Product Photo Editing Basics

Photo editing basics or prime matters of “Product Photo Editing” are actually applicable to the product images for e-commerce websites. In fact, it holds the prime goal of online business. At present, it is convenient enough to spread out the business around the world with a mouse click. We will talk about online marketing or e-commerce sites.  Product Photo Editing is an important matter to consider. Without a proper foundation, no construction can be strong or long-lasting. Same for the online business.

Here is the thing to create a strong position in digital marketing for the product or business you own. you should focus on the product photo editing with care. Every single step matters when the primary steps matter the most. Product photos need looks that are possible by professional retouching. And, it would be great if the photographer is also a professional one.

We need to combine all professionals. The photograph of the image takes a gorgeous look at e-commerce business. By the way, outsourcing product photo editing with Clipping World can save your money, time, and labor at the same time. There are a few related matters before and after the photo editing. They are also part of Photo editing basics. The whole procedure we should follow for the best output of the product photo to be the center of the eye.


Product Photo Editing Basics stair

Do you want to represent your product image as eye-catchy and different than others? You need to follow the product image editing procedure which is already said. Here we will learn the steps one by one for photo editing basics. The discussion matter contains various steps. All are mandatory to maintain as the chain of command. No matter how or which elements you use, you need to maintain all.

  1. Photo Editing Software
  2. Editing
  3. Image resources


Photo Editing Software

Photo Editing service is actually performed by software. So this is the prime issue of the job. There is many photo editing software in the world. All may not be professional quality programs that can perform well. But there are some which are well known for photo-editing basics. Here we will talk about some of the useful Photo editing software. They will enrich your photographs in a gorgeous way.



A renowned image editing software from ‘Adobe Corporation’. Photoshop is rich with tools and editing capabilities. Whatever you want to do or however you want to do that, Photoshop gives you the liberty to perform the editing well. Processing product photos with photoshop is never an easy job to do. But not as difficult as impossible. The program updates come on a regular basis so that it can be more convenient for the designers. So, they give their best effort for the editing service, can do even better. You can learn this program by yourself. But, it would be difficult to get the techniques if not observe by anyone doing them. Also, Photoshop is the topmost photo editing program and still the industry leader. You can buy it from Adobe store online or by any retailer with a price.

Photoshop Logo


Pixlr is one of the free image editing software available on the internet. And, it has some tools and functionality to perform photo editing. But, it cannot illustrate every detail. The program is for those who do not like the hassle of photo editing in a deep way. And also want to save money from expensive software.



A very easy to use image-editing software. Also well known for photo editing online services. Canva program is free to use with limited lools and functions. Well, this one is not good for vast image editing services. Instead, of a few steps that can be helpful sometimes. And, its creation is for designing marketing materials or simple banner creation.

Canva Logo


Pixc is also an online image editing service that focuses on e-commerce business. Also, it is capable of editing all the retouching required for image editing. You can place the orders with the requirements. Also, you can save the preferences into templates for future retouching convenience. All the images processing done within 24 hours and get them back edited.

Pixc Logo


The professional-quality program to deal with enough images in bulk. The program has a streamlined interface. The software company charges $ 9.99 only per month for the program support to the designers. Also, it has a more focused and cleaner dashboard than Photoshop.

Lightroom Logo

Also Check: Pixpa – eCommerce Product Photography Services


Closer to Photoshop, GIMP is rich in image editing tools and options. The elaboration of GIMP is the ‘GNU (Linux) Image Manipulation Program’. The program is free and suitable for Linux, Windows and more operating systems. Also, it is free and open-source software that you can change, simplify and distribute online as you want.

Gimp Logo


The Pixelmator has all the basic tools with the easy interface to use them with art. And, it is about the alternative to Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. The platform is convenient for understanding. The price for the software is $29.99 for Mac and $ 4.99 for the iPad. But, it is not compatible with the Windows operating system.

Pixelmator Logo


Instagram is, as a matter of fact, a social media platform. And, it contains a few simple tools and filters for your image editing. Before editing, the original photos should need saving. And the internet connection needs disconnecting. Without the internet connection, the photo will stop uploading in the middle of the work. Besides, it is a great place for e-commerce product promotion.

Instagram Logo


Visual Supply Co. in short VSCO is a very popular photo editing app both for iOS and Android. And, it contains a lot of presets and filters for easy and quick use. Also, it gives product images some exceptional twists. They give the subject of the image a better impression.



The program is easy-to-use and free with basic tools, frames, and visual effects. Also, you can have some advanced features like Raw compatibility and tilt-shift effect. They are helpful for convenience.

Fotor Logo


Snapseed is a free mobile app with enough features included. Actually, this one is the most powerful and rich app among all the free apps. And, it contains many tools like quick transform, spot repair, adjustment brush. Also, it has a number of cool filters.

Snapseed Logo

Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor is an app for the mobile phone which is free. The app is simple and intuitive at the same time. And, you will have all the basic photo editing features that you may think of in your Smartphone.

Aviary Logo

Filterstorm Neue

Filterstorm Neue is a photo editing app for mobile with the tools. Only the experienced ones can handle the program well. Also, it has powerful features like RAW image processing, watermarks, IPTC tag data and more. Also, tools like Curves, Levels, channels, etc. you can have with this.

Filterstorm Neue Logo

Product Photo Editing

Editing is the prime need for photo editing basics. Without the part, the whole theme is useless. There is a lot of editing we can use for e-commerce Photo Editing Service but all are not the basics. The services are prime and non-negotiable are the basic ones. Yet, the other services hold important editing used and asked by the customers. Also to maintain product presentable view. The editing services required further of the basics may need individual content to discuss. We will talk only the basic ones here and they are;

  1. Background Remove or Change
  2. Color Correction
  3. Image Retouching

Background Remove or change 

The background is the part of an image that stays behind the subject. Most of the times it needs to remove to take out the subject. We separate the product image for further editing through this. Most of the websites ask product images without any background or white background. And, this does not only represent the subject image to highlight but also keep it separate. Product photography background is important but needs to remove for e-commerce posting. Also, we use it to avoid distractions.

The importance of background removal or change is mandatory. you can take this service from professional background removal service providers. You can create a uniform look for the product in online marketing. Moreover, it increases professionalism in the subject or products. So, it can draw customer attention. Also, it makes the product photo eye-catchy. And promotes brand trust for long term evaluation. Ultimately, it brings the profit level for the business which is the common target.

Background Remove options

There are a couple of ways of removing the background from the image. The most known and accurate is the Pen tool. Among the other tools, the Quick Selection Tool, Lasso Tool, Marquee Tool, and Select and Mask tool are mentionable. Whatever tool you use, make sure you select the subject only. Do not include any other parts from the background. Because, this is for the accuracy of the subject. And for the separation from the background to remove any destruction. Check and recheck the subject image on the black or white surface to make sure you have done a good job. At the same time, keep in mind that no part of the subject is cut off during the process because it may ruin the whole labor.

Background Remove (Photo-editing Basics)

The Pen Tool

The most effective but needs experience and skill to use the Pen Tool of Adobe Photoshop. The operation is very precise to select the subject with the most accuracy. The process needs good selection and if done well, the outcome will be the best than any other. The shortcut for the Pen Tool is ‘P’ or you can select by mouse clicking from the lower middle part of the Tools panel.

The Mark

The Pen Tool functions following the anchor points. For example, your subject is a rectangle. Then, it has four corners and four sides. You should start from one corner, click on that to the point so that you can select the subject as a whole. Now click on another corner following any side. You have to follow all the sides and check four anchor points. Then click on the first point or corner to complete the boundary. And, this is the process for a simple object selection with simple steps.


Press Ctrl+Enter for Win or Command+Enter for Mac to make a selection. You can also make the selection by right-clicking on the marked path. Then choose ‘Make Selection’. To separate the object from the background, you need to press Ctrl+J for Win or Command+J for Mac. And, this will copy the selected area to a new layer. Now you can remove or hide the background layer. And the selected subject will be without any background. You can also do it in another way. After you mark with the pen and select, go to the tab ‘Select’> inverse and click on it. You can select the rest of the area except the subject by this. Now, you need to press Ctrl+X for Win or Command+X for Mac to delete the background.

Mark Direction Edit

For complex images, there should be more anchor points and embedded transparency. The procedure is hard and you need to focus on each mouse click to make the path well. First click on any anchor points then go for another one and this time click and drag a little. You will see two hands on the second point of the mouse click. The hands are very important to locate the path for selection. You can change the hands’ direction by pressing the Alt key for Win or Option key for MAC. Press and hold the key and click on any hand to make the change. The angle you move the hands the path will follow for further action.

Anchor Point Modification

You can also move or remove any point from the Pen tool marks. You need to press and hold Ctrl for Win or Command for Mac then click and move to the place you want to. To remove a point, you need to take the cursor on the point and you will see the sign ‘ – ‘, click and the point will disappear. These are the basic functionality we have discussed above. There is more to know about the selection by the Pen Tool. But, this subject explanation requires more than full-length content. We may come back with that some other time.

The Quick Selection Tool 

For the sharp subject selection from an image, you can use this. Then you can cut off from the background in an easy way. But, this is a very rough selection for the subject to perform the action. But sometimes effective to save time and labor. You need to click and move the cursor on the subject. The artificial intelligence automatically selects any part as you move to. You can also deselect any part by pressing and holding the Alt key for Win or Option key for Mac. And click over the areas you want to remove.

You can also click and drag to perform this action. But you need to be careful because you may do this with a wide area selection and make a mistake. As soon as you press Ctrl+Z for Win or Command+Z for Mac to undo, you will lose all the selection made at a time. So, it is safe to click to select or click to deselect a short area for better performance.

The Lasso Tool

The Lasso tool is a free form tool. You need to click and hold on one part and drag over the edge of the subject until it returns to the first point. The limitation is, if you make a mistake, you need to follow another procedure. Press and hold Alt key for Win or Option key for Mac and click and drag the same way to remove the selection. Well, this tool is better than the Quick Selection tool but not much.

Marquee Tool

Marquee tool is good for the basic shaped object like rectangular, elliptical and similar. You can select one according to the subject and click and drag to cover the area. You can move the selection marquee by pressing and holding the ‘Space Bar’. Without releasing the mouse click, move, and place on the position you want. Also, if you want to maintain the proportion, you need to press and hold the ‘Shift’ key. And get an automatic size ratio maintenance.

Select & Mask 

Select & Mask option of Photoshop is a great option for the selection of the subject. To perform the procedure, you need to open the image in Photoshop. Then select the tool called ‘Quick Selection Tool’. At the top row below the File, Edit, etc. tabs you will find the option ‘Select & Mask’. You need to click on that and another option will open where you will see ‘Select Subject’ option. Click on that and wait for a while. Photoshop makes some calculations using artificial intelligence and selects the subject by itself. You can also add or remove selection following the same procedure. Follow quick Selection Tool actions.


Color Correction

After separating the subject from the background Color Correction service comes next for photo editing basics. And, it is the second most important editing required for an e-commerce product photograph. Proper color creates the impression better for the product photo. And increases business with trust. The presentation should be perfect in order for the development of the brand. You may have the best product in the world manufactured by you. But if you cannot represent that well enough to the consumer, you may lose your position that you are capable of. “First impression is the best impression”. The presentation for the first time holds the key to your success in online marketing. Make sure your product photographs are color corrected well to achieve success.

Color Correction (Photo-editing Basics)

Color Correction of an image or product photograph has some ways to perform. As the color is the life of an image, the perfect color is very important for the reason. The most basic way of color correction is ‘Hue/Saturation’ adjustment. Well, this is the option to adjust the color to the most matching. Other options have their own functionality we are about to discuss here.


What is Hue/Saturation? Hue/Saturation is a layer applied to the color of the image or selection. Hue means the color image subject should have and we can select here. Saturation is the amount of color. Well, you can adjust the color levels here. And, the last of this layer is lightness. Well, this is the brightness or darkness level tuning section. Here only the light is the issue to take care of. In short Hue/Saturation adjusts product photography lighting.


Auto Color Correction 1 (Photo editing Basics)

Auto Color Correction has two different parts for photo editing basics. One is correcting color from the presets. There are four presets in the ‘Curves’ adjustment layer. They are,

  • Enhance Monochromatic Contrast
  • Enhance Per Channel Contrast
  • Find Dark & Light Colors
  • Enhance Brightness and Contrast

For this, you need to go to the ‘Curves’ adjustment layer. Click on the grid located on the upper right corner and select ‘Auto Options’. ‘Enhance Brightness and Contrast’ selection is by default. You can make an option to default by selecting the option and checking the box ‘Save as Defaults’. Next time you need to click on the ‘Auto’ button from the ‘Curves’ properties only. And the image will change following that.


Auto Color Correction 2 

Second Auto Color Correction also requires the ‘Curves’ adjustment layer. But, this time you need to find the grey point of the image to pick the sample. First, you need to add a ‘Solid Color’ adjustment layer on the image with the Hex Code# 808080 which is 50% grey. Then change the blend mode from normal to color. To figure out the grey part of the image, you need to create a ‘Threshold’ adjustment layer. And take the slider to the left to get the darkest part. Make invisible the ‘Solid Color’ layer and the ‘Threshold’ layer. Now, create the ‘Curves’ adjustment layer. Pick the eye dropper that shows ‘Sample in the image to set grey point’. Click on the image’s darkest part. Well, it is already figured out from the ‘Threshold’ adjustment layer. And you will see the image color correction as natural.


Image Retouching 

Retouching means correcting the impurities found. On the image, there may be impurities of various types. Such as spots, shades, dark circles & wrinkles, foreign objects or others. Without removing the impurities the image is not ready for presentation. For e-commerce presentation, it is no way fit. If you want your product to take the top position on viewing for the starter. Product photo retouching is most needed.

Retouching (Photo-editing Basics)

Spot Retouching

We use Photoshop tools such as ‘Spot Healing Brush’ tool, ‘Healing Brush’ tool, ‘Patch’ tool, regular ‘Brush’ tool and sometimes ‘Eraser’ tool for Spot Retouching. The brushes have their variety in the application. You can use them to remove the spots as like as it was never there before.

Shades Retouching 

‘Brush’ tool of Photoshop is the best choice for Shade Retouching. Select the ‘Brush’ tool, press and hold Alt for Win or Option for Mac. Then pick a sample from the bright area and draw over the shades. Now, look for the difference. If the brushing is too bright or different by color, the area selection or sampling area was not accurate. Try from other areas and repeat the process. You can select a soft brush to avoid the harsh edges while brushing. You can also decrease the opacity to get the best result.

Dark Circles & Wrinkles Retouching 

Photoshop ‘Patch’ tool is the best tool for Dark Circles & Wrinkles Retouching. The process is very simple. Select the ‘Patch’ tool from the Toolbar. Select an area by clicking and circling over the wrinkled area. Then release the click. Again click and hold on the selected area, drag over a clean area from which you want to replicate with. Instantly the Dark Circles & Wrinkles will change to clean. There you may see a little dark shade. And, you can remove by the ‘Brush’ tool, in the same as the ‘Shade Retouching’ procedure. Also, this time, the opacity may need to lessen for better output.

Foreign Objects 

Foreign objects may harm the image’s look. As there is no resemblance to the subject or the concept. You can replace them with the ‘Patch’ tool or you can brush over them. Sometimes the ‘Clone’ tool is helpful to remove the objects. The most effective way is the ‘Patch’ tool.


Image resources 

Photo editing basics are in need of new photographs for e-commerce website upload. Or you can hire Professional Photographers that are costly. To save money and time, it is better to use stock photos as ‘Image resource’. There are a lot of free websites that provide images without any cost. Some others charge money for the images for distribution. But they are also aware of the quality and the need of the people. They have the stock of photos different than the free ones and the images are more organized. Check out some free and paid image resources near you.


Pixabay is an open-source free image stock. The site has more than a million collections. The quantity is increasing by time for the demand of visitors day by day. You can choose the image by scrolling or searching your desired one. You can find enough options for the same category and the selection is upon you. Also, this is one of the most visited websites for stock images for the variety, quantity, and exposure.

Pixabay Logo (Photo-editing Basics)


Pexels is another free stock website for a huge number of image collections. The specialty of the site is, the images are CC0-licensed. Which means they are copyright free that you can download and use them anywhere. Pexels is also one of the most popular websites for stock photos of various kinds.

Pexels Logo (Photo-editing Basics)

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is not free to have images. But, it has a massive database of high-quality stock images. Adobe Creative Cloud has integration with the stock and you can check out the images before you buy. In the beginning, you will have 10 images for free only once.

Adobe Stock Logo (Photo-editing Basics)


Burst is a huge stock of free images powered by Shopify. They actually focus on e-commerce entrepreneurs so that the business can get a head start. The presentation of the photographs is also attractive and relevant to online marketing.

Burst Logo (Photo-editing Basics)


Visualhunt is also a free stock images website. Well, it gives you access from Flickr which is a public domain. Besides, it sources other stock photo-based websites. Also, it gives you the result to get your required image within a short time. Also, it is easy to navigate. And, it has great tools including a color palette for product images. Also a good tagging system and extensive meta details.

Visualhunt Logo (Photo-editing Basics)

New Old Stock 

Are you are looking for old and vintage photographs with a stunning look? Well, you should visit this site. The site actually sources vintage photos from all over the world. And all the images are free and not a limitation of copyright.

New Old Stock Logo (Photo-editing Basics)

Stock UP 

One of the largest and renowned stock photo coordinators is Stock Up. The site has more than 25,000 images in its own stock. And also sources from 33 websites that have CC0 licenses. Which means no copyright limitations.

Stock Up Logo (Photo-editing Basics)


The stock photo website Unsplash is becoming more popular. Because this is one of the well-organized image sites. And, it also has a convenient navigation system. And the hassle-free setup for easy access and comfortable viewing.

Unsplash Logo (Photo-editing Basics) 

Another stock photo site without any copyright restriction. Snappa has created and has a large number of images for you to find and download as you want. No matter how you can use them as your own. Logo (Photo-editing Basics) is another site where you will get a huge number of images. And, they arranged the images by categories. Also, this is also copyright free so, nothing to worry. Logo (Photo-editing Basics)

Death to the Stock Photo 

The site is full of artistic photos with an authentic feel. You can have access to a large number of free and paid images. You can access them according to your needs. For the free photos, you do not need to pay but have some limitation of art and photojournalism. For the paid photos, you can have access for 14 days of free trial with your details and email address. After that, you need to pay as per the packages mentioned on the web page. By the way, the site also contains stock videos you can download and use.

Death to the Stock Logo (Photo-editing Basics)


To go for a big step, there needs some basic preparation that we have discussed here. As photo editing is our discussion matter the Photo editing basics relate to that. Our main goal is to highlight the product to the market through e-commerce. One should follow the things discussed above. Through this, you can amplify the possibilities of good recognition of the product in the market. Are you are looking for someone to do e-commerce product photo editing service?

You are at the right place with Clipping World. Brand products always follow the basics. Except for the stock photos or image resources. They capture their product images on their own. They use professional photographers to increase the value even more. But the rising companies use the techniques as described. Yet, the scenario is changing these days. Even the newcomers use their own techniques to rise and shine in the competitive market.


FAQ About Product Photo Editing

Question: What does ‘Basics’ mean in product Photo editing basics?

Ans: Product photos we capture in natural raw format. That is not ready for e-commerce or printing. The most important things that we follow to prepare the photos in a presentable mode are the Basics. You should follow the photo editing basics for a better marketing value you want.

Question: How do the photo editing basics work?

Ans: Photo editing basics work in a group. You cannot skip any of them if you want to get a better result. You cannot upload the raw image or the product photo with impurities. you have to follow the procedure with care.

Question: Why Photo editing basics are important?

Ans: As a matter of fact, the photo editing basics is not important. And, it is mandatory for the e-commerce business to move forward. You cannot actually think without them or your decision may harm the business to fall.

Question: Are there any more steps to know of Photo editing basics?

Ans: There are a few more steps to follow to product photo editing for online marketing. We have discussed here the basic ones only.

Question: What is the cost of Product Photo Editing?

Ans: The cost for Product Photo Editing is variable. Basically, it depends on the product image quality and editing types. Clipping World brings you affordable cost for all the editing you need. The starting price is $ 0.29 per image and up to 50% bulk discount depending on the quantity.

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