 2560px and height 1000px. 500px or less is not applicable to the website. Another condition is, the product image should be 85% of the frame. 100% or 50% is not acceptable.

Image File Size

The file size of the image is also under condition. You need to maintain the size of the image according to the website. For Amazon, the file size of the image should be 10 MB. images with a higher file size or less than 5 MB are not acceptable.

File Format

The file format of the images should be JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF and none other. If you have the product image of a different file format, you can change it easily. So, this one is not so hard to handle. You can use an online file conversion program to do it.

Color Mode

Image Color mode should be RGB or CMYK. RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key. you cannot use color mode Grayscale, Lab, Indexed, or Multichannel.

2. Uniqueness

Product Photo Editing gives your image a unique look. Any image with and without editing differs a lot. For some images, you may not find the massive differences at a glance. But, if you place both of them side by side, definitely you will astonish. You can have a unique outlook of the product image that can draw customers to see for more. Achieving customers’ attention is the prime objective. But, a cheap retouching service may not be that effective. So, get your product image unique with professional Product Photo Editing Services.

3. Compatibility

Photo Editing Services for Products does the exact work to meet the compatibility. You can have a nice and beautiful image with the expensive shooting gear. But, that is not compatible with the platform you want to use. We edit the image with the perfect match according to the instruction. The common use of photo editing is to make perfect an image from every angle. Whether you use the image on an online platform or any website you want, let us know the requirements. And, after that, give us some time to edit the images for you.

4. Perfection

Perfection (Product photo editing )

The most amazing result with the Product Photo Editing Services you can have is perfection. The services have all the editing methods for making the image accurate in every way. We remove the background to work on the subject without any difficulty. Image masking services have the unique ability to remove the background in a non-destructive way. So, it is quite easy to correct any area anytime. Then, we use retouching to demolish the spots and impurities. Well, this is just a concept. We retouch the impurities to get a pure tone. After that, we resize the frame size as you want. At last, we manage the file size that is compatible with the websites. Here we have mentioned the common editings only. Any other editings you may need, just give us the instructions and we will do that.



Today in the world of digital marketing, advertisements have become so easy. To do marketing for the products you have, you can use the online platform. Clipping World minimizes your labor on image editing all the way. We provide photo retouching services to India, the USA, UAE, Italy, Australia, and many countries in the world. You want to upload your product image on a specific website, we take care of their requirements. Well, you can instruct us too. Do you need retouching? Just name the services and we will do the rest. And, most importantly, get the freedom of options to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the work, let us know and we will rework them until your satisfaction.


FAQ About Product Photo Editing Service

How Product Photo Editing Services can drive sales?

Ans: Product Photo Editing Services give the image the perfection it needs. The eye-catching product image draws the customer’s attention and drives sales in the end.

What is a Photo Retouching Service?

Ans: Photo Retouching Services are the editing methods that make the images perfect. You will have any kind of editing in here that can please you.

When do you need Product Photo Editing Services?

Ans: The prime objective of Product Photo Editing Services is ‘advertisement’. And, you do not want any mistake in that, do you? So, you will need the Product Photo Editing Services.

Where can I have the best Product Photo Editing Services?

Ans: Best Product Photo Editing Services is a concept only. You need satisfaction with the editing work. We are not the best but care about your satisfaction.

What is the cost of Product Photo Editing Services?

Ans: The cost of Product Photo Editing Services depends on the image complexity and service type required. Clipping World offers the lowest price starting at $0.29 per image.

What is background removal?

Ans: Background Removal is an editing service to take out the image subject from the whole image. You can have the subject separated and can use any background you want.