manipulation for text on face, portrait text

In our photo editing journey, we have seen some unique images where text is blended with the face, creating an illusion within the brain. Somehow it will attract us, and we will be lost for some time. Let’s discuss how we can manipulate text on the face in Photoshop. Stay with us and enjoy this tutorial step-by-step. 


First Meet

 Manipulation of text on the face in Photoshop | Portrait text 


Interestingly, you do not need a great man’s photo. Start this procedure by taking a picture of yourself. If you want to write some funny stories here, go ahead. It will be the best chance for you to implement that. Hopefully, you will not face any problems here. Just follow these procedures, and you can add different types of text manipulation to your face. 


Step-by-step guidelines on the Manipulation of text on the face 

First task: crop the image around the face 


select the crop tool for text image
Crop tool to for focusing the main subject


Have a look at this text image!

dumy text simple for face on text
Portrait bold text image for text on face


Before we begin this editing journey, we need to keep the original copy of this image. As a result, we can compare how it looks when we eventually blend. Go to the file menu and save it perfectly. For further checking, keep it as a text portrait effect. 

Let’s begin this task by cropping this man’s face perfectly. To do that, first we need to select the crop tool from the Photoshop toolbox. We suggest you use a rectangular marquee toolbox.  

It would be best if you used the rectangular tool according to your face shape in the picture. Try to capture the face with a specific portion of the body. It will highlight the image perfectly. 

After the selection process, go to the menu bar, select the image, and press crop. Suppose you are a new user and do not know the various functions of Photoshop in detail. Use this strategy. 


Second task: select the pen tool and draw the selection around the object


making the text transparent in photoshop
Make the text image transparent in photoshop


Double click on the image, and if you have found the picture tools, click format, and then choose a color. From there, set the color to transparent.


Third Task : Make it Black and White


overlapping the text on face, portrait text image
Creates a new layer and overlapping

From the layer panel, you will have the option to create a new layer. If you hover your mouse over the layer panel options, you will see them easily. Now overlap the text on the face carefully. Keep one thing in your mind: the text should be in the middle of the face. It will highlight the feature in a smart way. If you turn the eye button on and off, it is possible to check out the differences. 


Fourth task: From the layer option, choose multiply 


layer option to multiply in pen tool
Choose multiply, from the layer option,


Now, we will make some property changes to the image. At the top of the layer option, there is a combo box. If you click it, you will have several options to choose from. From there, please select the “multiply” option. 


Fifth Task: Now, we will make a path around the object and select the layer mask from the layer panel


creating the path by pen tool photoshop
Creates a path around the object and select the layer mask


path creation for portrait text image
Path creation on portrait text image


This part is very crucial to us. By using the pen tool, we will create a path around the object. This is a very simple task; you just need to draw the lines around the object and eventually mix them up from the starting point to the ending point. Another important thing is that we will do it on a new layer. 

From the layer window, we will create a layer mask. Just select the background layer, and press the make layer mask icon. If you hover your mouse icon over the layer window, you will have it easy. It will remove the text outside of the head. 


Sixth Task: Reduce the opacity to 70%, and it will end the process


opacity and finally done for text on face
Reduce the opacity to 70% & finally show text on portrait face


From the opacity combo box, reduce the opacity to 70%. It will blend the text with the face. In this way, you can do manipulation for “text on face in Photoshop”.


Wrapping Up | Text on Face Photoshop

If you follow this step-by-step tutorial properly, I firmly believe you can do it yourself. However, if there are any more problems, watch a video on YouTube. I firmly believe you will do that perfectly. However, do not forget to share this article with your friends. Have a great day! 


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How to distort and wrap text in Photoshop? 

Firstly, select the text from the layer option. Please right-click on the text and convert it into a smart object. Please right-click on the text and wrap it perfectly; from the menu bar, press the select option. Here you will find several ways to highlight your text.

It can be an arctic, wrap, etc. At the top of this menu bar, you will have an option called “custom.” Click on the custom menu and select the design as you wish. 


How do you skew text in Photoshop? 

Firstly, select the targeted layer from the layer options. From the menu bar of your Photoshop, click the Edit menu, select Transform, and choose the skew button from the transform option. 

You can choose another way, like choosing free Transform from the edit menu and then choosing skew. 


How to curve text without Photoshop? 

Do not install Photoshop on your PC if you wish to make curved text. How do you do that? Just visit mockofun and create an account there. Here, you can create different styles within a minute—for instance, roundish text, wave text, broken text, etc.