Top 10 Popular Tutorials for Photoshop

Tutorials for Photoshop are everywhere online. But if we want to list the best one, then we have to  Thank you for joining the Clipping World blog where we try to make you understand Photoshop activities. Today, we will go for the next step of another blog, ‘Understanding and Master the Pen Tool in Photoshop’.

Why we are calling it the next step? Well, there is a reason behind it. On that blog, we explained the Pen Tool and the activities. Here we will go further with the examples. So, you can have a crystal clear concept of Clipping Path. Let’s go for the eductive and fast clipping path Photoshop tutorial.

A lot of examples you may see on the web. But, not all of them are good enough to learn from. The way of the operations may be the same but making them understand with a clear concept is different.

So, we will try to inform you of convenient tutorials for understanding the Clipping Path method in effective ways. You can go for Clipping Path Photoshop CC 2019 for convenience. Well, Clipping Path Photoshop CC 2018 is not so different and you can do with it too.

An Idea About Clipping Path

According to Wikipedia, “A clipping path (or “deep etch”) is a closed vector path, or shape, used to cut out a 2D image in image editing software”.  “Image silo” is the alternative name for Clipping Path.

Well, anything inside by the Clipping Path stays. And, anything outside the path, will omit output. Applying the clipping path results in a hard (aliased) or soft (anti-aliased) edge, depending on the image editor’s capabilities”. So, we got that a clipping Path is a way to cut out an area or the subject from the image for further processing. Also, it is a Photoshop clipping path to remove background operation.

Clipping Path Tutorials for Photoshop

We are about to mention some of the easy tutorials that can help you learn Clipping Path. Here, some of them are videos from YouTube and some are in content form. Both are important to understand the matter properly. If you follow the steps to create a clipping path in Photoshop, you can become a Master of Pen Tool. Clipping mask Photoshop YouTube tutorials are easy to understand.


  1. Master the Pen Tool in Under 8 Minutes (Photoshop) – PHLEARN
  2. Learn How to Cutout & Retouch a Product Image in Adobe Photoshop – Dansky
  3. Master the Pen Tool in 30 Minutes | Photoshop In-Depth Tutorial – Unmesh Dinda
  4. Pen Tool Explained! | Photoshop tutorial – Nemanja Sekulic
  5. How to Create Clipping Path In Photoshop – MaxpoinT Hridoy


  2. Trade Excel Graphics
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Offshore Clipping Path
  5. Clipping Path Experts



Tutorials for Photoshop

Aeron Nace, the founder of where you can get Photography and Photoshop solutions. He was born on one of the most beautiful islands called Kauai Hawaii. Photography is his passion and adds spice with Photoshop. In the link above, Aeron explained the use of the Pen Tool as well as the Clipping Path. You can follow the steps to get the knowledge for implementation.

The explanation seems pretty smart to me. Well, you need to have an English language understanding capability for sure. He is good at English and as well as with the explanation.

In the video, he tried to cover the whole episode in less than eight minutes. That means it is not that difficult to understand the process and learn. According to my assessment, he is the best at understanding Photoshop functions. And, the speech is also clear and sharp to understand better.

Learn How to Cutout & Retouch a Product Image in Adobe Photoshop – Dansky


Tutorials for Photoshop

Daniel White is the key person of the Dansky. It is a YouTube channel where you can learn Photoshop in various options. Daniel is a creative designer and likes to help people to develop themselves. He shares his experiences of things he does for his career.

In the video, you will get the full details of his knowledge of the Clipping Path. From the image opening to creating a path or making the selection to changing the background with shadow implementation, everything is in here.

He is dedicated to the work he does and that made him a perfectionist. His explanations are quite clear with the concept that you can get what you want. He too speaks English and you should be good in the language for better understanding.

Pen Tool Explained! | Photoshop tutorial – Nemanja Sekulic


10 Clipping Path Tutorial_Clipping World
Nemanja Sekulic

Nemanja Sekulic at the same time a Photographer, Digital Artist, and Educator. He has a good hand in image editing. “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.”– Arthur C. Nemanja follows Clarke’s speech to implement in real life. Through his videos, you will have a vast knowledge of image editing.

As for the Clipping Path tutorial, he shows it from the beginning to the end. The uses of the Pen Tool, making a selection, removing the background, etc., and more. His instructions and concepts are easy to understand. Also, you can write in the comment box for better understanding.

Also, he has another tutorial that shows changing the background in a matching environment. Check that out too for further learning of the Clipping Path. Or you can say post-production of Clipping Path.

Background change with the Clipping Path link:

Master the Pen Tool in 30 Minutes | Photoshop In-Depth Tutorial – Unmesh Dinda


10 Clipping Path Tutorial_Clipping World
Unmesh Dinda

The owner of PiXimperfect, Unmesh Dinda originally from India. He is so passionate about his work and skilled with accuracy. If you check the linked video properly, you can see the efforts he has given to clarify everything. From the beginning to the end, Unmesh helps to understand each and every point you need. Not only with the speech, but he also explains everything with an example. The examples contain multiple shapes and objects to have a clear concept.

The unavoidable part so far for the Clipping Path is the Pen Tool that activates with the keyboard key ‘P’. He helps to make things even easier with the basic practice link at the end of the video. The Bézier Game, crafted by Mark MacKay, helps you to practice the basics of the Pen Tool. You can play the game and at the same time practice in Photoshop to verify your learning.

How to Create Clipping Path In Photoshop – MaxpoinT Hridoy


10 Clipping Path Tutorial_Clipping World
MH Yousuf

“Pictures worth a thousand words”, it’s a saying by experts around the world. If it is a motion picture, then the concept is even clearer. In the video description, you will see the account name is “MaxpoinT Hridoy”. And, the owner of this channel is MH Yousuf.

He explained everything without any speech. Well, that might be a little less than perfection but the thing we are up to is clearly visible. Following the steps, it should be easy to get the points.

Without the implementation, any tutorial you see will be useless. So, see the video and do it yourself in Photoshop. This is not really hard to perform the operation for Clipping Path. You may not get each and every point at first glance.

Repeat the video to get the steps done properly. And, if you cannot understand though, rewind the video to follow the steps again and again. Sure you will succeed.

Webpages | Tutorials for Photoshop

Title: Draw with the Pen Tools


10 Clipping Path Tutorial_Clipping World

Adobe Corporation is the most renowned image editing software provider in the world. It is not really necessary to explain the company as we all know about it. The software ‘Photoshop’ we use to edit an image is from Adobe Corporation. In the tutorial, Adobe explains everything you need to create any kind of path. Photoshop has four types of Pen Tools. They are,

  1. The Curvature Pen Tool
  2. The standard Pen Tool
  3. The Freeform Pen Tool
  4. The Magnetic Pen Tool

All the Pen Tools do not do the same kind of operation. Of course, it is obvious. If they all do the same thing then what is the point? Exactly, there is no meaning. That is why Adobe explains all the Pen Tools with examples to make understand.

If you know only about the standard Pen Tool, you can learn about others and their uses from here. And, who knows, maybe you will be surprised knowing the implementation is much easier! Go through the article and enjoy the learning.

Trade Excel Graphics

Title: Clipping Path in Photoshop CC: An Ultimate Guide to Create Clippings


10 Clipping Path Tutorial_Clipping World
Trade Excel Graphics

If you are good at learning by reading articles, this is the best place for you. Trade Excel Graphics presents, “Clipping Path in Photoshop CC: An Ultimate Guide to Create Clippings”. You can follow this tutorial to get a good idea of Clipping Path. And, this educative blog goes through all the activities.

If you are a beginner, follow the words well and you will become an expert. Well, do not get so excited about the last sentence. The job is not the easiest and not so tough at all. Also, you may need to read the sections multiple times. And, do not lose patience as learning a new thing is always difficult.

However, nothing is impossible that is already done by someone. So, make things possible. There is no alternative to practice. You can learn better when you implement them in the work. To have the expertise, do the steps again and again to achieve the perfect operation. You can also review all the techniques mentioned above.

Graphic Design | Best Tutorials for Photoshop

Title: Photoshop Clipping Paths – The Best and Worst Ways to Create Image Cutouts


Tutorials for Photoshop
Graphic Design Employment

Graphic Design is a learning website created to teach beginners. The main goal is to give information to beginners that institutions do not teach. Nick B. Davies is the founder of this company. He has a studio named ‘Tinstar Design’, established in 1997.

He faced numerous difficulties while working on image editing that he wanted to share with others. In the tutorial, you can see the explanations are user-friendly and rich with examples. , Pen-Tool is not the only way to cut out a subject from the background. There are other selection Tools that you can use to perform.

In the article, you will have an idea of which way is good and which are not. If you can make the selection, the further procedure is very simple to handle for the finishing. Making the selection is the most important issue that you can get an effective way in here.

As we are talking about the Clipping Path, the Pen Tool is the only tool that can do the operation perfectly. Go through the tutorial and you may learn that you haven’t learned yet.

Offshore Clipping Path | Tutorials for Photoshop

Title: Clipping Path Tutorial


Tutorials for Photoshop
Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path is a website that presents you with the ‘Clipping Path Tutorial’ in its blog. The author is Nayan Chowdhury of the article who used his innovative skills to give the best. Here you will have the explanations not only in text but also in a video.

And, the tutorial is well organized for easy learning. At first, you can get the definition and the way it works. From time to time you can have the instructions with images of Clipping Path. The selection, use of the Pen Tool, and removal of the background are all you can see step by step.

The only thing they did not include is adding a background. However, they did not finish the topic without a proper ending. Instead of adding a background, you will see the background color addition. For the Clipping Path only, the procedure is right.

As the background is in a solid color and in a separate layer, you can use any image following the same method. In the video, they have used a subject which is a human being instead of any object. To make understand the concept both the examples are good enough, I believe.

Clipping Path Experts | Tutorials for Photoshop

Title: How to Create Photoshop Clipping Path: Tutorial You Should Follow


Tutorials for Photoshop
Clipping Path Experts

‘Clipping Path Experts’ is a website that contains image editing services. They published blog content on Clipping Path so that beginners can have an idea about it. After going through all the contents above, this one may seem short in description. However, the article contains all the activities with the basic Pen Tool for background transparency. So you can get a summary of Clipping Path at a glance.

If you are a quick learner, this article is the best choice for you. You do not need to waste enough time reading and repeating the same thing again and again. Just understand the theme with the tutorial and do it yourself. Yes, you can do it.

By the way, Clipping World has some videos on Clipping Path and background changes on YouTube. You may take some time to have a peek through them. Though the video quality is not in high definition, you can see them and do the practice by yourself. In addition, you will have multiple clipping paths in Photoshop tutorials in them.


Image editing has lots of wings whereas Clipping Path is the most used and accurate of all. But, Create Clipping Mask Illustrator is far from Photoshop. And, it is completely different. With the help of the Pen Tool, anyone can cut out the subject or change the background easily. Well, for better performance, there is no alternative to Practice. The more you practice, the better you can do. Also, this is all about perfection. So, make the editing perfect with your magical touch.

FAQs | Tutorials for Photoshop

What is Clipping Path?

Ans: Clipping Path is the way by which the subject of an image can be cut out or change the background. Generally, the operation can be performed by the Pen Tool. With the help of the Pen Tool, you can mark an area, and after that the area you can use it on any background or without the background.

Why Clipping Path is necessary?

Ans: A Clipping Path is necessary for the subjects that have sharp edges and pointy anchor points. With the help of the Pen Tool, it is very easy to mark the kind of subjects. Also, this saves enough time to increase productivity.

How Clipping Path tutorial can help in real?

Ans: No one is an expert by born. And as long as the world needs experts, tutorials are the best solution. Whether you get the tutorial from a human being or from a blog, it is inevitable. Not different for Clipping Path expertise. The tutorials are mandatory.

How Clipping Path can be useful for online marketing?

Ans: This is the 21st century. The world is in the Information Age. And, almost everything around us is in digital format for product marketing. Well, Clipping Path saves the market with the product presentation in the format you need. Also, it helps to meet compatibility and enhances the appeal of a product which ultimately amplifies online marketing.

How tutorials for Photoshop can help to learn Clipping Path?

Ans: It is obvious to get help to learn something. Well, there are some matters that we can learn naturally but in the field of information technology, we need help. Now let’s come to Clipping Path. It is the most basic part of ‘Graphic Design’. The whole editing method is like an ocean.

If you have someone who can teach you, then good enough. But, if you want to learn without human help, tutorials are the best option.