Clothing Photography Guide for Beginners

Complete Guide to Clothing Photography Ideas

The clothing photography ideas boost your knowledge to another level of professionalism. A large number of things you may find unfamiliar if you do not have experience. Great! Today, let’s forget the usual clothes photos and get creative! We will explore some fun and interesting ideas to make your clothing photography stand out.

Before going to the main episode, we would like to divide the clothing photography process into some parts. And, they are focusing on things, photography, and post-production. Each of them is essential in their section. Combining them all, you will convert your thinking into reality.

However, several types of fashion photography are related to the topic. But, we will discuss clothing photography only. Moreover, numerous apparel photography services you may get online will redeem your labor in exchange for money.

Things to Focus on Clothing Appearance

Sample image (Clothing photography guide)

There are many things to consider for perfect photography, but let’s take a look at a few key points to get you started. This is not everything, but it will give you a good idea of what matters most. We’ll keep things short and sweet to avoid overwhelming you!

Whether we give you a guideline or not, the whole procedure depends on your creativity and expertise. Additionally, the importance of an apparel photographer is undeniable.

01. Focus On The Prime Features

Except for some regular clothing, all others have something different in them. You need to focus on the different or prime features of clothing while photography.

So, keep the details in your photography to make the image eye-catching. However, some clothes are unique and attractive. And, you do not need to work hard to focus on any individual part indeed.

02. Take Multiple Images

One single image may not represent the whole garment. You need to take a couple of images from different angles. Also, try to take photographs from a constant distance from the clothing. By doing so, you will have a full view of the apparel for a better presentation.

03. Remove Distractions (Price Label, Sticker, etc.)

Take a photograph of the clothing without any distractions. When you prepare a garment/apparel for photography, remove price labels, stickers, etc. from that. By doing so you can present a fresh image to the audience. Customers will not get disturbed by unnecessary items except for clothing.

04. Using A Human Model/Mannequin

Model for clothing photography (Clothing photography guide)

Try to use human models or mannequins for clothing photography ideas. Apparel on a model or a mannequin looks more appropriate than when kept flat or hung. You will get dozens of differences between flat-lay photography and mannequin photos.

You will have a 3D look when placed on any of them. Human models are expensive. Whereas, mannequins are less in terms of cost and one-time investment. You can remove the mannequin by image editing called Ghost Mannequin Effects.

05. Match To The Shape (Pin, Clips, Masking Tape)

Clothing photography with a human model does not require matching the shape. We usually match the size of the clothing according to the model. As for the mannequin, try to suit it up well. Use pins and clips to fit the garments.

Use masking tape where there is a possibility of slipping down the top of the garments. In most cases for party dresses, masking tape is the lifesaver.

06. Ironing

Do not forget to iron the apparel before taking a photograph. Clothing with wrinkles is never applicable to a presentation. Ensure ironing is correct and no wrinkles are visible. Well, in some cases wrinkles are allowed to represent smart curves.

07. Remove Dust and Other Particles

Clothing photography needs a significant manner. Dust or any other particles that are not related to the apparel, need to be removed before shooting. Sometimes, a single unsuitable object can wrack the whole impression. So, be sure to remove them for the sake of the best desire.

Cleanliness of clothing

08. Flat Lay

A set of clothing requires flat-lay photography. For a single garment, you can use a model or a mannequin. When you use a full set, it is good to see them together in a flat view.

Also, in some cases, the same type of garments with different color presentation needs the same method. The flat clothing photography kit with shooting gear is quite useful.

09. 3D/360° Packshot

Do you need the clothing presentation to be in an animated format? 3D/360° packshot does exactly what you want. The way of presentation is an image editing term but requires specific photographs. You need to take a couple of photos of the apparel. Image editors will do the rest.

10. Use an Invisible Thread (If Required)

You can use invisible thread to hang the apparel while photo shooting. The thread is thin, strong, and at the same time invisible to cameras. You can have a diverse look if you want. The technique is optional. If you want, you can use it.

Shooting Gears and Their Utilization

Shooting gears (Clothing photography guide)

Shooting gear or a camera with equipment is important enough for clothing photography. In fact, it is one of the top priorities for capturing a perfect image. However, the expertise lies in the experience of a professional photographer.

A.  Professional Camera & Lens

A professional camera and lens are imperative to clothing photography. You need to hire a professional photographer for the job.

Plan your requirements and explain them to the photographer. He/she will implement the experience and expertise and give you the perfect result. Also, he/she knows the use of a professional camera, lens, and the settings required.

B. Camera Positioning

Place your camera in an accurate position. Every piece of clothing does not look good in photographs from the same angle. Again, you need a professional photographer to discover the best angle and distance. Or, if you feel like doing it yourself, I suggest taking multiple photos from different positions and choosing the best one.

C. Lighting

Photography lighting

Another irresistible part of clothing photography is lighting. With poor light, the photograph will lose details. On the other hand, excessive lighting is also harmful to the smoothness of the apparel. Maintain the lighting that is the best for the clothing you want to photograph.

D. Studio Type Setup

A professional photography studio maintains some setups for various photograph shoots. If you need to take clothing photos regularly, it is better to set up a studio. Well, if you want your garments photographed in a professional studio, you can ignore this.

E. Adjustable Zoom or Digital Zoom

Today, digital technology has gone quite far in camera and photography. Smartphones have taken the place of fixed-lens cameras. Now you do not need to carry another camera with you while traveling.

The method only applies to personal use. If you want your clothing photographs good enough, you will need cameras with adjustable zoom. You should not use digital zoom as it is limited to focusing on the perfect shot.

F. Tripod for the Camera

Tripod for camera

Use a tripod for the camera to avoid unexpected shaking. Professional photographers often use this for a stable image or video capture. Also, there is a remote to click the shot without touching the camera. The main theme is to capture images free from shaking.

G. ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

For clothing photography, it is important to adjust some settings in the camera. The first one is the ISO. Keep the ISO low for this photograph for a clean shot. The higher the ISO, the noisier the photograph will be. The Aperture should be f/8 to f/11. The higher the Aperture the better focus you can have.

As for Shutter speed, use the low one while using a tripod. But, if you photograph by hand, I suggest using a higher shutter speed for shake-reduced photography.

H. White Balance

White balance holds significant value in clothing photography. You may get different colored light effects while photo shooting. Ensure you maintain a white balance while taking the photograph. If the surroundings are not supportive of the flow, use artificial white lighting to get a perfect balance.

Post-Production Clothing Photography Ideas

Every great fashion photo goes through a process after it’s taken. This is called editing. In this article, we’ll take a look at how photos are edited for fashion magazines (think cool, high-fashion looks). We won’t dive into every detail of fashion photo editing, but we’ll show you the basics of making the clothes look amazing!

Image post-production (Clothing photography guide)

A. Background Remove/Change

The basic editing for image post-production is background removal or change. Well, it is not a must to remove or change the background always. But, it helps to remove the distraction. You want your clothing photograph to be appealing. Remove the background or change that depending on the subject biz.

B. Photo Color Correction

Take care of the color of the clothing photograph before you use it in some places. Perfect color and the amount of color can increase the beauty of the apparel. Photoshop has a specific layer called the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. Adjust the sliders to achieve the best result.

C. Change of Colors

The change of colors is quite useful for clothing photography. Using only single-colored clothing is rare for business. Only exclusive ones are represented in such a way in a rare case. But, in general, the same apparel in different colors is common. You can change the color of the garment or copy the same subject with different colors. And this is more cost-saving as well.

D. Retouching | Clothing Photography Ideas 

Beautify the clothing photograph with image retouching. Retouching means the editing of an image in general. But, there is a specific part of image editing with this name. Spot & impurities removal, smoothing rough areas, and giving the image a clean & clear look is called retouching. Ensure you use retouching of the clothing for a uniform look.

E. Ghost Mannequin Effect

The Ghost Mannequin effect of image editing is quite popular for clothing photograph presentations. You can call it an invisible mannequin effect too. When you use a mannequin for photography, it is not smart to use the photo as it is. You need to remove the mannequin by photo editing.

The Ghost Mannequin effect gives the apparel a hollow look. Well, you need to take a couple of photos to complete the subject with editing. Take the apparel photo of the front side with the mannequin and the backside without the mannequin. Graphic designers will complete the image then.

F. Cropping

After doing all the editing explained above, you need to crop the cloth image. Depending on the website requirement, you need to scale the image. You may need it vertical, horizontal, or square. Cropping is very easy. In Photoshop, open the image and use the crop tool to get the scale.

You can use the ruler for better accuracy. If you are using Photoshop CC2019 or above, you will have the ‘Artboard’ option. Use it and get the perfect cropping of the clothing.

Conclusion | Clothing Photography Ideas

A guide to clothing photography will help you to understand the things you should know. We have discussed the matter related to business only. For personal use, some of the points will be different. However, if you do clothing photography at home, this case study will be your preliminary support. We will come back with more learning articles in the future. Till then, take care.

FAQs | Clothing Photography Ideas

How To Photograph Clothes On A Hanger?

Ans: To photograph clothes on a hanger, you need to place them on a wall. Also, you can use a fishing thread to hang in the distance of the wall. The thread is so thin that the camera cannot capture the trace.

How Do Take Pictures of Clothes At Home?

Ans: Taking pictures of clothes at home is not very difficult. The main thing is to organize. Arrange the clothing in an eye-catching manner so that you can get a beautiful photo.

How To Photograph Clothing With A Model?

Ans: To photograph clothing with a model, you need to focus on the size and fit. Try to use the perfect size to get a better fit. However, you may face difficulty with the exact match of the model and clothing. Use pins and masking tape to ensure the best look.

What To Wear To A Photoshoot For Modeling?

Ans: The question is pretty technical and conditional. You cannot select a specific dress for photoshoot modeling because of different situations. For example, photoshoot outfits for couples are different than wedding photography.