How To Do Packshot Photo Editing Outsourcing

How To Do Packshot Photo Editing

Packshot photo editing outsourcing is becoming popular day by day. Well, this is an image editing service. You can do the editing by yourself but that would be a time-consuming matter. Instead, if you outsource packshot photo editing by a professional, you can save valuable time.

Also, you can save money in comparison to your time. Packshot animation creation is not hard to do but perfection matters. Editing by a regular image editor or an unprofessional one may not give you a satisfactory result.

Example (Packshot photo editing outsourcing)

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What is the meaning of the packshot? Packshot means a set of images to combine together in a pack. The procedure is quite simple. The number of images you need for a packshot depends on the rotation of frames. If you add 6 frames for the pack, the output will not be smooth.

If you use 12 images, the animation will be better. And if you use 36 images, the rotation will be like a recorded video. Before going for the packshot, make sure to use image background removal services for perfection. 

The Requirements

The images for the packshot should have some properties. Without the proper combination, you will not have the perfect output. So, you should focus on the matters before planning to packshot photo editing outsourcing. Among all, packshot clothing is becoming more famous nowadays. Things you should maintain with importance for the procedure are as below.

  1. Packshot photo editing service provider
  2. Image capturing
  3. Editing

Packshot Photo Editing Service Provider

Look for the potential service providers in packshot editing. Evaluate them with some key points to choose the best one for you. E-commerce image editing company does this kind of packshot creation in common. You can search for online photo retouching services for this.


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Review Sample Works

First, you need to evaluate the service providers by their sample works. When you think they can give you what you want then go for the next step.

Take A Free Trial For Evaluation

Ask for a free trial from the image editing company and ask for their conditions. If they have a free trial option, it is better to have one before placing an order.

Ask For A Quotation | Packshot Photo Editing Outsourcing

Ask for a quotation from the editing company on the editing conditions you provide. Make sure to be clear in the instructions and recheck if they can follow along.

Finalize For Editing

If you find the above requirements acceptable and satisfactory, then place an order. Do not forget to ask for the turnaround time and maintain legal documents.

Image Capturing | Packshot Photo Editing Outsourcing

As you are going to have an animated image from the editing company, you need to provide images for the same. Well, product packshot photography is easier than clothing. Follow the steps below to get better images.

Image Capturing

Image source:

Shooting Angle, Use A Tripod

For a packshot animation, the shooting angle of the camera should be at the same place for all the images. You can use a camera holder or a tripod for the shooting. Make sure you use a reliable tripod that will not move by chance. You should use the same camera for all the images.

Rotation Angle

For the animation, you will need multiple images with the same angle difference. When you need 12 images for a 360° view, you will need a 30° difference from one image to another. You can figure out the angle by dividing 360° with the image quantity you want to use.

Distraction-free Images

All the images should be distraction-free for a packshot animation. So, you need to use a single-colored background for all the images. Well, you can remove the background by image editing later. But, it is better to use a white background while taking a photo.

Cannot Use A Camera Flash

For packshot image editing, it is better to avoid camera flash during a photoshoot. Use a photo studio to capture the images with proper lighting. Camera flash may create unwanted light bleach and harm the view. By the way, you can also use a packshot studio for the best result. 

Editing | Packshot Photo Editing Outsourcing

Photo editing before packshot creation is one mandatory part. Well, you can ask for the animation without editing if you want. But, that would be unprofessional. Do the necessary editing before making the animation for the packshot design. Image retouching by Photoshop is quite popular today.


Background Remove

Remove the background of the subject to relieve it from unwanted spots or any other particles. Besides, the process gives the image subjects compatibility for any background. You will need a background-removing service for this. Packshot animation is so cool without the background actually. Image cutout service and Photo Cutout Service also do the same for the subject.


Photo retouching in Photoshop for image editing is one of the most irresistible parts. Why? Because, it gives your image subject an appealing, finished look. And, Photoshop is the most renowned and capable program today. For example, if you retouch a ring image, you can give that a smooth polished look.

The same thing is applicable to other subjects as well. A professional photo retouching service will be the right choice for a packshot. Are you looking for the best photo retouching service?

Creating Packshot

After you fulfill all the requirements mentioned above it is time to create the packshot. The graphic designer combines the images together and gives that animation with image-changing time. Also, you can give your instructions on what you want.

In the end, it is transparent enough about the way to outsource packshot photo editing. Here, we have tried to focus on the requirements.

However, if you want the image editor to do all the editing as mentioned above, the packshot creator price will vary. You can have cheap retouching services if you want. We have good clients with photo retouching services in the UK. Well, you can get an affordable packshot service for e-commerce image editing online too.


What is Packshot?

Ans: Packshot is a set of images combined together to view as animation. You may also know it as 3D or 360° rotation.

How many images are required for a packshot?

Ans: Two or more images can be used for creating a packshot. But, for a smooth view, 12 images or more is better.

Which software is good for Packshot?

Ans: You can get a variety of software to create a packshot. Designers use Photoshop to edit the images and to create the packshot.

Is the packshot really necessary?

Ans: Packshot is necessary if you think it is. But, if you want to create a good presentation except for a still image, this would be a good choice.