How To Make A YouTube Banner in Photoshop

‘How to make a YouTube banner?’ is a pretty common question for video content creators. You must have seen a picture for every Youtube channel.  The attraction of the video highly depends on the banner.

Some information in the text and images illustrates the theme of the content. So, it is quite reasonable to add a banner image that relates to the topic. Let’s learn how to make a YouTube banner in Photoshop.

What is a YouTube banner?

YouTube videos contain an image that we see as a thumbnail before playing the video. And, this thumbnail is also the banner that we are referring to. The banner shows a visual summary of the video in a still photograph. Also, the text mentions the subject that you can get from the video.

So, if you consider a YouTube video as a book, the banner is the cover page. Also, for the channel, there is an image you can set. And that is called the featured image for the channel.

Process of YouTube Banner Making

Making a YouTube banner is no different than creating any other composition. The only difference is the theme that you need to focus on. If you use Photoshop or any other photo editing software to create a banner, you need to do it in layers. And, the tools in the program are useful to modify the objects in layers.

As simple as that. The tutorial will guide you through creating your own YouTube banner easily and efficiently. You can also try the options available in Photoshop and choose the best one that suits you. Let’s make a YouTube banner in Photoshop.

Step 1: Create a New Project

Open Photoshop or any photo editing software and create a new file from the ‘File’ menu. Here, we are using Adobe Photoshop CC2019, one of the most advanced and convenient programs. ‘Image Dimension’ and ‘Image Size’ both are important to maintain according to YouTube requirements.

The best fit is 2560X1140 pixels for a banner. The minimum requirement is 2048X1152 pixels and not less than that. The image size should not be more than 6MB. Well, you can set the image size while saving. Keep image Resolution 72 pixels. You can name the image as you like or do that later while saving as well.

How to make a youtube banner
How to make a YouTube banner in Photoshop

Step 2: Apply Solid Color or Gradient

The background color is essential to attract audiences. Well, you can use a whole image as a background. But, that is a completely different perspective we may discuss later. For the time being, we will use a gradient color and show the options to modify. Click on the ‘Create new fill or adjustment layer’ icon and select ‘Gradient.’

apply solid color or gradient 1
How to make a YouTube banner in Photoshop

Select the gradient style and edit from the ‘Gradient Editor’ window. If you want to add more color in the gradient colors, click on the gradient bar (see below image) and double-click on the point to change the color. And, you can do the same for existing points.

Also, you can change the range of the color here. Just click on any point, and you will see two more points for the color radius. Click and move the radius according to your need.

easy way to create youtube banner
How to make a YouTube banner in Photoshop

Step 3: Blur and Noise

As we are using a gradient background, we may not need blurring. But, if you want to add blur, go to Filter>Blur and choose any blur option you like. You will get multiple options inside every blur and modify them. To add noise, go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise. We are using 5% of Noise with ‘ ‘Uniform’ distribution. You can try other options if required.

blur and noise effect in photoshop
How to make a YouTube banner in Photoshop

Step 4: Add or Create Some Shapes and Images

Adding some shapes and structures can give the image a relevant look to the subject. As we are creating a banner for music, we have added music signs. You can add default shapes from Photoshop or download additional ones. For reference, we are using default ones. Also, you can add an image. Choose one that relates to your topic.

Here, we have added an image of a girl listening to music. Also, we changed the ‘Blend Mode’ from ‘Normal’ to ‘Hard Light.’ You can choose any other blend mode according to your will.

youtube banner creation
How to make a YouTube banner in Photoshop

Step 5: Add and Modify Text

Now, it is time to add some text. Just use the ‘Add Text’ tool from Photoshop and type something about the theme. You can also add some more text about the topic. And, if you do so, place the texts where they fit the best. We have added the text ‘RELAXING MUSIC’ and modified that to make that catchy.

Before that, we made a copy of the gradient background layer and placed that over the text layer. We have used the ‘Clipping Mask’ to limit the gradient to the text only. You can do it easily by placing the mouse between the layers, pressing and holding Alt/Option for Win/MAC, and left-clicking.

Moreover, we have used some layer styles on the text layer. Just double-click on the text layer and choose any option you need. You will find several options. Try one after one that pleases you.

add and modify text
How to make a YouTube banner in Photoshop

Step 6: Save the YouTube Banner

Completing all the steps mentioned above, review the whole image once again. Take a break before the final check-up. You will get refreshed and figure out if anything is missing or wrong. Save the image in Photoshop Document format (PSD) so that you can work on this later if required.

Additionally, we have added a border and YouTube logo to make the example more relevant. Also, save the image in JPEG format for YouTube. Go to File>Save As and choose the format you need. Name the file and hit ‘Save.’ Our final image is as below.

youtube banner editing
How to make a YouTube banner in a Photoshop tutorial

Uses of YouTube Banner

Specific use of the YouTube banner is on the page. The image shows a still presentation of the video content. Seeing the image, the audience gets a little idea of what is inside.

Except for this, the YouTube banner does not have much to explain. Creating the banner properly can draw more viewers to your content. On the other hand, an improper banner can cause you to lose potential audiences.

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We have tried to discuss “how to create a YouTube banner in Photoshop” in this tutorial in brief. Create content for YouTube so that you can express your skill to the world. The banner can express the summary in a still photograph.

Though the YouTube channel’s popularity attracts audiences the most, a banner means something supportive. So, make sure the banner is eye-catching and related to the content for the best output.

FAQ About YouTube Banner Creation

Question: How do you make a YouTube banner?

Ans: Making a YouTube banner is very simple. Just use the content theme, learn the photo editing app’s utilization, and create something unique and catchy.

Question: How do I create a banner in Photoshop?

Ans: The tutorial we have discussed above was by Photoshop. So, if you can get the points of the activities, you know how to do it.

Question: How do I make a YouTube banner without Photoshop?

Ans: Except for Photoshop, there are some photo editing apps that you can use for professional work. However, none of them is a good replacement. Well, Gimp software is alright for the purpose.

Question: Which app is best for making banners?

Ans: Adobe Illustrator is the best for making banners. Adobe InDesign is also amazing. But, if you do not have much idea about them, use Adobe Photoshop for professional quality banner-making.