How to mirror an image in Photoshop
  • September 8, 2022
  • MD Ashraf Uddin Noyon
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Creating a mirror of your photo can be fun. You can create your own replica by using photo editing software. I can say it is super exciting for the users. This article will discuss the step-by-step guidelines for creating “how to mirror an image in Photoshop.” 

Mirror an Image in Photoshop Step-By-Step Guideline

Step 1: Opening Up the Image in Photoshop | How to Mirror an Image?

Our first task is to select an image. You can use your image or anything you wish. When you open the image in Photoshop, it will look like this.

Initial stage for image creates for mirror

We have opened up a model image in Adobe Photoshop, and there is a built-in layer called the image’s background layer. Initially, it was locked. Now we will start the transformation process. 

Step 2: Create a background layer copy 

For editing purposes, we will create a background layer copy. Just right-click the layer icon and create a copy of it. After creating the background layer copy, it will look like this one! 

select background layer for mirror image

Have a look closely at the image! It is situated just above the original background layer. This is a very simple process, and you can do it independently. 

Step 3: Canvas size 

We will make this image width a bit long in this editing stage. To do that, we will select the “image” from the menubar and “canvas size” from there.

selecting for image and canvas

After selecting the canvas size, the image will look like this one.

for new window in canvas size

Initially, it was set to “pixels”. Now for our editing purposes, set the pixels into percent.

Change the width into percent in canvas size

Our next task is to change the width to 200%. You need to click the width combo box and c

When you click the combo box, there are several options available. You need to choose percent from there.

Changing width to 200 and height 100

After changing it to the 200% width, click the ok button, which will double in size in the width portion

Step 4: Selecting “Flip Horizontal” 

From the menu bar, select the edit menu. Several options are available for you, and you need to select Transform from there. From then, select “flip horizontal.” The below image will show you in detail. While doing this, select “background layer copy” from the layer menu. It will make the background layer transparent.

edit transform and flip horizontal

Step 5: Use the “move tool” and move the image to the right-side corner | Photoshop mirror shape

move tool in photoshop

You can find the move tool at the top of the toolbar. Press the move tool and slightly move the image to the right as our background layer is locked. So it is tough to place two images side by side. There might be some empty spaces.

Now we will rename the background layer and give you the name as you wish. We are naming it layer 0. Now, if we place these two images side by side perfectly, that will end up in the mirroring process. It can be painful like you need to place two images carefully so there is no extra space between them. Eventually, it will look like a mirror. If there are any more empty spaces around the two images, you can use the crop tool and remove them

Final One for mirror image in photoshop

We carefully placed two images side by side, which looked like a mirror. 

Step 6: Final one: Finishing up the image, and it will look like an original mirror 

There is a space, and it looks odd to me. Our next task is to carefully remove that line and blend these two images. 

mirror image in photoshop, mirror photo creates

Just move the images a little bit and try to remove that spot. Here we have blended them accurately. 

Finally, it will look like this one.

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Final few words: Mirror image Photoshop

It is a very simple procedure to create a mirror of your image. You can try this tutorial at home and use these guidelines. Hopefully, you will not face any problems there. If you face any more problems, e-mail Here, the mirror effect is awesome and will simply mesmerize you. We like to hear from our audience. Thanks a lot for being with us. 


Is flipping an image the same as mirroring? 

The layers will flip according to their positions when we choose to flip them. On the other hand, when we mirror layers or specific selections, they are flipped toward their horizontal or vertical axis. The original layer is unchanged using the flipping method while mirroring will affect it. Here are the main differences. 

What is a reverse mirror? 

Normally, on television or any other broadcasting platform, the reverse mirror can be described as two national televisions that have split their signals into specific regions. Eventually, all the programs will be perfectly available to the users. However, they are not airing on the same channel. 

What do you mean by a true image mirror?  

It can be described as the front surface mirror for joining precisely 90-degree seamless. It is a three-dimensional and non-reversed image

What do you mean by mirror effect? 

In simple words, we can say an image should be identical to the opposite image. Their height, width, look, and shadow are almost identical to the opposite. Mathematically, we can say that the structure is reversed perfectly. 

What is the mirror effect? 

It can be described as the recognition of memory that requires reexamining current memories. It is widely used in our day-to-day life.  We love to see our reflections and it is interesting too.