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10 Most Popular Ecommerce Sites in the USA

Ecommerce sites in The USA are always on the rise. Thinking of popular e-commerce stores in the United States some common names come into our minds. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are few to name. Well, they have gained popularity beyond the border as well.

Their international success is also enviable. They achieved such a place all over the world that they don’t need to advertise anymore. Different brands advertise their name along with their product’s name. Moreover, many image editing companies also mention them.

The sites mentioned here made brand products popular in places where brands were not available previously. The global success of e-commerce sites makes the United States the leader in this sector. Here I will talk about the most popular e-commerce sites in the USA.

Best Ecommerce Sites For Online Store

1. Amazon


With an estimated visitors of 2.73 billion, it is in the number one spot. Amazon is the global leader in the e-commerce industry. In 1994 Jeff Bezos founded Amazon. Initially, it used to sell books but currently, you will hardly get any product not available on Amazon.

Today it is the most dominant online market. The earning of Amazon is so much that it made Jeff Bezos a billionaire. A wide variety of product ranges allows the user of Amazon to enjoy online shopping to the fullest.

The collection comprises electronics, books, music, videos, cosmetics, and apparel industry products. The citizens of the US enjoy free delivery of products with the Amazon Prime service. The delivery may take 1 or 2 days.

2. eBay

eBay, Ecommerce Sites

eBay occupies the second position. The monthly visitors to eBay are almost 855.85 million. eBay is also one of the dominant characters in the e-commerce industry. After getting a headstart in 1998 eBay became a top e-commerce site. Anyone can buy and sell just about everything they can imagine.

Having been in the market for more than 20 years eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces for buyers and sellers. eBay dominates almost every category of products. Cars, electronics, clothing items, and collectibles are some of them. You can even take part in auctions.

The products eBay sells are either direct from the brands or the verified sellers. Moreover, you will get many products delivered free of shipping costs.

3. Walmart


Ever since its inception, Walmart has been one of the household names in the US. The world’s largest retailing company has established itself as a low-price online shop as well. Their pricing policy is so popular that many companies follow their example.

The pricing policy is known as EDLP which means everyday low price. The business is worldwide and there are 50 stores all over the US. They have created a big impact on the e-commerce industry. Besides daily groceries, they sell baby products, electronics, pharmacy, fashion, and auto parts.

The company provides a Walmart-branded credit card for consumers. The credit card allows the clients to save more on their purchases. The monthly number of visitors at the Walmart site is 468.96 million.

4. Craigslist

craigslist, Ecommerce

Established in 1995, Craigslist is the biggest classified on the planet, regardless of just overhauling the US. On Craigslist, clients can enjoy a variety of areas, including employment, lodging, things for deals, things needed, administrations available to be purchased, administrations, gigs resume, and conversations, where they can either hope to purchase or sell.

With a wide scope of things and administrations posted, Craigslist holds a fascinating blend of driving classes, extending from the normal with news and media, and gadgets and innovation, to the faulty including grown-up administrations, and credit loaning. The number of visitors to this site is 342.56 million per month.

5. Target

Target store

Target is the second-biggest retail establishment in the US after Walmart. It works with more than 1800 stores all throughout the nation. It provides its clients with all kinds of e-commerce business solutions and access to the full scope of target items and administrations.

A consumer products retailer offering items from style things to home design, furniture, goods, gadgets, cleanliness items, and substantially more, with a main situation in the design and clothing, and home and nursery classifications.

The Target RedCard, they are presently additionally a significant player in banking and money. 258.34 million visitors visit their site every month.

6. Etsy


Etsy is another US-born commercial center with a specialty offering handcrafted or vintage items. Etsy’s internet business webpage empowers individuals and organizations to sell a wide scope of merchandise, from craftsmanship to apparel and embellishments, food, shower, and magnificence items, just as toys and an abundance of other novel things.

Established in 2006, Etsy is the nineteenth biggest commercial center on the planet, a critical achievement thinking about its specialty specialization. Of the classes that clients look for on the stage, the design is the biggest. With 266.31 million visitors per month, Etsy holds the number 6 position.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy

Well, the US-born ecommerce site dominates the US market mostly. To keep that line, here comes another US retailer with a long history spreading back to the 60s Best Buy. Starting as a buyer gadget retailer, Best Buy has become a predominant brand with blocks and mortar stores the nation over, just as in Canada and Mexico.

Today, Best Buy offers clients a wide scope of items, including gadgets, machines, furniture, wellness, travel, and infant items, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Regardless of the wide assortment, they are most popular as a purchaser gadgets organization, and they rank number 3 on the planet in the PC hardware and innovation online business class. The average monthly visitor goes up to 192.70 million.

8. Macy’s

Macy's Shop

Started during the 90s, Macy’s is a powerhouse of design in the US that began as a physical retailer. Gradually it turned into a worldwide brand with areas in different nations and an internet business website. Now it positions number one worldwide in the style and attire class.

Macy’s online business webpage brags an immense line of extras, shoes, excellent items, beauty care products, womenswear, menswear, kids’ garments, just as home and beautification items.

They have additionally propelled their one-of-a-kind Visa, seeing the online retailer go into the account division. They have 165.29 visitors per month.

9. Home Depot | Ecommerce Sites List

Home Depot, Ecommerce Brand

Home Depot is the biggest home improvement supplies retailer in the US. With a whopping number of stores all over the whole nation, it has become one of the largest online stores as well. Home Depot spreads abroad in Canada and Mexico, with an online business store in all districts.

This makes it the second-biggest home and nursery online business website on the planet. Offering items from new machines, washroom, and kitchen redesigning things, yard furniture, power apparatuses, bar-b-que flame broils, covering, blunder, solid, lighting, roof fans, development items, and related administrations, Home Depot is the go-to site for home improvement supplies in the US. 147.15 million people visit their site every month.

10. Wish | Best Ecommerce Sites

Wish Shop

A wish brings a little difference in the common sense of e-commerce business. It is a mobile marketplace where manufacturers and small businesses can sell their goods directly to their clients. The Wish platform has four main categories. They are family, beauty, electronics, and home decoration, etc.

Though initially, they used to sell only these four category products now they are shifting towards other product lines. Now you will find tech products, adult items, consoles, video games, and accessories. With only 10 years in the business, Wish has gained 111.62 million visitors per month.

Conclusion | Ecommerce Sites in The USA

The United States is leading from the front when it comes to technology. In a country like this, it is not easy to operate an e-commerce business. And the market is already packed with huge companies like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. So, it is really hard to survive in a condition like this.

For this reason, the names I have mentioned here are the biggest in this sector. Because these are the most popular e-commerce sites in the USA.

FAQ | Ecommerce Sites List

How many people visit Amazon per month?

Answer: 2.73 Billion people visit Amazon every month.

What is the biggest home improvement supplies retailer in the USA?

Answer: Home Depot is the biggest home improvement supplies retailer in the USA.

Which one is the biggest retail shop in the world?

Answer: Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world.