How To Take and Edit Clothing Photos for Your Online Store

Clothing product photography has become the most mandatory requirement for online stores. The clothing business was never so effective before the twenty-first century. Today, we have smart internet, live storage, e-commerce marketplaces to create & post, etc. Basically, this is the golden moment for presentation through online stores. So, to take and edit clothing photos for your online store comes forward to spread business smoothly. And, here we are about to discuss the ways for successfully clothing photo presentation as tips.


clothing product photography
How To Take and Edit Clothing Photos for Your Online Store

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Table of Content

  • What are Clothing Photos?
  • What is an Online Store?
  • Taking and Editing Clothing Photos
  • Conclusion


What is clothing product photography?

Clothing or apparel is the second basic requirement for a human being. As social beings, people need garments to cover up the body and meet fashion trends maintenance. Based on this requirement, several organizations developed all over the world. And, reaching every people in the world with clothing marketing is impossible through physical marketing. So, photographs made that easy. And, the photos that you can use instead of clothing are clothing photos. We will talk about clothing photography tips here that will assist you with reasonable instructions.


What is an Online Store?

Online Store is a place where you can represent your product for marketing. Here you need to use virtual space for your product. As we are discussing the clothing, the store should contain photographs that you want to sell. But how to photograph clothes for sale? Well, this is another relevant issue to clothing photos for your online store. We are about to cover them both along with the required editing.


Taking and Editing Clothing Photos

Taking and editing clothing photos need sequential steps. Well, everything in the world needs sequences to achieve the best result. So, we will go in brief with the steps. And, the rest depends on your understanding and implementation capability.

  1. Planning for clothing product photography and editing
  2. Taking Clothing Photos
  3. Editing Clothing Photos


taking and editing clothing photos
How To Take and Edit Clothing Photos for Your Online Store

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Planning for clothing product photography and editing

For clothing photography and editing, you need to make a proper plan first. Your success in photographic presentation highly depends on this. However, everything has alternatives in the online marketplace. But, using unique photos with eye-catchy looks promotes your reputation.


Taking Clothing Photos

In the second step, you need to take clothing photographs. We have content on this topic,  Clothing Photography Guide for Beginners in 2022, that you can go through. Here we will mention the issues in short.


taking clothing photos (clothing product photography)
How To Take and Edit Clothing Photos for Your Online Store

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Preparing Clothing Product Photography

  • Dust Removing by Lint Roller or Stiff Brush: Apparel should be dust or dirt-free before photography. So, use a clean cloth and remove dust or unwanted objects with a Lint Roller or Stiff Brush.
  • Removing Unwanted Elements: Make sure to remove Labels, Price Tags, Stickers, etc., before photo shooting. You do not need them in photographs. Even they are distractive for a good presentation.
  • Ironing: Do iron the garment for a smart look. Even folding marks can harm the presentation. However, you can do it later in photo editing. But, prevention is better than cure.
  • Masking Tape for Shaping: Use masking tape to maintain the apparel’s shape if you are using a mannequin. Do your best to fit the apparel. Make sure to avoid creases while applying masking tapes.
  • Using Invisible Pins and Clips: You can use pins and clips to fit the garment over a mannequin. Keep the pins and clips hidden so that they are not visible in photographs.


Wear on Conditions

  • Clothing Photography on a Live Model: Using live models for clothing photography is the best way of apparel presentation. Models are expensive and demanding. Still, the output is remarkable with proper photography and editing.
  • Using a Mannequin for Clothing Photography: Mannequin is a cost-saving process in clothing photography. Also, this is a one-time investment. So, using mannequins for clothing photography comes in the second position. Removing the mannequin with Ghost Effect Photo Editing gives apparel a smart hollow look.
  • Flat Lay Photography: Clothing photography by flat lay is another way of presentation. You can use a large space where the clothes can lay down easily. Also, you can add another folded version of the same apparel to illustrate the view even more.
  • 360° Clothing Photography: 360° Clothing Photography is a smart way of apparel presentation. Multiple shots from different angles maintaining geometric differences can give the best positioning. Later, with photo editing by packshot, you can have a moveable image.


Photoshooting Facts in connection

  • Focusing Unique Features of Clothing: Always focus on the unique features that are present in the apparel. This will increase the attraction of the product to the customers.
  • Maintain Camera Angle: Choose the right angle before photo shooting. Take some time to analyze the apparel, then go for a shooting.
  • Use Manual Zooming: Professional photography needs professional cameras with compatible lenses. For clothing photography, always use manual zooming.
  • Professional Camera, Lens, and Photographer: Clothing photos for your online stores should be perfect all the way. So, it would help if you used a professional photographer with cameras and lenses.


Editing Clothing Photos

At this moment, you must have the question in mind, “How to edit clothing photos?” and that is why we bring you some ideas about it. If you are already a photo editor, you know the drill. For others, this is like a tip.


editing clothing photos
How To Take and Edit Clothing Photos for Your Online Store

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  • Isolating Clothing Photos: One of the common editing methods for clothing photos is separating the subject from the background. You can use Clipping Path, Masking, or some more methods to do it.
  • Retouching: Photo Retouching is an important part of editing where we take care of the impurities. Fashion photography retouching for clothing and model is unavoidable.
  • Ghost Effects: Apparel photos on mannequins are not good-looking. But, if we apply ghost effects by editing, the apparel will have a smart hollow look.
  • Color Correction: Adding some vibrance or make clothing photos eye-catchy; Color Correction is a great way. You can change the theme of apparel by this if required.
  • Color Change: Clothing photos often need color change editing to present the same clothing in multiple colors. Though this is a part of color correction, you can change any specific area.
  • Post-Processing: All kinds of photo editing after capturing clothing photos are Post-Processing. So, whatever modification you may need for apparel photos, you can have it.
  • Image Cropping: Clothing photographs might be wrong in positioning or angle. So, you can use Image Cropping to correct the angle and cut off unwanted edge areas.



Clothing photos capturing and editing is relevant to fashion photo editing as apparels are part of the trend. And, an online store requires error-free catchy clothing photos for the best impression. However, you can use non-edited photographs on your webpage if you want. But, the impression will be so so whether you use the best clothing photos. To have a better impression, use professional photography and professional photo editing.


How do you take pictures of clothes for an online store?

Ans: To take pictures of clothes for an online store, you need to hire a professional photographer. Or, you can learn about the kind of photography and apply that.

How do you take flat lay pictures of clothes?

Ans: Use a large table and put the clothes on that with proper arrangements. Or, take one cloth at a time and capture the apparel from above.

How do you put pictures on shirts for websites?

Ans: With graphic editing, you can easily put pictures on shirts. Then you can use them for websites or on your online stores.

How do you get the ghost mannequin effect?

Ans: We remove the mannequin first, then add the back part to cover missing areas. After that, we retouch the subject and add shadows where necessary. That’s it.