Product Photography And Photo Editing

What is the importance of product photography and photo editing? We are in the Information age where tons of information around us is in different formats. Among all of them, visual information plays the most important role for us to define the need. An old saying is, ‘Seeing is believing.’ When you think of something, you visualize that in your mind. Things could be different when you see them.

Most of the time, it appears different than the image we think of. So, product photography and photo editing stand for the presentation to gain that visualization. Like many photo editing companies “Clipping World” is standing by for providing product photography editing services near you.

Look at the e-commerce sites on the internet all over the world. Think of yourself in the position of a customer. What do you see and what are you looking for? You see product categories with multiple options from multiple websites or organizations. All of them are not attractive to you.

You will go for the good-looking ones for more details. Now place yourself in the position of a business owner. You will try your best to represent your product image to the e-commerce sites with an appealing view.

Customers will go for details with their own interests. So, it would help if you went for product photo editing to increase the product’s acceptability. Also, you will do it for the sake of business growth.

photoshoot and photo editing

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Product Photography and Photo Editing Requirements

Everything that has importance has some requirements. So, the reasons for photo editing are many. As we are talking about product photo editing, we will discuss the requirements for the same. However, other fields require concentration in physical form. But, we will talk about them maybe some other time.

The requirements for product photo editing are,

  1. High-quality images
  2. The key element for Brands
  3. Purchasing angle of consumers
  4. Customization by size
  5. Shell ability enhancement

High-quality images 

Product Photography tips
Image Quality

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The first and most focused issue for e-commerce product presentation is product photography basics. The product should be the center of an image. Professional product photography plays one of the most important roles in post-production. The background may need to be removed or replaced depending on the requirement of the product impression.

Most e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc., ask for the product image without a background or white background. So, the product image should have a clean, sharp, and attractive look to represent the best. You can use a product photography studio for a better result. To get a high-quality image of the product, several edits may be required.

They are color correction, brightness & exposure correction, and most importantly, removing all the impurities is a must. Product image in a high-quality form is the most important of all.

The key element for Brands 

Product Photo Editing

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“Photographs are the powerful language that can express more than the written text,” quoted a professional photographer called James Wilson. Hence, product photography and photo editing are crucial for e-commerce marketing.

The details are important for the product. But if the image cannot create an impression in consumers’ minds, they will not read for more. And, also not even interested to know further. To get high returns and a reputation from the customer, product photos need to be attractive.

Product images, which are the key elements of the e-commerce business, need editing to increase credibility. Besides, packshot photography of a product creates a different impression of marketing. Also, take a photo using a product photography table with the required resources together.

Purchasing angle of consumers 

Product Photography
Purchasing Angle

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What is the purchasing angle of the consumers? They look for the product that catches their eye. ‘The first impression is the best impression.’ If you do not find the product image attractive, you will lose interest in reading in detail. eCommerce product photography and photo editing services are inevitable for this interest.

However, professional photographers can capture the perfect shot most of the time with their experience and skills. For the e-commerce sites, the images still need editing to match the ‘Image Upload Conditions.’ Moreover, product photographs should be relevant to the user in real.

For example, lifestyle product photography with models is a match. If it is apparel, they look better on a human model than over a mannequin.

Customization by size

importance of Product Photography and Photo Editing

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All the e-commerce sites do not accept the same image ratio for uploading. It is mandatory to learn about the site where you are about to upload your product images. Also, This is related to the topic, of how to get the best e-commerce product photography. You can click your product photograph by anyone or by yourself, not a big deal.

But, resizing the image for the specific e-commerce site according to the requirement is a must. Also, product photography lighting setup as pre-processing is very crucial.

For example, asks for the image should not be less than 500 pixels. The recommended width is 2560 pixels, and the longest side is 1001 pixels maximum. The image frame should be 85% filled. 100% or 50% is not acceptable. The background color should be pure white and none other.

File format should be JPEG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF and none other. The color mode should be sRGB and CMYK except for none. The image type should be a professional photograph or cover art. Text borders, logos, mannequins, and watermarks are not accepted. By the way, other e-commerce sites may have their own requirements for the same.

Sellability enhancement 

Product Photography and Photo Editing

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Whatever procedure you follow or implement, the main target is to increase sellability. No business can move forward without making a profit. Attractive photographs of the product give prime support for more sales. A camera for product photography is mandatory for attractive images.

Photo Editing Experts say, “Investment in photo editing & development expands your e-commerce business by bringing more traffic and increases sales as a result.” So, concentration on product photography and photo editing is essential for the business to run faster.

The bottom line is to get your product photographed by professionals to grow your business faster and smoother. Also, use good quality photo editing services and then post on e-commerce sites with small but useful descriptions.

Things to follow for Product Photography and Photo Editing

Following a few things in product photography and editing can save your day on e-commerce sites. The image may not look conceptual by the view but contains the necessary information you require. However, renowned brand products may not always follow them.

Instead, they create their own by consulting their advisor. You should maintain Taking product photos in an attractive and unique form.

Clipping World

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Background remove or change

Clipping World

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Background removal from the product photograph is an undeniable part of e-commerce photography services. Websites ask for better product presentations without any distractions. Like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, etc., a few programs are well known to act. Also, there are a few reasons for background removal, and they are;

Unique Creation

Removing the background makes the product image unique. Well, other products’ backgrounds you may see removed for the sake of website requirements. But, it would help if you took a photograph attractively. Then, remove the background so that the presentation becomes unique.

The Negativity of Poor Photos

The negativity of poor photos is harmful enough to drive away traffic. Customers neglect poor photos for the unattractive view and indirect message. Background removal makes the photograph direct without any distractions. And, a little retouching is helpful. Low-quality photos ruin the impression of the surroundings and transmit the wrong message to the customers.

In this regard, the e-commerce association says, “Low-quality photographs make bad impressions on your e-commerce site.

Focusing the subject

When you capture a product photo with any surroundings, it may lose focus like an individual subject. Multiple products are bad for presentation. And the loss of individual product focus is more harmful to e-commerce presentation. Background removal helps to keep the product focused for a better representation.

Photo Retouching

Right after the background removal from the product photo, photo retouching steps forward. The benefits of photo retouching are huge if you evaluate it. You may need a whole content to explain the matter properly. Product image may be correct, but for the e-commerce business, that may not be more legible than a regular one.

Color & saturation correction, brightness toning, spots & impurities removal are prime editing. Also, shadow creation (if necessary) and overall exposure adjustment help create the product’s appeal. Hence, the importance of photo retouching is part and parcel of e-commerce presentation.

Addition of Effects

Effects addition in the product photo is useful sometimes. It is not mandatory to add effects with each product photo but becomes crucial in some aspects. For example, the product is a transparent glass bottle of perfume.

If the photograph is cut out from the background and retouched properly, it may still look incomplete without the reflection. And, when you add the reflection at the bottom, the product will be more appealing.

Hopefully, it is a bit clear that the Importance of Product Photography and Photo Editing is massive. For more understanding, visit e-commerce sites with product photographs and look for their requirements. You will have the idea of editing and e-commerce photography pricing.

If you are looking for an e-commerce photo editing near you, feel free to let us know. We will be happy to serve you both the services on product photo shooting and editing.


Why are product images important?

Ans: The importance of product images is not really hard enough to explain. In the digitalized world, everything is fast in the transaction. You do not need to send products from door to door for effective marketing. Images are easy and fast to transfer all over the world at a glance. So, the importance of product images is mandatory.

How to get into e-commerce photography editing?

Ans: ‘Clipping World’ is here to serve you e-commerce photo editing with the best output. We have already completed editing works for more than a hundred clients around the world. And got the reputation of a better service provider. Send us the product images and let us know the criteria to follow, and we will do the rest for you.

What is the price of product photography and photo editing?

Ans: Price is an important issue when it comes to product photo editing. We determine each photo-editing price according to the image quality, image complication, and services you require.

Check out our webpage ‘’ to get an idea. Our price starts from $ 0.29. We also offer a bulk discount of up to 50%, depending on the image quantity.

What is the turnaround time of the service?

Ans: The turnaround time is also conditional depending on the image complication and services required. For the regular and basic images and basic service, our turnaround time is 24 hours for up to 5000 images.

How often the follow-up can be made?

Ans: We have 24/7 customer support to receive and send information as asked. We respect customer follow-up and do our best to deliver the project beyond schedule. We also schedule an urgent editing slot in case of an emergency.