How much does it cost for product photo editing

“How much does photo editing cost” is a common question for every category of image post-processing. First, let’s find out the types of image editing required to enhance a product’s beauty. And, this will determine the photo editing cost regarding the services you may need. Photo editing includes many sorts of editing services, but few of them are recommended for product photography. Defining product photo editing’s price rate can be a tough job without knowing the details about editing. Such as clipping path and background removing, are the primary requirement of the product photo. And these are less time-consuming work than other services. Therefore, pricing for image editing varies based on the types of editing.

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  • What is product photo editing?
  • Assessment of price for product photo editing
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What is Product Photo Editing?

When we attach various effects to shadow dropping, retouching, color correction, and others to beautify its looks, we call it product photo editing. Implementing a product photo editing service will give your products a standard view, which helps a seller to grab clients’ attraction at first glance.

Assessment of Price for Product Photo Editing

One image is worth more than a hundred words. A well-written product description fails to catch customer attention without a product image. So, amazingly edited images help a product to get sold 32% faster than other products. As an eCommerce business holder, you may ask, how much does photo editing cost for a product?

Here first, I would like to demonstrate a few things about image editing. Adobe Photoshop has vast services for photographs, and some are fitted with products. Therefore, we can’t announce the price rate for products without an assessment. Today, you will discover several photoshop services that are required for product photos and their prices.

Clipping Path 

Clipping is the first step, to begin with, any kind of image editing. A clipping path is the most reliable service to remove the background from an image. It is also considered a closed vector path and helps to vanish the unwanted background of a photo. Displaying a product on e-commerce websites needs an alluring look. Clipping path service contributes to giving an attractive view of the product’s images. This category of image editing includes basic, complex, simple, and super complex clipping path services. And the requirement of services depends on the product’s kind. You can read our blog on common uses of the Clipping Paths to know in detail. However, the pricing of these services varies based on the complexity level. Here I will give a rough idea about the rates of clipping path services that rely on various clipping path companies.


How much does cost for clipping path


How much does Clipping Path cost for a product image?

Clipping World: Clipping World is a USA-based company and has led the photo editing industry for more than ten years. They provide an affordable low cost for all types of clipping path services with better quality and 24/7 support. The Clipping world’s starting rate is $0.29  for all kinds of clipping path services, and it is cooperatively lower than other companies.

Clipping USA: Clipping USA is also a reputed company that charges around $0.75 to $3.75 for clipping path services.

Color Expert: Color Experts achieve great fame, and they are in the photo editing industry for a long time. Their asking price is $0.99 to $7.39 for clipping path services. And the price range is dependent on the type of clipping path services.

Fix The Photo: Fix the Photo has a long history in image editing services, and it is a top-listed company. It demands $5.00 for a simple object clipping path service and provides a commitment to better services.

Offshore Clipping Path: Offshore Clipping Path has several clipping path services, and they fix the price from around $1.49 to $7.00 for each use.

Pixopal: Pixopal has started its journey in 2017, and it’s a USA-based company. They put their starting rate of $0.50 for clipping path services.

Background Removing 

Background Removing service is commonly used in product photographs. Most e-commerce websites never accept a product image with a background view. Because a mismatched background can cause distractions for the consumers. So, the Background removing service of photoshop allows you to take out a product photo from a mismatched background. Each of the companies shows a different cost of background removal service. Based on personal evaluation about the background removal service expense, I have indicated some companies with their asking price.


How much does cost for background removing

How much does Background Removing cost for a product’s image

Clipping World: Clipping World is a client-driven company with the lowest price of background removal service. They fix the price from $0.29 to $2.50 depending on the category of background removal service.

Clipping USA: Clipping Path USA determined its price as $1.00 for background removal service per image.

Color Expert: Color Expert put the cost of $1.25 for the background removal service.

Fix The Photo: As a renowned photo editing company, it charges $2.00 per product image to remove the background.

Offshore Clipping Path: Offshore Clipping Path explain the price between $0.29 to $7.00 to remove the background from a product image.

Color Correction 

Utilizing the Color correction technique of Adobe Photoshop provides an eye-catchy look to a product image. Without fixing an accurate color, an image look dull and incomplete. Compatible color can get consumer’s attention at first glance. And perfectly edited images can make a consumer happy and interested. Therefore, Color Correction services such as Clothing Color Adjust, Jewelry Color Adjust, and Model Color Adjust are essential services for any kind of product image. So, it’s better to get an idea about how much does photo editing cost. And follow the information below to discover several companies and their price for color correction services.


image color correction service


How much does Color Correction cost for product photo editing?

Clipping World: Looking for an image company that provides color correction service at a very low cost? Then you are in the right place. Clipping World provides color correction services at an affordable low cost, start from $0.45 to $1.20.

Clipping USA: The price of color correction service in Clipping USA is an average of $1.00.

Color Expert: Color Expert is a reputed image editing company in Bangladesh, and they charge $0.99 per image.

Fix The Photo: Asking price of Fix The Photo for color correction is $2.00 for each image.

Offshore Clipping Path: The cost of simple Color correction is $0.99 in Offshore Clipping Path.

Pixopal: Pixopal offers a color correction service for $1.00 per photo.

Ghost Mannequin

A Photographer can take images part by part of a product but can’t add them according to the requirement. Taking pictures of clothes with mannequins gives a human shape. Attaching each part of the cloths and showing a ghostly look need a ghost mannequin effect. Demonstrating products in a 3D look on e-commerce websites also required a Ghost mannequin effect. It gives consumers an accurate idea of the product’s condition and category. The price range of Ghost Mannequin service varies company-wise. I have given a list of photo editing Company who provides ghost mannequin service with a comparatively low price.


ghost mannequin service


How much does Ghost Mannequin cost for product photo editing?

Clipping World: Most of the market research illustrated Clipping World Is a photo editing company that provides ghost mannequin service at only $1.20.

Color Expert: The price of ghost mannequin service is around $2.00 to $3.00 in Color Expert.

Offshore Clipping Path: Asking price of the Offshore Clipping Path for a ghost mannequin service is $1.5.

Photo Retouching 

Photo Retouching services play an essential role in product photo editing. It allows you to take a product image into a beauty race in the e-commerce marketplace. Retouching service is the only way to achieve customer’s ooh and ahh for a product. A few types of image retouching services are commonly used in product photo editing, such as basic, medium, and complex retouching services. Each type of retouching service has its price. Observing the photo retouching rates below, choose a company for your product images.


photo retouching


How much does Photo Retouching cost for a product image?

Clipping World: Clipping World is a trustworthy photo editing company in the USA. Photo retouching rates per image is $1.20 in Clipping World.

Color Expert: The body photo retouching price in Color Expert is $8.99, and they also have another type of image retouching service.

Fix The Photo: Fix The Photo charge $10 for High-End Background and High-End Eye Retouching.

Offshore Clipping Path: The price of the Photo retouching complex is $1.99 in Offshore Clipping Path.

Pixopal: Pixopal demands $4.00 for Professional retouch services.


By the time reading this blog, you have all the information on your hand. Now you are fully prepared which company to choose and who provides the lowest price for the product photo editing. If you need further help to calculate your image editing cost, visit Clipping World for a free quote.


How much should I pay for product photography?

The product photography pricing structure depends on conditions, such as the number of product images needed to be shot.

  • For 101 – 200 images, the price is $35
  • For 201 – 500 images, the price is $40

Why is retouching expensive?

Image retouching is not only time-consuming also tricky work to do. This service requires the touch of an expert in photoshop. That’s the reason why image retouching service is expensive.

What do professional photographers use to edit photos?

You will find hundreds of software to edit your images. But for better performance and quality, I would recommend Adobe photoshop.

Why is product photo editing important in e-commerce?

Gaining customers ooh and ahh is not comfortable in the e-commerce marketplace. Providing an outstanding look to a product image through an editing process will boost the number of purchasers. So, photo editing is essential to surge your sales rate.