How to Remove Blemishes

Remove Blemishes from Photos in Photoshop

Good day fellas. Welcome to today’s blog on “Remove Blemishes”. I hope you are doing well. Blemishes are the impurities on the image subject, especially the human model which destroys the image impression to zero.

No one wants to be seen with a look of impure skin filled with spots, scars, pimples, blackheads, etc. Sometimes wearing makeup is not enough to make a photograph look flawless.

Hence Photoshop technique to remove blemishes from the photos steps forward to solve the problem and give the photos a clean & clear look once and for all. You can say, it’s blemish remover Photoshop.

There are a couple of techniques for blemish removal from photo editors online. We are about to explore some of them to apply to the image. There are blemish remover apps for both PC and Android devices. Cleaning the image subject with smart technology can take the image impression to another level.

How To Remove Pimples In Photoshop CS6

You may have a question, ‘How to remove pimples in Photoshop CS6? Well, it is the same as blemish removal in Photoshop. Follow our step by step to practice and learn so that you can do it as well. We will try to make the tour short and prompt so that you don’t get bored while studying.

Remove Blemishes

Image Source & Download Link

Step – 01: Starting With Photoshop

The image is taken from the website called Pixabay. You can download the same image from the site or explore for more images as you like. I have chosen this one because the blemishes are large in number in the image and you will be surprised how they are removed completely and the women will be picture-perfect.

The first thing to do is open Photoshop CC2019. You can use earlier versions as well. Photoshop CS6 is a great option for the job. Anyway, you can choose anyone you like.

Step – 02: Add Image

After running the Photoshop program, add the image by clicking on the ‘File’ > Open and select the image from the drive or you can just drag and drop on Photoshop if you are not a beginner. Copy the image by Pressing Ctrl+J for Win or Command+J for Mac so that the main image stays intact and you can check the changes by comparing it.

Remove Blemishes

Step – 03: Make A Selection Of The Subject

Make a selection of the subject skin containing the impurities with the convenient tool you like. It doesn’t matter much. A rough selection of the portion is alright to edit the image well. You may use the quick selection tool, the keyboard shortcut is ‘W’.

Click and drag over the skin all the way to select. While making the selection, more than the required section may be selected. To remove them, press and hold Alt for Win or Option for Mac then click and drag over to deselect the area you do not require.

Remove Blemishes

Step – 05: Select and Mask

Now click on the tab ‘Select’ > Select and Mask. You may see the ‘Refine Edge’ under the ‘Select’ tab in previous versions.

Remove Blemishes

Step – 06: Radius Level

Check the box ‘Smart Radius’ then go for ‘Radius Level’. For this image, I will increase the radius to 7 pixels. Use the ‘Refine Edge Brush Tool’ to brush over the hair that comes on the skin and the edge (if required). I also changed some more options here such as ‘Smooth’ to 18, ‘Feather’ to 2.9 pixels, ‘Contrast’ to 18%, and kept the ‘Shift Edge’ unchanged.

You can adjust them all according to the image you are editing. You can increase or decrease the ‘Opacity’ to get a better view while adjusting. Go to the ‘Output Settings’ and select Output to ‘New Layer with Layer Mask’. Click ‘OK’.

Remove Blemishes

Step – 07: Surface Blur

Next, you need to go to the tab ‘Filter’ > Blur > Surface Blur. For this Image, I will keep the Radius to 21 pixels and the Threshold to 28. You can adjust the amount as you require. You can check the preview and the image as soon as you change.

This should be configured according to the size and the resolution of the image. Make the combination with the calculation so that most of the impurities can be removed here. The rest of the impurities can be taken care of soon. Hit ‘OK’.

Remove Blemishes

Step – 08: Use Of Brush Tool

In some areas of the face, we do not want to be smoothened. So we will restore them such as eyebrows, eyes, eyelids, lips, and overlapping hair on the face with the brush tool.

Select the layer mask, and go to the brush tool. The brush tool shortcut is ‘B’. From the brush tool options, keep the ‘Hardness’ at 0%, ‘Mood’ at Normal, ‘Opacity’ at 100%, and ‘Flow’ at 100%.

Press ‘Enter’ for Win and ‘Return’ for Mac. To make your brush size smaller or larger you can use the keyboard shortcuts ‘[‘ and ‘]’. Brush over the areas you want to reveal and untouched.

Remove Blemishes

Step 09: Use The Blur Tool

If you find an area that is not smoothened over by the process earlier, use the ‘Blur’ tool to do the job. For this, you need to activate the face layer first. Take the tool and drag over the areas you want to be smoothened.

Remove Blemishes

Remove Blemishes

Step – 10: Spot Healing Brush

Now it’s time to remove the spots on the face. Select ‘Spot Healing Brush’ and check the ‘Content-Aware’ button is active. The spot healing brush shortcut is ‘J’.

Remove Blemishes

Remove Blemishes

Step – 11: Adjustment The Layer

Use the brush tool by adjusting the size a little larger than the blemish and clicking over them. Do this until all the blemishes, scars, and imperfections are gone.

Before:Remove Blemishes


Remove Blemishes

Step – 12: Add Some Noise

Now add some noise. Go to the tab ‘Filter’ > Noise > Add Noise. Select Gaussian and check Monochromatic.

For the image, I am keeping the amount at 1.25%. For any other image, adjust the amount according to the type and quality to match the rest of the image. Click ‘OK’ to apply.

Remove Blemishes

Remove Blemishes

Step – 13: Final Touch

We are pretty much done here. Check the image below. We also call it, photo retouch blemish remover in Photoshop as it is retouching by the process.

Remove Blemishes

Final Thought

There are many more options in Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 you can use for outstanding and magical transformation of images. Skin smoothing in Photoshop is quite efficient. However, you may face a little difficulty if you are a beginner.

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