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The COVID-19 Lockdown situation has taken us aback. Ever since the world saw the atrocity of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clipping World has been extremely concerned about its fellow business houses, customers, and office members. Thousands of companies are closing down their businesses to tackle the situation. To Know “How Does Clipping World help their clients” read this article.

How Does Clipping World Help Its Clients In The COVID-19 Lockdown Situation?

The coronavirus has stricken the world economy so badly that even governments have called lockdowns throughout the globe. In a condition like this, we have decided to keep going with our work. Our designers are committed to continuing their assignments.

Co-operation from Clients

Similarly, our clients are also doing their part from their homes. They have turned their living rooms into small studios just to cope with the current situation. They are performing everything from taking photographs of their products to placing orders sitting at home in their temporary mini studio.

Clients busy working at home

Clients busy with shooting at home quarantine

Role of In-house Designers

Our designer is dealing with this condition seriously. Immediately after receiving orders from the clients, they get busy with post-production. With every new problem, they come up with a unique and the most effective solution. So, our in-house designers are sufficient to deal with big orders as well.

Delivery Process

We are taking some extra time to deliver without making any compromise on the quality. We are making sure to deliver within the turnaround time. Besides, our customer support team is there 24/7  to help our clients with information regarding the services.

We are leaving no stone unturned to do what we do best. Clipping World is determined to carry on all kinds of image editing services.

Order Delivery Process

The post-production team busy working

Safety Measures Are Available

However, we are acting in accordance with the situation. We have arranged a safe quarantine in our office for our designers. All the safety measures are available here and they are facing no issues regarding COVID-19.

Hard Work By Expert Designers

Our expert designers are working day and night living in the office quarantine to ensure our client’s satisfaction. We have three locations as our workstations and we are keeping 100% safe to prevent an epidemic. All of our designers are in good health and energetic enough to work for the clients according to their demands.

How Does Clipping World help their clients

Established safety measures for designers

Final Thought | How Does Clipping World Help Their Clients

Though the situation is pretty hostile still, we are receiving image editing orders from the worst affected countries like the USA, Italy, and Spain. To show them a cordial affinity we are offering them a huge discount on bulk orders. Moreover, we are putting emphasis on services like

And delivering these orders faster than before. And other orders are being delivered as before. Get your quote right now. If you have any queries regarding the service contact us.