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Flat Lay Clothing Photography is a different method for apparel presentation online. Also, it is a matter of experience for a perfect presentation. So, you need to follow some techniques and go for photography. And, it is very important to use the necessary shooting gears along with a lighting setup.

Another mentionable part of clothing photo presentation is post-production. Well, you cannot just take a clothing photo and upload that online directly. Doing so, you may make a presentation but it will not attract customers. So, you need to contact a clipping path service provider for that. The final image will become perfect all the way.

What is the Flat Lay Clothing Photography?

Placing apparel in a plain space, taking the photo, and using it is not really flat-lay clothing photography. You need to focus on the presentation and make the necessary arrangements for that. Well, the operation may seem the same but different with the processing.

Also, you will need professional Photo Editing Services to enhance the photos up to a level. Here, we are going to know a little more about the whole operation. So, let’s start with the flat-lay photography ideas for clothing.

Ideas for Flat Lay Photography?

flat lay product photography

Evaluating the necessities for flat-lay photography clothing, we have brought you some ideas. And, if you are interested in doing this, you will find them effective. Well, there are other clothing photography ideas you can apply for sure. But, a flat lay is a different option you should try.

However, perfection in this kind of photography may be a little difficult for the viewer. Still, among other presentations, this photography can be a unique addition. The ideas are;

  1. Flat lay on a plain surface
  2. Hanging over a hanger
  3. The arrangement for flat-lay clothing
  4. Categorization of clothing for flat-lay photography
  5. Use folded clothing one or many
  6. Organizing clothing
  7. Using a mannequin
  8. Clothing View
  9. Shooting gears you should use
  10. Lighting kits

1. Flat lay on a plain surface

The first thing you need to do is lay the garment or apparel on a plain surface. You need to use a hard and rough cloth or mat to keep the apparel stable. Well, some apparel like jackets, suits, padded bras, etc. does not need hard clothes below.

Still, flat-lay photography clothing background is an important part of the perfect capturing. Well, you can remove the background later by professionals or by yourself.

2. Hanging over a hanger

Apparel photography by hanging over a hanger is not directly flat-lay photography but is relevant. The main difference is, that here you need to hang the apparel on a wall instead of lying down.

Well, the outlook will be a little different also as the hanger is holding the apparel by the shoulder and the neck. But, after taking the photograph both look nearly the same.

3. The arrangement for a flat lay clothing

You need several things for a flat-lay clothing photography setup and arrange them in order. The first thing is a flat surface. And, that could be the floor or a large table, or anything else that can serve the purpose. Then you need a large hard cloth to lay over the flat surface.

And, this prevents apparel from moving or misplacing. Also, the place should be stable without a spinning fan. The wind hampers stable photography. Moreover, you have to arrange proper lighting, shooting gear, and a professional cameraman. Well, you can skip a professional cameraman if you can do it yourself.

4. Categorization of clothing for flat-lay photography

The categorization of clothing indicates different impressions in photographs. So, the flat-lay clothing photography tips should be several depending on the type. You cannot just choose a single method for all the categories. So, choose the best lay style for specific apparel. 

5. Use folded clothing for one or many

Folding your garments in a strategic manner can also help photography. You’ll be able to see everything you possess at a glance. Try standing up or “filing” your shirts, jeans, sweaters, or socks upright are clothing flat lay ideas you can apply. Well, you can use your creative ideas as well for an eye-catching look.

6. Organizing clothing

Plenty of DIY solutions that can help you maximize your flat-lay photography improvements. The most basic tricks are using matching positioning, and organizing a handbag collection or a tablecloth. Place all the garments (if there are plenty) together with a relevant arrangement.

Or, place the clothes in a queue so that they look well-organized. And, this is an important one for flat-lay clothes photography ideas.

7. Using a mannequin

If you work in the apparel industry, you know how difficult it is to demonstrate a product’s fit. Customers require detailed information about the geometry of a product, which flat or folded displays can not supply. Models are expensive, and mannequins may be alienating, so your product photography must show the products being worn.

The use of a mannequin does not indicate the flat lay photography directly. And, invisible mannequin photo editing is a way to remove the mannequin and give apparel a hollow 3D look.

8. Clothing View

The clothing view is the most important part of the presentation. You cannot capture any random picture of your apparel and upload it for online stores. So, what you need to do is to follow a system that is useful for representing your clothing.

Flat-lay clothing photography lighting roles an important part of making a better impression. Sometimes, the shadow of the apparel can gain a good catch. Well, you can add the shadow by photo editing as well.

9. Shooting gears you should use

The tripod is the most critical piece of equipment for flat-lay photography (apart from a fantastic camera). Of course, you want something that is really durable. However, you’ll also require something that permits you to rise beyond your subject. 

You won’t be able to do this with a traditional tripod. Then, you need a professional camera to do flat-lay product photography well. Of course, expertise is highly preferable.

10. Lighting kits

The implementation of clothing photography ideas at home may be difficult for want of lighting kits. The light sources should appropriately highlight the clothing so that all of the crucial details may be seen. As a result, you’ll need to invest in a lighting kit.

The three-light variety is the most desirable. A three-point lighting system can be achieved this way (one key light, a back or hair light, and one fill light).

Importance Of Flat Lay Clothing Photography

clothing photography ideas at home

Flat-lay clothing photography is innovative, one-of-a-kind, and simple to use. Also, it is economical if you want to use flat-lay product photography in your sales plan. This is one of the advantages of flat-lay photography for your business.

The way products are arranged on flat-lay photographs tends to attract the attention of potential customers. Not only that, but flat-lay product photos enable shoppers to make swift trust and purchase judgments.

Common FAQs Of Flat Lay Photography

How do I take pictures for an online clothing store?

Ans: Taking pictures for an online clothing store requires some preparations and arrangements. The flat-lay clothing photography is an idea to make a different look. Along with the other necessities, you need to maintain the f/stop between f/8 and f/11.

How do you take pictures of flat-lay clothes?

Ans: Lay the cloth on a flat surface, remove wrinkles or creases, and shoot from a distance. Also, try to use a tripod so that your captured photos do not get movement blurring.

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Among all the ideas on this specific kind of photography for apparel, we have presented you with only a few. However, there are more clothing photography ideas you can apply as well. The secret of flat-lay clothing photography ideas is the method by which you can get some knowledge.

The real performance comes out with experience and perfection in capturing. Well, you can do it professionally if you wish. But, if you do it yourself, the content can help in this regard.